Hannah and Nathan Adams, May16,1796.*

William Greenough and Hannah Soley, Dec.28,1785.* [William Greenough Maccarty of Boston.MR]


Priscilla and John French, Jan.6,1763.*

Rebecca and Levi Davis, June13,1796.*


Mary, 40, of Carlisle, b. Bristol, NH, d.John Simonds and Isabel of Boston, and Isaac Cushing, 36, farmer, of Lexington, b. Weymouth, s.Isaac and Joanna of Weymouth, Aug.17,1845.*


John and Iza Dean, Apr.末,1815.*


John and Margaret Eglon, Dec.7,1823.*


Salley of Dracutt, and Josiah Nickles, Dec.6,1792, in Dracut.*

MAN (Mann)

Thomas and Sarah Haseltine, Jan.23,1731-2.*

MANING (Manning)

Samuel [dup. Manning] and Abiall Wight [dup. Abial Weight] of Medford, May6,1673.*

MANN (Man)

Mary and Benjamin Davis, Apr.2,1778, in Chelmsford.*

Sarah and Reuben Willson, Feb.21,1760, in Woburn.*

MANNING (Maning)

Arethusa and William Pollard, Mar.9,1800.*

Benjamin and Mary French, Jan.16,1729-30.*

Elizabeth and Peter Fasset, Feb.1,1710-11.*

Elizabeth and Samuel Manning, Oct.21,1728.*

Bette and Thomas Stearns, Mar.14,1750-1.*

Elisabeth and Solomon Carleton, Oct.18,1769.* [Elizabeth and Solomon Carlton.MR]

Ephraim and Mary Tompson,末蔓末,1710.*

Esther and Joseph Baldwin, June14,1728.*

Esther and Amos Carlton, Feb.25,1796.*

Hannah and Ebenezer King of Watertown, Dec.7,1699, in Cambridge.*

Hannah P. and John Chandler, Jr. of Boston, Oct.9,1827.*

Isaac and Esther Crosby, June18,1772.*

Isaac and Sarah Totman, Nov.3,1789.*

Jacob and Martha Beard, Jan.20,1736-7.*

Jacob and Sarah Butterfield, June2,1763, in Chelmsford.*

Jacob Jr. and Lucy Andrews of Carlisle, Apr.26,1796, in Carlisle.*

Jesse and Anne Carleton [dup. Calton], Dec.2,1766 [dup. in Medford].*

Jesse Jr. and Polly Kittredge of Tewksbury, Dec.15,1776, in Tewksbury.*

Jesse and Elisabeth Abbot of Andover, Dec.30,1779, in Andover.*

Jesse and Abigail Baldwin, Dec.30,1802.*

Jonathan and Martha Howard of Chelmsford, Mar.17,1774.*

Julia and Daniel L. Knapp, Nov.10,1805.*

Martha and Alpheus Hill, Dec.15,1857.* [Mary.MR]

Mary and Josiah Crosbey, Nov.2,1703-4.*

Mary and Oliver Proctor Jr. of Townsend, Feb.15,1776, in Townsend.*

Rachel and Abraham Durant, May20,1736.*

Samuel and Elizabeth Manning, Oct.21,1728.*

Sarah H. and Ambrose F. Page, Jan.26,1843.*

Solomon and Allice Wilson, May20,1777.* [Alice Willson.MR]

Theophilus and Hannah Patten, Mar.29,1807.*

Theophilus and Polly Patten, Sept.26,1817.*

Thomas and Hannah Twist, Aug.30,1737.*

Thomas of Andover, and Mehitabel Kidder, June6,1769.*

Timothy and Mary Howard of Chelmsford, June13,1776.* [Heywood.MR]

William, Ens., and Mary Shed, Apr.19,1737.*

William Jr. and Elisabeth Danforth, Nov.10,1742.*

William Jr. and Sarah Heywood, Mar.21,1769.*


Edward and Mary Foster, Feb.23,1843.*


Charles of Fitchburg, and Sylvia Hazard, Sept.17,1840.*

MARSHALL (Marshell)

