Bernard M. [h.Hepsibah (Emery)]末蔓末,1818.GR2

Ellen Maria, d.Barnard and Hepsibah M., May9,1842.

Thomas Barnard, s.Barnard M., pedlar, and Hepsibah, Aug.10,1843.

Thomas Bernard, s.Barnard and Hepsibah M., July11,1845.

Susan, d.Bernard M. [dup. Barnard, omits M.], pedler, and Hepsabah [dup. Hepsibah M.], Aug.21,1846.

CARIER (Carrier)

Richard, s.Thomas and Martha, July19,1674.


Lucy Ann, w.J.P.,末蔓末,1831.GR2

CARLETON (Carlton)

John, ch.John, bp. May26,1765.CR1

Sarah, ch.John, bp. May26,1765.CR1

Amos, ch.John [dup. Jr.] bp. Mar.29,1767.CR1

Elisabeth, d.Solomon and Elisabeth, Aug.30,1770. [Elizabeth.CR1]

Moses, s.Moses and Margaret, May7,1771.

Sibbel, d.Moses and Margaret, Feb.18,1773. [Sibyl.CR1]

Solomon, s.Solomon and Elisabeth, Nov.23,1773.

Nicholas, s.Moses and Margaret, Dec.13,1774.

Eri, s.Solomon and Elisabeth, June23,1777.

Henry, s.Moses and Margaret, July10,1778.

Rebecah, d.Solomon and Elisabeth, Jan.3,1779. [Rebeckah.CR1]

Abigail, d.Nathan and Abigail, Apr.24,1779.

Allice, d.Solomon and Elisabeth, Oct.3,1780. [Alice.CR1]

Anna, ch.Moses, bp. Mar.21,1790.CR1

Nathaniel, grand ch.John, bp. Dec.15,1793.CR1

Sarah, grand ch.John, bp. Dec.15,1793.CR1

Mehitabel, ch.Amos, bp. May16,1802.CR1

CARLTON (Carleton)

David, s.John Jr. and Sally, Jan.25,1795.

John, s.John Jr. and Sally, Sept.12,1796. [Carleton.CR1]

Esther, d.Amos and Esther, Oct.18,1796. [Carleton.CR1]

Sally, d.John Jr. and Sally, May29,1798. [Carleton.CR1]

Amos, s.Amos and Esther, Aug.7,1798. [Carleton.CR1]

Jacob, s.John Jr. and Sally, Apr.8,1800. [Carleton.CR1]

Martha, d.Amos and Esther, Sept.7,1800. [Carleton~CR1]

William, s.John Jr. and Sally, Sept.11,1802. [Carleton.CR1]

Mehetable, d.Amos and Esther, Jan.17,1803. [Mehitabel.CR1]

Stephen, s.John Jr. and Sally, May31,1804. [Carleton.CR1]

Daniel, s.Amos and Esther, Aug.24,1806. [Carleton.CR1]

Rebekah, d.John Jr. and Sally, Aug.30,1806. [Rebecca Carleton.CR1]

Enoch C., s.John Jr. and Sally, Feb.15,1808. [Enoch Chase Carleton.CR1]

George, s.Amos and Easter, Jan.10,1812. [Carleton.CR1]


George Henry, s.Walter [Walter Jr.CR1] and Charlotte, Mar.5,1818.

Joseph, s.Walter and Charlotte, Aug.8,1820. [Car, s.Walter Jr.CR1]

Benjamin Walter, s.Walter and Charlotte, May18,1822. [Car.CR1]

CARRIER (Carier)

Andrew, s.Thomas and Martha, Apr.7,1677.

Jane, d.Thomas and Martha, July23,1680.

Thomas, s.Thomas and Martha, June18,1682. [Couricus.MR]

Sarah, d.Thomas and Martha, Nov.17,1684.


Ellen, d.Maurice and Ann, Oct.31,1842.


Mary, w.George,末蔓末,1792.GR2

George Kendall, s.George and Mary, Oct.13,1814, in Lynnfield.

Harrison M., [? twin], s.George and Mary, Dec.18,1816.

Joseph Moty, [? twin], s.George and Mary, Dec.18,1816

Mary, d.George and Mary, Mar.16,1823.

