Nathaniel and Sarah Kemp, Dec.30,1741.*


Sarah, 24, of Worcester, b. Randolph, VT, d.William dec'd in Worcester, VT, and Sarah dec'd in Worcester, VT, and Elbridge Dows, 27, farmer, s.Joseph and Mary, Aug.21,1845.*


George W. and Sybil Dix, Oct.22,1835.*

William H., wheelwright, of Medford, b. Boston, s.William dec'd and Mary dec'd, and Lydia M. Johnson, 22, d.Seth and Lydia, June22,1843.* [William M.CR2]


Enoch, 26, mason, of Boston, b. Plymouth, ME, s.Enoch dec'd and Nancy dec'd, and Ann Baker, 21, b. Bainton, Eng., d.John dec'd and Sarah dec'd, Apr.9,1845.*


William of Brantry, and Mrs.Sarah Crosbey, Oct.26,1700.*


Abbus, Dr., of Portland and Mary B. Brown of Tewksbury, May30,1826, in Tewksbury.*


Edward, widr., 36, of Chelmsford, and Sophia F.A. Bruce, 28, of Chelmsford, Nov.6,1847.*


Abigail of Woburn, and Christopher Page, May23,1720, in Woburn.*

Benjamin C. and Mahala Watson, Sept.21,1826.*

Isaac, 22, farmer, of Acton, b. Acton, s.William and Mary of Acton, and Sarah I. Hill, 17, housewife, d.Asa and Susan, Feb.26,1846.*

Jacob of Woburn, and Elisabeth French, June19,1744.*

Joshua of Burlington, and Rhoda Goodwin, Nov.30,1820.*

Samuel of Acton, and Elizabeth Bacon, July30,1809.*


Rebecca [sic, ? Needham] [and] Joseph Shed, Jan.7,1773, in Concord.*


Dolly L. and Abner Kneeland of Boston, Dec.25,1834.*


David of Medford, and Susan Cutter, Apr.2,1820.*


John and Mary Barrett, Jan.末,1815.*


Abigail and Samuel Hill,末蔓末, 末末.*

Abigail and Francis Kittredge Jr. of Tewksbury, Feb.20,1752.*

Abigail and William Johnson 3d of Woburn, Mar.10,1767.*

Abigail and Isaac Pollard, Feb.12,1801.*

Abigail and Josiah Stevens of Dunstable, Nov.15,1801.*

Abigail and Jonas Munroe of Woburn, Dec.10,1818.*

Abigail A., 24, housewife, d.John and Nancy, and William Gray, 53, merchant, of Tewksbury, b. Tewksbury, s.Jonathan and Mary, Jan.1,1846.*

Alpheus of Groton, and Catharine Stevens, June7,1831.*

Amity and Ebenezer Willson of Bedford, Feb.4,1747.*

Amy and Nathaniel Haywood of Woburn, July12,1764, in Woburn.*

Andrew and Hannah Jefts [dup. Jeffts], Dec.9,1707.*

Andrew Jr. and Elisabeth Winn, Dec.25,1733.*

Ann and John Thompson of Boston, Oct.20,1814.*

Asa and Sarah Tufts of Medford, May23,1781, in Medford.*

Bridget and Simeon Dunkin of Worcestcr, Aug.22,1743.*

Caroline, 18, d.Francis and Martha, and Theophilus B. Fellows, 26, trader, of Springfield, June13,1843.*

Daniel and Barbara Goodwin, Mar.25,1827.*

Daniel, widr., 40, blacksmith, of Woburn, s.John dec'd and Abigail dec'd, and Louisa Gleason, 32, d.William dec'd and Sarah dec'd, May15,1844.*

Dolly and James Jaquith of Willmington, Feb.2,1769.* [James Jaquith of Wilmington.MR]

Ebenezer and Elizabeth Shed, Dec.30,1746.*

Ebenezer and Mary Crosbey, Oct.4,1764.*

Ebenezer Jr. and Rebecah Walker, Apr.25,1776.* [Rebecca.MR]

Ebenezer and Cathrine Wyman of Woburn, Dec.12,1776, in Woburn.*

Ebenezer and Lydia Danforth, Dec.6,1779 [sic, 1770].*

Ebenezer Jr. and Susanna Tufts of Medford., Apr.24,1783.* [Eleazer.MR]

Ebenezer and Elizabeth Bacon of Bedford, May21,1783.*

Ebenezer and Susanna Davis of Bedford, Nov.23,1790, in Bedford.*

Ebenezer Jr. and Susanna Dean of Bedford, Feb.19,1807.*

Eleanor and Joshua Bennet, Oct.8,1815.*

Eleazer, see Ebenezer Jr.

