Mary of Ipswich, and John Jefts, Apr.25,1799, in Ipswich.*


Joseph I. and Hannah L. Dana, Sept.16,1838.*

SANDERS (Sarnders, Saunders)

Abba R., 33, d.Thomas and Sarah, and Stephen G. Virgin, 27, stable tender, of Boston, s.Osgood and Clarissa, Sept.9,1846.*

Abigail and Nathan Merrill of Tewksbury, Dec.1,1767.* [Merril.MR]

Abigail and Ralph Hill, Nov.11,1784.*

Abigail and Asa Wright, Sept.28,1802.*

David and Abigail Snow of Woburn, Nov.23,1743.*

David Jr. and Molly Levestone, Dec.31,1771.* [Leveston.MR]

Ebenezer and Patty Stickney, Feb.9,1786.*

Elizabeth and Jacob Winn, May7,1801.*

Esther and Benjamin Danforth Jr., July10,1771.*

Hannah of Tewksbury, and Samuel Hall, Apr.24,1751.*

James and Elisabeth Frost, Apr.14,1735.*

James and Sarah Snow, Jan.14,1768.*

Joel and Lydia Kittredge, Dec.末,1814.*

John and Mary Farley, Oct.16,1671.*

John and Hannah Dutton, Sept.3,1706, in Charlestown.*

John and Sall Merriam of Woburn, Dec.8,1774.*

Jonas and Mary Leviston, Dec.20,1770.* [Laveston.MR]

Jonas and Hannah Frost, Apr.18,1786.*

Judith and Isaac Levestone of Tewksbury, Dec.18,1777.*

Patte and James Harwood of Bedford, NH, Dec.4,1783.* [Patty.MR]

Mary and Joseph Jewett of Groton, Sept.25,1738.*

Mary and James Douglas, Apr.10,1788.*

Obadiah and Mary Snow, Sept.14,1742, in Woburn.*

Sarah and Benjamin Temple of Tewksbury, July9,1767.*

Solomon and Lydia Levistone, Apr.2,1776.*

Susanna and Timothy Crosby, Jan.14,1772.*

Thomas Jr. and Betsey Flanders of Lowell, May9,1841.*

SANDERSON (Saunderson)

Ebenezer and Patty Hosly of Pepperell, Nov.14,1782, in Pepperell.*


Charles of Boston, and Elizabeth Wright, July14,1812.*

SARNDERS (Sanders, Saunders)

Joshua and Lydia Chamberlin, Feb.20,1785, in Chelmsford.*

SAUNDERS (Sanders, Sarnders)

Betsey and Joshua Messer, Feb.1,1829.*

Loammi and Sarah Kinney of Chelmsford, Oct.30,1806.*

Loammi Jr. and Sarah Morse of Northfield, NH, Dec.1,1833.*

Mary and Call Tufts, Feb.10,1807.*

Stephen Amory of Boston, and Hannah Maria Saunderson of Boston, Mar.16,1817.*

SAUNDERSON (Sanderson)

Charles of Lowell, and Hannah A. Stevens, Mar.22,1836.*

Hannah Maria of Boston, and Stephen Amory Saunders of Boston, Mar.16,1817.*


John A. of Boston, and Abba Stevens, Sept.13,1827.*


Sarah and Samuel Rogers, Dec.28,1823.*


Hepsibeh of Groton, and Thomas Foster, Aug.24,1706, in Concord*


Elizabeth and George W. Sawyer of Dexter, ME, June6,1832.*

George W. of Dexter, ME, and Elizabeth Sawyer, June6,1832.*


William, widr., 35, manufacturer, b. Glasgow, Scotland s.W[illia.]m and Jennette of Glasgow, and Susan E. Wormwood, 18, b. Kennebunke, ME, d.Admiral and Elizabetb of Kennebunk, Feb.25,1845.*


Abigail M. and Hiram Stearns, June7,1840.*CR2


Benjamin of Tyngsborough, and Sarah Spaulding, Dec.9,1823.*


Nancy of Charlestown, and Jason A. Walkins [? Watkins] of Charlestown, May13,1841.*


