BACON (Baken)

Abigail and Josiah Wood of Wooburn, Dec.13,1686.*MR

Abigail and Thomas Grover, Aug.26,1725.*

Nabby of Bedford, and John Richardson, June2,1794.*

Abigail and Jonathan French, June14,1809.*

Abigail and Josiah Hill, Jan.末,1816.*

Benjamin and Abigall Tayler of Concord, Dec.2,1712.*

Charlotte and John Munroe Jr. of Lexington, Dec.19,1811.*

Eliza and Thomas Webber, Dec.1,1803.*

Elizabeth of Bedford, and Ebenezer Richardson, May21,1783.*

Elizabeth and Samuel Reed of Acton, July30,1809.*

George and Sophronia Gove, Mar.1,1838.* [Feb.末, 末末CR2]

Hannah and Silas Richardson, Feb.21,1799.*

Joseph [and] Rebecca [dup. Rebeck] Taylor of Concord, May9,1716, in Concord.*

Josiah and Sarah Daves, June23,1726.*

Lydia and Isaac Foster Jr., Nov.9,1769.*

Mary H., 18, d.George and Mary, and William G. Alley, 25, blacksmith, of S. Reading, b. Boston, s.Richard and Jerusha of Boston, Nov.28,1844.*

Sarah and Israel Putnam, July12,1722.*

Sarah and Benjamin Grover of Stoneham, Mar.2,1726-7.*

Sarah, Mrs.and Capt. Enoch Kidder Jr., Aug.8,1751.*

Sally of Bedford, and William Gleason Jr., Feb.11,1795.*

Thomas of Bedford, and Elizabeth Ditson, Apr.11,1749, in Bedford.*

Zelima and Roger Lane of Bedford, Apr.6,1820.*

BAILEY (Baley, Bayley)

Abigail of Lancaster, and Samuel Crosby, Feb.6,1772, in Lancaster.*

BAKEN (Bacon)

Jonathan, and Elizabeth Giles, June3,1694, in Woburn.*


Abigail A., wid., 29, of Dunbarton, NH, d.James Stone and w.Dunbarton, NH and Benjamin S. Bohonon, widr., 36, repairer of railroads, s.Ananiah and Lucy, June12,1845.*

Ann, 21, b. Bainton, Eng., d.John dec'd and Sarah dec'd, and Enoch Randall, 26, mason of Boston, b. Plymouth, ME, s.Enoch dec'd and Nancy dec'd, Apr.9,1845.*

Eliza, 21, d.John and Sarah, and James P. Wason, 26, trader of Charlestown, s.James and Mary, Oct.14,1847.* [Warren.CR2]

John C., 21, teacher of music, of Lowell, s.Edmund, and Sophia M. Hobart, 19 of Lowell, d.Mary C., Aug.26, 末末[dup. Aug.2] 1844.*

Joseph of Concord, [and] Alice Jefts, Dec.11,1716, in Concord.*

Mary, wid., of Concord, and Henry Jefts [dup. Henery Jeffs Sr.], May5,1681.* [Henry Jeffs Sr.MR]

Mary and William S. Gleason, June1,1842.*CR2


Betsy and Jonathan M. Dexter, June19,1808.*


Abel and Abigail French, Jan.21,1767.*

Abigail and James Thompson of Woburn, Jan.9,1729-30.*

Abigail and Jesse Manning, Dec.30,1802.*

Allis and Dennis Townsen of Andover, July16,1785, in Andover.*

Asa and Ruth Kidder, Feb.11,1795.*

Benjamin of Tweksbury, and Sarah Pollard, Apr.2,1747.*

Benjamin and Betsy Davis, Sept.12,1784.* [Betsey.MR]

Daniel of Pelham, and Amity Walker, Aug.16,1759.*

David and Sarah Hill, June6,1737.*

David and Kezia Bennett [dup. Bennet] of Lancaster [dup. Lancester], June18,1752, in Lancaster.*

David and Ruhamah Davis of Chelmsford, July12,1792.*

Elisabeth and Joseph Johnson of Woburn, May8,1734, in Woburn.*

Elizabeth and Jonathan Bayley, Feb.20,1777.*

Elisabeth and Joseph Farmer, Jan.8,1778.* [Elizabeth.MR]