Elisabeth and John Blanchard Jr., Nov.29,1739.*

Bette and William Currier, Apr.25,1775.* [Betty.MR]

Betty and John Chandler of Medford, Oct.17,1802.*

Francis and Martha Richardson, June末,1814.*

Hannah of Wooburn, and Thomas Frost, Mar.28,1706, in Woburn.*

Hannah, wid.[dup. Richerd, omits wid.], and Benjamin Frost, Feb.15,1725-6.*

Hannah and Benjamin Kidder of Bedford, Nov.9,1731.*

Hannah and John Abbott, Dec.30,1735.*

Hannah and Asa French, Mar.13,1760.*

Hannah and Josiah Bowers Jr., Jan.6,1774.*

Hannah and John French of Boston, Nov.1,1801.*

Hannah H. and Daniel Mclntire of Burlington, Apr.25,1819.*

Henry of Chelmsford, and Ann Haseltine, Feb.20,1732-3.*

Hezekiah of Tounshend, and Elisabeth Walker, Sept.30,1740.*

Jacob and Sarah Brown, May19,1767.*

Jane and Andrew Jaquith, Feb.9,1796.*

John and Nabby Bacon of Bedford, June2,1794.*

John 2d [dup. omits 2d] and Nancy Allen, Mar.4,1812.*

John, Capt., and Lydia Johnson, Nov.23,1817.*

John of Dracut, and Abigail Tarbell, Apr.13,1823.*

Jonathan and Abigail Farmer, Feb.14,1739-40.*

Joseph, Rev., of Hingham, and Ann Bowers, May23,1807.*

Josiah and Judith Kendal of Wilmington, Jan.31,1748, in Wilmington.*

Josiah and Lydia Walker, Oct.25,1770.*

Judith and Micajah Rogers, Apr.25,1799.*

Judith and Francis Pollard, Nov.28,1805.*

Lucy and Sampson Crosby, May5,1757.*

Lucy and Philip Mills, Aug.7,1803.*

Lucy and Peter W. Miller of Boston, Oct.12,1806.*

Lydia and Artemas Rogers, Nov.25,1813.*

Margaret Tufts and Cyrus Farmer, Dec.5,1813.*

Mariah E., 21, d.John and Nancy, and Levi T. Foster, 25, manufacturer, of Lawrence, b. Lowell, s.Levi and Cile, May24,1849.*

Martha and Thomas Hosley,末蔓末, 末末.*

Patte and Samuel Jaquith of Wilmington, Dec.3,1767.*

Patty and Benjamin Tenney [dup. Tinney] of Dochester, Mar.23,1806.*

Martha and Ichabod Everett of Boston, Feb.20,1812.*

Martha and Francis Richardson, June末,1814.*

Mary and John Baldwin, May15,1655, in Woeberne.*

Mary and James Stephens of Townshend, June6,1739.*

Mary and Timothy Farley, Oct.17,1743, in Bedford.*

Molly and Jacob Marshall, Nov.21,1771.*

Polly and Isaac Beard Jr., Sept.1,1791.*

Mary and Amos Kingsbury of Medfield, Oct.13,1814.*

Mary L., 20, d.Francis and Martha, and Frederic Dickenson, 26, merchant, s.Samuel F. and Lucretia G., Feb.17,1846.*

