John, 28, laborer, b. Ireland s.William and Alice of Ireland and Mary Robinson, 21, b. Ireland d.John and Catherine of Ireland Dec.24,1849.*


Jonathan and Susanna Blanchar, May29,1723, in Charlestown.*


Abigail and Benjamin Estie of Stoughton, Dec.6,1732.*

Benjamin and Anna Dunton of Cambridge, Oct.29,1707, in Cambridge.*

Caleb and Rebeckah [dup. Rebecka] Hill, July5,1666.*

Caleb and Lydia More, Nov.3 [dup. Nov.9], 1669.* [Farly, and Lidea Moore, Nov.3, 末末.MR]

Caleb Jr. and Sarah Godfry of Haverill, Apr.8,1686.* [Sarah Godfrey of Haverhill.MR]

Caleb and Elizabeth Farley, Oct.17,1754.*

Ebenezer and Elizebeth Shead [dup Elisabeth Shed], June6,1703.*

Ebenezer and Hepzibah Wyman, Oct.15,1755, in Woburn.*

Elizabeth [dup. Elisabeth] and John Shed [dup. Jr.], Sept.6,1724.*

Elisabeth and Jerehmell Bowers of Chelmsford, Mar.17,1735-6.*

Elisabeth and Uriah Leonard of Stoughton, Sept.9,1736.*

Elizabeth and Caleb Farley, Oct.17,1754.*

Esther and Jonathan Baldwin Jr., Jan.19,1725-6.*

George [dup. Georg] and Rebeckah Stearns, July14,1699.*

Hannah and Abraham Jaqueth Jr., Jan.18,1726-7.*

James and Sarah Durant, May17,1728.*

Joseph and Abigail Cook of Cambridge, May8,1712, in Cambridge.*

Lydea and Zechariah Shedd, Mar.9,1692-3.*MR

Lydia and James Twist of Woburn, June27,1754.*

Lydia and John Conery, Apr.8,1761.*

Mary and John Sanders, Oct.16,1671.*

Rebecca [dup. Rebeckah] and Thomas Frost [dup. Sr.], Dec.12,1695.*

Rebeckah and Daniel Shed, Jan.8,1733-4.*

Samuel and Elizabeth Shed, Apr.11,167殆orn.*

Sarah and Josiah Blood of Dunstable, July23,1741.*

Timothy and Mary Richardson, Oct.17,1743, in Bedford.*


Caleb [and] Lydia Hams, Sept.25,1707, in Concord.*

Timothy and Abigail Foster of Wooburn, Nov.1,1704, in Woburn.*


Abigail and Jonathan Richardson, Feb.14,1739-40.*

Abigail, Mrs., and Capt. James Lane of Bedford, May27,1766.*

Abigail and Reuben French, Mar.12,1789.*

Cyrus and Margaret Tufts Richardson, Dec.5,1813.*

Dorothy and Nathaniel Richardson Jr., Nov.14,1733.*

Dorothy and Simon Crosbey Jr., Dec.8,1763.*

Edward and Sarah Brown, Nov.29,1759.*

Edward Jr. and Hannah Shed, Mar.25,1783.*

Edward 3d and Rizpah Baldwin, Mar.25,1784.*

Edward 3d [and] Elizabeth Brown of Concord, Sept.8,1793, in Concord.*

Eliza and Paul Holt Jr., May28,1826.*

Elizabeth and William Green of Malden, May29,1707.*

Bette and Zebadiah Rogers, Apr.11,1751.*

Elizabeth and Caleb Pearsons of Tyngsborough, Aug.11,1811.*

Hannah and Samuel Hopkins Jr. of Wilmington, July17,1786.*

Hannah d.Oliver and Hannah, and William Rogers, Dec.10,1789.*

Hannah and Nathan Abbot Jr., Nov.10,1825.*

Isabella and Benjamin Warren, Jan.10,1754, in Chelmsford.*

Jeremiah and Clarissa Foster, Oct.13,1816.*

John and Hannah Daves, Jan.5,1764.*

John and Sarah Adams of Dracut, Mar.18,1789, in Dracut.*

Jonathan and Caroline Leach of Charlestown, Aug.12,1821.*

Joseph and Elisabeth Baldwin, Jan.8,1778.* [Elizabeth.MR]

