Benjamin [h.Joanna], Aug.2,1750.

Elijah, s.Samuel and Abigail, Aug.13,1775.

John [h.Mary], Mar.8,1753.

Joseph, s.Joseph and Sarah,末蔓末, 末末.

Joseph of Woburn, July末,1729.

Mary, w.John,末蔓末, 末末.

Robert [h.Elizabeth], Jan.26,1757.

Sarah, d.Joseph and Sarah, Oct.22,1670.

Sarah, w.Joseph, Jan.26,1728-9.

Sarah, d.John and Mary, May22,1729.

Sarah, d.Samuel and Abigail, Mar.1,1778.

Susanna [dup. Susannah], d.Joseph and Sarah, Jan.27,1682-3. [Susanna.MR]

Susanna [dup. Wallker], d.Benjamin and Susanna [dup. Susanah], Dec.17,1715.

WARREN (Warrin)


John, Indian, "servant to Jonath:Danforth senr," Jan.15,1686.


Abigail, wid., d.John Rogers Sr., June15,1671. [Warren.MR]

WARWICK (Warrick)


Elbridge [dup., s.Thomas and Eliza], May11,1816, a.1y.11m.GR1

Hannah M., Apr.20 [dup. Apr.30], 1842, a.1.GR2

Lucy Ann, Dec.28,1845, a.6y.2m.GR2

Mary Ann, w.David, d.Aaron Danforth and Sarah, abscess, Apr.20,1848, a.33y.8m., in Boston. [[dup., w.David C.]GR2]

Susan Ann, b. Boston, d.David C. and Mary Ann, croop, Dec.28,1845, a.6y.2m.11d., in Boston.


James, s.Mathew and Catherine, inflamation of stomach, Dec.14,1843, a.7m.25d.


John, May16,1822, a.46.GR1


Sarah, d.Joel and Martha, Sept.10,1830.


John, Mr., Apr.11,1796.

John Esq. "Formerly" of Charlestown, Nov.23,1812, a.93.GR1

Rebecca, wid.Isaac "late" of Boston, "when the British troops took possession of the Town of Boston she went to her son John White Esq of Charlestown and continued in his Family till she died at Billerica," Sept.13,1782, a.94.GR1


Abigail, d.John and Lucy, Mar.4,1768.

Anna, Mrs., Aug.13,1737, a.69.

Benjamin, s.Samuel [dup. Samuell] and Dorcas, Oct.18,1675. [Whiteing, s.Rev. Samuel and Dorcas.MR]

Benjamin [dup. 2d], s.Samuel [dup. Samuell] [Samuell.MR] and Dorcas, Nov.20,1682.

Benjamin, Feb.14,1737.

Benjamin, s.Samuel and Deborah, July30,1740.

Catherine, [dup. adds twin], d.Samuel and Rachel, heart complaint, Jan.18,1846, a.53y.3m.5d.[a.53.GR1]

Christopher, s.Timothy and Sarah, Nov.10,1776, in Ticondiroga, "In the Service of his Country."

David, s.Samuel and Deborah, Aug.24,1745.

Deborah, w.Samuel, Sept.5,1745.

Deborah, d.Samuel and Deborah, Sept.15,1749.

Dorcas, w.Rev. Samuell [dup. Samuel, omits Rev.], Feb.15 or 16 [dup. Feb.15], 1712-13. [[dup., w.Rev. Samuel] Feb.16.GR1]

Dorothy, Mrs., Jan.31,1740.

Elisabeth, w.Oliver Jr., Aug.6,1732.

Elisabeth, d.John and Lucy, Jan.4,1768.

Eunice, see Unice.

Unice [dup. Unis], d.Samuel and Dorcas, Sept.20,1672. [Whiteing.MR]

James, s.Samuel and Dorcas, Sept.1,1671.

John, s.Oliver and Anna, Dec.17,1697.

Joseph, s.Samuel [dup. Samuell] and Dorcas, Sept.6,1701.

Lucy, w.John, Feb.4,1768.

Martha, d.Samuel and Deborah, Apr.29,1742.

Mary, d.Timothy and Sarah, Apr.16,1773.

Oliver Esq., Dec.22,1736. [a.71.GR1]

Rachel, w.Samuel Esq., Jan.23,1836, a.70.GR1

Samuel [dup. Samuell], Rev., Feb.28,1712-13. [Rev. Samuel [dup. Feb.27], a.80.GR1]

Samuell, Cornet, Mar.8,1714-15. [Samuel, a.52.GR1]

Samuell, Dea., Nov.4,1772, in 71st y.

Samuel Sr. [h.Rachel], Mar.1,1843, a.84. [Samuel Esq., Feb.28,1847 [dup. "Deacon of the first Church in Billerica 43 years"].GR1]

Sarah, d.John and Sarah, Aug.6,1730.


