DAMFORTH (Danford, Danforth)

Mary and John Parker of Chelmsford, June4,1678.*


James of Reading, and Sally Foster, Jan.23,1827.*


Hannah L. and Joseph I. Salter, Sept.16,1838.*


Hannah and William Converse of Woburn, Nov.23,1820.*

James Henry, s.James and Sarah, and Edith Patch of Tyngsboro,末蔓末, 末末, "lived in Boston. "*

James and Sarah Patten, Mar.25,1819.*

Mary, wid., 37, d.Trueman Tyng and Edith, and Abel Gilman Green, 29, laborer, s.Abel and Abigail, Nov.6,1848.* [Dandly.CR2]

DANFORD (Damforth, Danforth)

Rebeckah and Thomas Parker, Dec.31,1702.*

DANFORTH (Damforth, Danford)

Aaron and Sarah Crosby, Feb.5,1805.*

Abigail and Peter Hill, Jan.30,1745-6.*

Abigail [dup. Abagail] and Jonas Gleason of Bedford, Jan.20,1795, in Bedford.*

Abigail I., 25, d.Aaron and Sarah, and Amos Marston Jr., 26, farmer, of Lowell, b. Tewksbury, s.Amos and Lydia N. of Albany, ME, Nov.25,1844.* [Abby and Amas Marston Jr.CR2]

Anna and Oliver Whiting, Jan.22,1689-90.* [Ens.Oliver.MR]

Anna and Braviter Gray, July14,1757.*

Anna and Thomas Levestone Jr., Aug.20,1793.*

Anne and James Laws Jr., Feb.7,1765.*

Asa of Chelmsford, and Abigail Pollard, Mar.14,1781.* [Mar.11, 末末.MR]

Benjamin and Mary Frost, Apr.17,1750.*

Benjamin Jr. and Esther Sanders, July10,1771.*

David and Joanna Shed, May17,1750.*

Dorcas and Joseph Hill, Feb.18,1808.*

Dorcas and Alexander Winning, Nov.20,1808.

Dorothy and Walter Pollard, Sept.9,1735.*

Elijah and Elisabeth Osgood, Nov.24,1768.*

Elizabeth [dup. Elisabeth] and Christopher Osgood,末蔓末, 末末.*

Elizabeth and Simon Hayward of Concord, Mar.7,1686-7.*MR

Elisabeth and William Manning Jr., Nov.10,1742.*

Elisabeth and William Danforth, Jan.3,1760.*

Hannah, Mrs.and Enoch Kidder, June末,1743.*

Hannah and Solomon Pollard, Dec.11,1755.*

Jacob and Rebeckah Patten, Oct.6,1719.*

Jacob Jr. and Martha Crosbey, Dec.26,1745.*

John of Andover, and Elisabeth Wilson, Mar.6,1755, in Andover.*

John and Mercy Wait, May6,1779.*

Jonathan and Elizabeth Powter [dup. Elisabeth Poulter], d.末末 dec'd, Nov.22,1654 [16, written in pencil], in Boston.* [Elizabeth Powlter.MR]

Jonathan Jr. and Rebecka [dup. Rebeckah] Parker of Chelmsford, June27,1682.* [Rebecca.MR]

Jonathan Sr. and Esther Converse [dup. Easther Convers], Nov.17,1690.* [Easter Converse of Woburn.MR]

Johathan and Elizabeth Fasset [dup. Elisabeth Fassett], Nov.18,1713.*

Jonathan and Sarah Chandler, Jan.19,1786.*

Joseph and Dorcas Wyman, Aug.27,1789, in Woburn.*

Lucy and Joseph Ross, June25,1752.*

Lydia and Ziba Lane of Bedford, Apr.1,1778.*

Lydia and Ebenezer Richardson, Dec.6,1779 [sic, 1770].*

Martha and Matthew Mead of Lexington, Jan.23,1754.*

Mary and Ebenezer Jaquith of Willmington, July12,1763.*

Mary and Timothy Levestone, Mar.28,1775.* [Levistone.MR]