Joseph and Dorcas French, Apr.30,1782.*

Joseph and Mary Ann Champney, Dec.25,1830.*

Jotham and Polly Gloyd, June24,1794.*

Lucy and John Whiting, July25,1758.*

Lucy and Jeremiah Allen, Oct.23,1803.*

Margaret Tufts and Michael Crosby Jr., Apr.29,1816.*

Mary and William Shed, Dec.26,1733.*

Mary [and] William Baldwin, Sept.23,1741, in Concord.*

Mary and Nathaniel Jaquith of Willmington, Apr.21,1768.* [Nathaniel Jaquith of Wilmington.MR]

Polly and David Rogers of Tewksbury, Mar.8,1798.*

Oliver and Abigail [dup. Abegail] Johnson, Jan.24,1716-17.*

Oliver [dup. Jr.] and Rachel Shed of Pepperell, Apr.5,1757, in Pepperell.*

Oliver and Hannah Abbot, July3,1766.*

Oliver Jr. and Hannah Sprake, Nov.30,1786.*

Rachel and Nicolas French, Sept.28,1779.* [Nicholas.MR]

Rachel and Israel A. Colson, Mar.29,1832.*

Rekeckah and Samuel Rogers, Apr.18,1751.*

Sarah and Thomas Pollard, Nov.末,1692.*

Sarah and Reuben Baldwin, Nov.13,1787.*

Sarah C. and Dr. Henry Blanchard, June8,1841.*

Simeon of Chelmsford, and Mrs.Abigal Mears of Chelmsford, Aug.19,1827.*

Thomas and Elizebeth [dup. Elisabeth] Hunt,末蔓末, 末末.*

William and Abigail W. Lyman, Dec.19,1841.*


Silas of Harvard, and Elizabeth Bowers, Sept.17,1754.*


Millesent and Richard Bradden, June9,1763.*

FARWELL (Farewell)

FASSET (Fassit)

Elizabeth [dup. Elisabeth Fassett] and Jonathan Danforth, Nov.18,1713.*

Mary and Job Lane,末蔓末, 末末.*

Peter and Elizabeth Manning, Feb.1,1710-11*

Samuel and Lydia Parker, Jan.1,1705-6.*

Sarah and Thomas Bateman of Concord, Apr.23,1716.*

FASSIT (Fasset)

John and Mary Hill, Mar.31,1697.*


Ann and Calvin Rogers, Apr.30,1820.*

James R. and Catherine Rogers, Nov.22,1825.*

Luther W. and Martha P. Meriam of Chelmsford, Oct.13,1842.*


Ebenezer of Reading, and Margaret Toothaker, Jan.28,1733-4.*


Theophilus B., 26, trader, of Springfield, and Caroline Richardson, 18, d.Francis and Martha, June13,1843.*


Levi of Chelmsford, and Judeth Abbot, Oct.3,1824.*

FERGUSON (Forgison)


Abagail [dup. Abigail Fesenden] of Lexington, and John Hill, Jan.22 [dup Jan.25, second dup. Jan.22], 1765, in Lexington.*


Bohan P. Esq. of Belfast, ME, and Abigail Davis, Oct.23,1807.*


Moses and Lucy Levestone, Nov.7,1785.* [Fifield.MR]


Hannah of Bedford, and Daniel [sic, David] Tarbell, Aug.1,1751 in Bedford.*

Merriam of Bedford, and Timothy Jaquith, Sept.11,1788, in Bedford.*

Polly and Benjamin Wheeler, Mar.4,1794.*

Paul of Fitch Buge, and Mary Jaquith, July9,1767.* [Paul Fitch of Ashby.MR]

Samuel and Elizabeth Walker, Mar.20,1695-6.*


Betsey of Lowell, and Thomas Sanders Jr., May9,1841.*


Daniel of Nottingham, and Eunice Keyes, Apr.8,1745.*

Ebenezer of Westford, and Joanna Stearns, Aug.8,1754.*

George A. of MI, and Abigail B. Johnson, July8,1838.* [July6.CR2]