Mary of Rowley, and Jeremiah Hunt, Aug.12,1731, in Rowley.*


Jeremiah and Nabby Stearns, Nov.7,1793.*

Mary and John Parker Jr., Dec.30,1778.*

Phebe of Dracutt, and John Needham, Mar.3,1768.*

SHEAD (Shed, Shedd)

Elizebeth [dup. Elisabeth Shed] and Ebenezer Farley, June6,1703.*

Sally and Solomon Andrews of Carlisle, Dec.24,1795, in Carlisle.*

Zacharia and Hannah Harris, July13,1702.*

SHED (Shead, Shedd)

Abial and Reuben Lewis, May17,1770.*

Abigail and Nathaniel Hill, June18,1735.*

Allice and Daniel Twist of Ipswich, NH, Sept.5,1782.* [Alice and Daniel Twiss.MR]

Benjamin, Ens., and Elisabeth Hill, Apr.11,1738.*

Daniel and Abigail Pattin of Tewksbury,末蔓末, 末末.*

Daniel Jr. and Ruth Moore [dup. More], July5,1670.* [Moore.MR]

Daniel (Ssed) Jr. and Rebecka [dup. Rebeckah] Dutton, Dec.17,1708 [dup. 1706].*

Daniel and Rebeckah Farley, Jan.8,1733-4.*

Daniel and Martha Holden of Woburn, May8,1823.*

Dorothy and Samuel Danforth Jr. [dup. omits Jr.], Aug.5,1714.*

Ebenezer and Thankful Fletcher, May30,1758, in Chelmsford.*

Elizabeth and Samuel Farley, Apr.11,167.*

Elizabeth and Ebenezer Richardson, Dec.30,1746.*

Elizabeth and Oliver Richardson, Apr.8,1778.*

Esther and Nathaniel Patten of Stafford, Nov.3,1763.*

Eunice and John Leveston of Chelmsford, Nov.29,1705, in Charlestown.*

Hannah and Thomas Rogers, Sept.30,1672.*

Hannah and Nathan Shed Jr., Nov.末,1717.*

Hannah and Edward Farmer Jr., Mar.25,1783.*

Hannah and Benjamin Russell, Oct.31,1786.*

Jemima and John Wilson [dup. Willson] "Ter" tertius, Nov.26,1722.*

Joanna and David Danforth, May17,1750.*

John and Sarah Chamberlain [dup. Chamberlaine], Jan.9,1676-7.*

John [dup. Jr.] and Elizabeth [dup. Elisabeth] Farley, Sept.6,1724.*

John Jr. and Hannah Ross, Dec.26,1744.*

John and Martha Hosley, Oct.22,1755.*

John Jr. and Sarah Sprake, Dec.24,1778.*

John Jr. and Rachel Danforth, Nov.24,1784.*

John of Boston, and Asenath Stearns, June5,1821.*

Joseph [and] Rebecca Reedham [sic, ? Needham], Jan.7,1773, in Concord.*

Joseph Jr. and Mary Ruggles, Nov.10,1778.*

Kezia and David Stickney, Jan.3,1765.*

Maria, 21, d.Thomas and Martha, and David E. Bennett, 22, farmer, of Townsend, b. Eaton, NY, s.David dec'd and Mary dec'd, Nov.30,1843.*

Martha and Timothy Davis, May11,1779.* [Mercy.MR]

Martha and Benjamin H. Foster of Lancaster, May9,1811.*

Mary and John Rogers Jr., Oct.10,1667.*

Mary and Abraham Chamberlain, July23,1708, in Woburn.*

Mary and Ens.William Manning, Apr.19,1737.*

Mary and Jonathan Gates Jr. of Harvard, May21,1761, in Harvard.*

Mary and Abner Keyes of Dunstable, Dec.20,1763.*

Mercy, see Martha.

