Almira and Jonathan Munroe of Woburn, Oct.4,1827.*

Ambrose F. and Sarah H. Manning, Jan.26,1843.*

Arza and Elizabeth T. Currier of Warner, NH, June10,1832.*

Christopher and Abigail Reed of Woburn, May23,1720, in Woburn.*

Clariot and Royal Russell, Nov.17,1822.*

Dolly of Bedford, and Issacher Stearns, Sept.16,1790.*

Hannah [dup. Paige of Bedford] and Jonas French, Jan.5,1758 [dup. in Bedford].*

Isanna of Carlisle, and Caleb S. Brown, Mar.27,1828, in Carlisle.*

Louisa H. and Archelaus T. Munroe of Burlington, Apr.末,1830.*

Polly of Bedford, and Seth Willson, May8,1794.*

Nathaniell and Susana Lane, Nov.6,1701.*

Sarah and Samuel Hill Jr.,末蔓末, 末末.*

Sarah of Bedford, and Josiah Beard, Dec.29,1784, in Bedford.*

William of Bedford, and Patte Hill, Dec.8,1763.*


Huldah [dup. Pain] of Malden, and David Abbot, June28,1768 [dup. in Malden].*

Rebecca [dup. Rebecka, second dup. Rebeckah, third dup. Rebecka Payne] and Thomas Pattin [second dup. Patten], Apr.1,1662, in Dedham.* [Rebecca Payne and Thomas Pattin.MR]


Aaron of Andover, and Hannah Abbot, Jan.21,1787.*

Abigail [dup. Abigaell] and Simon Crosbey, Mar.16,1702-3.*

Abigall [dup. Abigail] and John Marshall, Aug.15,1722, in Charlestown.*

Abigail and William Barnes of Woburn, Sept.23,1795, in Woburn.*

Anna of Chelmsford, and Thomas Crosbey Jr.,末蔓末, 末末.*

Anna and Natham Crosby, July14,1757.*

Augusta and Frederic Spofford of Buckport, ME, Nov.19,1839.*

Benjamin and Sarah [dup. Sara] Hartwell, Apr.18,1661 [dup. in Oberne Woburn].* [Sarah.MR]

Benjamin and Mary Trull, Oct.11,1684.*

Benjamin and Abigail French, Nov.10,1697.*

Benjamin [dup. Jr.] [and] Lydia Chamberlain [second dup. Lydai Chamberlin], Oct.22,1711, in Concord.*

Benjamin and Mary Poodney of Woburn, Nov.23,1726, in Woburn.*

Benjamin and Mary Corey, June末,1743.*

Bethiah and Richard Snow, May10,1738.*

Charles E. and Harriet G. Bennett, Aug.10,1841.*

Charles H., 23, cordwainer, b. Salem, s.Frederic dec'd in Salem, and Mary dec'd in Salem, and Mary Baldwin, 23, d.John and Clarissa, May4,1843.*

Daniel, Dr., 38, s.Stephen dec'd and Sybil dec'd, and Mary E. Bryant, 17, s.Nathan and Mary E. of Bedford, Sept.23,1844.*

David and Alice Tompson, Oct.27,1757.*

David and Phebe Swallow, Oct.4,1764, in Chelmsford.*

David and Achsah Crosby, Oct.26,1809.*

Deborah and Alexander Winning, Jan.12,1748.*

Eliza and James Breed, Mar.13,1792.*

Bette and Samuel Lewis of Chelmsford, June3,1773.*

Betsey [dup. Betsy] of Chelmsford, and Capt. [dup. omits Capt.] John Winning, Nov.19,1792, in Chelmsford.*

Betsey and Josiah Snow, Nov.11,1804.*

Elizabeth and Samuel L. Annable of Wilmington, Dec.2,1819.*

Enoch of Andover, and Elisabeth Chandler, May21,1778, in Andover.*

Gardner and Adeline M. Wilson, May16,1841.*

Hannah and Jacob Hamlet, July22,1668.* [Hamlett.MR]

Henrietta and Rufus Lampham of Lowell, Nov.24,1842.*

Henry and Lydia Matthews, Jan.26,1809.*

John and Mary Crosbey,末蔓末, 末末.*

John of Chelmsford, and Mary Damforth, June4,1678.*

John [and] Abigail Whittaker of Concord, Dec.15,1696, in Concord.*

John Jr. and Mary Shattuck, Dec.30,1778.*

John Jr. [dup. omits Jr.] and Susanna [dup. Sukey] Minot of Concord, Dec.27,1795 [dup. in Concord].*