Harriot Ellen, d.Francis and Harriot, Dec.18,1831.

Martha Ann, d.Francis and Harriot, Aug.16,1833.

Harriot, d.George and Mary, Sept.10,1833.

Frances Maria, d.Francis and Harriet, May17,1839.


Abigail, cb. John [dup., d.John and Sarah], bp Jan.14,1751.CR1

Mary, ch.John [dup., d.John and Sarah]. bp. Feb.2,1752.CR1

Abigail, ch.John [dup., d.John and Sarah], bp. June15,1755.CR1

Prudence, ch.John [dup., d.John and Sarah], bp. Sept.12,1756.CR1

John Sheldon, ch.John [dup., s.John and Sarah], bp. Oct.22,1758.CR1

CHAMBERLAIN (Chamberlin)

Thomas, [dup. Chanbrlin, second dup. Chamberlaine], s.William and Rebeckah [dup. Rebecka, second dup. Rebecca], Feb.20,1659-60 [see Edmond] [dup. and second dup. 1659]. [Chamberline, s.William and Rebeccah, Feb.20,1658.MR]

Edmond [dup. Chamberlaine, second dup. Edmand Chambrlin], s.William and Rebeckah [dup. Rebecca, second dup. Rebeca], July15,1660 [see Thomas]. [Edmund Chamberline, s.William and Rebeccah.MR]

Rebeckah [dup. Rebecca Chamberlaine], d.William and Rebeckah [dup. William (Chambrline) and Rebecca], Feb.25,1662-3. [Rebeccah Chamberline.MR]

Abraham [dup. Chamberlaine], s.William and Rebeckah [dup. Rebecca], Jan.6,1664-5. [Chamberlin.MR]

Ann [dup. Chamberlin], d.William and Rebeckah [dup. Rebecca], Mar.3,1665-6. [Chamberline, d.William and Rebeccah.MR]

Clement [dup. Clemente Chamberlin], s.William and Rebeckah [dup. Rebecca], May30,1669. [Clemens Chamberline, s.William and Rebecha.MR]

Daniel [dup. Chamberlaine], s.William and Rebeckah [dup. Rebecca, Sept.27,1671.

Deborah, d.John and Deborah, Nov.17,1682.

John [dup. Chamberlaine], s.John and Deborah, Jan.22,1684. [Chamberlain.MR]

Sarah, d.John and Deborah, Sept.29,1687. [Chamberlin.MR]

Lydia, d.John and Deborah, Oct.6,1689.

Mary, d.Clement and Mary, Jan.20,1692.

Hannah, d.Edmond and Mercy, June10,1692.

Abraham, s.John and Deborah, Apr.17,1693.

Clement, s.Clement and Mary,末蔓末,1694.

Joseph, s.Clement and Mary, Nov.末,1696.

Ebenezer, twin s.Edmond and Mercy, Feb.17,1697-8.

Marah, twin d.Edmond and Mercy, Feb.17,1697-8.

John, s.Clement and Mary, June8,1699.

Ephraim [dup. Epherem Chamberlin], s.Daniel and Mary, Jan.16,1700-1.

John, ch.Aaron, Jan.16,17末.PR1

Samuel, ch.Aaron, Mar.26,17末.PR1

Sarah, ch.Aaron, June1,17末.PR1

Abagail, ch.Aaron, June18,17末.PR1

Pege [dup. Pegge], d.Clement and Mary, Mar.12,1701 [dup. 1701-2].

William, s.Clement and Mary, Mar.23,1703-4.

Thomas [dup. Chamberlin], s.Daniel and Mary, Aug.末,1703.

Rebeckah, d.Clement and Mary, Apr.14,1705.

Anna, d.Clement and Mary, May29,1708.

Josiah, s.John Jr. and Margeret [dup. Margaret], Aug.27,1710.

John, s.John Jr. and Margaret [dup. Margeret], May26,1711.

Annah [dup. Anna], d.John Jr. and Margaret [dup. Margeret], Apr.3,1712.

Dorothy [dup. Doritha Chamberlin], d.Daniel and Mary, Dec.25,1713.