Mary Ann K. and David C. Webber of Boston, Nov.30,1837.*

Nancy and Zacheus Shed Jr. of Boston, Feb.6,1820.*

Nicolas and Elisabeth Jaquith, Mar.30,1758.*

Orpah and John Whiting of Lancaster, May24,1785.*

Rachel and Thomas Kidder, May10,1726.*

Rachel and John Shed Jr., Nov.24,1784.*

Rebechah and Dea.Joseph Foster,末蔓末, 末末.*

Rebeckah and Ephraim Daves of Bedford, Mar.21,1737.*

Rebeckah and Josiah Brown, Nov.29,1739.*

Rebeckah and Jonathan Whiting, Dec.14,1749.*

Rebecah and Ezekiel Walker, Nov.16,1784.* [Rebecca.MR]

Samuel 3d and Elisabeth Hosley末蔓末, 末末.*

Samuel and Hannah Crosby [dup. Crosbey], Jan.8,1694-5.*

Samuel Jr. [dup. omits Jr.] and Dorothy Shed, Aug.5,1714.*

Samuel Jr. and Mary Ross, Feb.11,1747-8.*

Samuel Jr. and Sarah Toothaker, Apr.28,1774.*

Samuel Jr. and Anna Trull of Tewsbury, Mar.30,1780.*

Sarah and William French, May22,1695.*

Sarah and David Osgood, Nov.15,1748.*

Sarah and Nathan Russ, Sept.13,1778.*

Sarah and Capt. William Richardson, May14,1822.*

Sarah and Varnum Waugh of Roxbury, Mar.15,1829.*

Seth and Judith Dunkin, Apr.14,1789.*

Thomas and Rebeckah Simonds of Bedford, Sept.19,1734.*

Thomas and Sarah Butterfield, Oct.16,1744, in Chelmsford.*

Thomas and Abagail [dup. Abigail] Fox, Aug.5,1758, in Lexington.*

Timothy and Sarah Patten, June5,1755.*

William and Abigail Walker, Feb.17,1742.*

William and Elisabeth Danforth, Jan.3,1760.*

William Jr. and Lucy Pollard, Oct.7,1778.*

DANLY (Dandley)

John and Rebecca Shed, Sept.29,1793.*

DAVES (Davis, Davise)

Ephraim of Bedford, and Rebeckah Danforth, Mar.21,1737.*

Esther and Samuel Parker of Andover, Sept.18,1734.*

Hannah and John Farmer, Jan.5,1764.*

Sarah and Josiah Bacon, June23,1726.*

Susanah and Josiah Baldwin, Dec.2,1731.*


Elisabeth and John Gorrell, Jan.24,1733-4.*

Jane and Thomas Campble, May3,1733.*

DAVIS (Daves, Davise)

Abigail and Bohan P. Field Esq. of Belfast, ME, Oct.23,1807.*

Ann and John S. Kimball of Augusta, ME, June14,1813.*

Benjamin and Mary Mann, Apr.2,1778, in Chelmsford.*

Catherine and Thomas I. Lee of Winthrop, ME, May12,1828.*

Cile and Levi Foster, Aug.27,1815.*

Eliza and Jacob Sleeper of Boston, May7,1827.*

Elizabeth [dup. Elisabeth] and Jacob French, May29,1722.*

Betsy and Benjamin Baldwin, Sept.12,1784.* [Betsey.MR]

Betsey and Joseph Addams, May2,1794.*

Betsey of Bedford, and William Stearns Jr. of Bedford, Feb.12,1801.*

Eunice of Chelmsford, and Moses Parker of Chelmsford, Jan.5,1797.*

Hannah of Groton, and John Cowdry, May30,1744, in Westford.*

Hannah [dup. Davise] of Carlisle [dup. of Concord], and Phinehas Osgood, Apr.20,1784, in Carlisle.*

