Adam Jr. and Sarah Frost, Mar.22,1774.*


Thomas and Jane Davidson, May3,1733.*


Thomas, see Thomas Morgan.

CARKIN (Karkin)

Hannah of Chester, NH, and Abraham Allen, July26,1825.*

CARLETON (Carlton)

Anne [dup. Calton] and Jesse Manning, Dec.2,1766 [dup. in Medford].*

Moses and Margaret Sprake, Jan.15,1771.* [Carlton.MR]

Moses and Sibbel Shed, Oct.17,1782.* [Carlton, and Sybill Shed.MR]

Nathan and Abigail Spaulding of Chelmsford, Nov.5,1776.*

Sarah and Nathaniel Stearns, Feb.10,1784.*

Solomon and Elisabeth Manning, Oct.18,1769.* [Carlton, and Elizabeth Manning.MR]

William of Rowley, Canada, and Eunice Laws, Nov.11,1760.*

CARLTON (Carleton)

Amos and Esther Manning, Feb.25,1796.*

Amos Jr. and Betsey Sumner, Jan.25,1824.*

Esther and Ephraim Warren of Chelmsford, Oct.25,1821.*

John Jr. and Sally Chase, Jan.9,1794.*

Mehitable and Obed Stearns, May27,1827.*


Silas of Marlborough, and Hannah Walker, Mar.20,1769.*


Walter and Abial Taylor, Nov.2,1815.*


Samuel and Hannah Jefts, Jan.25,1827.*


Joseph and Mary Kendall, May末,1814.*

Oliver of Tewksbury, and Betsey C. Mills, July4,1826.*


Anna and William Haill, Oct.30,1662, in Charlestown.*


John of Charlestown, and Sarah Sheldon, July30,1741.*

John Sheldon and Phebe Toy of Woburn, May28,1778.* [Tay.MR]


Abigael of Chelmsford, and William Rowell of Chelmsford, Feb.23,1841.*

CHAMBERLAIN (Chamberlaine, Chamberlin)

Abraham and Mary Shed, July23,1708, in Woburn.*

Anna and John Willibie, Mar.7,1735.*

Edmond [dup. Chamberlaine] and Mercy Abbott, wid., of Woburn, Aug.26,1690 [dup. 1694, sic].* [Edmund Chamberlain, Aug.26,1691.MR]

Esther and Benoni Spaulding, Dec.21,1743.*

John and Deborah Jaco [dup. Janco], Dec.6,1681.* [Chamberlaine, and Deborah Jaco.MR]

John Jr. [and] Margaret Gould, Mar.13,1709-10, in Concord.*

John and Frances Clark, May18,1758.*

John and Rebecca T. Hovey, Dec.3,1849.*CR2

Joseph and Mary Johnson,末蔓末, 末末.*

Lydia [second dup. Lydai Chamberlin] [and] Benjamin Parker [dup. Jr.], Oct.22,1711, in Concord.*

Mary and Jonathan Cram of Willmington, Dec.1,1732.*

Mary, wid., and John Willson, June末,1742.*

Mary and Timothy Wilkins of Carlisle, Dec.11,1755.*

Mary and Charls Hans, Jan.8,1761.*

Sarah [dup. Chamberlaine] and John Shed, Jan.9,1676-7.*

Susanna and Samuel Parker of Wilmington, Dec.26,1734.*

Susannah and John Baldwin "Ters" tertius, Mar.7,1769.* [Susanna.MR]

CHAMBERLAINE (Chamberlain, Chamberlin)

Thomas Sr. and Mary Parker, wid., Apr.16,1674.*

CHAMBERLIN (Chamberlain, Chamberlaine)

Edmond and Sarah Furbush of Reading, Jan.17,1717, in Reading.*

Levi and Mrs.Mary Russell, Nov.10,1842.*

Lydia and Joshua Sarnders, Feb.20,1785, in Chelmsford.*


Louisa and James Fletcher, Dec.22,1833.*

Mary and Jacob French, Sept.20,1665.*

Mary Ann and Joseph Farmer, Dec.25,1830.*

Rebecca, 29, d.Nathan and Mary, and James M. Wright, 21, carpenter, s.Abram and Maria, Aug.30,1848.* [Rebecca Champney of Westford, and James M. Wright of Westford.CR2]