John, s.John Jr. and Margaret, Mar.28,1714.

Deborah, d.John Jr. and Margaret, Aug.9,1716.

Elisabeth, d.Clement and Elizabeth, Dec.27,1717.

Mary, d.Abraham and Mary, Dec.28,1718.

Samuel, s.John Jr. and Margaret, Apr.22,1719.

Mary, d.Joseph and Mary, Jan.17,172.

Elizabeth, d.Joseph and Mary, Apr.5,1720.

Abraham, s.Abraham and Mary, Aug.25,1720.

Joseph, s.Joseph and Mary, Feb.24,1721-2.

Mehittabel [dup. Mehittabell], d.John Jr. and Margaret, Nov.12,1721.

Benjamin, s.Abraham and Mary, Oct.18,1722.

John, s.Abraham and Mary, Mar.19,1724-5.

Nathan, s.Abraham and Mary, Mar.18,1726-7.

John, s.William and Esther, Mar.15,1729-30.

Tabitha, [twinJ ch.Abraham and Mary, Sept.19,1729.

Zaccheus, twin ch.Abraham and Mary, Sept.19,1729.

William, s.William and Esther, Mar.13,1731-2.

Josiah, s.Thomas and Abigail, June22,1731.

Isaac, s.Thomas and Abigail, Oct.30,1732.

Esther, d.William and Esther, Sept.18,1734.

Mary, d.Abraham and Mary, Oct.16,1734.

Joseph Harris, s.Elisabeth, Dec.19,1739.

Civil, ch.Aaron, July17,175.PR1

Mary, ch.Aaron, Aug.27,175.PR1

Aaron, ch.Aaron, Sept.21,175.PR1

Thankful, ch.Aaron, Nov.23,175.PR1

Lydia Danforth, d.Elisabeth, Aug.22,1754.

Lydia, d.Elizabeth [dup. Elisabeth], bp. Sept.28,1755.CR1

William, s.William and Susanna, bp. Jan.23,1757.CR1

Nathaniel, ch.Aaron, Mar.30,176.PR1

Joanna, ch.Aaron, Aug.22,176.PR1

CHAMBERLIN (Chamberlain)

Sara [dup. Sarah Chamberlaine, second dup. Sarah Chamberlain], d.William (Channbrlin) and Rebecka [dup. Rebecca, second dup. Rebeckah] May20,1655. [Sarah Chamberlin, d.William and Rebecca, Jan.18.MR]

Jacob [dup. Chamberlain, second dup. Chamberlaine], s.Willim and Rebeca [dup., s.William and Rebeckah, second dup., s.William and Rebecca], Jan.18,1657 [dup. 1657-8]. [Chamberlin, s.William.MR]

Isaac [dup. Chamberlain], s.Daniel and Mary, Aug.3,1695.

Ebenezer [dup. Chamberlain], s.Daniel and Mary, Sept.5,1698.

Reuben [h.Sophia] [Apr.末,1790].GR2

Sophia, w.Reuben [Mar.末,1800].GR2

Sidney, s.Reuben and Sophia, Dec.27,1822, in Tyngsboro.

John, s.Reuben and Sophia, July14,1824, in Merrimack, NH.

Orilla, twin ch.Reuben and Sophia, June14,1829. [Orilla P.GR2]

Orrin, twin s.Reuben and Sophia, June14,1829.

Henry, s.Reuben and Sophia, July27,1841.


Samuell [dup. Samuel], s.Samuell and Sara [dup. Sarah], Dec.8,1658. [Samuel, s.Samuel.MR]

Sarah, d.Samuell and Sara [dup., d.Samuel and Sarah] [d.Samuel and Sarah.CR1], Feb.17,1659.

Mary [dup. Champny], d.Samuell and Sarah [dup. Sara], May12,1662. [Champny, d.Samuel (Champney) and Sarah.MR]

Easter, d.Samuell and Sarah, May14,1664. [Hester Champyes.MR]

Samuel, s.Samuel and Sarah, Mar.19,1666-7. [Champneys, Mar.9.MR]


William, s.William and Susanna, Aug.12,1717.

Benjamin, s.William and Susanna, Oct.4,1718.

Moses, s.William and Susanna, Aug.28,1720.