Nathan Jr. and Hannah Shed, Nov.末,1717.*

Prudence and Thomas Spaulding, Jan.29,1792.*

Rachel of Pepperell, and Oliver Farmer [dup. Jr.], Apr.5,1757, in Pepperell.*

Rebeckah and Joshua Abbott, June10,1710.*

Rebeckah and Nicholas Sprake, June1,1724.*

Rebeckah and John Dutton, Feb.18,1740.*

Rebeca and David Burge of Chelmsford, Mar.13,1757.*

Rebecah and Joseph Osgood, May26,1778.* [Rebekah.MR]

Rebecca and John Danly, Sept.29,1793.*

Reuben and Sybel Ballard of Weston, Feb.12,1771, in Weston.*

Rhoda and John Rogers, May28,1786.*

Ruth [dup. Shead] and John Levestone [dup. Leviston] Jr.,末蔓末, 末末.*

Ruth and Daniel Kittredge [dup. Kittredg] Jr., July8,1724.*

Samuel and Hannah Jaquith, June8,1758.*

Sarah and John Dutton, Sept.20,1681.*

Sarah and Nathan Crosbey, Sept.28,1706.*

Sibbel and Moses Carleton, Oct.17,1782.* [Sybill and Moses Carlton.MR]

Thomas and Hannah Willson, Dec.13,1764.*

Thomas and Martha Baldwin, Dec.29,1816.*

William and Mary Farmer, Dec.26,1733.*

William Jr. and Susanna Johnson, Jan.13,1763.*

Zacheus Jr. of Boston, and Nancy Danforth, Feb.6,1820.*

Zaccheus and Caroline French, Nov.3,1822.*

Zechary and Ann Bray, wid., Jan.16,1677.* [Zachariah and Ann Dray.MR]

Zoa and Noah Harrod, Dec.3,1818.*

SHEDD (Shead, Shed)

Zechariah and Lydea Farley, Mar.9,1692-3.*MR


Deborah and Isaac Lovejoy of Andover, Feb.28,1750.*

John [dup. Shildon] and Mary Tompson [dup. Thompson], wid.[second dup. omits wid.], Feb.1,1658-9 [second dup. in Woeberne].* [Sheldon, and Mary Thompson, in Woburn.MR]

John Jr. [dup. Shildon, omits Jr.] and Deborah Hill, Nov.20,1690.* [Sheldon.MR]

Mary and Peter Hunt, Oct.25,1715.*

Nicholos of Boston, and Harriot Sweetser, Nov.16,1823.*

Prudence and David Abbot Jr. of Andover, Dec.28,1752.*

Rebeckah and Simon Blanchard, Dec.17,1746.*

Samuel and Mary Hutchinson of Charlestown, Jan.22,171[8-19], in Charlestown.*

Sarah and John Center of Charlstown, July30,1741.*


David and Sena Barns of Tewksbury, July23,1812.*

Elizabeth and Joseph Stephens,末蔓末, 末末.*

Sarah and Henry Poor, Feb.15,1835.*


Henry P. and Susan P. Rogers, Nov.4,1838.*

SIMONDS (Simons)

Cyrus P. of Lexington, and Mary Ann Russell, June6,1841.*

David of Carlisle, and Rebecca Spaulding, May12,1822.*

Eliza and Jacob Burdit, Sept.27,1792.*

George of Bedford, and Ann Jaquith, Apr.16,1835.*

John and Ann Hill, June2,1825.*

Nancy and Peter Harington Jr. of Watertown, June16,1805.*

Prudence and Abraham Duren of Woburn, Apr.5,1842.*

Rebeckah of Bedford, and Thomas Danforth, Sept.19,1734.*

William and Sarah Baldwin,末蔓末, 末末.*

William of Woburn, [and] Elizabeth Wilson, Dec.26,1704, in Concord.*

SIMONS (Simonds)

Joshua Jr. of Lexington, and Martha Bowers, May2,1765.*

SKELTON (Skilton)

Joann and David Fosdick of Charlestown, June19,1810.*

SKILTON (Skelton)