Samuel [dup. Samuell] and Sarah Hubburd [dup. Sara Hubard], Oct.13,1657 [dup. "Nere Woeberne"].* [Samuel and Sarah Hubbard.MR]


Elenor [and] Seth Walker, Apr.4,1716, in Concord.*

Elisabeth, Mrs.and Dea.Robert Luscombe of Taunton, June19,1766.*

Elisabeth and Enoch Parker of Andover, May21,1778, in Andover.*

John, Rev., and Mrs.Mary White of Haverhill, Nov.3,1748, in Haverhill.*

John, Rev., and Mrs.Elisabeth White of Haverhill, Jan.18,1759, in Haverhill.*

John of Medford, and Betty Richardson, Oct.17,1802.*

John Jr. of Boston, and Hannah P. Manning, Oct.9,1827.*

Philemon of Andover, and Elizabeth Rodgers, Jan.17,1716-17, in Andover.*

Sarah and Jonathan Danforth, Jan.19,1786.*

Silas and Mary Brown, Apr.12,1803.*


Sally and John Carlton Jr., Jan.9,1794.*


James of Andover, and Henrietta Wilkins, Feb.3,1827.*

John and Susanna Walker, Aug.22,1754.*


Joshua of Weston, and Sarah Sterns, Jan.末,1720-1, in Charlestown.*


Margret and Andrew McFarland Dec.8,1725.*

CLARK (Clarke, Clerk)

Abigail and Benjamin Beard, Feb.3,1767.*

Elizabeth and Thomas Stevenson of Boston, Jan.30,1803.*

Frances and John Chamberlain, May18,1758.*

Joseph and Rebecca Fuller, Apr.2,1795.*

Martha Jane, 27, tayloress, b. Unity ME, d.Reuben and Abigail of Unity, ME, and Abel Green, widr., 41, farmer, b. Carlisle, June27,1844.*

Polly and William Lund, Dec.1,1803.*

Prescott of Cambridge, and Mary Coburn, Apr.3,1826.*

Rebecca of Chelmsford, and Daniel Beard, Dec.20,1804.*

Richard of Milford, NH, and Polly French, June10,1817.*

Sarah and David Levestone of Tewksbury, Oct.11,1770.* [Leveston.MR]

CLARKE (Clark, Clerk)

Abigail and William Kemp, Oct.10,1769.*


Rufus of Boston, and Eliza M. Allen, Sept.28,1841.*

CLERK (Clark, Clarke)

Thomas [prob. Rev. Thomas Clark of Chelmsford] and Mrs.Elizabeth Whiting, Oct.14,1702.*


Anne and Joseph Brown, June28,1733.*


Martha [dup. Cloyce] and Nathaniel Rogers, Nov.25,1685.* [Cloyce.MR]


Joseph of Wenham, NH, and Margaret Moffott, Nov.1,1753.*

COBOURN (Coburn, Colborn, Colburn)

Hannah and Enoch Tibbets, Oct.13,1830.*

COBURN (Cobourn, Colborn, Colburn)

Mary and Prescott Clark of Cambridge, Apr.3,1826.*


Abigail [dup. Abigall Cogin] and John French, June21,1659, in Barnstable. [Abigail Coggin.MR]

COLBORN (Cobourn, Coburn, Colborn)

Phinehas and Sally Wright, Feb.27,1800.*

COLBURN (Cobourn, Coburn, Colborn)

Rebecca and David P. Winning, Feb.13,1840.*


Samuel and Mary Marshall, Sept.5,1833.*

Thaddeus of Watertown, and Mrs.Susan Hill, Sept.9,1834.*


Israel A. and Rachel Farmer, Mar.29,1832.*

Sullivan and Mary Ann Mixer, Aug.28,1834.*

Willis A. and Elizabeth Pray, Dec.1,1831.*


John and Lydia Farley, Apr.8,1761.*

CONVERS (Converse)