Susanna, d.William and Susanna, July23,1722.

Aaron, s.William and Susanna, Nov.2,1723.

Mary, d.Rev. John and Mary, Sept.8,1749.

Elisabeth, d.Zebadiah Jr. of Andover, bp. May12,1751.CR1

John, s.Rev. John and Mary, May9,1752.

Elisabeth, d.Thomas and Sarah, Jan.27,1753. [Elizabeth.CR1]

William, s.Thomas, bp. Mar.12,1754.CR1

William, s.Thomas and Sarah, Mar.2,1755.

Sarah, d.Thomas and Sarah, Apr.20,1756.

William, s.Rev. John and Mary, June9,1757.

Abigail, d.Thomas and Sarah, July26,1758.

Elisabeth, d.Rev. John and Elisabeth, Aug.6,1760.

William, s.Thomas and Sarah, Nov.26,1760.

Hannah, d.Thomas and Sarah, Apr.1,1763.

John, s.Thomas and Sarah, Sept.14,1766.

Molly, d.Thomas and Sarah, Dec.12,1769.

John Jr., Sept.1,1803.GR2


Lucy Jane, d.John 3d and Lucy, July28,1828.

Hannah Maria, d.Franklin B. and Hannah, Aug.21,1830.

William Henry, s.Franklin B. and Hannah, Feb.21,1834.

John Frederic, s.Franklin B. and Hannah, June16,1836.

Lucy Ann, d.Franklin B. and Hannah, Dec.24,1838.

Harriot Augusta, d.Franklin B. and Hannah, Mar.30,1841.

Sarah Elizabeth, d.Franklin B., farmer, and Hannah, Sept.3,1843.


Joshua, s.Enoch and Sarah, Dec.6,1787.

Eunis Sawyer, d.Enoch and Sarah, Aug.25,1792 [Eunice Sawyer.CR1]

CHEEVER (Chever)

James P., s.Nathaniel and Lucy, Mar.4,1826.

CHEVER (Cheever)

John, s.John and Susanna, Feb.2,1756. [Cheever. [dup., s.John and Susannah].CR1]


Alfred, s.Moses and Rebecca, Sept.7,1838.

Julietta, d.Moses and Rebecca, Mar.18,1840.

Willard Piersons, s.Moses and Rebecca, Apr.7,1841.

Stillman T., s.Moses, trader, and Rebecca, Oct.7,1843.


Maria F. [? m.], Apr.2,1816.GR4


Joseph P., s.George and Maria F. [Nov.末,1848].GR4


Susan Caroline, d.John and Lucinda, Jan.19,1842.

Catherine Floyd, d.John, laborer, and Lucinda, Sept.3,1844.


Nathaniel L. [h.Sarah A. (Holland)],末蔓末,1812.GR1

George Randall, s.Nathaniel L. and Sarah A., July28,1841.

Augustus Mason, s.Nathaniel, farmer, and Sarah Ann, Sept.1,1849. [Augustine M.GR1]


Elizabeth [dup. Colburn], ch.Phineas, bp. June20,1802.CR1

Charles [dup. Colburn], ch.Phineas, bp. Mar.6,1803.CR1

Mary [dup. Colburn], ch.Phineas, bp. Mar.6,1803.CR1

Clarissa [dup. Colburn], ch.Phineas, bp. July31,1808.CR1

Otis [dup. Colburn], ch.Phineas, bp. July31,1808.CR1

George James [dup. Colburn], ch.Phineas, bp. Nov.9,1817.CR1

Hannah [dup. Colburn], ch.Phineas, bp. Nov.9,1817.CR1

Harriet [dup. Harriot Colburn], ch.Phineas, bp. Nov.9,1817.CR1


Charles [h.Alice],末蔓末,1802.GR2

Ann, d.Charles and Alice, w.William Scott,末蔓末,1838.GR2

COLBURN (Coburn)


Fanny A., w.J.P., Oct.末,1811.GR1

Jonathan P. [h.Fanny A.] Nov.末,1824.GR1


Hannah, d.Elisha of Boston, bp. Sept.3,1775.CR1

Elizabeth, w.Joseph,末蔓末,1785.GR4

Joseph [h.Elizabeth],末蔓末,1785.GR4

Samuel, m.,末蔓末,1811.GR4


John Samuel, s.Samuel and Mary, July4,1835.

