KARKIN (Carkin)

Asa and Patty Hodgman, June26,1800.*[Per a visual inspection of the original record by the Billerica Town Clerk, the recorded name was Polly (Mary)]


Eliza and John Smith, Feb.7,1820.*

KEMP (Keemp)

Abigail of Chelmsford, and John Bearde, Nov.16,1769.* [Beard.MR]

Nabby of Carlisle, and John Russel, Nov.11,1799, in Carlisle.*

Hannah and Joseph Parry, Dec.12,1771.*

James and Mrs.Mary Stone, Aug.16,1835.*

John and Susanna Gillson, Dec.5,1735.*

Joseph and Rachel Davis, June29,1731, in Woburn.*

Lucy and Thomas Brown, Jan.4,1775.*

Samuel [dup. Samuell Kempe] and Sarah Foster, May23,1662 [dup. in Ipswich].* [Samuel Kemp.MR]

Sarah and Nathaniel Rainger, Dec.30,1741.*

William and Abigail Clarke, Oct.10,1769.*

William of Bedford, and Salley Willson of Bedford, Dec.4,1800.*

KENDALL (Kendal, Kindal, Kindall)

Cyrus and Lucy Gray, Sept.30,1819.*

Cyrus and Parmelia Fletcher, Aug.12,1827.*

Elisabeth of Dunstable, amd Amazariah Swallow of Dunstable, June19,1759.*

Hezekiah and Abigail Marshall, Nov.1,1792.*

Jacob of Boston, and Sally Richardson, Mar.3,1803.*

Joseph and Mary Crosby, Sept.2,1788.*

Judith of Wilmington, and Josiah Richardson, Jan.31,1748, in Wilmington.*

Judith and Thomas Richardson, Dec.3,1772.* [Kendall.MR]

Keziah of Woburn, and Amos Wyman, Feb.2,1779, in Woburn.*

Mary and Joseph Carter, May末,1814.*

Reuben and Judith Brown of Tewksbury, Apr.20,1749.*

William and Hannah Needham, Feb.26,1786.*

KENNEY (Kinney)

Cynthia and Thomas Eaton, Apr.16,1823.*

Sarah of Chelmsford, and Loammi Saunders, Oct.30,1806.*


Isaac of Concord, and Anne Burney, Aug.18,1724, in Woburn.*


Rachell of Charlestowne, and Simon Crosble, July18,1711, in Charlestown.*


Abner of Dunstable, and Mary Shed, Dec.20,1763.*

Ephraim of Chelmsford, and Rebeckah Townsend, July11,1751.*

Eunice and Daniel Fletcher of Nottingham, Apr.8,1745.*

Jonas and Elizabeth Townsend, Apr.21,1756, in Chelmsford.*

Lydia and Thomas Hall, Apr.15,1761.*

Mary [dup. of Chelmsford, second dup. Ceys of Chensford] and Christopher Osgood [second dup. Cristifor Ausgood], Aug.1 [dup. and second dup. June1], 1711, in Charlestown.*


Abigail and Simon Crosbey, June17, [dup. June9], 1714.*

Abigail and Timothy Whiting of Lancaster, Aug.21,1781.*

Allice and Benjamin Tompson, Nov.9,1715.*

Alice and Dr. Robert Smith of Durham, Aug.3,1790.*

Ann and William Underwood of Chelmsford, Mar.17,1684-5, in Chelmsford.*

Benjamin of Bedford, and Hannah Richardson, Nov.9,1731.*

Benjamin and Ruth Heywood of Lunenburg, Feb.12,1761, in Lunenburg.*

Dorothy and Thomas Baldwin Jr.,末蔓末, 末末.*

Dorithy and Jonathan Hides, May6,1673.* [Dorathy and Jonathan Hides Jr.MR]

Elisabeth and Rev. Jonathan Livermore of Wilton, NH, Sept.14,1769.* [Mrs.Elizabeth.MR]

Elizabeth and Benjamin Herrick of Reading, Nov.19,1778.* [Elisabeth.MR]

Enoch Jr. [second dup. omits Jr.] and Sarah Hunt, July19 [second dup. July20], 1722.*

Enoch and Mrs.Hannah Danforth, June末,1743.*

Enoch Jr., Capt., and Mrs.Sarah Bacon, Aug.8,1751.*

Ephraim [dup. Ephrim] and Rachel Crosby [dup. Rachell Crosbee], Aug.4,1685.* [Ephraim and Rachel Crosbee, Aug.1.MR]

Ephraim Jr. and Abigail Frost, Oct.15,1707.*

Ephraim Jr. of Tewksbury, and Elisabeth French, Dec.30,1735.*

Ephraim and Dorcas Hill, Apr.30,1793.*

Ephraim Jr. and Abigail Abbott, Dec.25,1796.*

Francis of Oxford, and Elisabeth Hill, Feb.24,1730-1.