Hannah and Jeremiah Patten, Jan.21,1808.*

Hannah and Ebenezer Symms of Wilmington, May16,1816.*

Joshua and Hannah Jaquith of Wilmington, Oct.24,1739.*

Joshua and Betty Blood, May25,1769, in Chelmsford.*

Levi and Rebecca Mace, June13,1796.*

Lucretia aqnd Stephen Barrett of Medford, Nov.28,1805.*

Lucy and Joseph Bond Jr. of Wilmington, May8,1808.*

Lydia of Bedford, and William Stearns, Sept.25,1777, in Bedford.*

Maria and Jacob Sleeper of Boston, Apr.7,1834.*

Mary [dup. Daves] and Jonathan French, June23,1726.*

Rachel and Joseph Keemp, June29,1731, in Woburn.*

Rececca [dup. Rebaca] and Hezekiah Ballard of Andover, May13,1713, in Andover.*

Rebecca and Elias Bond of Hollowell, ME, Sept.23,1804.*

Ruhamah of Chelmsford, and David Baldwin, July12,1792.*

Sally and William Crosby of Belfast, ME, Oct.21,1804.*

Sidney of Lowell, and Mary I. Howe, Nov.26,1840.*

Susanna of Bedford, and Josiah Hill, June8,1789.*

Susanna of Bedford, and Ebenezer Richardson, Nov.23,1790, in Bedford.*

Thaddeus of Bedford, and Sarah Stearns, Sept.28,1779.*

Thaddeus H. of Bedford, and Almira Stearns, May4,1837.*

Timothy and Martha Shed.May11,1779.* [Mercy.MR]

DAVISE (Daves, Davis)

Ebenezer of Concord, and Sarah French, wid.William, June10,1729.*

Joseph of Redding, and Rebecka Pattin, June18,1691.* [Davis, and Elisabeth Pattin.MR]

Patte and Abraham Taylor, Apr.3,1799.*

Polly and Jonathan Bond, Sept.29,1799.*

DEAN (Deane)

Ebenezer and Mary Rogers, wid., Dec.7,1732.*

Iza and John Madder, Apr.末,1815.*

John Jr. and Sarah Wilson, Jan.9,1729-30.*

Michael of Wilmington, and Esther Patio, Dec.30,1802.*

Roxanna and Timothy Parker, Dec.29,1833.*

Sarah and John Pollard Jr., Feb.20,1748.*

Susanna of Bedford, and Ebenezer Richardson Jr., Feb.19,1807.*

DEANE (Dean)

William and Martha Bateman, Sept.1,1670.*


Mary of Roxbury, and Ens.Joseph Tompson, Mar.17,1680-1.* [Tomson.MR]


Rodney G., Rev., of Topsfield, and Mary Parker, Nov.29,1820.*

DENNISON (Denison)


Jonathan M. and Betsy Balch, June19,1808.*

DICKASON (Dickenson)

Sarah and John Totman, Oct.15,1773.* [Oct.17, 末末.MR]

DICKENSON (Dickason)

Frederic, 26, merchant, s.Samuel F. and Lucretia G., and Mary L. Richardson, 20, d.Francis and Martha, Feb.17,1846.*


Elizabeth and Thomas Bacon of Bedford, Apr.11,1749, in Bedford.*

Hugh and Sarah Ross [dup. Russ], Aug.31,1694.*

Joanna and Benjamin Walker, Nov.25,1746.*

Mary and Thomas Goodwin, June27,1754.*

Samuel and Mary Grimes of Lexington, Sept.18,1770, in Lexington.*

Sarah and Thomas Richardson,末蔓末, 末末.*

Sarah and Jacob French Jr., Jan.28,1763.*

Sally and Isaac Willson, Jan.6,1789.*

Thomas and Elizabeth Lawrence of Woburn, June22,1732, in Woburn.*

Thomas Jr. and Elisabeth Blanchard, June18,1761.*


Clarissa and Warren Richardson of Westford, Mar.10,1836.*

Eliza Jane and Warren M. Batcheller, Nov.29,1839.*

Lucy and Theodore Strong of Clinton, NY, Sept.末,1818.*

Lucy and Jonathan Wilson, Oct.26,1823.*

Sarah M. and John Olney, Apr.1,1846.*CR2

Sybil and George W. Rand Oct.22,1835.*


James, 21, carpenter, s.John and Mary, and Peersis Philbrook, 17, d.Greenleaf C. (Philbrick) and Lavina, May5,1847.*


Mary L., 19, d.Joseph and Jane, and Thomas Patio Jr., 22, laborer, s.Thomas and Sarah, Apr.2,1846.* [Pashio.CR2]

Robert and Elisabeth A. Winter, July19,1841.* [Elizabeth A.CR2]


James and Mary Sanders, Apr.10,1788.*

DOWS (Dowse)

Abegail and Josiah Newman of Deering, NH, Nov.19,1782.* [Abigail.MR]

Abigail and Abijah Hodgman, Dec.3,1801.*

Anna and Nathaniel Belcher of Chelsea, Apr.24,1755.*

Benjamin Jr. and Abigail Frost, Sept.9,1773.* [Dowse.MR]