Nathaniel [dup. Nathanel] and Mary Peacock, May7,1703.*

Nathaniel Jr. and Dorothy Farmer, Nov.14,1733.*

Oliver and Elizabeth Shed, Apr.8,1778.*

Phebe and Isaac Marshall, Feb.10,1735-6.*

Phebe and Moses Noyce of Wilmington, May30,1775, in Wilmington.*

Rachel of Lancaster, and Robert Phelps, Jan.24,1765, in Lancaster.*

Rebecca and Edward Bennett, June8,1806.*

Reuben Jr. of Dracut, and Lucy Bennet, Apr.28,1822.*

Rhoda and John Edes, Apr.2,1776.*

Ruth and John French Jr. [dup. omits Jr.], Feb.13,1707-8.*

Ruth and William Tarbell, Feb.19,1735-6.*

Samuel and Hannah Walker, Feb.1,1736-7.*

Samuel 3d and Tamison Jaquith, June10,1795.*

Sarah and Francis Crosbey, July10,1739.*

Sarah and William French 3d, Feb.23,1764.*

Sally and Jacob Kendal of Boston, Mar.3,1803.*

Silas and Hannah Bacon, Feb.21,1799.*

Steven and Abigaile Wyman, Dec.31,1674.* [Steeven and Abigail Wyman.MR]

Stephen Jr. and Mary Wilson, Jan.5,1769.*

Stephen and Rhoda Crosby, Apr.7,1811.*

Susan E., 20, b. Boston, d.Joel and Susan, and John C. Hutchins, 24, jeweller, b. Montpelier, VT, s.Perley (Hutchens) and Polly of Montpelier, VT, Jan.11,1849.*

Susanna and George M. Barrett of Malden, Oct.28,1805.*

Thomas and Sarah Ditson,末蔓末, 末末.*

Thomas and Mary Stevenson [dup. Stimson], Jan.5,1669 [dup. 1669-70].* [Steevenson.MR]

Thomas and Sarah Patten [dup. Pattin], wid., Dec.29,1690.* [Sergt. Thomas and Sarah Pattin, wid.MR]

Thomas and Judith Kindall, Dec.3,1772.* [Kendall.MR]

Thomas K. of Lowell, and Lavina Snow, Apr.2,1833.*

Warren of Westford, and Clarissa Dix, Mar.10,1836.*

William, Capt., and Sarah Danforth, May14,1822.*

ROBBINS (Robins)

Elianor of Chelmsford, and Nathaniel Parker, May9,1771.* [Eleanor.MR]

Ephraim of Carlisle, and Sybil Spaulding, Apr.30,1782, in Carlisle.*

ROBINS (Robbins)

Jonas and Sibbel Durant, Feb.27,1764.*


Joseph, 25, miller, of Epsom, NH, b. Epsom, NH, s.Joseph and Sarah of Epsom, NH, and Martha Cutler, 21, d.Charles and Elizabeth, Aug.1,1847.*

Mary, 21, b. Ireland d.John and Catherine of Ireland and John Fairbrother, 28, laborer, b. Ireland s.William and Alice of Ireland Dec.24,1849.*


Sarah [dup. Robey, adds Mrs.] of Sudbury, and Joseph Ruggles, Nov.2,1749, in Sudbury.*

RODGERS (Rogers)

Elizabeth and Philemon Chandler of Andover, Jan.17,1716-17, in Andover.*

ROGERS (Rodgers)

Abigail and Jonathan Prince of Salem,末蔓末, 末末.*

Abigail and Jeremiah Allen, July4,1776.*

Artemas and Lydia Richardson, Nov.25,1813.*

Calvin and Ann Faulkner, Apr.30,1820.*

Catherine and James R. Faulkner, Nov.22,1825.*

Daniel and Mary Russell of Concord, Dec.28,1686.*MR

Daniel, Rev., of Littleton, and Elisabeth Dummer, wid.Samuel Esq. of Wilmington, May29,1739.*

David of Tewksbury, and Polly Farmer, Mar.8,1798.*

Dorothy and Job Williams, Sept.11,1732.*

Edward of Medford, and Mary Holden, June12,1825.*

Bette and Isaac Kitteridge Jr. of Tewksbury, Apr.25,1776.*

Eunice, see Unice.