Anna and Amos Hagget of Charlestown, Nov.13,1806.*


James of Lowell, and Louisa H. Griffin of Lowell, Jan.11,1844.*


Jacob of Boston, and Eliza Davis, May7,1827.*

Jacob of Boston, and Maria Davis, Apr.7,1834.*


Aaron and Maria Osgood [d.Phinehas and Hannah],末蔓末, 末末 in Boston.*

Dana and Mary Ann Allen, July4,1841.*

John and Eliza Kelley, Feb.7,1820.*

Robert, Dr., of Durham, and Alice Kidder, Aug.3,1790.*


Abigail of Woburn, and David Sanders, Nov.23,1743.*

John and Dorcas Abbot, Feb.4,1798.*

Josiah and Azubah Hill, May14,1797.*

Josiah and Betsey Parker, Nov.11,1804.*

Lavina and Thomas K. Richardson of Lowell, Apr.2,1833.*

Levi of Westford, and Lucy Fletcher of Westford, Oct.13,1789.*

Lucretia and Simeon Jefts, Nov.1,1825.*

Lydia and Joshua Eames, Jan.22,1793.*

Mary and Obadiah Sanders, Sept.14,1742, in Woburn.*

Richard and Bethiah Parker, May10,1738.*

Sarah and James Sanders, Jan.14,1768.*


Hannah and William Greenough Maccarty, Dec.28,1785.* [William Greenough Maccarty of Boston.MR]

SOMERSET (Sumsett)

Lydia [dup. Somersett] and Amos Fortune of Woburn, July8,1778, in Lexingtan.*


Isaac of Mt. Desert, ME, and Sally Kittredge, Nov.14,1805.*

SPALDING (Spaulding, Spualding)

Edward and Susanna Crosby, Jan.1,1750.*

Rachel of Concord., and James Pemberton,末蔓末, 末末.*

SPAULDING (Spalding, Spualding)

Abel Jr., 25, farmer, of Chelmsford, s.Abel and Harriet of Chelmsford, and Julia Ann Everett, 28, d.Isaac and Lucy (Currier), Jan.30,1849.*

Abigail of Chelmsford, and Nathan Carleton, Nov.5,1776.*

Abi and Aneniah Bohanan, Oct.28,1838.*

Andrew [dup. Spaldin] and Hannah Jefts [dup. Jeiffs], d.Henry, Apr.30,1674, in Chelmsford.*

Anna and Isaac Barron, June4,1772.*

Anne and John Duren, Feb.9,1818.*

Asa and Anna Crosby, Jan.10,1750.*

Benoni and Esther Chamberlain, Dec.21,1743.*

Benoni and Lydia Durrant of Acton, Apr.1,1790.*

Edward, s.John, and Mary Bracket, d.John, Nov.27,1683, in Chelmsford.*

Edward and Olive Spaulding, Oct.31,1824.*

Esther and William Duren of Carlisle, Mar.20,1824.*

Hannah and Silas Dudley of Bedford, June18,1822.*

Jacob and Mary Eastee, Dec.15,1831.*

Job Jr. of Chelmsford, and Abigail Pierce, Feb.17,1757.*

Joseph of Chelmsford, and Hannah Stearns, May4,1779.*

Joseph and Mary Jefts, Oct.4,1781.* [Giffs.MR]

Molly of Chelmsford, and William Frost, June14,1775.*

Mary and Thomas Russell, Mar.27,1805.*

Olive and Edward Spaulding, Oct.31,1824.*

Olive, 19, d.Edward and Olive, and Asa Nickles, 26, farmer, of Carlisle, b. Carlisle, s.Stephen and Eleanor of Carlisle, Jan.14,1845.*