James and Louisa Champney, Dec.22,1833.*

John and Lydia Durent, Aug.11,1790.*

John 2d of Chelmsford, and Dolly Johnson of Chelmsford, May9,1822.*

Lucy of Westford, and Levi Snow of Westford, Oct.13,1789.*

Patty of Chelmsford, and Jabez Hatch Weld of Plymouth, NH, Jan.21,1793.*

Mary and William Hall, Oct.30,1764, in Lexington.*

Parmelia and Cyrus Kendall, Aug.12,1827.*

Roxanna [dup. Roxana] of Tyngsborough, and Moses Wheeler, June8,1834.*

Thankful and Ebenezer Shed, May30,1758, in Chelmsford.*


George Esq. of Reading, and Betsey Cook, Nov.30,1826.*

Hannah of Reading, and John Hunt, July10,1716, in Reading.*

Hannah of Concord, and Jeremiah Hunt, Nov.26,1747, in Concord.*

Sarah and Joseph Frost, Apr.5,1710, in Charlestown.*


I. Walter of Boston, and Sarah P. Wilson, May27,1841.* [Fogler.CR2]

FORBUSH (Furbush)


Mary and William McCoy of Pelham, NH, Nov.19,1751.*


Amos of Woburn, and Lydia Somerset [dup. Somersett], July8,1778, in Lexington.*


David of Charlestown, and Joann Skelton, June19,1810.*


Abial and Sarah Whiting, Nov.23,1788.*

Abigail of Wooburn, and Timothy Farlow, Nov.1,1704, in Woburn.*

Amos of Tewksbury, and Sarah French.Oct.21,1777.*

Benjamin H. of Lancaster, and Martha Shed, May9,1811.*

Charissa and Jeremiah Farmer, Oct.13,1816.*

Charles A., 28, clerk in store, of Reading, b. Reading, s.Timothy and Eunice, and Caroline F. Batcheller, 24, d.Josiah and Olive, Feb.23,1849.* [Caroline F. Batchelor of Reading.CR2]

Dudley and Louisa Pollard, May21,1835.*

Elisabeth [dup. Elizabeth] and James Frost, Jan.22,1666-7.*

Elizabeth of Chelmsford, and Abel French, May11,1817.*

Enoch of Tewksbury, and Martha Tenney, Dec.13,1825.*

Experiance and Joseph French, Nov.4,1663.* [Experience.MR]

Ezra Trask of Ipswich, and Sarah Stickney, Oct.3,1784.*

Hannah and Thomas Patten [dup. Pattin], Dec.21,1699.*

Henry and Agnes Henry, June12,1751.*

Isaac of Ipswich, and Sarah Brown, Nov.8,1744.*

Isaac Jr. and Lydia Bacon, Nov.9,1769.*

Jacob and Hannah Frost, June3,1771.*

John and Sally Tweed of Woburn, Oct.9,1787, in Woburn.*

Joseph, Dea., and Rebeckah Danforth,末蔓末, 末末.*

Joseph and Allice [dup. Alce] Gorton, Dec.11,1672.* [Aliz Gorton of Roxbury.MR]

Joseph [dup. and second dup. add Dea.] and Margaret Brown of Sudbury, Jan.27,1714, in Marlborough.*

Joseph of Andover, and May Dows, Oct.22,1745.*

Joseph and Sarah Baldwin, Aug.21,1775.*

Joseph and Lucy Hill, Feb.6,1810.*

Laura and Henry Blanchard of Wilmington, Mar.18,1841.*

Levi and Cile Davis, Aug.27,1815.*

Levi T., 25, manufacturer, of Lawrence, b. Lowell, s.Levi and Cile, and Mariah E. Richardson, 21, d.John and Nancy, May24,1849.*

Lucy and Jesse Webster, Sept.23,1816.*

Mary and Edward Mansfield, Feb.23,1843.*

Moses of Andover, and Sarah Baldwin, Nov.18,1810.*

Sarah and David Crosbey,末蔓末, 末末.*

Sarah and Samuel Kemp [dup. Samuell Kempe], May23,1662 [dup. in Ipswich].* [Samuel Kemp.MR]