Mary of Woburn, and Sergt. Jacob French, June30,1685.* [Converse.MR]

Sarah and Thomas Dutton, Nov.末,1721.*

CONVERSE (Convers)

Esther [dup. Easther Convers] and Jonathan Danforth Sr., Nov.17,1690.* [Easter Converse of Woburn.MR]

Joseph of Woburn, and Eleanor Green of Medford, Apr.15,1805.*

Mary R. and Jefferson Blodget, Apr.13,1835.*

William of Woburn, and Hannah Dandley, Nov.23,1820.*


Abigail of Cambridge, and Joseph Farley, May8,1712, in Cambridge.*

Abigail and John Crosby, Dec.15,1796.*

Betsey and George Flint Esq. of Reading, Nov.30,1826.*

Fanny T., Mrs.and John Cook, Apr.16,1837.*

Francis and Elizabeth Ruggles, Apr.14,1803.*

Francis Jr. and Eliza Emerson of Wilmington, Apr.6,1830.*

John and Mrs.Fanny T. Cook, Apr.16,1837.*

Sarah and Archelus Toy of Woburn, May19,1774.* [Archelaus.MR]

Sally and Joseph Gleason, May31,1798.* [Sarah.PR2]

Sears of Wilmington, and Abigail Crosby, Dec.10,1771.*

Sears and Fanny T. Butters, Aug.26,1832.*

Susanna and Benjamin Walker of Willmington, Nov.27,1800.*


Betty and Ebenezer Dowse, Jan.18,1755, in Chelmsford.*

Eunice and Timothy Jaquith, Oct.18,1763.*

Mary and Benjamin Parker, June末,1743.*

Priscilla of Chelmford, and Daniel Rumril of Wesford, Aug.20,1765.*

CORNEAL (Cornell)

Peter and Joanna [dup. Johanna] Marshall, Aug.9,1695.*

CORNELL (Corneal)

Hannah and John Frost, Dec.22,1736.*

Peter [dup. Corneal] and Elizabeth [dup. Elisabeth] Frost,末蔓末,1708.*


John and Hannah Davis of Groton, May30,1744, in Westford.*

CRAGE (Craige)

Nancy and Thomas Howard, Sept.14,1809.*

CRAIGE (Crage)

Thomas and Phebe Baldwin, June26,1783.*

Thomas and Martha Parker, Sept.14,1786.*


Asa and Abigail Whiting, Apr.1,1802.*

Asa and Lucy Winning, Sept.6,1807.*

James 2d of Lyndeborough, NH, and Lucy Brown, Dec.11,1828.*

Jonathan of Willmington, and Mary Chamberlain, Dec.1,1732.*

Joseph of Lyndeborough, and Elizabeth Brown, Dec.24,1818.*

CROSBEY (Crosble, Crosby)

Abigail and Samuel Winship Jr. of Lexington, May5,1748.*

Anna and John Bowers of Dracut, Aug.14,1733.*

David and Sarah Foster,末蔓末, 末末.*

Elisabeth and Josiah Beard, Apr.11,1765.

Francis and Sarah Richardson, July10,1739.*

Hezekiah and Anna Whiting, Feb.7,1754.*

James Jr. and Sarah Dutton,末蔓末, 末末.*

James and Sarah Crosbey, Feb.1,1727-8.*

Joseph and Sarah French, May6,1691.*

Josiah and Mary Manning, Nov.2,1703-4.*

Josiah Jr. and Elizabeth [dup. Elisabeth] French, Feb.3,1729-30.*

Martha and Jacob Danforth, Jr., Dec.26,1745.*

Mary and John Parker,末蔓末, 末末.*

Mary and Roger Toothaker Jr.,末蔓末, 末末.*

Mary and John Blanchard [dup. Blanshard], Aug.7,1701.*

Mary and Ebenezer Richardson, Oct.4,1764.*

Nathan and Sarah Shed, Sept.28,1706.*

Nathan Jr. and Hannah Martain of Chelmsford, June4,1735.*

Rachel and Samuel Stearns Jr. [dup. omits Jr.],末蔓末, 末末.*

[Rachel Crosbee and Ephraim Kidder, Aug.1, 末末MR]