Betty and Asa Marshall, Feb.20,1786.*

Hannah and Asa Patten, Apr.3,1781.*

Henry, Capt., and Anne Whiting, June20,1819.*

Jacob of Townshend, and Elisabeth Lewes, Jan.29,1760.*

Jeremiah and Rebecah Totman, Apr.11,1780.* [Rebecca.MR]

Joel and Mary Noyes of Andover, Jan.26,1792, in Andover.*

John and Mary Richardson, May15,1655, in Woeberne.*

John Jr. [dup. omits Jr.] and Sarah Heywood [dup. Haywood] of Concord, Feb.5,1689-90.* [Haywood.MR]

John Jr. and Sarah Hill, May4,1726.*

John and Elizabeth Parkhurst, Feb.21,1758, in Chelmsford.*

John "Ters" tertius and Susannah Chamberlain, Mar.7,1769.* [SusannaMR]

John Jr. and Lucy Ann Mears, Sept.13,1836.*

Jonathan and Mary French, Dec.13,1695.*

Jonathan Jr. and Esther Farley, Jan.19,1725-6.*

Joseph and Esther Manning, June14,1728.*

Josiah and Susanah Daves, Dec.2,1731.*

Kathrine and Nathaniel Cummings, Nov.29,1749.*

Patte and Nahum Baldwin, Sept.25,1783.* [Patty and Nathan Baldwin.MR]

Martha and Thomas Shed, Dec.29,1816.*

Mary and Joseph Brown,末蔓末, 末末.*

Mary and Henry Jefts [dup. Henery Jeffs] Jr., Apr.13,1681.* [Henry Jeffs Jr.MR]

Mary, 23, d.John and Clarissa, and Charles H. Parker, 23, cordwainer, b. Salem, s.Frederic dec'd in Salem and Mary dec'd in Salem, May4,1843.*

Nahum and Patte Baldwin, Sept.25,1783.* [Nathan and Patty Baldwin.MR]

Oliver of Lancaster, and Lucy Hosley, May28,1800.*

Oliver of Lancaster, and Hannah Patten, May22,1822.*

Phebe and Dr. Roger Toothaker, Aug.7,1718.*

Phebe and Thomas Craige, June26,1783.*

Reuben and Sarah Farmer, Nov.13,1787.*

Rhoda and John Frye Jr. of Andover, Feb.20,1781.* [Foye.MR]

Rhoda and John Lewis Jr., July27,1806.*

Rizpah and Edward Farmer 3d, Mar.25,1784.*

Rispah and Henry H. Merrill, Dec.6,1818.*

Ruhamah and Timothy Wheeler, Apr.18,1813.*

Samuel and Elisabeth Hosley, Dec.10,1754.*

Sarah and William Simonds,末蔓末, 末末.*

Sarah and Joseph Locke Jr. of Lexington, May7,1761, in Lexington.*

Sarah and John Patten Jr., May26,1767.* [Pattin.MR]

Sarah and Joseph Foster, Aug.21,1775.*

Sarah and Moses Woster of Tewksbury, Feb.13,1782.*

Sarah and Moses Foster of Andover, Nov.18,1810.*

Sarah and William French of Boston, Aug.10,1819.*

Susan W. and Moses C. Tyler of Andover, Jan.21,1830.*

Susanna and Joseph Hill,末蔓末, 末末.*

Susanna of Woburn [dup. Susanah of Woborne], and Benjamin Walker [dup. Wallker], Dec.15,1712.*

Susanna of Tewksbury, and John Pollard, Mar.26,1762.*

Susanna and Jeremiah Abbot, Jan.19,1769.*

Thomas Jr. and Dorothy Kidder,末蔓末, 末末.*

Thomas and Abigail Pollard, Mar.8,1759.*

Thomas and Lydia Brown, Aug.5,1804.*

William [and] Mary Farmer, Sept.23,1741, in Concord.*

William and Susanna Wilson, July16,1773.*

William and Susanna Wilson, May20,1777.* [Willson.MR]

BALEY (Bailey, Bayley)