Jonas of Lexington, and Martha Hosly, Aug.15,1776.* [Hosley.MR]

Joseph and Ann French, Jan.6,1822.*

Levi and Sarah Blodgett of Lexington, Jan.14,1766, in Lexington.*

Lydia and Samuel Fasset, Jan.1,1705-6.*

Lydia and Timothy Wetherbee of Pepperrill, May29,1770.* [May19.MR]

Maria and Marshall Preston Esq., Feb.12,1824.*

Martha and Thomas Craige, Sept.14,1786.*

Mary, wid., and Thomas Chamberlaine Sr., Apr.16,1674.*

Mary [and] Philip Priest of Concord, Dec.3,1705, in Concord.*

Mary and Simeon Jefts, Dec.10,1754.*

Mary and Rev. Rodney G. Dennis of Topsfield, Nov.29,1820.*

Moses of Chelmsford, and Eunice Davis of Chelmsford, Jan.5,1797.*

Nancy and Thomas Stone of Packston, Nov.17,1791.*

Nathan of Cambridge, and Abigail Blanchard, Dec.14,1773.*

Nathaniel and Elianor Robbins of Chelmsford, May9,1771.* [Eleanor.MR]

Rebecka [dup. Rebeckah] of Chelmsford, and Jonathan Danforth Jr., June27,1682.* [Rebecca.MR]

Ruth and Ebenezer Lewis, Sept.29,1772.*

Samuel and Anne Tarbell,末蔓末, 末末.*

Samuel of Andover, and Esther Daves, Sept.18,1734.*

Samuel of Wilmington, and Susanna Chamberlain, Dec.26,1734.*

Samuel of Reading, and Harriet B. Allen, Dec.2,1828.*

Sarah and Samuel Hill, Feb.21,1773 [blotted].* [Feb.21,1774.MR]

Sarah B. and Ariel Works of Middlestown, CT, Aug.30,1830.*

Stephen and Polly Duren of Bedford, Jan.30,1790, in Bedford.*

Stephen and Caroline Jaquith, Jan.12,1834.*

Thomas and Rebeckah Danford, Dec.31,1702.*

Timothy and Roxanna Dean, Dec.29,1833.*

William of Chelmsford, and Hannah Dutton, Mar.30,1773.

PARKHURST (Parkhust)

Elizabeth and John Baldwin, Feb.21,1758, in Chelmsford.*

Joseph Jr. and Maria Walker of Carlisle, July18,1827.*

PARKHUST (Parkhurst)

John of Lexington, and Elisabeth Bowers, Sept.15,1763.*

PARRY (Perry)

Joseph and Hannah Kemp, Dec.12,1771.*

PASHIO (Patio)

John F., 23, farmer, b. Tewksbury, s.John A. and Sarah of new Bedford, and Mary E. Bliss, 22, of Lowell, b. Brookfield, VT, d.Levi and Mary of New Bedford, Apr.22,1845.*


Edith of Tyngsboro, and James Henry Dandley, s.James and Sarah,末蔓末, 末末, "lived in Boston. "*

PATIO (Pashio)

Esther and Michael Dean of Wilmington, Dec.30,1802.*

Thomas Jr., 22, laborer, s.Thomas and Sarah, and Mary L. Dodge, 19, d.Joseph and Jane, Apr.2,1846.* [Pashio.CR2]

PATTEN (Pattin)

Asa and Hannah Baldwin, Apr.3,1781.*

Hannah and Joseph Emerson, May19,1726.*

Hannah and Theophihus Manning, Mar.29,1807.*

Hannah and Oliver Baldwin of Lancaster, May22,1822.*

Jane and Joseph Allen, Aug.14,1808.*

Jeremiah and Hannah Davis, Jan.21,1808.*

John Jr. and Sarah Baldwin, May26,1767.* [Pattin.MR]

John Jr. and Sally Hosly, May8,1794.*

John Jr. and Lucy Bowman, Nov.4,1802.*

Joseph and Susannah Hill, Jan.8,1734-5.*

Kendal and Abigail Kittredge [dup. Kittredg],末蔓末, 末末.*

Mary and Benjamin Wood of Dracut, Sept.4,1732.*

Mary and James Hutchinson, Apr.18,1798.*

Polly and Theophilus Manning, Sept.26,1817.*

Mehittabel [dup. Mehitabl Pating] and William French,末蔓末, 末末.*

Mehittabel and Ralph Hill Jr., Feb.1,1732-3.*

Nathaniel [dup. Pattin] and Hannah Ross, Dec.6,1695.*

Nathaniel of Stafford, and Esther Shed, Nov.3,1763.*

Rebeckah and Jacob Danforth, Oct.6,1719.*

Sarah [dup. Pattin], wid.and Thomas Richardson, Dec.29,1690.* [Pattin, and Sergt. Thomas Richardson.MR]