Abigail and Kezekiah Kendall, Nov.1,1702.*

Alice and William Hyde, Apr.22,1810.*

Asa and Betty Baldwin, Feb.20,1786.*

Damaris and Lt. Thomas Johnson of Andover, July14,1703, in Andover.*

Hannah and Oliver Whiting, May2,1793.*

Isaac and Phebe Richardson, Feb.10,1735-6.*

Isaac and Rebeckah Hill, Feb.27,1746.*

Isaac Jr. and Abigail Brown, Jan.5,1762.*

Isaac of Tewksbury, and Elizabeth Trull, Dec.11,1783.*

Isaac 3d and Hannah Jaquith, July4,1793.*

Jacob and Molly Richardson, Nov.21,1771.*

Joanna [dup. Johanna] and Peter Corneal, Aug.9,1695.*

John and Hannah [dup. and second dup. Hanna] Atkinson, Nov.19,1662.* [Hannah Adkinson.MR]

John and Mary Burrage, Nov.27,1665.*

John [dup. adds Sergt.] and Damaris Waite, wid., of Malden [dup. Maldon], Nov.30,1681.* [Sergt. John and Damaris Wayte.MR]

John Jr. and Unis [dup. Unice] Rogers, Dec.8,1695-6.*

John and Abigall [dup. Abigail] Parker, Aug.15,1722, in Charlestown.*

Mary and Nathan Cross of Nottingham, June27,1734.*

Mary and Samuel Cole, Sept.5,1833.

Phebe and Benjamin Jaquith, June27,1765.*

Rebecca and Benjamin Dows, Jr., May28,1789.*

Rebecca and William French, Jan.20,1791.*

Samuel and Esther Frost, Jan.2,1755, in Chelmsford.*

Samuel and Rebecca French, Nov.13,1794.*

MARSHELL (Marshall)

Joel of Tewksbury, and Abigail Bowman, May28,1801.*

MARSTEN (Marston)

Susan R., wid., 30, b. Boston, d.Peter W. Miller and Lucy, and Lory Prentiss, widr., 40, cordwainer, b. Grafton, s.Nathaniel and Lititia of Graften, Jan.30,1845.*

MARSTON (Marsten)

Amos Jr., 26, farmer, of Lowell, b. Tewksbury, s.Amos and Lydia N. of Albany, ME, and Abigail I. Danforth, 25, d.Aaron and Sarah, Nov.25,1844.* [Amas Jr. and Abby Danforth.CR2]


Hannah of Chelmsford, and Nathan Crosbey Jr., June4,1735.*


James L. of Concord, NH, and Hannah H. Mills, Feb.19,1840.*


James of Charlestown, and Hannah Dows, Oct.19,1780.* [Waterman.MR]


Lydia and Henry Parker, Jan.26,1809.*


Thomas and Lucy Hardy "formerly" of Andover, Nov.5,1837.*


William of Tewksbury, and Sylvia Wyman, Nov.30,1837.*

McCARTY (Maccarty)


James of Tewksbury, and Jane McDowel, Jan.5,1768.* [James McCoye of Tewksbury, and Jane McDavell.MR]

William of Pelham, NH and Mary Forgison, Nov.19,1751.*


William and Rebecca Weatherbee, Jan.18,1824.*


Jane and James McCoy of Tewksbury, Jan.5,1768.* [McDavell, and James McCoye of Tewksbury.MR]


Andrew and Margret Christe, Dec.8,1725.*


Daniel of Burlington, and Hannah H. Richardson, Apr.25,1819.*


William and Rebecca Spaulding, Sept.17,1840.*


James of Dunstable, NH, and Mary R. Allen, Dec.1,1825.*


James C. and Mary Bennett, July20,1834.*


Matthew of Lexington, and Martha Danforth, Jan.23,1754.*

MEARS (Meers)

Abigal, Mrs.Chelmsford, and Simeon Farmer of Chelmsford, Aug.19,1827.*

Isaac and Polly Long of Tewksbury, Nov.24,1796, in Tewksbury.*

Lucy Ann and John Baldwin Jr., Sept.13,1836.*

Lydia and Joshua Thistle of Dracutt, Sept.10,1786.*

Nancy and Daniel Wood, Nov.29,1804.*

Nathan and Lucy Levistone, Apr.19,1812.*

William D., 30, teamster, s.Daniel and Mary B., and Sarah I. Brown, 23, d.Elisha and Mary N., Nov.17,1844.*

MEERS (Mears)

Robert and Hannah Frost, Apr.21,1726.*

MERIAM (Merriam, Miriam)

Elizabeth G. [dup. Merriam] of Chelmsford, and Moses B. Garfield of Concord, Oct.13,1843.*

Martha P. of Chelmsford, and Luther W. Faulkner, Oct.13,1842.*

Mary of Bedford, and Ephraim Crosby, Apr.17,1755.*

MERRIAM (Meriam, Miriam)