Ebenezer of Tewksbury, and Elizabeth Trull of Tewksbury, Aug.15,1762.*


Hannah of Andover, and Jeremiah Abbott, Jan.2,1734-5, in Andover.*

Hezekiah of Andover, and Rebecca [dup. Rebaca] Davis, May13,1713, in Andover.*

Jonathan and Hannah Kidder, Aug.30,1722.*

Rebeckah and Jeremiah Hunt, June19,1722.*

Sarah of Andover, and William Kidder, Dec.16,1736, in Andover.*

Sybel of Weston, and Reuben Shed, Feb.12,1771, in Weston*


Samuel of Boston, and Hannah Kidder, June7,1764.*

BARNES (Barns)

William of Woburn and Abigail Parker, Sept.23,1795, in Woburn.*

BARNS (Barnes)

Sena of Tewksbury, and David Sherman, July23,1812.*

BARRET (Barrett)

Stephen of Carlisle, and Lucy Kidder, Apr.8,1781.* [Barrett.MR]

Stephen Jr. and Christiana G. Wolsh, May22,1810.*

BARRETT (Barret)

George M. of Malden, and Susanna Richardson, Oct.28,1805.*

Mary and John Richards, Jan.末,1815.*

Stephen of Medford, and Lucretia Davis, Nov.28,1805.*

Stephen and Olive Rogers, May10,1807.*


Eliseus of Dracut, and Lydia Jefts, Sept.4,1750.*

Elisabeth of Chelmsford, and Samuel French, July7,1743.*

Elisabeth and Samuell Fowle of Woburn Dec.末,1766.*

Elizabeth Ann and William Spaulding 2d, Dec.2,1824.*

Isaac and Anna Spaulding, June4,1772.*

Samuel of Chelmsford, and Mary Stearns, May28, 末末 [dup. May30], 1705, in Chelmsford.*


Fanny T., 28, of Malden, b. Malden, d.Joseph and Fanny of Malden, and Benjamin B. Goodwin, 23, cabinetmaker, s.Charles and Isabella, Apr.28,1846.* [Fanny F.CR2]


Jabez W. of Salem, and Rebecca F. Rogers, July14,1822.*

BATCHELDER (Batcheller)

Joseph and Hannah Trull, Dec.15,1796.*

BATCHELLER (Batchelder)

Caroline F., 24, d.Josiah and Olive, and Charles A. Foster, 28, clerk in store, of Reading, b. Reading, s.Timothy and Eunice, Feb.23,1849.* [Caroline F. Batchelor of Reading.CR2]

Hannah M. and James H. Eames of Reading, June25,1822.*

Joseph of New Ipswich, NH and Rebecca Willson, Apr.3,1810.*

Sophronia and William Tainter of Boston, May19,1825.*

Warren M. and Eliza Jane Dix, Nov.29,1839.*


Martha and William Deane, Sept.1,1670.*

Thomas of Concord, and Sarah Fasset, Apr.23,1716.*


Mary of Andover, and Joseph Frost Jr., Feb.21,1733-4, in Andover.*

BAYLEY (Bailey, Baley)

Jonathan and Elizabeth Baldwin, Feb.20,1777.*


William and Martha Frost, Feb.27,1772.*

BEARD (Bearde)

Abijah and Hannah Frost, Dec.8,1763.*

Amanda R.I. and Asa Holden Jr., June20,1824.*

Benjamin and Abigail Clark, Feb.3,1767.*

Benjamin and Esther Beard, Dec.30,1798.*

Benjamin F. of Wilmington, and Betsey C. Goodwin, d.Rev. Goodwin, Apr.4,1833.*

Daniel and Rebecca Clark of Chelmsford, Dec.20,1804.*

Esther and Nathaniel Cutler of Woburn Feb.15,1757, in Charlestown.*

Esther and Benjamin Beard Jr., Dec.30,1798.*

Isaac and Marth Blanchard of Woburn, Jan.30,1781, in Woburn.*

Isaac Jr. and Polly Richardson, Sept.1,1791.*

Jonas and Hannah Winn of Woburn, Feb.5,1797, in Woburn.*

Josiah and Elisabeth Crosbey, Apr.11,1765.*

Josiah and Sarah Page of Bedford, Dec.29,1784, in Bedford.*

Martha and Jacob Manning, Jan.20,1736-7.*

Mary and Sergt. [dup. omits Sergt.] James Frost, Jan.16,1729-30.*

Simon and Sarah Hopkins, June2,1725.*

BEARDE (Beard)