Rachel and Jeremiah Warren of Chelmsford, Oct.1,1789, in Westford.*

Rebecca and David Simonds of Carlisle, May12,1822.*

Rebecca and William McKee, Sept.17,1840.*

Sarah of Concord, [and] James Nickless, Oct.30,1766, in Concord.*

Sarah of Chelmsford, and John Laws, Dec.29,1774.*

Sarah and Benjamin Searles of Tyngsborough, Dec.9,1823.*

Sybil and Ephraim Robbins of Carlisle, Apr.30,1782, in Carlisle.*

Sybil and Samuel R. Duren of Woburn, Dec.12,1826.*

Thomas and Prudence Shed, Jan.29,1792.*

Willard of Chelmsford, and Sarah Stearns, Feb.12,1789.*

William 2d and Elizabeth Ann Barron, Dec.2,1824.*


Eli N. and Lydia D. Kimball of Lowell, Jan.13,1839.*


Frederic of Bucksport, ME, and Augusta Parker, Nov.19,1839.*


Anna and Samuel Sprake Jr., Jan.23,1777.*

Elizabeth S. and Jonathan Jaquith Jr. of Wilmington, May27,1827.*

Hannah and Oliver Farmer Jr., Nov.30,1786.*

Harriot and Horatio Boyden of Chelmsford, Apr.16,1822.*

Isaac and Rhoda Willson, Aug.28,1788.*

Judith and William Laws, Mar.17,1774.*

Judith and William Nichols, July6,1817.*

Levi and Sally Symms, Mar.13,1788.*

Margaret and Moses Carleton, Jan.15,1771.* [Carlton.MR]

Mary and Joseph Dows, Jan.29,1811.*

Nicholas [dup. Jr.] and Elizabeth [dup. Elisabeth] Burge, Aug.末,1721*

Nicholas and Rebeckah Shed, June1,1724.*

Nicholas Jr. and Judith Pollard, wid., Nov.15,1744.*

Nicholas Jr. and Sarah Walker, May27,1752.*

Rebecca and Joseph Willson, May10,1791.*

Rhoda and Abijah Hodgman of Carlisle, June25,1801.*

Ruth and Joseph French of Tewksbury, Mar.12,1789.*

Samuel and Judith Pollard, Dec.12,1749.*

Samuel Jr. and Anna Sprake, Jan.23,1777.*

Samuel and Ruth Dunklee, Aug.1,1782.* [Samuel and Ruth Dunckly.MR]

Samuel and Anna Levistone, Apr.5,1796.*

Sarah and Josiah Gary of Pomfret, Dec.16,1746.*

Sarah and John Shed Jr., Dec.24,1778.*

Sarah and Joseph Dows, May23,1784.* [Speake, May3.MR]

SPUALDING (Spalding, Spaulding)

Rebeckah and Jonas Addams of Chelmsford, Aug.4,1740.*

STEARNES (Stearns, Sternes, Sterns)

Allice, wid., and John Pollard, Sept.14,1741.*

Prudance and John Needham of Tewksbury, Jan.21,1742.*

Rachel and Nathan Hutchinson of Bedford, Apr.16,1741.*

STEARNS (Stearnes, Sternes, Sterns)

Abbot and Lydia Wright, Mar.27,1791.*

Abigail and William Wyman of Woburn, Oct.22,1712, in Watertown.*

Nabby and Jeremiah Shattuck, Nov.7,1793.*

Abner, Lt. [dup. omits Lt.], of Bedford, and Anna Hill, May1,1796, in Bedford.*

Alice and Elisha White of Lancaster, Aug.3,1758.*

Alice and Samuel Stearns Jr., June2,1785.*

Allice [dup. crossed out, Alice] and David Trull, Sept.29,1789.*

Almira and Thaddeus H. Davis of Bedford, May4,1837.*

Asenath and John Shed of Boston, June5,1821.*

Augusta, 18, "adopted" d.Thomas Page of Carlisle, and William F. Hanaford, 22, carpenter, s.William dec'd and Mehitable dec'd, Jan.1,1846.*