Rachel [dup. Rachell Crosbee] and Ephraim [dup. Ephrim] Kidder, Aug.4,1685.*

Rachel and Peter Hill, Jan.20,1735-6.*

Samuel and Dorothy Brown, Dec.29,1729.*

Sarah and Thomas Hunt,末蔓末, 末末.*

Sarah, Mrs.and William Rawson of Brantry, Oct.26,1700.*

Sarah and James Crosbey, Feb.1,1727-8.*

Sarah and Samuel Hopkins of Willmington, July3,1766.*

Simon and Abigail [dup. Abigaell] Parker, Mar.16,1702-3.*

Simon and Abigail Kidder, June17, [dup. June9], 1714.*

Simon Jr. and Dorothy Farmer, Dec.8,1763.*

Thomas and Susanna Brown,末蔓末, 末末.*

Thomas Jr. and Anna Parker of Chelmsford,末蔓末, 末末.*

William and Hannah Ross,末蔓末, 末末.*

CROSBLE (Crosbey, Crosby)

Simon and Rachell Kettel of Charlestowne, July18,1711, in Charlestown.*

CROSBY (Crosbey, Crosble)

Abigail and Sears Cook of Willmington, Dec.10,1771.*

Abigail and Jotham Blanchard, Nov.2,1773.* [Jonathan.MR]

Abigail and Jeremiah Hobson of Deering, NH, Feb.14,1808.*

Abigail and Jeremiah Rogers, Apr.16,1822.*

Achsah and David Parker, Oct.26,1809.*

Anna and Asa Spaulding, Jan.10,1750.*

Anna and Nathan Jaquith of Wilmington, July28,1778, in Wilmington.*

Anne and Nathaniel Henchman, Feb.11,1782.* [Anna.MR]

Deborah and Peter Russel of Andover, Mar.31,1727, in Andover.*

Dorothy and Benjamin Whiting,末蔓末, 末末.*

Elizabeth and John Wheeler of Dover, NH, June5,1810.*

Betsey and Edward Windship, Jan.末,1816.*

Elizabeth H. and Rev. Bernard Whitman of Waltham, Dec.13,1826.*

Ephraim and Mary Meriam of Bedford, Apr.17,1755.*

Ephraim Jr. and Sally French, Mar.13,1788.*

Esther and Isaac Manning, June18,1772.*

Francis and Mehitable Dutton, May20,1773.*

Hannah [dup. Crosbey] and Samuel Danforth, Jan.8,1694-5.*

Hannah and Phinehas Kidder, Nov.20,1784, in Chelmsford.*

Hannah and Luke Lane of Bedford, Mar.24,1791.*

Hannah and Joshua Learned of Cambridge, Apr.8,1819.*

Harriet and Lyman Ward of Roxbury, Aug.16,1836.* [Hariot.CR2]