John and Abigail Kemp of Chelmsford, Nov.16,1769.* [Beard.MR]


Nathaniel of Chelsea, and Anna Dows, Apr.24,1755.*

BELKNAP (Belnap)

Rebecah and Daniel Killam of Wilmington, May3,1777.* [Rebekah.MR]


John and Sarah Foster, Dec.12,1774, in Charlestown.*

BELNAP (Belknap)

Samuel and Lydia Stearns, Nov.13,1729.*

BENNET (Bennett)

Hanah and Giles Alexander, Sept.3,1801.*

Joshua and Eleanor Richardson, Oct.8,1815.*

Lucy and Reuben Richardson Jr. of Dracut, Apr.28,1822.*

BENNETT (Bennet)

David E., 22, farmer, of Townsend, b. Eaton, NY, s.David dec'd and Mary dec'd, and Maria Shed, 21, d.Thomas and Martha, Nov.30,1843.*

Edward and Rebecca Richardson, June8,1806.*

Ellen and George Holden, Apr.27,1841.*

Harriet G. and Charles E. Parker, Aug.10,1841.*

Kezia [dup. Bennet] of Lancaster [dup. Lancester], and David Baldwin, June18,1752, in Lancaster.*

Mary and James C. McPherson, July20,1834.*

Nancy and Joseph Bowers 3d, May27,1819.*

Rebecca and William W. Warren of Cambridge, Oct.13,1837.* [Oct.17, 末末.CR2]


Betsey A., 24, of Lowell, d.Ebenezer and Lydia, and Charles Gilbert, 27, mechanic, of Lowell, s.Martin and Ruth, June20,1847.*


John D. of Bedford, and Eliza A. Stearns, May17,1832.*


Mary, wid, and Henry Jefts [dup. Henery Jeiffs], Oct.3,1666.*

BIXBY (Baxby)


Lydia and Henry Gould of Concord, May12,1748, in Concord.*

BLANCHAR (Blanchard, Blanshard)

Susanna and Jonathan Farewell, May29,1723, in Charlestown.*

BLANCHARD (Blanchar, Blanshard)

Abigail and Nathan Parker of Cambridge, Dec.14,1773.*

Anna and Ezra Johnson, Jan.24,1797.*

Asenath and Michael Crosby, Mar.27,1792.*

Benjamin of Wilton, and Martha Blanchard, Feb.22,1803.*

Benjamin of Carlisle, and Martha Hill, Nov.21,1811.*

Cyrus and Judith Blanchard, Feb.12,1804.*

Cyrus of Milford, NH and Mary Blanchard, Mar.1,1808.*

Elisabeth and Braviter Gray, May23,1759.*

Elisabeth and Thomas Ditson Jr., June18,1761.*

Hannah and Solomon Hill, Dec.9,1779.*

Harriot and Sumner Crosby of Boston, Nov.末,1826.*

Henry of Andover, and Mary Crosby, Jan.21,1807.*

Henry of Wilmington, and Laura Foster, Mar.18,1841.*

Henry, Dr., and Sarah C. Farmer, June8,1841.*

Isaac and Ruth Duncklee, Sept.12,1782,* [Dunckley.MR]

Jeremiah and Mary Gowing [dup. Going] of Wilmington, June17,1795, in Reading.*

John [dup. Blanshard] and Mary Crosbey, Aug.7,1701.*

John Jr. and Elisabeth Richardson, Nov.29,1739.*

Jonathan, see Jotham.