Catherine and John Wilson of Salem, NH, Dec.27,1836.*

Elijah and Lucy Lane of Bedford, Dec.20,1759, in Bedford.*

Elijah of Boston, and Sarah Blanchard, May8,1833.*

Elijah and Rebecca Ross of Lowell, Jan.1,1842.*

Eliza and Jonathan Stearns, Dec.21,1823.*

Eliza A. and John D. Billings of Bedford, May17,1832.*

Elizabeth and Henry Jefts Jr., Feb.24,1774.*

Esther and Abraham Andrews of Concord, Oct.19,1773.*

Esther of Lowell, and Samuel P. Griffin, May13,1827.*

Hannah and Joseph Spaulding of Chelmsford, May4,1779.*

Hannah and Aaron Jefts, July12,1810.*

Harriot and Joseph Stearns, Dec.29,1831.*

Hiram and Abigail M. Scott, June7,1840.*CR2

Isaac and Mary Miriam,末蔓末, 末末.*

Isaac and Allice Wilson,末蔓末, 末末.*

Isaac and Sarah Abbott of Bedford, Feb.11,1747-8, in Bedford.*

Isaac Jr. and Mary Crosby, Dec.18,1777.*

Issachar and Dolly Page of Bedford, Sept.16,1790.*

Joanna and Ebenezer Fletcher of Westford, Aug.8,1754.*

John Jr. [dup. Sterns] and Esther Johnson,末蔓末, 末末.*

John and Zilpha Stearns, Oct.29,1821.*

Jonathan and Molly Wright, July1,1784.*

Jonathan and Eliza Stearns, Dec.21,1823.*

Joseph and Zilpah Crosby, Dec.5,1787.*

Joseph and Harriot Stearns, Dec.29,1831.*

Josiah and Susannah Stearns, Apr.16,1805.*

Lydia and Samuel Belnap, Nov.13,1729.*

Mary [dup. Sternes], wid., and Lt. William French, May6,1669.* [Sternes.MR]

Mary and Samuel Barron of Chelmsford, May28 [dup. May30], 1705, in Chelmsford.*

Mary and Benjamin Frost, Dec.21,1710.*

Mary and John Pollard, Sept.17,1728.*

Molly and Jonathan How, Apr.13,1803.*

Mary and Joseph Hall, Feb.22,1820.*

Mary of Chelmsford, and Jonathan Wood, Jan.末,1821, in Chelmsford.*

Mary and vVilliam Whitford, May13,1832.*

Miriam and Thomas Patten Jr.,末蔓末, 末末.*

Nathaniel and Sarah Carleton, Feb.10,1784.*

Nathaniel and Lydia Willson, Aug.6,1791.*

Nathaniel and Sarah Dows, May28 [28, written in pencil], 1815.*

Obed and Mehitable Carlton, May27,1827.*

Rebeckah and George [dup. Georg] Farley, July14,1699.*

Samuel Jr. [dup. omits Jr.] and Rachel Crosbey,末蔓末, 末末.*

Samuel and Elizabeth Hutchinson of Bedford, Oct.31,1749, in Bedford.*

Samuel Jr. and Alice Stearns, June2,1785.*

Salah [dup. Sterns] and Samuel [dup. Samuell] Hunt Jr. [dup. omits Jr.], June18 [dup. June16], 1702.*

Sarah and Ebenezer Johnson of Woburn, May19,1725.*

Sarah and Joshua Abbot Jr., Mar.6,1746.*

Sarah and Thaddeus Davis of Bedford, Sept.28,1779.*

Sarah and Willard Spaulding of Chelmsford, Feb.12,1789.*

Sally and Levi Holt of Townsend Aug.8,1805.*

Sarah A. and Aaron Laurence Esq. of Amherst, NH, Dec.16,1842.*

Sewall and Lucretia Hill, June23,1836.*

Susannah and Josiah Stearns, Apr.16,1805.*

Thomas and Bette Manning, Mar.14,1750-1.*

Timothy and Sarah Lane of Bedford, Nov.1,1787, in Bedford.*

William and Lydia Davis of Bedford, Sept.25,1777, in Bedford.*

William Jr. of Bedford, and Betsey Davis of Bedford, Feb.12,1801.*

Zilpha and John Stearns, Oct.29,1821.*

STEPHENS (Stevens)

James of Townshend, and Mary Richardson, June6,1739.*

Joseph and Elizabeth Sherman,末蔓末, 末末.*

STERNES (Stearnes, Stearns, Sterns)

John [dup. Sterne, second dup. Stearns] and Mary Lathrop [dup. Lathrope, second dup. Latrop], Dec.末,1656, in Bastable [dup. Barstable, in Plimoth, second dup. Bastable, in Plymouth Pattin].* [Sterne, and Mary Lathrop, in Barstable.MR]

