Deborah [dup. Janco] and John Chamberlain, Dec.6,1681.* [Jaco, and John Chamberlaine.MR]


Esther of Bedford, and Jonas Duren, Dec.17,1776, in Bedford.*


Abigail and Eldad Whiting, May24,1795.*

Abby A. [d.Nathan and Thankful (Thorndike)] and William Henry Patten, Oct.12,1848.*PR1

Nathan and Thankful Thorndike [first w.],末蔓末, 末末.*PR1

Nathan and Parmelia Morrill, wid.[second w.],末蔓末, 末末.*PR1

JAQUETH (Jaquith)

Abraham Jr. and Hannah Farley, Jan.18,1726-7.*

JAQUITH (Jaqueth)

Abigail and Jesse French, Apr.14,1761.*

Abigail of Wilmington, and Jeremiah Crosby, Oct.23,1783, in Wilmington.*

Abraham Jr. and Elisabeth Hill, Mar.13,1755.*

Andrew and Jane Richardson, Feb.9,1796.*

Ann and George Simonds of Bedford, Apr.16,1835.*

Benjamin and Phebe Marshall, June27,1765.*

Caroline and Stephen Parker, Jan.12,1834.*

Ebenezer and Ester French, Jan.19,1758.*

Ebinezer of Wilmington, and Elisabeth Whiteing, Jan.8,1760, in Wilmington.*

Ebenezer of Willmington, and Mary Danforth, July12,1763.*

Elisabeth [dup. Elizabeth Jaquish] and John Durant Jr. [dup. omits Jr.] Aug.10,1695.*

Elisabeth and Nicolas Danforth, Mar.30,1758.*

Elizabeth and Peter French, Oct.9,1792.*

Hannah of Wilmington, and Joshua Davis, Oct.24,1739.*

Hannah and Samuel Shed, June8,1758.*

Hannah and Isaac Marshall 3d, July4,1793.*

Isaac of Wilmington, and Ursly Walker, Jan.14,1773, in Wilmington.*

James of Willmington, and Dolly Richardson, Feb.2,1769.* [James Jaquith of Wilmington.MR]

John of Woburn, and Mary Needham, Oct.30,1729.*

Johathan Jr. of Wilmington, and Elizabeth S. Sprake, May27,1827.*

Joseph Jr. and Susanna French, Mar.5,1797.*

Judith and Asa Abbot of Andover, May29,1798.*

Lydia P. and George Dutton of Bedford, Nov.27,1828.*

Mary and Paul Fitch of Fitch Buge, July9,1767.* [Paul Fitch of Ashby.MR]

Nathan of Wilmington, and Anna Crosby, July28,1778, in Wilmington.*

Nathaniel of Willmington, and Mary Farmer, Apr.21,1768.* [Nathaniel Jaquith of Wilmington.MR]

Rebeckah and Benjamin Needham, Jan.9,1752.*

Samuel of Wilmington, and Patte Richardson, Dec.3,1767.*

Sarah and Thomas Durrant [dup. Durant], June12,1702.*

Susan and Moses Abbot of Bedford, June22,1820.*

Tamison and Samuel Richardson 3d, June10,1795.*

Timothy and Eunice Corey, Oct.18,1763.*

Timothy and Abigail Lewis, May29,1788, in Bedford.*

Timothy and Merriam Fitch of Bedford, Sept.11,1788, in Bedford.*

JEFFS (Jefts, Jeiffs)

Henry [dup. Jefts] and Hannah Hill of Charlestown, Nov.9,1704, in Charlestown.*

JEFTS (Jeffs, Jeiffs)

Aaron and Hannah Stearns, July12,1810.*

Alice [and] Joseph Baker of Concord, Dec.11,1716, in Concord.*

Elisabeth and Ross Wyman, May12,1743.*

Hannah [dup. Jeiffs], d.Henry, and Andrew Spaulding [dup. Spaldin], Apr.30,1674, in Chelmsford.*