Joseph and Mehitable Waters of Carlisle, June10,1788, in Carlisle.*

Joseph and Sarah [dup. Sally] Brown of Tewksbury, Nov.15, [dup. Nov.13], 1798 [dup. in Tewksbury].*

Jotham and Abigail Crosby, Nov.2,1773.* [Jonathan.MR]

Judith and Cyrus Blanchard, Feb.12,1804.*

Martha of Woburn, and Isaac Beard, Jan.30,1781, in Woburn.*

Martha and Benjamin Blanchard of Wilton, Feb.22,1803.*

Mary and Cyrus Blanchard of Milford, NH, Mar.1,1808.*

Mary Augusta and Henry E. Worcester of Tewksbury, Dec.12,1839.*

Mehittabel and William Needham, Feb.19,1738-9.*

Mehetable and Josiah Rogers Jr., Apr.4,1815.*

Rebecah and George Abbot of Marblehead, Apr.1,1779.* [Rebekah.MR]

Rebecca and Thomas Sumner of Boston, Oct.1,1815.*

Rhoda and Samuel Abbot of Andover, Jan.26,1786.*

Samuel and Mary Brown of Tewksbury, July14,1747.*

Samuel Jr. and Mary Hill, Dec.23,1779.*

Sarah and Benjamin Lewis Jr., July18,1775.*

Sarah and Elijah Stearns of Boston, May8,1833.*

Silvanus and Sarah French, Dec.15,1795.*

Simon and Rebeckah Sheldon, Dec.17,1746.*

Simon Jr. and Catherine Wyman, Jan.20,1774.

Susanna and Job Hill, Jan.19,1790.*

Sylvanus, see Silvanus.

William and Lydia Poor. June24,1830.*

BLANSHARD (Blanchar, Blanchard)

John and Molly Holt of Andover, Oct.1,1794, in Andover.*


Mary E., 22, of Lowell, b. Brookfield, VT, d.Levi and Mary of New Bedford, and John F. Pashio, 23, farmer, b. Tewksbury, s.John A. and Sarah of New Bedford, Apr.22,1845.*

BLODGET (Blodgett)

Jefferson and Mary R. Converse, Apr.13,1835.*

Josiah and Orpha Dows, Dec.14,1831.*

Samuel S., 24, wheelwright or carriage maker, of Amesbury, b. Bedford, s.Simeon and Sarah of Bedford, and Hannah P. Rogers, 24, d.Harman and Hannah, June1,1847.*

BLODGETT (Blodget)

Mary and William Gibson "of Nottingham west in Newhamshire," Nov.26,1778.* [Blodget.MR]

Sarah of Lexington, and Levi Parker, Jan.14,1766, in Lexington.*


Betty and Joshua Davis, May25,1769, in Chelmsford.*

Josiah of Dunstable, and Sarah Farley, July23,1741.*

Mighill, Rev., and Abigail Hill, Aug.23,1803.*


Mary of Andover, and Hery Grey of Andover, May13,1699.*


Amos of Reading, and Mary Lewis, Nov.30,1779.* [Bordman.MR]

BOHONAN (Bohonon)

Aneniah and Abi Spaulding, Oct.28,1838.*

BOHONON (Bohonan)

Benjamin S., widr., 36, repairer of railroads, s.Ananiah and Lucy, and Abigail A. Baker, wid, 29, of Dunbarton, NH, d.James Stone and w.Dunbarton, NH, June12,1845.*


George W. and Marinda Dows, Nov.15,1825.*

Mary I., 18 of Lowell, d.George W. and Marinda, and James Dustan, 21, coachman, of Lowell, s.Franklin and Lucy, Jan.14,1847.*