Hannah and Jonathan Ballard, Aug.30,1722.*

Hannah and William Bowers of Chelmsford, Jan.1,1761.*

Hannah and Samuel Barnard of Boston, June7,1764.*

James Jr. [dup. omits Jr.] and Elisabeth Brown [dup. Browne], Sept.23,1678.* [Elizabeth Brown.MR]

James [and] Mary Abbot, Nov.8,1703, in Concord.*

John and Mary Osgood, July17,1796.*

Joshua and Mary Wilson, Mar.10,1808.*

Lucy and Stephen Barret of Carlisle, Apr.8,1781.* [Barrett.MR]

Mary and Joseph Butler of Concord, Mar.12,1778.*

Mary and Philip Bowers of Chelmsford, Apr.23,1809.*

Mehitabel and Thomas Manning of Andover, June6,1769.*

Phinehas and Hannah Crosby, Nov.20,1784, in Chelmsford.*

Rachel and John Hovey of Maldin, July8,1751.*

Rebecca and Ebenezer French Jr., Jan.3,1760.*

Rebeckah and Winslow Phelps of Lancaster, Sept.14,1781.* [Rebecca.MR]

Ruth and Asa Baldwin, Feb.11,1795.*

Samuel and Abihail Hill, Apr.13,1749.*

Sarah and George Brown [dup. Georg Browne], Jan.30,1689-90.* [Sarah Kidder of Chelmsford, and George Brown.MR]

Sarah and Elias Haskell of Harvard, May14,1761.*

Sarah and John White of Concord, Apr.29,1773.*

Solomon and Lydia White of Haverhill,末蔓末, 末末.*

Solomon and Dorothy Tompson, Nov.23,1758.*

Thomas and Rachel Danforth, May10,1726.*

Thomas Esq. and Susanna Phelps of Andover, July7,1767.*

William and Sarah Ballard of Andover, Dec.16,1736, in Andover.*

William Jr. and Molly French of Tewksbury, Dec.3,1771.*


Daniel of Wilmington, and Rebecah Belknap, May13,1777.* [Rebekah.MR]

KIMBALL (Kembal)

Andrew of Ring, and Betsy Hill, Feb.13,1798.*

John S. of Augusta ME, and Ann Davis, June14,1813.*

Lydia D. of Lowell, and Eli N. Sperry, Jan.13,1839.*


Ebenezer of Watertown, and Hannah Manning, Dec.7,1699, in Cambridge.*


Amos of Medfield, and Mary Richardson, Oct.13,1814.*

Henry and Eliza Woods, Mar.25,1827.*

KITTREDGE (Kettridge, Kitteridg, Kitteridge, Kittredg, Kittridge)

Abigail [dup. Kittredg] and Kendal Patten,末蔓末, 末末.*

Abigail and Joseph Frost "Ters " tertius, Oct.25,1731.*

Daniel Jr. [dup. Kittredg] and Ruth Shed, July8,1724.*

Daniel of Tewksbury, and Sarah French, Mar.17,1746.*

Elisabeth of Tewksbury, and Jacob French 3d, Feb.24,1767.*

Francis Jr. of Tewksbury, and Abigail Richardson, Feb.20,1752.*

Hannah [dup. Hanah Kitridge] and Edmond [dup. Edman] Frost, Dec.1,1712.*

Hannah [dup. Kittredg] and Samuel Hall, Jan.25,1727-8.*

Hezekiah P. and Louisa Woodworth of Lowell, Mar.10,1840.*

Isaac Jr. of Tewksbury, and Bette Rogers, Apr.25,1776.*

Jane [dup. Kittredg] and Thomas Kittredge [dup. Kittredg], May25,1727.*

Job of Tewksbury, and Susan Rogers, Nov.24,1825.*

John [dup. Kitteridge] and Mary Littlefield [dup. Littlfeild], Nov.末,1664.*

John [dup. Kittredg], s.John (Kitteredg) dec'd, and Hanna [dup. Hannah] French, Aug.3,1685.* [Kitteridge, and Hannah French.MR]

Joseph and Elizabeth Wright of Wooburn, Feb.19,1724, in Woburn.*

[Kitterige, and Mary Littlefeild, Nov.2,1665.MR]

Lucetta and Thaddeus Pierce, Jan.10,1830.*

Lucy of Tewksbury, and Hezekiah Crosby, Apr.6,1765, in Medford.*

Lydia and Joel Sanders, Dec.末,1814.*

Mary [dup. Kitteridg], wid., and John French, Jan.16,1677-8.* [Kitterige.MR]

Mary [dup. Kittredg] and Samuel Peacock, Feb.5,1718-19.*

Mary and John French Jr., Oct.30,1732.*

Polly of Tewksbury, and Jesse Manning Jr., Dec.15,1776, in Tewksbury.*

Mehitabel and Seth Crosby Jr., July13,1790.*

Nancy and Jonas Nutting, May末,1815.*

Nehemiah and Mehitabel Dutton, Feb.28,1770.*

Sally and Abial Holt, Oct.7,1804.*

Sally and Isaac Somes of Mt. Desert, ME, Nov.14,1805.*

Thomas [dup. Kittredg] and Jane Kittredge [dup. Kittredg], May25,1727.*

William and Mary Wright of Woburn, Oct.21,1731, in Woburn.*

William and Julia Levestone, Dec.26,1805.*


Daniel L. and Julia Manning, Nov.10,1805.*


Abner of Boston, and Dolly L. Rice, Dec.25,1834.*

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