Sarah and Timothy Danforth, June5,1755.*

Sarah and Zadoc Allen, Apr.9,1797.*

Sarah and James Dandley, Mar.25,1819.*

Thomas Jr. and Miriam Stearns,末蔓末, 末末.*

Thomas [dup. Pattin] and Sarah Dunton [dup. Didson], wid., of Reding [dup. Redding], May20,1686.*

Thomas [dup. Pattin] and Hannah Foster, Dec.21,1699.*

William and Rebeckah Bowers, June16,1761, in Woburn.*

William Henry and Abby A. Jaques [d.Nathan and Thankful (Thorndike)], Oct.12,1848.*PR1


James [dup. Paterson] and Rebeca [dup. Rebecca] Stevenson, May29,1662, in Cambridge.* [Pattershin, and Rebeccah Steevenson.MR]

John [and] Joanna Hallaway, Dec.29,1702, in Concord.*

PATTIN (Patten)

Abigail of Tewksbury, and Daniel Shed,末蔓末, 末末.*

Elizabeth, see Rebecka.

John and Jane Hill, Feb.4,1736.*

John Jr. and Sarah Hosly of Pepperell, June20,1780, in Pepperell.*

Rebecka and Joseph Davise of Redding, June18,1691.* [Elisabeth and Joseph Davis.MR]

Thomas [second dup. Patten] and Rebecca Paine [dup. Rebecka, second dup. Rebeckah, third dup. Rebecka Payne], Apr.1,1662, in Dedham.* [Pattin, and Rebecca Payne.MR]


Abigail, wid., 40, d.Asa Needham dec's and Polly dec'd, and George Lyman, widr., 65, laborer, b. Weston, Dec.24,1844.*

Amos of Middleton, and Abigail Needham, Nov.6,1828.*


Mary and Nathanel Richardson, May7,1703.*

Samuel and Mary Kittredge [dup. Kittredg], Feb.5,1718-19.*

PEARCE (Peirce, Pierce)

David and Sarah Adams of Townsend, Feb.23,1774, in Townsend.*


Caleb of Tyngsborough, and Elizabeth Farmer, Aug.11,1811.*

PEIRCE (Pearce, Pierce)

Joseph and Barbara Pollard, Feb.13,1733-4.*

Oliver of Chelmsford, and Ann Hunt, Mar.21,1733-4.*


James and Sarah Dutton,末蔓末, 末末.*

James and Rachel Spalding of Concord,末蔓末, 末末.*


Luther and Sarah Totman, Feb.12,1804.*

PERRY (Parry)

Abigail of Lexington, and Abel Fox, Nov.20,1734, in Lexington.*


John of Lanchester, and Achsah Whiting, July30,1766.*

Robert and Rachel Richardson of Lancaster, Jan.24,1765, in Lancaster.*

Susanna of Andover, and Thomas Kidder Esq., July7,1767.*

Winslow of Lancaster, and Rebeckah Kidder, Sept.14,1781.* [Rebecca.MR]


Peersis, 17, d.Greenleaf C. (Philbrick) and Lavina, and James Dodd, 21, carpenter, s.John and Mary, May5,1847.*

PIERCE (Pearce, Peirce)

Abigail and Job Spaulding Jr. of Chelmsford, Feb.17,1757.*

Deborah of Woburn, and Samuell Dunton, Sept.25,1722, in Woburn.*

Thaddeus and Lucetta Kettridge, Jan.10,1830.*

PIERSON (Pearsons)


Abigail and Thomas Baldwin, Mar.8,1759.*

Abigail and Asa Danforth of Chelmsford, Mar.14,1781.* [Mar.11.MR]

Allice and Samuel Bridge, Mar.12,1780.* [Alice.MR]