Elias of Hollowell, ME, and Rebecca Davis, Sept.23,1804.*

Jonathan and Polly Davise, Sept.29,1799.*

Joseph Jr. of Wilmington, and Lucy Davis, May8,1808.*


Elizabeth and Joseph Wilson Jr., Feb.15,1785.*

Margaret and James Ingles of Bedford, Mar.13,1788.*

Mary and William Hickel, Feb.4,1788.*


Elizabeth and Abraham Rand Thompson of Charlestown, Mar.20,1803.*


Abigail and Amos Muzey of Lexinton, Nov.29,1764.*

Andrew and Polly Pollard, Jan.10,1790.*

Ann and Rev. Joseph Richardson of Hingham, May23,1807.*

Ann and Richard Thurston of Frankfort, ME, Oct.13,1817.*

Benjamin and Silence Stickney, Mar.28,1784.*

Bradley and Lydia Moor of Bedford, Feb.19,1793, in Bedford.*

Caroline E. and Samuel Little Esq, of Buckstown, ME, June5,1811.*

Elizabeth and Silas Farnsworth of Harvard, Sept.17,1754.*

Elisabeth and John Parkhust of Lexington, Sept.15,1763.*

Frances and Benjamin H. Heald, Aug.4,1842.*

George and Harriot L. Poor, Aug.12,1841.*

Hannah and Rev. Jacob Norton of Weymouth, May7,1813.*

Hannah and John Eames, June24,1828.*

Harrit S. and Thomas Rowe of Boston, May10,1825.*

Henry and Eliza Ann Dows, Feb.3,1838.*

Jerahmell of Chelmsford and Elisabeth Farley, Mar.17,1735-6.*

John of Dracut, and Anna Crosbey, Aug.14,1733.*

Jonathan of Chelmsford, and Mary Grimes, June7,1726, in Watertown.*

Jonathan Jr. and Dorcas Abbot, May15,1783.*

Joseph 3d and Nancy Bennett, May27,1819.*

Josiah and Abigail Tompson, Jan.17,1744.*

Josiah, Capt., and Mrs.Maria Trowbridge of Groton, Jan.28,1773, in Groton.*

Josiah Jr. and Hannah Richardson, Jan.6,1774.*

Larned and March Lambert of Lynn, Feb.10,1757.*

Margarett and Joseph Bradley, July12,1812.*

Martha and Joshua Simons Jr. of Lexington, May2,1765.*

Phillip and Cloe Frye of Andover, June23,1796 in Andover.*

Philip of Chelmsford, and Mary Kidder, Apr.23,1809.*

Rebeckah and William Patten, June16,1761, in Woburn.*

Salley and Luther French, Aug.28,1796.*

William and Mrs.Elisabeth Tompson,末蔓末, 末末.*

William and Mrs.Martha Winship of Lexington,末蔓末, 末末.*

William of Chelmsford, and Hannah Kidder, Jan.1,1761.*


Isabella and Charles Goodwin, Sept.20,1814.*

John and Loisa Bradley, Nov.29,1821.*


Abigail and Joel Marshell of Tewksbury, May28,1801.*

Elizabeth and Elliot Whetford of Nashua, NH, Nov.26,1840.*

Francis, 25, farmer, s.Abel and Hannah F., and Elizabeth R. Howe, 21, d.George and Betsey, Apr.23,1846.*

John of Bedford, and Esther French, May30,1771, in Bedford.*

Lucy and John Patten Jr., Nov.4,1802.*

Lydia and Richard Freeman Jr., Feb.末,1816.*

Ruth and Jeremiah Crosby, Nov.26,1812.*


Horatio of Chelmsford, and Harriot Sprake, Apr.16,1822.*


Dorcas of Lunenburg, and Thomas Frost, June6,1737, in Lunenburg*

Rebeca and Nehemiah Roundy of Beverly, May22,1786.* [RebeccaMR]


George of Tewksbury, and Clarissa P. Frost of Tewksbury, Sept.12,1841.*

John and Hanna French, Sept.6,1661, Braintrey.* [Brackett and Hannah French.MR]

John and Ruth Ellice, Mar.31,1675.* [Brackett, and Ruth Ellis.MR]

Josiah and Elizabeth Waldo Feb.4,1672.* [Brackett, and Elizabeth Waldo of Chelmsford.MR]

Mary and Joseph Thompson [dup. Tompson], July22,1662, in Braintery.* [Brackett, and Joseph Thompson, July2.MR]

Mary, d.John, and Edward Spaulding, s.John, Nov.27,1683, in Chelmsford.*

Mary and Jonathan Hill Jr. [dup. omits Jr.], May16,1704.*

Peter and Sarah Foster, wid.Cambridge [dup. Cambridg], Mar.30,1687.*


Melicent (Rradden) and Joseph Wetherbee of Dedham, May末,1814.*

Richard and Millesent Farnum, June9,1763.*


John of Boston, and Sarah Whitwell Tyler, Dec.5,1813.*


Joseph of Dracutt, and Lydia Worcester, Jan.25,1795.*

Joseph and Margarett Bowers, July12,1812.*

Loisa and John Bowlend, Nov.29,1821.*


Ann, wid., and Zechary Shed, Jan.16,1677.* [Dray, and Zachariah Shed.MR]