Mary Elizabeth, d.Samuel and Mary, July28,1837.

Lucy L., d.James, brick layer., and Ann, Sept.15,1845.


Charles Adrian, s.Edward and Sarah, June9,1833.

John, s.Edward and Sarah, Mar.4,1834.

Thomas Edward, s.Edward and Sarah, May7,1835.

Margaret Ann, d.Edward and Sarah, Oct.26,1836.

John, s.Edward and Sarah, July26,1839.

William Shakespears, s.Edward and Sarah, May10,1841.

Alfred Sidney, s.Edward, farmer, and Sarah, Oct.27,1843.

Sarah Elizabeth, d.Edward, farmer, and Sarah, Nov.13,1848.


Israel A. [h.Rachel],末蔓末,1804.GR2

Rachel, w.Israel A.,末蔓末,1804.GR2

Caroline Augusta, d.Israel A. and Rachel, July10,1832. [Carrie A.GR2]

Mary Elizabeth, d.Israel A. and Rachel, June9,1834.

George Farmer, s.Israel A. and Rachel, Sept.18,1839.


Bathsheba, d.John and Bathsheba, Jan.6,1750-1


Betsy, d.William, bp.末蔓末, [dup. Sept.8], 1776.CR1

CONRAY (Conrey, Conroy)

John, s.John and Lydia, Dec.28,1761.

Sarah, d.John and Lydia, Sept.13,1764. [Conroy.CR1]

Lydia, d.John, bp. Feb.22,1767.CR1

CONREY (Conray, Conroy)

Mary Elizabeth, d.Leonard, shoemaker, and Martha, Sept.26,1845.

CONROY (Conray, Conrey)

John, ch.John, bp. Nov.25,1764.CR1

Lydia, ch.John, bp. Sept.20,1766.CR1


Abigail, d.Sergt. Jacob and Mary, Apr.20,1686.


Abigail, d.Sears and Abigail, Feb.11,1773.

Francis, s.Sears and Abigail, Aug.25,1775.

Sarah, twin d.Sears and Abigail, May6,1778. [w.Joseph Gleason.PR2]

Susannah, twin d.Sears and Abigail, May6,1778.

Betsey, d.Francis and Elizabeth, Mar.30,1804. [Betsy [dup. Cooke].CR1]

Francis, s.Francis and Elizabeth, Apr.3,1805. [Cooke.CR1]

Sears, s.Francis and Elizabeth, May1,1807. [Cooke.CR1].

Francis, s.Francis and Elizabeth, Aug.14,1808. [Cooke.CR1]

John, s.Francis and Elizabeth, Mar.24,1811.

William, s.Francis and Elizabeth.Feb.23,1817. [Cooke.CR1]


Henry, s.Henry and Phebe, bp. June3,1750, in Cambridge "over the River. "CR1

COOMBS (Combs)

COREY (Cory)


Susanna [dup. Susannah], d.Peter and Joanna [dup. Johanna], Feb.22,1696-7.

Mary, d.Peter and Joanna [dup. Johanna], Apr.13,1699.

Peter, s.Peter and Joanna [dup. Johanna], Sept.28,1702.

John, s.Peter and Johanna [dup. Joanna], Feb.3,1703 [dup. 1703-4].

Elisabeth [dup. Elizabeth Cornell], d.Peter and Elisabeth [dup. Elizabeth], Oct.24,1709.

Sarah [dup. Cornell], d.Peter and Elisabeth [dup. Elizabeth], Jan.25,1711-12.

Rebeckah [dup. Rebeccah], d.Peter Jr. and Rebeckah [dup. Rebeccah], June7,1728.

Hannah, d.Peter Jr. and Rebeckah, Apr.20,1731.

Joanna, d.Peter Jr. and Rebeckah, July14,1733.

Peter, s.Peter Jr. and Rebeckah, Apr.25,1736.


Jacob, s.Jacob and Sarah, Mar.25,1716.