Sarah, wid.Cambridge [dup. Cambridg], and Peter Bracket, Mar.30,1687.*

Sarah and John Bell, Dec.12,1774, in Charlestown.*

Sally and James Damon of Reading, Jan.23,1827.*

Thomas [and] Hepsibeh Sawtell of Groton, Aug.24,1706, in Concord.*

Timothy and Sally Crosby, May16,1784.* [Sarah.MR]


Samuell of Woburn and Elisabeth Barron, Dec.末,1766.*


Abel and Abigail Perry of Lexington, Nov.20,1734, in Lexington.*

Abagail [dup. Abigail] and Thomas Danforth, Aug.5,1758, in Lexington.*

Isaac and Abigail Osban, July18,1678.* [Osburn.MR]


John, see John Frye, Jr.


Richard Jr. and Lydia Bowman, Feb.末,1816.*


Abel and Elizabeth Foster of Chelmsford, May11,1817.*

Abigail and Benjamin Parker, Nov.10,1697.*

Abigail and Abel Baldwin, Jan.21,1767.*

Abigail and Josiah Hill, Nov.26,1812.*

Anna and Edmond Frost Jr. of Tewksbury, Jan.11,1749.*

Ann and Joseph Parker, Jan.6,1822.*

Asa and Hannah Richardson, Mar.13,1760.*

Benjamin of Dracutt, and Bathsheba Hill, Nov.6,1766.*

Caroline and Zaccheus Shed, Nov.3,1822.*

David and Margaret Ross, Nov.15,1758.*

Dorcas and Joseph Farmer, Apr.30,1782.*

Ebenezer and Elizabeth[dup. Elisabeth] Hill, Aug.27,1729.*

Ebenezer Jr. and Rebecca Kidder, Jan.3,1760.*

Elizabeth and Thomas Abbott of Andover, Dec.25,1706.*

Elizabeth [dup. Elisabeth] and Josiah Crosbey Jr., Feb.3,1729-30.*

Elisabeth and Ephraim Kidder Jr. of Tewksbury, Dec.30,1735.*

Elisabeth and Jacob Reed of Woburn, June19,1744.*

Elisabeth and George Brown, Nov.21,1771.*

Elizabeth and William Tarbel Jr., Mar.21,1776.* [Tarbell.MR]

Ester and Ebenezer Jaquith, Jan.19,1758.*

Esther and John Bowman of Bedford, May30,1771, in Bedford.*

Hanna and John Bracket, Sept.6,1661, in Braintrey.* [Hannah and John Brackett.MR]

Hanna [dup. Hannah] and John Kitteridge [dup. Kittredg], s.John (Kitteredg) dec'd, Aug.3,1685.* [Hannah and John Kitteridge.MR]

Hannah and Samuel Lane of Bedford, Jan.6,1774.*

Hannah and Capt. Jonathan Heald of Carlisle, Apr.2,1789, in Carlisle.*

Hannah and Ethel male Stevens, June28,1835.*

Jacob and Mary Champney, Sept.20,1665.*

Jacob, Sergt., and Mary Convers of Woburn, June30,1685.* [Converse.MR]

Jacob and Elizabeth [dup. Elisabeth] Davis, May29,1722.*

Jacob and Sarah Brown, May19,1741.*

Jacob Jr. and Sarah Ditson, Jan.28,1763.*

Jacob and Mrs.Mary Curtis of Dracutt, Nov.19,1766.*

Jacob 3d and Elisabeth Kitteridge of Tewksbury, Feb.24,1767.*

Jesse and Abigail Jaquith, Apr.14,1761.*

Joanna and Oliver Abbot, Feb.13,1752.*

Joel and Elianor Johnson, Nov.21,1771.* [Eleanor.MR]

John and Abigail Coggin [dup. Abigall Cogin], June21, [1659, in Barnstable.]* [Abigail Coggin.MR]

John and Hannah Burridge, July3,1662.* [Burrage, July3,1663.MR]