Hannah and Rev. David Osgood of Medford, Oct.31,1786.*

James and Eliza Parker, Mar.13,1792.*


末末, Rev., of Chelmsford, and Mrs.Joanna Abbot of Chelmsford, May19,1791.*

Ebenezer of Harvard, and Susan Hartwell, Sept.17,1817.*

Henry and Dorcas Hill, Jan.13,1818.*

Samuel and Allice Pollard, Mar.12,1780.* [Alice.MR]


Margaret, Mrs., and Rev. Henry Cumings, Nov.14,1786.* [Mary.MR]


Samuel of Concord, and Mary Hopkins, Sept.2,1757.*


Joseph of Concord, [and] Esther Durant, Feb.22,1738-9, in Concord.*

BROWN (Browne)

Abigail and Isaac Marshall Jr., Jan.5,1762.*

Anna and Samuel Bullen, May22,1760.*

Caleb S. and Isanna Page of Carlisle, Mar.27,1828, in Carlisle.*

Charles and Mary Dows, June末,1823.*

David W. and Lavinia H. Mixer, Nov.5,1837.*

Dinah of Concord [and] Henry Jefts [dup. Jr.], Nov.13,1735, in Concord.*

Dorothy and Samuel Crosbey, Dec.29,1729.*

Elizabeth [dup. Elisabeth], wid.Boston, and John Rogers Sr., July6,1669.* [Elizabeth Browne.MR]

Elisabeth [dup. Browne] and James Kidder Jr. [dup. omits Jr.], Sept.23,1678.* [Elizabeth Brown.MR]

Elizabeth [dup. Elisabeth] and Oliver Whiting [dup. Jr.], Mar.28,1721.*

Elizabeth [of Concord], and Edward Farmer 3d, Sept.8,1793, in Concord.*

Elizabeth and Joseph Cram of Lyndeborough, Dec.24,1818.*

Emily, 18, d.Charles V. and Mary, and George Brown, 22, segar manufacturer, s.Joseph and Sarah, Apr.10,1848.*

Esther of Tewksbury, and Eldad Worcester, Nov.11,1793.*

Ezra and Abigail L. Cushing, Nov.26,1840.*

George [dup. Georg Browne] and Sarah Kidder, Jan.30,1689-90.* [George Brown and Sarah Kidder of Chelmsford.MR]

George and Elisabeth French, Nov.21,1771.*

George, 22 segar manufacturer, s.Joseph and Sarah, and Emily Brown 18, d.Charles V. and Mary, Apr.10,1848.*

Harriet and Daniel Hartford, Mar.末,1837.*

John and Elizabeth Polly, Apr.22,1682, in Woburn.*

John and Hannah Miller, Apr.15,1790.*

John of Mason, and Mary White, Dec.19,1792.*

John of Mason, and Mary White, Dec.19,1792.*

John and Sarah Hill, Nov.1,1803.*

John and Sarah Hill, Nov.1,1803.*

Jonas Jr. and Rebecca Duren, Mar.3,1839, in Bedford*

Jonas Jr. and Rebecca Duren, Mar.3,1839, in Bedford.*

Joseph and Mary Baldwin,末蔓末, 末末.*

Joseph and Anne Cleveland June28,1733.*

Josiah and Rebeckah Danforth, Nov.29,1739.*

Josiah and Mary Ellis of Needham, wid.Ebenezer of Dedham, Mar.1,1748-9, in Needham.*

Judith of Tewksbury, and Reuben Kendal, Apr.20,1749.*

Judeth and Leonard Wilson, Jan.17,1836.*

Lucy and James Cram 2d of Lyndeborough, NH, Dec.11,1828.*

Lydia and Thomas Baldwin, Aug.5,1804.*

Lydia and Valentine P. Rollins of Bedford, Apr.末,1837.*

M. Charlotte and Samuel Osgood [s.Phinehas and Hannah],末蔓末, 末末.*

Margaret of Sudbury, and [dup. and second dup. add Dea.] Joseph Foster, Jan.27,1714, in Marlborough.*

Martha and Eleazer Stickney, Jan.25,1763.*

Mary and Thomas Rogers, Mar.16,1680-1.* [Browne.MR]