Benjamin Jr. and Rebecca Marshall, May28,1789.*

Elbridge, 27, farmer, s.Joseph and Mary, and Sarah Ramsey, 24, of Worcester, b. Randolph, VT, d.William dec'd in Worcester, VT, and Sarah dec'd in Worcester, VT, Aug.21,1845.*

Eliza Ann and Henry Bowers, Feb.3,1838.*

Hannah and James Masterman of Charlestown, Oct.19,1780.* [Waterman.MR]

Joseph and Sarah Sprake, May23,1784.* [Speake, May3, 末末.MR]

Joseph and Mary Sprake, Jan.29,1811.*

Joseph Jr. and Maria Ann Hutchins, Mar.15,1841.*

Martha and Thomas Rogers, Dec.5,1745.*

Mary and Benjamin Needham, June15,1775.* [Dowse.MR]

Mary and Charles Brown, June末,1823.*

May and Joseph Foster of Andover, Oct.22,1745.*

Marinda and George W. Bolton, Nov.15,1825.*

Orpha and Josiah Blodget, Dec.14,1831.*

Samuel and Sarah Rogers, Dec.14,1775.* [Dowse.MR]

Sarah and Ebenezer Newman of Woburn, Jan.17,1782.*

Sarah and Nathaniel Stearns, May28 [28, written in pencil], 1815.*

Susanna and Joseph Easterbrooks of Hollice, NH, Apr.16,1780.* [Dowse, and Joseph Estabrook of Hollis, NH.MR]

DOWSE (Dows)

Benjamin and Sally French of Tewksbury, Dec.30,1805.*

Ebenezer and Betty Corey, Jan.18,1755, in Chelmsford.*


Rebeckah [dup. Rebecca], wid., of Concord, and Thomas Dutton Jr., Jan.1,1678-9.* [Rebeccah.MR]

DRAY (Bray)


Silas of Bedford, and Hannah Spaulding, June18,1822.*


Hannah and David Osgood [s.Phinehas and Hannah],末蔓末, 末末, in Boston.*


Elisabeth, wid.Samuel Esq. of Wilmington and Rev. Daniel Rogers of Littleton, May29,1739.*

Samuel Esq. of Wilmington, and Mrs.Elisabeth Ruggles, May31,1737.*

DUNCKLEE (Dunklee)

Mary and John Ross, Nov.4,1762.*

Ruth and Isaac Blanchard, Sept.12,1782.* [Dunckley.MR]


Johanna, wid., and Benjamin Dutton, July1,1690.* [Joanna.MR]

John and Johannah Jeiffs, Feb.23,1674.* [Jeffs.MR]

John [dup. Dunkin Jr.] and Sarah Dutten [dup. Dutton], June16,1701, in Woburn.*

John of Worcester, and Sarah Rogers, Sept.5,1727.*

Judith and Seth Danforth, Apr.14,1789.*

Simeon of Worcester, and Bridget Richardson, Aug.22,1743.*

DUNKLEE (Duncklee)

Nathaniel [dup. Nathaniell Duncklee] and Ruth Johnson [dup. of Woburn], Nov.23,1758, in Woburn.*

Ruth and Samuell Sprake, Aug.1,1782.* [Dunckly, and Samuel Sprake.MR]


Anna of Cambridge, and Benjamin Farley, Oct.29,1707, in Cambridge.*

Samuell and Deborah Pierce of Woburn, Sept.25,1722, in Woburn.*

Sarah [dup. Didson], wid.Reding [dup. Redding], and Thomas Patten [dup. Pattin], May20,1686.*

DURANT (Duren, Durent, Durrant)

Abraham and Rachel Manning, May20,1736.*

Abraham Jr. and Lydia Goold of Chelmsford, Nov.1,1764.*

Benjamin and Mary Butler of Nottingham, May9,1738.*

Esther [and] Joseph Brooks of Concord, Feb.22,1738-9, in Concord.*

John Jr. [dup. omits Jr.] and Elisabeth Jaquith [dup. Elizabeth Jacquish], Aug.10,1695.*