John and Mary Rogers, Jan.14,1667.*

John and Mary Kittredge [dup. Kitteridg], wid., Jan.16,1677-8.* [Kitterige.MR]

John Jr. [dup. omits Jr.] and Ruth Richardson, Feb.13,1707-8.*

John Jr. and Mary Kittredg, Oct.30,1732.*

John and Mary French, May9,1754.*

John and Priscilla Mace, Jan.6,1763.*

John of Tewksbury, and Beulah Hosley, Apr.22,1767.* [John Jr.MR]

John of Boston, and Hannah Richardson, Nov.1,1801.*

Jonas and Hannah Page [dup. Paige of Bedford], Jan.5,1758 [dup. in Bedford].*

Jonathan and Mary Davis [dup. Daves], June23,1726.*

Jonathan and Abigail Horsly [dup. Hosley], Jan.20,1763, in Medford.*

Jonathan and Abigail Bacon, June14,1809.*

Joseph and Experiance Foster, Nov.4,1663.* [Experience.MR]

Joseph of Tewksbury, and Ruth Sprake, Mar.12,1789.*

Joseph, 25, laborer, b. Porter, ME, s.Joseph and Abigail of Porter, ME, and Elizabeth A. Puffer, 22, b. Sudbury, d.Asa dec'd and Elizabeth dec'd, Nov.7,1843.* [Elisebeth A.CR2]

Josiah B. and Mary Ann Stevens, Apr.6,1823.*

Lucy and Thomas Goodwin, June3,1784.*

Luther and Salley Bowers, Aug.28,1796.*

Lydia and Rev. Joshua Hayward, Dec.1,1800.*

Mary and Jonathan Baldwin, Dec.13,1695.*

Mary and Benjamin Manning, Jan.16,1729-30.*

Mary and John French, May9,1754.*

Molly of Tewksbury, and William Kidder Jr., Dec.3,1771.*

Polly and Richard Clark of Milford, NH, June10,1817.*

Mehitable [and] John White, Sept.23,1741, in Concord.*

Nathaniel and Elisabeth Frost, Sept.28,1744.*

Nathaniel of Concord, [and] Susanna Brown, Sept.11,1783, in Concord.*

Nicolas and Rachel Farmer, Sept.28,1779.* [Nicholas.MR]

Peter and Elizabeth Jaquith, Oct.9,1792.*

Rebecca [and] Timothy Rogers, Mar.12,1744, in Concord.*

Rebecca and Samuel Marshall, Nov.13,1794.*

Reuben and Abigail Farmer, Mar.12,1789.*

Reuben and Abigail Holding, Feb.7,1819.*

Samuel and Elisabeth Barron of Chelmsford, July7,1743.*

Sarah [dup. Sara] and John Trull, Dec.11,1657 [dup. in Woeberne].* [Sarah.MR]

Sarah and Joseph Crosbey, May6,1691.*

Sarah, wid.William, and Ebenezer Davise of Concord, June10,1729.*

Sarah and Daniel Kittredge of Tewksbury, Mar.17,1746.*

Sarah and Joseph Jones, Mar.3,1774.*

Sarah and Amos Foster of Tewksbury, Oct.21,1777.*

Sally and Ephraim Crosby Jr., Mar.13,1788.*

Sally and Jeremiah Pollard, Jan.3,1792.*

Sarah and Silvanus Blanchard, Dec.15,1795.*

Sally of Tewksbury, and Benjamin Dowse, Dec.30,1805.*

Susanna and Joseph Jaquith Jr., Mar.5,1797.*

William and Mehittabel Patten [dup. Mehitabl Pating],末蔓末, 末末.*

William, Lt., and Mary Stearns [dup. Sternes], wid.May6,1669.* [Sternes.MR]

William and Sarah Danforth, May22,1695.*

William and Joanna Hill, Mar.22,1726-7.*

William 3d and Sarah Richardson, Feb.23,1764.*

William and Mrs.Mehitable Mooar of Andover, Nov.27,1770, in Andover.*

William and Rebecca Marshall, Jan.20,1791.*

William of Boston, and Sarah Baldwin, Aug.10,1819.*


Abigail and Ephraim Kidder Jr., Oct.15,1707.*

Abigail and Benjamin Dows Jr., Sept.9,1773.* [Dowse.MR]