Mary of Tewksbury, and Samuel Blanchard, July14,1747.*

Mary and Benjamin Lewis Jr. Apr.9,1752.*

Mary and Silas Chandler, Apr.12,1803.*

Mary B. of Tewksbury, and Dr. Abbus Rea of Portland May30,1826, in Tewksbury.*

Rebecca and James Lewes, Jan.3,1760.*

Rodney and Abigail Eastee, July5,1835.*

Samuel [dup. Jr.] and Sarah Noyes of Andover, Aug.16,1759, in Andover.*

Samuel Jr. and Elisabeth Noyes of Andover, Nov.29,1787, in Andover.*

Sarah and Jacob French, May19,1741.*

Sarah and Isaac Foster of Ipswich, Nov.8,1744.*

Sarah and Edward Farmer, Nov.29,1759.*

Sarah and Jacob Richardson, May19,1767.*

Sarah [dup. Sally] of Tewksbury, and Joseph Blanchard, Nov.15, [dup. Nov.13], 1798 [dup. in Tewskbury].*

Sarah Amanda and Leonard Wilson, Apr.3,1831.*

Sarah I., 23, d.Elisha and Mary N., and William D. Mears, 30, teamster, s.Daniel and Mary B., Nov.17,1844.*

Susanna and Thomas Crosbey,末蔓末, 末末*

Susanna [and] Nathaniel French of Concord, Sept.11,1783, in Concord.*

Susanna and William Nickless, Oct.17,1791.*

Thaddeus, Dr., and Susan Crosby, Nov.1,1832.*

Thomas and Lucy Kemp, Jan.4,1775.*

Thomas Jr. and Rachel Proctor, June28,1785.* [Procter.MR]

Thomas Jr. and Esther Hildreth of Westford, Mar.15,1791, in Littleton.*

BROWNE (Brown)

Jacob and Mary Taplease, Oct.16,1661, in Boston.*


Sophia F.A., 28, of Chelmsford, and Edward Reader, widr., 36, of Chelmsford, Nov.6,1847.*


Mary E., 17, s.Nathan and Mary E. of Bedford, and Dr. Daniel Parker, 38, s.Stephen dec'd and Sybil dec'd, Sept.23,1844.*


Benjamin of Medfield, and Elizabeth Ellice, May1,1677.*


Samuel and Anna Brown, May22,1760.*


Samuel of Chelmsford, and Harriot Rogers, Dec.4,1828.*


Jacob and Eliza Simonds, Sept.27,1792.*


David of Chelmsford, and Rebeca Shed, Mar.13,1757.*

Elizabeth [dup. Elisabeth] and Nicholas Sprake [dup. Jr.], Aug.末,1721.*

Hannah [dup. Burdge, second dup. Hanah Burdg] of Chelmsford, and Thomas Dutton [dup. and second dup. Jr.], Jan.3,1711 [dup. and second dup.末蔓末,1710], in Charlestown.*


Patty of Reading, and Thomas Morey, Dec.1,1796 in Reading.*


Anne and Isaac Kent of Concord, Aug.18,1724 in Woburn.*

BURRAGE (Burridge)

Mary and John Marshall, Nov.27,1665.*

BURRIDGE (Burrage)

Hannah and John French, July3,1662.* [Burrage, July3,1663.MR]


Jedidiah (Bartt) Jr. of Andover, and Mary Needham, June12,1828.*


Asa Jr. of Danvers, and Sophronia Abbot, Dec.26,1819.*


Isaiah and Nancy Woods, Apr.30,1826.*


Joseph of Concord, and Mary Kidder, Mar.12,1778.*

Mary, wid., and John Hindes, Feb.9,1682. [Buttlar, and John Hinds.MR]

Mary of Nottingham, and Benjamin Durant, May9,1738.*

Samuel of Leominster, and Mary Hill, Nov.23,1824.*


Sarah and Thomas Danforth, Oct.16,1744, in Chelmsford.*

Sarah and Jacob Manning, June2,1763, in Chelmsford.*


Fanny T. and Sears Cook, Aug.26,1832.*

Jacob of Medford and Sally B. Merrill, Dec.5,1822.*

Simeon Jr. and Mary Emerson, Apr.16,1837.*

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