Unis [dup. Unice] and John Marshall Jr., Dec.8,1695-6.*

Grace and Samuel Rogers, Jan.2,1695.*

Hannah and Charles Roundy of Salem, May16,1821.*

Hannah P., 24, d, Harman and Hannah, and Samuel S. Blodget, 24, wheelwright or carriagemaker, of Amesbury, b. Bedford, s.Simeon and Sarah of Bedford, June1,1847.*

Harriot and Samuel Burbank of Chelmsford, Dec.4,1828.*

Jeremiah and Abigail Crosby, Apr.16,1822.*

John Jr. and Mary Toothaker,末蔓末, 末末.*

John Jr. and Mary Shed, Oct.10,1667.*

John Sr. and Elizabeth [dup. Elisabeth] Brown, wid.of Boston, July6,1669.* [Elizabeth Browne.MR]

John and Rhoda Shed, May28,1786.*

John and Sarah [dup. Sally] Pollard, Nov.29,1798.*

Josiah of Ipswich, NH, and Becca Rogers, Feb.7,1771.*

Josiah and Rhoda Wooster of Tewksbury, Dec.15,1785.*

Josiah Jr. and Mehetable Blanchard, Apr.4,1815.*

Lucy and John Winning, Dec.7,1780.*

Mary and John French, Jan.14,1667.*

Mary, wid., and Ebenezer Dean, Dec.7,1732.*

Mary, wid., and Dr. Benjamin Artherton, Dec.25,1733.*

Micajah and Judith Richardson, Apr.25,1799.*

Nathaniel and Martha Cloyes [dup. Cloyce], Nov.25,1685.* [Cloyce.MR]

Nathaniel and Mary Haggit of Andover, Oct.26,1724, in Andover.*

Olive and Stephen Barrett, May10,1807.*

Rachel and Samuel Whiting, Jan.22,1789.*

Rebecca, see Becca.

Becca and Josiah Rogers of Ipswich, NH, Feb.7,1771.*

Rebecca F. and Jabez W. Barton of Salem, July14,1822.*

Rebecca, 26, d.Josiah and Mehitable, and Reynolds Rogers, 35, trader, of Concord, NH, b. Acworth, NH, s.John dec'd and Mary R. dec'd., Oct.11,1849.*

Reynolds, 35, trader, of Concord, NH, b. Acworth, NH, s.John dec'd and Mary R. dec'd, and Rebecca Rogers, 26, d.Josiah and Mehitable, Oct.11,1849.*

Rhoda and Samuel Worcester Jr. of Tewksbury, Apr.20,1819.*

Samuel and Grace Rogers, Jan.2,1695.*

Samuel and Elizabeth Sterns, May22,1707, in Charlestown.*

Samuel and Rebeckah Farmer, Apr.18,1751.*

Samuel and Sarah Sawin, Dec.28,1823.*

Sarah and Roger Toothaker Jr. [dup. omits Jr.], July20,1703.*

Sarah and John Dunkin of Worcester, Sept.5,1727.*

Sarah and Samuel Dows, Dec.14,1775.* [Dowse.MR]

Susan and Job Kittridge of Tewksbury, Nov.24,1825.*

Susan P. and Henry P. Shumway, Nov.4,1838.*

Thomas and Hannah Shed, Sept.30,1672.*

Thomas and Mary Brown, Mar.16,1680-1.* [Browne.MR]

Thomas and Martha Dows, Dec.5,1745.*

Thomas and Olive Pollard, Aug.3,1786.*

Timothy [and] Rebecca French, Mar.12,1744, in Concord.*

William and Susannah Pollard, d.Jonathan and Olive, Nov.29,1787. -

William and Hannah Farmer, d.Oliver and Hannah, Dec.10,1789. -

Zebadiah and Bette Farmer, Apr.11,1751.*

Zebadiah and Sarah Hutchinson of Bedford, July1,1790, in Bedford.*


James and Abigail Huington of Bedford, June11,1746, in Bedford.*


Valentine P. of Bedford, and Lydia Brown, Apr.末,1837.*

ROSS (Rowss, Russ)