Hannah [dup. Jeffts] and Andrew Richardson, Dec.9,1707.*

Hannah and Samuel Carrell, Jan.25,1827.*

Henry [dup. Henery Jeiffs] and Mary Bird, wid.Oct.3,1666.*

Henry [dup. Henery Jeffs] Jr. and Mary Baldwin, Apr.13,1681.* [Henry Jeffs Jr.MR]

Henry [dup. Henery Jeffs Sr.] and Mary Baker, wid., of Concord, May5,1681.* [Henry Jeffs Sr.MR]

Henry Jr. and Elizabeth [dup. Elisabeth] Hayward, July10,1716.*

Henry and Mary Geary of Stoneham, Oct.21,1731, in Stoneham.*

Henry [dup. Jr.] [and] Dinah Brown of Concord, Nov.13,1735, in Concord.*

Henry Jr. and Mary Abbott, Nov.29,1743.*

Henry Jr. and Elizabeth Stearns, Feb.24,1774.*

John and Mary Safford of Ipswich, Apr.25,1799, in Ipswich.*

Lydia and Eliseus Barron of Dracut, Sept.4,1750.*

Mary and John Needam, Feb.26,1702-3.*

Mary and Samuel Hazletine of Tewksbury, May15,1771.* [Hazeltine.MR]

Mary and Aaron Munroe, May9,1776.* [Munro.MR]

Mary and Joseph Spaulding, Oct.4,1781.* [Giffs.MR]

Simeon and Mary Parker, Dec.10,1754.*

Simeon and Lucretia Snow, Nov.1,1825.*

JEIFFS (Jeffs, Jefts)

Johannah and John Dunkin, Feb.23,1674.* [Jeffs.MR]


Lowell F., 23, cordwainer, of Natick, b. Natick, s.Nathan and Hannah of Sherburn, and Lucy A. Greenwood, 18, of Weston, d.Moses and Olive of Needham, Dec.25,1844.*


Lewis of Boston, and Lucy Goodwin, Oct.31,1810.*


Joseph of Groton, and Mary Sanders, Sept.25,1738.*


Abigail [dup. Abegail] and Oliver Farmer, Jan.24,1716-17.*

Abigail of Woburn, and Jesse Wyman, Sept.18,1764, in Woburn.*

Abigail B. and George A. Fletcher of MI, July8,1838.* [July6, 末末.CR2]

Ann W. and William Hill Jr., Oct.26,1817.*

Benjamin of Woborn, and Sarah Walker, Nov.22,1699.*

Daniel of Woburn, and Joanna Pollard, Dec.20,1770.*

Doliver of Concord, NH, and Louisa Underwood, Mar.19,1827.*

Dolly of Chelmsford, and John Fletcher 2d of Chelmsford, May9,1822.*

Ebenezer of Woburn, and Sarah Stearns, May19,1725.*

Elianor and Joel French, Nov.21,1771.* [Eleanor.MR]

Esther and John Stearns [dup. Sterns] Jr.,末蔓末, 末末.*

Ezra and Anna Blanchard, Jan.24,1797.*

Henry C. of Mason, NH, and Ann Webber, Nov.4,1830.*

Joseph of Woburn, and Elisabeth Baldwin, May8,1734, in Woburn.*

Joseph 4th and Rebeckah Hosley, Jan.31,1765, in Woburn.*

Lydia and Capt. John Richardson, Nov.23,1817.*

Lydia M., 22, d.Seth and Lydia, and William H. Rand wheelwright, of Medford, b. Boston, s.William dec'd and Mary dec'd, June22,1843.* [William M.CR2]

Mary and Joseph Chamberlain,末蔓末, 末末.*

Ruth [dup. of Woburn] and Nathaniel Dunklee [dup. Nathaniell Duncklee], Nov.23,1758, in Woburn.*

Sarah and Samuel Smith Haywood, May17,1758.*

Solon L. and Louise Rowell, Jan.5,1834.*

Susanna and William Shed, Jr., Jan.13,1763.*

Thomas, Lt., of Andover, and Damaris Marshall, July14,1703, in Andover.*

William 3d of Woburn, and Abigail Richardson, Mar.10,1767.*


Joseph and Sarah French, Mar.3,1774.*


Benjamin L. and Elizabeth Hill, Jan.1,1827.*

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