Sall of Woburn, and John Sanders, Dec.8,1774.*


Henry H. and Rispah Baldwin, Dec.6,1818.*

Isaac of Monroe, MI, and Lucy Ann Howe, Sept.7,1836.* [How.CR2]

Nathan of Tewksbury, and Abigail Sanders, Dec.1,1767.* [Merril.MR]

Sally B. and Jacob Butters of Medford, Dec.5,1822.*


Joshua and Betsey Saunders, Feb.1,1829.*


Susanna of Concord, [and] Lt. John Wilson, Nov.10,1698, in Concord.*


Hannah and John Brown, Apr.15,1790.*

Job of Charlestown, and Sarah Gold of Woburn, Feb.27,1776.* [Job Miller of Charlestown.MR]

John of Charlestown and Hannah Hill, Apr.16,1761.*

John Jr. and Hannah Thistle, Dec.29,1790.*

Peter W. of Boston, and Lucy Richardson, Oct.12,1806.*

Rhoda and Moses Nickless, May28,1817.*

Sarah E., 24, d.Stephen and Abigail, and Jonas S. Stone, 23, farmer, b. Lexington, s.Samuel and Mary, Mar.30,1845.*

Stephen and Abigail Russell, Aug.16,1818.*


Betsey C. and Oliver Carter of Tewksbury, July4,1826.*

Hannah H. and James L. Mason of Concord, NH, Feb.19,1840.*

Philip and Lucy Richardson, Aug.7,1803.*


James of Concord, [and] Martha Lane, Nov.14,1716, in Concord.*

Martha of Concord, [and] James Lane, Apr.30,1719, in Concord.*

Susanna [dup. Sukey] of Concord, and John Parker Jr. [dup. omits Jr.], Dec.27,1795 [dup. in Concord].*

MIRIAM (Meriam, Merriam)

Mary and Isaac Stearns,末蔓末, 末末.*


Lavinia H. and David W. Brown, Nov.5,1837.*

Mary Ann and Sullivan Colson, Aug.28,1834.*


Margaret and Joseph Clyde of Wenham, NH, Nov.1,1753.*

MONROE (Munroe)

MOOAR (Moor, Moore, More)

Mehitable, Mrs., of Andover, and William French, Nov.27,1770, in Andover.*

MOOR (Mooar, Moore, More)

Lydia of Bedford, and Bradley Bowers, Feb.19,1793, in Bedford.*

MOORE (Mooar, Moor, More)

John of Bedford, and Mary Lane of Bedford, Nov.21,1799.*

Ruth [dup. More] and Daniel Shed Jr., July5,1670.* [Moore.MR]

MORE (Mooar, Moor, Moore)

Lydia and Caleb Farley, Nov.3, [dup. Nov.9], 1669.* [Lidea Moore and Caleb Farley, Nov.3.MR]


Thomas and Patty Burnap of Reading, Dec.1,1796, in Reading.*


Benjamin C., 25, carpenter, of Lawrence, s.William and Betsey, and Sarah K. Adams, 18, of Carlisle, d.Samuel and Dorcas, May14,1848.*

Thomas "alias Carier" and Martha Allin, May7,1674.* ["Tho:Carrier Als Morgan,"MR]


Isaac, Rev., of Wilmington, and Mrs.Dorothy Ruggles, Aug.4,1743.*

Parmelia, wid.[second w.], and Nathan Jaques,末蔓末, 末末.*PR1


Sarah of Northfield, NH, and Loammi Saunders Jr., Dec.1,1833.*


Aaron and Mary Jefs, May9,1776.* [Munro.MR]

Abigail and John Henry Jr., Nov.30,1775.* [Monro.MR]

Archelaus T. of Burlington, and Louisa H. Page, Apr.末,1830.*

Betty and Joseph Proctor Wheeler, Dec.9,1779, in Acton.*

Harriet of Tewksbury, and Perkins Holden, Jan.16,1833.*

Hepsibah and Oliver Wheeler of Acton, Mar.3,1773, in Acton.*

John Jr. of Lexington, and Charlotte Bacon, Dec.19,1811.*

Jonas of Woburn, and Abigail Richardson, Dec.10,1818.*

Jonathan of Woburn, and Almira Page, Oct.4,1827.*

Lydia and Samuel Wheeler of Acton, Feb.13,1777.* [Munro.MR]

Margrett and Isaac Wilkens of Concord, July23,1765.*


Amos of Lexinton, and Abigail Bowers, Nov.29,1764.*

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