John "Ters" tertius and Ellener Neal, Oct.末, "later end," 1746.*

John of Carlisle, and Azubah Nickless, Sept.30,1791, in Carlisle.*

Jonathan and Anna Wilkens of Concord, Apr.13,1763.*

Martha and Jonas Priest of Groton, Jan.17,1769.*

Rachel and Leonard Willson, Dec.17,1761.*

Reuben and Mary Goold, Jan.11,1770, in Chelmsford.*

Sarah and James Farley, May17,1728.*

Sibbel and Jonas Robins, Feb.27,1764.*

Susanna and Joseph Hamblet Jr. of Nottingham, May1,1735.*

Willard of Carlisle and Mary Nickless, Dec.10,1789, in Carlisle.*

William and Mary Dutch of Wilmington, Feb.16,1749, in Wilmington.*

DUREN (Durant, Durent, Durrant)

Abraham of Woburn, and Prudence Simonds, Apr.5,1842.*

Adeline and George W. Stevens, Oct.12,1834.*

Emely and Ira N. Hanaford, Mar.6,1842.*

Henry and Mary Ann Duren, June7,1842.*

John and Anne Spaulding, Feb.9,1818.*

Jonas and Esther Janes of Bedford, Dec.17,1776. in Bedford.*

Lovina, 19, d.Willard and Rebecca L. of Carlisle, and Otes Nickles, 27, farmer of Carlisle, s.Stephen and Eleanor of Carlisle, Dec.21,1845.*

Polly of Bedford, and Stephen Parker, Jan.30,1790, in Bedford.*

Mary Ann and Henry Duren, June7,1842.*

Rebecca and Jonas Brown Jr., Mar.3,1839, in Bedford.*

Samuel R. Woburn, and Sybil Spaulding, Dec.12,1826.*

William of Carlisle, and Esther Spaulding, Mar.20,1824.*

DURENT (Durant, Duren, Durrant)

Lydia and John Fletcher, Aug.11,1790.*

DURRANT (Durant, Duren, Durent)

John and Susanna [dup. Susan] Dutton, Nov.16,1670.* [Susan.MR]

Lydia of Acton, and Benoni Spaulding, Apr.1,1790.*

Thomas [dup. Durant] and Sarah Jaquith, June12,1702.*


James, 21, coachman of Lowell, s.Franklin and Lucy, and Mary I. Bolton, 18, of Lowell, d.George W. and Marinda, Jan.14,1847.*


Mary of Wilmington, and William Durant, Feb.16,1749, in Wilmington.*

DUTTEN (Dutton)

Sarah [dup. Dutton] and John Dunkin [dup. Dunken Jr.] June16,1701 in Woburn.*

DUTTON (Dutten)

Benjamin and Johaanna Dunkin, wid., July1,1690.* [Joanna.MR]

Benjamin and Patte Cumings, Feb.27,1777.* [Patty.MR]

George of Bedford, and Lydia P. Jaquith, Nov.27,1828.*

Hannah and John Sanders, Sept.3,1706, in Charlestown.*

Hannah and Joshua Frost, Feb.7,1765.*

Hannah and William Parker of Chelmsford, Mar.30,1773.*

John and Sarah Shed, Sept.20,1681.*

John and Ruth Frost, May末,1721.*

John and Rebeckah Shed, Feb.18,1740.*

Jonathan and Sarah Levestone, June22,1722.*

Mary and Jacob Hamlet, Dec.21,1669.* [Hamlett.MR]

Mehitabel and Nehemiah Kitteridge, Feb.28,1770.*

Mehitable and Francis Crosby, May20,1773.*

Rebecka [dup. Rebeckah] and Daniel Ssed Shed Jr., Dec.17,1708 [dup. 1706].*

Samuel and Hannah Hill,末蔓末, 末末.*

Sarah and James Crosbey Jr.,末蔓末, 末末.*

Sarah and James Pemberton,末蔓末, 末末.*

Sarah and Samuel Lewise, Apr.3,1683.* [Lewis.MR]

Susanna [dup. Susan] and John Durrant, Nov.16,1670.* [Susan.MR]

Thomas Jr. and Rebeckah [dup. Rebecca] Draper, wid., of Concord, Jan.1,1678-9.* [Rebeccah.MR]

Thomas Sr. and Ruth Hooper, wid., of Reding [dup. Redding], Nov.10,1684.*

Thomas [dup. and second dup. Jr.] and Hannah Burge [dup. Burdge, second dup. Hanah Burdg] of Chelmsford, Jan.3,1711 [dup and second dup.末蔓末,1710], in Charlestown.*

Thomas and Sarah Convers, Nov.末,1721.*

Thomas and Mary Hill, May10,1737.*

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