COUDRE (Cowdrey, Cowdry)

Maria, d.Joseph and Lucy, Feb.16,1805.

Joseph, s.Joseph and Lucy, Jan.18,1807.

Silas Parker, s.Joseph and Lucy, Feb.16,1810.

Elias, s.Joseph and Lucy, Feb.5,1812.

COWDREY (Coudre, Cowdry)


Lucy, w.Joseph,末蔓末,1778.GR2

Betsey, w.Ebenezer [Aug.末,1796].GR2

Ebenezer [h.Betsey] [May末,1798].GR2

Elissa, w.末末,末蔓末,1820.GR2

Mary Eliza, d.Joseph and Ann Eliza, Feb.12,1830, in Danvers.

Warren, s.Joseph and Ann Eliza, May12,1833.

Lucy Ann, d.Joseph and Ann Eliza, July5,1835.

Sargent F., s.Joseph and Ann Eliza, Dec.25,1837. [see Joseph Sargent Cowdrey].

Joseph Sargent, s.Joseph and Ann Eliza, Mar.26,1838 [see Sargent F.]

Oliver M., Jan.20,1840.GR2

Emma F., d.Joseph and Ann Eliza, Jan.31,1846.

COWDRY (Coudre, Cowdrey)

Laura Ann [dup. Cowdrey], d.Silas H.P. [dup. omits H.P.] and Catherine P. [dep. Catharine, omits P.], Nov.2,1833.

Catherine, d.Silas H.P. [dup. omits H.P.] and Catherine, May23,1835.

Silas, s.Silas H.P. [dup. omits H.P.] and Catherine P. [dup. omits P.] May3,1838.

Mary Fletcher, d.Isaac B. and Rhoda B., July8,1839.

Francis Edward, s.Francis B. and Lydia, May16,1842. [Cowdrey.GR2]

Laura Ann, d.Silas H.P. and Catherine P., May20,1843.

Elias Wilder, s.Francis E., farmer, and Lydia, Jan.16,1844.

Laura Ann, d.Silas H.P., farmer, and Catherine, May20,1845.

Mary Amanda, d.Francis B., farmer, and Lydia, June27,1845.

Henrietta, d.Francis B., farmer, and Lydia, July4,1847,

CRAGIN (Craigin)

Lorinzo Silas, s.Silas and Nancy, Sept.30,1799.

Nancy, d.Silas and Nancy, Sept.20,1801.


Thomas, s.Thomas and Phebe, Apr.11,1784.

Nancy, ch.Thomas, bp. May6,1787.CR1

William, ch.Thomas, bp. Mar.1,1789.CR1

Martha, d.末末, bp. Mar.17,1793.CR1

Mary, ch.Thomas, bp. July5,1794.CR1

Elizabeth, ch.Thomas, bp. Apr.8,1798.CR1

Thomas, ch.Thomas, bp. Apr.8,1798.CR1

CRAIGIN (Cragin)

Charles [dup. Cragin], ch.Aaron, bp. Apr.15,1803 [dup. 1804].CR1

Milo [dup. Cragin], ch.Aaron, bp. Apr.15,1803 [dup. 1804].CR1

Miranda [dup. Cragin], ch.Aaron, bp. Apr.15,1803 [dup. 1804].CR1

Moses, ch.Aaron, bp. Feb.24,1805.CR1

Frederic, ch.Aaron, bp. Sept.13,1807.CR1


Asa, s.Asa and Lucy, Jan.11,1808.

Otis, s.Asa and Lucy, Mar.1,1811.

Caleb, s.Asa and Lucy, Jan.27,1814.

William, s.Asa and Lucy, July1,1816.


Thomas [h:Caroline H.],末蔓末,1795.GR4

Caroline H. [w.Thomas],末蔓末,1812.GR4

Mary L., d.Thomas and Caroline H., w.末末 Cowdry,末蔓末,1843.GR4

CROSBEY (Crosbeye, Crosby)

Jaazaniah, see Jessaniah, Jessoniah.