Hannah and William Crosbey,末蔓末, 末末.*

Hannah and Nathaniel Patten [dup. Pattin], Dec.6,1695.*

Hannah and John Shed Jr., Dec.26,1744.*

John and Sarah Russell, Oct.11,1715.*

John and Mary Duncklee, Nov.4,1762.*

John Emerson and Jane Priest, Dec.29,1796.*

Joseph and Lucy Danforth, June25,1752.*

Margaret [dup. Margerite] and John Levestone [dup. Lavistone, Scotchman], Sept.12,1681.* [Margaret and John Lavistone.MR]

Margaret and David French, Nov.15,1758.*

Mary and Samuel Danforth Jr., Feb.11,1747-8.*

Rebecca of Lowell, and Elijah Stearns, Jan.1,1842.*

Sarah [dup. Russ] and Hugh Ditson, Aug.31,1694.*

Sarah and Seth Wyman of Wobourn, Jan.26,1714-15.*

Sarah and Eliakim Tuffts, May6,1788.*

Thomas Jr. and Peggy Furnew, Dec.1,1751, in Woburn.*


Charles of Salem, and Hannah Rogers, May16,1821.*

Nehemiah of Beverly, and Rebeca Boynton, May22,1786.* [Rebecca.MR]


Thomas of Boston, and Harrit S. Bowers, May10,1825.*


Louise and Solon L. Johnson, Jan.5,1834.*

William of Chelmsford, and Abigael Chaffee of Chelmsford, Feb.23,1841.*

ROWSS (Ross, Russ)

Sarah of Lowell, and David Wait of Lowell, Sept.17,1843.*

RUGGELS (Ruggles)

Mather, "Ms," of Roxbery, and Job Lane, Dec.16,1713.*

RUGGLES (Ruggels)

Benjamin and Mrs.Dorcass Whiting, Dec.30,1725.*

Dorothy, Mrs., and Rev. Isaac Morrill of Wilmington, Aug.4,1743.*

Elisabeth, Mrs.and Samuel Dummer Esq. of Wilmington, May31,1737.*

Elizabeth and Francis Cook, Apr.14,1803.*

Joseph and [dup. adds Mrs.] Sarah Roby [dup. Robey] of Sudbury, Nov.2,1749, in Sudbury.*

Martha, Mrs., and John Whiting of Littleton, July7,1741.*

Mary and Joseph Shed Jr., Nov.10,1778.*

Nancy of Wrentham, and Capt. Ezra Allen, Nov.8,1819.*

Samuel and Mrs.Elizabeth [dup. Elisabeth] Whiting, Dec.19,1710.*

Samuel, Rev., and Mrs.Elizabeth Williams, Apr.18,1728, in Roxbury.*


Daniel of Westford, and Priscilla Corey of Chelmsford, Aug.20,1765.*

RUSS (Ross, Rowss)

Nathan and Sarah Danforth, Sept.13,1778.*

Samuel and Hannah Pollard, Feb.21,1774.*

RUSSEL (Russell)

Edward H. and Elizabeth Abbot, Sept.6,1807.*

Jemima of Andover, and Joseph Hunt, July16,1724, in Andover.*

John and Nabby Kemp of Carlisle, Nov.11,1799, in Carlisle.*

Peter of Andover, and Deborah Crosby, Mar.31,1727, in Andover.*

RUSSELL (Russel)

Abigail and Stephen Miller, Aug.16,1818.*

Benjamin and Hannah Shed, Oct.31,1786.*

Hannah and Jacob Crosby, Apr.8,1761.*

Joseph and Sarah Harrington, Dec.8,1829.*

Joseph and Susan Ann Hale, Mar.25,1832.*

Mary of Concord, and Daniel Rogers, Dec.28,1686.*MR

Mary and George Lyman, Feb.末,1823.*

Mary Ann and Cyrus P. Simonds of Lexington, June6,1841.*

Mary, Mrs., and Levi Chamberlin, Nov.10,1842.*

Royal and Clariot Page, Nov.17,1822.*

Sarah and John Ross, Oct.11,1715.*

Thomas and Mary Spaulding, Mar.27,1805.*

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