Asa of Chelmsford, and Rhoda Trull, July25,1790.*

Benjamin and Mary Stearns, Dec.21,1710.*

Benjamin and Hannah Richardson, wid.[dup. Richerd, omits wid.], Feb.15,1725-6.*

Clarissa and Charles Goodwin, Aug.29,1830.*

Clarissa P. of Tewksbury, and George Bracket of Tewksbury, Sept.12,1841.*

Ebenezer of Chelmsford, and Olive Trull, Apr.15,1794.*

Edmond [dup. Edman] and Hannah Kittredge [dup. Hanah Kitridge], Dec.1,1712.*

Edmond Jr. of Tewksbury, and Anna French, Jan.11,1749.*

Elizabeth [dup. Elisabeth] and Peter Cornell [dup. Corneal],末蔓末,1708.*

Elisabeth and James Sanders, Apr.14,1735.*

Elisabeth of Tewksbury, and Thomas Levestone, July19,1737.*

Elisabeth and Nathaniel French, Sept.28,1744.*

Esther and Samuel Marshall, Jan.2,1755, in Chelmsford.*

Hannah and Seth Levestone, Mar.2,1720-1.*

Hannah and Robert Meers, Apr.21,1726.*

Hanah and Abijah Beard, Dec.8,1763.*

Hannah and Jacob Foster, June3,1771.*

Hannah and Jonas Sanders, Apr.18,1786.*

Hannah and William Levestone Jr., Apr.8,1794.*

James and Rebeckah [dup. Rebecka] Hamlet, Dec.7,1664.* [Rebeccah, Dec.17,1665.MR]

James and Elisabeth [dup. Elizabeth] Foster, Jan.22,1666-7.*

James, Sergt. [dup. omits Sergt.], and Mary Beard, Jan.16,1729-30.*

James Jr. and Esther Hosley, Feb.8,1731-2.*

John and Hannah Cornell, Dec.22,1736.*

Joseph and Sarah Flint, Apr.5,1710, in Charlestown.*

Joseph and Rebecca Frost, Dec.8,1718, in Medford.

Joseph "Ters " tertius and Abigail Kittredg, Oct.25,1731.*

Joseph Jr. and Mary Baxby of Andover, Feb.21,1733-4, in Andover.*

Joshua and Hannah Dutton, Feb.7,1765.*

Martha and William Bean, Feb.27,1772.*

Martha and Joel Wheat, June17,1824.*

Mary and John Walker, July29,1707.*

Mary and Benjamin Danforth, Apr.17,1750.*

Polly and Job Nickless of Jeffrey, June3,1794, in Carlisle.*

Rebecca and Joseph Frost, Dec.8,1718, in Medford.*

Rebecca and George Tufts of Boston, Sept.18,1792.*

Ruth and John Dutton, May末,1721.*

Sarah and Adam Caldwell Jr., Mar.22,1774.*

Thomas [dup. Sr.] and Rebecca [dup. Rebeckah] Farley, Dec.12,1695.*

Thomas and Hannah Richardson of Wooburn, Mar.28,1706, in Woburn.*

Thomas and Dorcas Boynton of Lunenburg, June6,1737, in Lunenburg.*

William and Elizabeth [dup. Elisabeth] Wilson, May末,1721.*

William and Molly Spaulding of Chelmsford, June14,1775.*

William and Sarah Wilson, Dec.12,1784.*


Cloe of Andover, and Phillip Bowers, June23,1796, in Andover.*

John Jr. of Andover, and Rhoda Baldwin, Feb.20,1781.* [Foye.MR]

Mary of Andover, and Timothy Crosby Jr., Dec.15,1796, in Andover.*


Rebecca and Joseph Clark, Apr.2,1795.*


Sarah of Reading, and Edmond Chamberlin, Jan.17,1717, in Reading.*


Peggy and Thomas Ross Jr., Dec.1,1751, in Woburn.*

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