Hezekiah and Lucy Kittredge of Tewksbury, Apr.6,1765, in Medford.*

Jacob and Hannah Russell, Apr.8,1761.*

Jeremiah and Abigail Jaquith of Wilmington, Oct.23,1783, in Wilmington.*

Jeremiah and Ruth Bowman, Nov.26,1812.*

Jessaniah and Mary Hosly, Dec.19,1751.*

John and Abigail Cook, Dec.15,1796.*

Josiah and Sarah Cumings, Dec.1,1772.*

Josiah Jr. and Betsey Hartwell of Littleton, Oct.16,1803.*

Lucy and James Lewis Jr., Dec.19,1782.*

Lucy and John Osborn of Belfast, ME, Oct.7,1831.*

Mary and Eleazar Ellis of Dedham, June5,1718, in Dedham.*

Mary and Isaac Stearns Jr., Dec.18,1777.*

Mary and Joseph Kendall, Sept.2,1788.*

Mary and Henry Blanchard of Andover, Jan.21,1807.*

Michael and Asenath Blanchard, Mar.27,1792.*

Michael Jr. and Margaret Tufts Farmer, Apr.29,1816.*

Nathan and Anna Parker, July14,1757.*

Nathaniel and Olive Towns, June27,1810.*

Oliver and Rachel Stickney, Mar.17,1768.*

Percis and Jonathan Lewis, Apr.3,1755.*

Rachel and Abijah Cutler of Brookfield, Mar.3,1789.*

Rebecah and Samuel Lampson, Nov.6,1770.* [Rececca and Samuel Lamson Jr.MR]

Rebecca and Malachi Allen of Carlisle, Apr.13,1786, in Carlisle.*

Rhoda and Stephen Richardson, Apr.7,1811.*

Sampson and Lucy Richardson, May5,1757.*

Samuel and Abigail Bailey of Lancaster, Feb.6,1772, in Lancaster.*

Sally and Timothy Foster, May16,1784.* [Sarah.MR]

Sarah and Aaron Danforth, Feb.5,1805.*

Seth and Rachel Hill, Apr.29,1757.*

Seth Jr. and Mehitabel Kittridge, July13,1790.*

Sumner of Boston, and Harriot Blanchard, Nov.末,1826.*

Susan and Dr. Thaddeus Brown, Nov.1,1832.*

Susanna and Edward Spalding, Jan.1,1750.*

Susanna and Amos Hosmer, Nov.20,1791.*

Timothy and Susanna Sanders, Jan.14,1772.*

Timothy Jr. and Mary Frye of Andover, Dec.15,1796, in Andover.*

William of Belfast, ME, and Sally Davis, Oct.21,1804.*

Zilpah and Joseph Stearns, Dec.5,1787.*


Nathan of Nottingham, and Mary Marshall, June27,1734.*

CUMINGS (Cummings)

Elizabeth and Lewis Gould, Dec.25,1800.*

Frances and William Wilkins, May10,1789.*

Henry, Rev. and Mrs.Margaret Briggs, Nov.14,1786.* [Mary.MR]

Patte and Benjamin Dutton, Feb.27,1777.* [Patty.MR]

Nathaniel and Rebecah Wilson, June30,1774.* [Rebekah Willson.MR]

Sarah and Josiah Crosby, Dec.1,1772.*

CUMMINGS (Cumings)

Henry [dup. Cumings], Rev., and Mrs.Ann Lambert of Reading [dup. Reding], May19,1763, in Reading.*

Nathaniel and Kathrine Baldwin, Nov.29,1749.*


Elizabeth T. of Warner, NH, and Arza Page, June10,1832.*

William and Bette Richardson, Apr.25,1775.* [Betty.MR]


Mary, Mrs.Dracutt, and Jacob French, Nov.19,1766.*


Abigail L. and Ezra Brown, Nov.26,1840.*

Isaac, 36, farmer, of Lexington, b. Weymouth, s.Isaac and Joanna of Weymouth, and Mary Mack 40, of Carlisle, b. Bristol, NH, d.John Simonds and Isabel of Boston, Aug.17,1745.*

Leonard of Waltham, and Martha Abbot, Apr.7,1825.*


Abijah of Brookfield, and Rachel Crosby, Mar.3,1789.*

Charles and Elizabeth Winning, May5,1811.*

Martha, 21, d.Charles and Elizabeth, and Joseph Robinson, 25, miller, of Epsom, NH b. Epsom, NH, s.Joseph and Sarah of Epsom, NH, Aug.1,1847.*

Nathaniel of Woburn, and Esther Beard, Feb.15,1757, in Charlestown.*

Nathaniel of Burlington, and Arethusa Pollard, Mar.31,1829.*

Silas of Burlington, and Susan M. Gleason, Apr.24,1832.* [Susan W.PR2]


Susan and David Rich of Medford, Apr.2,1820.*

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