Arethusa and Nathaniel Cutler of Burlington, Mar.31,1829.*

Barbara and Joseph Peirce, Feb.13,1733-4.*

Benjamin and Susanna Tay of Woburn, Sept.15,1768.*

Edward and Judeth Haseltine, Oct.21,1725.*

Edward and Abigail Prince, June4,1775.*

Francis and Judith Richardson, Nov.28,1805.*

Hannah and William Tay 3d of Woburn, July26,1771, in Woburn.*

Hannah and Samuel Russ, Feb.21,1774.*

Isaac and Abigail Richardson, Feb.12,1801.*

Jeremiah and Sally French, Jan.3,1792.*

Joanna and Daniel Johnson of Woburn, Dec.20,1770.*

John and Mary Stearns, Sept.17,1728.*

John and Allice Stearnes, wid., Sept.14,1741.*

John Jr. and Sarah Dean, Feb.20,1748.*

John and Susanna Baldwin of Tewksbury, Mar.26,1762.*

Jonathan and Olive Whiting, Mar.30,1758.*

Judith, wid., and Nicholas Sprake Jr., Nov.15,1744.*

Judith and Samuel Sprake, Dec.12,1749.*

Louisa and Dudley Foster, May21,1835.*

Lucy and William Danforth Jr. Oct.7,1778.*

Mary and Eliphaz Wyman of Woburn, Feb.15,1763.*

Polly and Andrew Bowers, Jan.10,1790.*

Olive and Thomas Rogers, Aug.3,1786.*

Oliver of Bedford, and Hannah Hill, Feb.17,1735-6.*

Oliver of Bedford, and Mary Hill, June19,1777.*

Sarah and Richard Hall Jr., Feb.9,1726-7.*

Sarah and Benjamin Baldwin of Tewksbury, Apr.2,1747.*

Sarah [dup. Sally] and John Rogers, Nov.29,1798.*

Sarah and William Pollard Jr., Mar.10,1842.*

Solomon and Hannah Danforth, Dec.11,1755.*

Susannah, d.Jonathan and Olive, and William Rogers, Nov.29,1787.*

Thomas and Sarah Farmer, Nov.末,1692.*

Walter and Dorothy Danforth, Sept.9,1735.*

William and Arethusa Manning, Mar.9,1800.*

William Jr. and Sarah Pollard, Mar.10,1842.*

POLLEY (Polly)

Sarah of Woodburn, and Anthony Goff, Sept.29,1686.*MR

POLLY (Polley)

Elizabeth and John Brown, Apr.22,1682, in Woburn.*


Mary of Woburn, and Benjamin Parker, Nov.23,1726, in Woburn.*


John of Lowell, and Asenath C. Garland of Salisbury, NH, Jan.29,1827.*


Harriot L. and George Bowers, Aug.12,1841.*

Henry and Sarah Sherman, Feb.15,1835.*

Lydia and William Blanchard, June24,1830.*

POULTER (Powter)

John and Rachel Eliot, Dec.29,1662.*

POWTER (Poulter)

Elizabeth [dup. Elisabeth Poulter], d.末末, dec'd, and Jonathan Danforth, Nov.22,1654 [16, written in pencil], in Boston.* [Elizabeth Powlter.MR]


Elizabeth and Willis A. Colson, Dec.1,1831.*


Lory, widr., 40, cordwainer, b. Grafton, s.Nathaniel and Lititia of Grafton, and Susan R. Marsten, wid., 30, b. Boston, d.Peter W. Miller and Lucy, Jan.30,1845.*

PRESON (Preston)

Samuel of Willmington, and Briget Gray of Willmington, June22,1758.*

PRESTON (Preson)

Marshall Esq. and Maria Parker, Feb.12,1824.*


Jane and John Emerson Ross, Dec.29,1796.*

Jonas of Groton, and Martha Durant, Jan.17,1769.*

Philip of Concord, [and] Mary Parker, Dec.3,1705, in Concord.*


Abigail and Edward Pollard, June4,1755.*

Jonathan of Salem, and Abigail Rogers,末蔓末, 末末.*

PROCTER (Proctor)

Daniel and Susanna Hill, Nov.8,1727.*

Sarah and John Hennese, Apr.2,1784.*

PROCTOR (Procter)

Elbridge, laborer, of Carlisle, and Hannah Fisher Gillgrest of Carlisle, Jan.14,1844.*

Mary of Bedford, and Jonathan Hill, Dec.13,1798.*

Oliver Jr. of Townsend., and Mary Manning, Feb.15,1776, in Townsend.*

Rachel and Thomas Brown Jr., June28,1785.* [Procter.MR]


Elizabeth A., 22, b. Sudbury, d.Asa dec'd and Elizabeth dec'd, and Joseph French, 25, laborer, b. Porter, ME, s.Joseph and Abigail of Porter, ME, Nov.7,1843.* [Elisebeth A.CR2]


Israel and Sarah Bacon, July12,1722.*

Phillip of Wilton, and Polly Allen, Mar.1,1814.*


Asa G., 24, railroad repairer, of Gardner, s.Ezra and Sarah, and Sophronia A. Edmands, 26, d.Thomas B. and Sophronia, Apr.12,1848.*

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