Sarah Elisabeth, d.Rev. Nathaniel and Sarah, Feb.16,1816.


Sarah, w.John, July9,1817, a.21.GR1


Frances, w.William, d.Rev. Henry Cumings and Ann, cancerous breast, Nov.19,1844, a.74y.7m.12d.


Ann, May2,1684, a.abt. 94. [a.94.MR]


Steven, s.Thomas and Grace, Dec.30,1669. [Steeven Willis.MR]

WILLSON (Wilson)

Esther, d.John Jr. [dup. omits Jr.] and Elisabeth [dup. Elizabeth], Feb.28,1728-9 [dup. 1727-9 [sic.]].

Jemima, w.John 3d, Sept.14,1740.

John [h.Mary], May6,1764.

Joseph, s.John and Jemima, Aug.26,1748.

Joshua, s.John 3d and Jemima, May5,1737.

Mary, w.John, Mar.31,1747.

Rebeckah [dup. Rebeck], d.John [dup. Jr.] and Elizabeth [dup. Elisabeth], Mar.11,1728-9.

Sarah, d.Seth and Mary, Apr.末,1750.

WILSON (Willson)

末末, s.Horace N. and Sybil, Mar.9,1846.

Benjamin, s.Seth and Mary, June10,1776, in Hallifax "in Captivity."

Ebenezer, s.John and Johannah, Dec.8,1693.

George Sherwin, s.Daniel and Mary, May27,1842. [George Sherwood, a.10y.5m.GR2]

Henry Dustin, s.Daniel and Mary, Nov.1,1838. [a.2y.10m.19d.GR2]

James, s.Francis and Patience, June10,1718.

John, s.John and Allice,末蔓末,1778, "in the war at the Jersys."

Jonathan, July29,1835, a.65.GR2

Joseph, s.Seth and Mary, Oct.21,1778.

Joseph, s.John, Dec.14,1806, a.47.GR1

Martha, d.Seth and Mary, Sept.2,1749.

Mary, housewife, b. Carlisle, w.Daniel, d.Henry Flint and Beulah, dropsy, Dec.7,1846, a.58y.10m.[a.58.GR1]

Seth, Feb.27,1783.

Solomon, s.Seth and Mary, Mar.23,1779, "in the Jersys in the war, "


Alexander, s.John and Betsy, Aug.13,1798.

David Parker, s.David P. and Susan, Apr.22,1838.

John Sr. [h.Betsy], Nov.4,1822.

Lucy, w.John, Jan.1,1790.

Sibbel [ch.John and Lucy], Jan.31,1790.


Sarah F., b. Charlestown, d.Stephen and Hannah, inflamation of the brain from a blow, June8,1845, a.8y.6m.5d.[a.8y.6m.GR1]


Iszabell, Mrs., May21,1686. "Mrs Isabella Wiswall above mentioned, was wife of John Farmer of Anseley in the county of Warwickshire and came to this country with some of her children after his death, which occurred prior to 1669. It appears from original papers that she was sister to the Rev. Thomas Muston of Wykin and afterward of Brinklow in England.She married Mr. Thomas Wiswall, whence she acquire the name. " [Mrs.Isabel Wiswal.MR]


Daniel, "A Jury of inquest was held upon the body.June22d 1823. and he must have been dead some days previous to this time. "

Nancy, d.Daniel and Anna (Mears), June末,1805, a.abt. 24 hrs.


Catherine B., w.Enos, cancer, June7,1848, a.38y.5m.


Samuel S. [dup. Woolfenden, s.Joseph and Betsey], May17,1841, a.5y.17d.GR2


Alfred Ela, s.Edward and Mary E., Jan.22,1842. [Jan.21,1843, a.6m.GR1]

Catherine, Nov.18,1841, a.5.GR5

Ellen, Nov.18,1841, a.7.GR5

Ellen Mary, twin d.Edward and Mary E., Dec.25,1841. [Dec.23,1842.GR1]

Emely Eliza, twin d.Edward and Mary E., Dec.31,1841. [Emily Eliza, Dec.30,1842, a.2.GR1]

Isaac, s.Jonathan and Hannah P., Nov.15,1841. [Nov.14, a.9m.GR5]

Julia M., d.Jonathan and Hannah, consumption, Aug.2,1849, a.16y.2m.5d.[Juliett, a.16.GR5]

Juliette, d.Jonathan and Hannah P., Nov.19,1841.


John, Aug.7,1787, a.84.GR3

Martha, Jan.6,1804, a.65.GR3


Elizabeth, w.Ross,末蔓末,1746, a.25.GR3

Sarah [dup. adds wid.] [w.Seth], d.Thomas Ross Jr. and Sarah, Nov.6,1727, a.abt. 33, in Woburn.

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