STERNS (Stearnes, Stearns, Sternes)

Elizabeth and Samuel Rogers, May22,1707, in Charlestown.*

Josiah and Mrs.Sarah Abbott of Andover, Dec.4,1755, in Andover.*

Sarah and Joshua Child of Weston, Jan.末,1720-1, in Charlestown.*

STEVENS (Stephens)

Abba and Jobn A. Savels of Boston, Sept.13,1827.*

Caleb of Chelmsford, and Elisabeth Willson, Dec.1,1768.*

Catharine and Alpheus Richardson of Groton, June7,1831.*

Ethel male and Hannah French, June28,1835.*

George W. and Adeline Duren, Oct.12,1834.*

Hannah A. and Charles Saunderson of Lowell, Mar.22,1836.*

Josiah of Dunstable, and Abigail Richardson, Nov.15,1801.*

Mary Ann and Josiah B. French, Apr.6,1823.*

Sarah and William Adams of Tyngsborough, Aug.28,1823.*

Simeon and Mariah Ingalls of Andover, Feb.7,1771.*


Mary [dup. Stimson] and Thomas Richardson, Jan.5,1669 [dup. 1669-70].* [Steevenson.MR]

Mary C., 24, dressmaker, d.Nathaniel dec'd and Lydia dec'd, and James Whittemore, 29, laborer, s.James and Lydia, May26,1844.*

Nathaniel of Roxbury, and Lydia Abbot, Apr.5,1819.*

Rebeca [dup. Rebecca] and James Patterson [dup. Paterson], May29,1662, in Cambridge.* [Rebeccah Steevenson and James Pattershin.MR]

Thomas of Boston, and Elizabeth Clark, Jan.30,1803.*

STICKNEY (Stickne)

Abraham and Abigail Hall, Feb.20,1727-8.*

Anne and Samuel Hunt, Mar.31,1709.*

Daniel and Mary Hill, Dec.15,1730.*

David and Kezia Shed, Jan.3,1765.*

Eleazer and Martha Brown, Jan.25,1763.*

Patty and Ebenezer Sanders, Feb.9,1786.*

Mary and James Goss of Lanchester, May14,1761.*

Rachel and Oliver Crosby, Mar.17,1768.*

Sarah and Ezra Trask Foster of Ipswich, Oct.3,1784.*

Silence and Benjamin Bowers, Mar.28,1784.*

William and Anna Whiting, June末,1729.*

William, Dea., and Mrs.Hannah(Ballard) Abbott, Nov.23,1749.*

William Jr. and Abigail Walker, Mar.10,1768.*


Jonas S., 23, farmer, b. Lexington, s.Samuel and Mary, and Sarah E. Miller, 24, d.Stephen and Abigail, Mar.30,1845.*

Mary, Mrs., and James Kemp, Aug.16,1835.*

Phebe of Tewksbury, and Thomas Levestone,末蔓末, 末末.*

Thomas of Packston, and Nancy Parker, Nov.17,1791.*


Abel and Betsy Symmes, Oct.末,1814.*


Theodore of Clinton, NY, and Lucy Dix, Sept.末,1818.*


Betsey and Amos Carlton Jr., Jan.25,1824.*

Mary B. and Luke Ashley of Boston, May14,1826.*

Thomas of Boston, and Rebecca Blanchard, Oct.1,1815.*

SUMSETT (Somerset)

Saul and Lydia York, Apr.24,1777.* [Somcott, negroes.MR]


Amaziah of Dunstable, and Elisabeth Kindal of Dunstable, June19,1759.*

Phebe and David Parker, Oct.4,1764, in Chelmsford.*


William and Melinda Wyman, July25,1833.*


Harriot and Nicholos Sheldon of Boston, Nov.16,1823.*

SYMMES (Symms)

Betsy and Abel Stowel, Oct.末,1814.*

SYMMS (Symmes)

Ebenezer of Wilmington, and Hannah Davis, May16,1816.*

Sally and Levi Sprake, Mar.13,1788.*

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