Hannah [dup. Crosbee], d.Simon and Rachel, Mar.30,1672-3. [Crosbey.MR]

Nathan [dup. Crosbee], s.Simon and Rachel, Feb.9,1674-5. [Crosby.MR]

Josiah [dup. Josia Crosbee], s.Simon and Rachel, Nov.11,1677. [Josiah Crosby, ch.Simon and RachellMR]

Mary [dup. Crosbee], d.Simon and Rachel [dup. Rachell], Nov.23,1680. [Crosby, ch.Simon and Rachell.MR]

Sarah [dup. Crosbee], d.Simon and Rachel, July27,1684. [Crosbee.MR]

Simon [dup. Crosbee], s.Simon Jr. and Hannah, Aug.23,1689. [Crosbee.MR]

Abigail [dup. Crosbee], d.Simon Jr. and Hannah, Jan.6,1691-2. [Crosbe, Jan.7.MR]

Joseph, s.Joseph and Sarah, Sept.3,1692.

John [dup. Crosbee], s.Simon Jr. and Hannah, Apr.11,1694.

Sarah, d.Joseph and Sarah, June12,1694.

Rachel [dup. Rachell], d.Joseph and Sarah, Apr.18,1695.

John, s.Simon Jr. and Hannah, Apr.18,1696.

William, s.Joseph and Sarah, Feb.13,1697-8.

Mary, d.Joseph and Sarah, Jan.12,1699-1700.

Hannah, d.Simon Jr. [dup. omits Jr.] and Hannah, June12,1700.

Thomas, s.Joseph and Sarah, Oct.12,1701.

Marah, d.Simon Jr. and Hannah, May1,1702.

David, s.Joseph and Sarah, Mar.27,1703.

James, s.Simon and Abigaell [dup. Abigail], May29,1704.

Josiah, s.Josiah and Mary, Aug.5,1704.

Prudence, d.Joseph and Sarah, May11,1705.

Eliphelet [dup. Eliffalet], s.Josiah and Mary, Aug.6,1705.

Phinneas [dup. Phinehas], s.Simon and Abigaell [dup. Abigail], Nov.26,1705.

Hannah, d.Joseph and Sarah, Mar.9,1706-7.

Elizabeth [dup. Elisabeth], d.Josiah and Mary, Aug.7,1706.

Sarah, d.Nathan and Sarah, Dec.22,1706.

Nathan, s.Nathan and Sarah, Apr.5,1708.

Solomon, s.Simon and Abigaell [dup. Abigail], Apr.8,1708.

Anna, d.Josiah and Mary, Apr.29,1708.

Deborah, d.Joseph and Sarah, July13,1709.

Ephraim, twin s.Josiah and Mary, Nov.7,1709.

Isaac, twin s.Josiah and Mary, Nov.7,1709.

Rachel, d.Nathan and Sarah, Mar.30,1710.

Nathaniel, s.Simon and Abigail, Dec.3,1710.

Robert, s.Joseph and Sarah, July20,1711.

Dorothy [dup. Dority], d.Nathan and Sarah, Apr.9,1712.

Mary, d.Josiah and Mary, Aug.24,1712.

Catherine [dup Cattearn], d.Nathan and Sarah, Feb.18,1713-14.

Palatia [dup. Pelletiah], s.Joseph and Sarah, Nov.5,1713.

Elizabeth [dup. Elisabeth], d.Josiah and Mary, Dec.1,1713.

Benjamin, s.Joseph Jr. and Hannah, June15,1715.

Francis, S. Simon and Abigail, Oct.25,1715.

Benjamin, s.Simon and Abigail, Dec.末, [dup. Dec.16], 1715.

Oliver, s.Nathan and Sarah, Jan.21,1716-17.

Jane, d.Josiah and Mary, June14,1716.

Hannah, d.Joseph Jr. and Hannah, Nov.13,1716.

Abigail, d.Simon and Abigail, June5,1717.

Joanna, d.Josiah and Mary, July16,1718.

Samuel, s.Simon and Abigail, May20,1719.

Jonathan, s.Josiah and Mary, Aug.1,1719.

Hannah, d.William and Hannah, Jan.6,1721-2.

John, s.Simon and Abigail, Apr.19,1721.

Esther [dup. Easther], d.Josiah and Mary, Dec.31,1721.

Mary, d.Nathan and Sarah, May17,1722.

Mary, d.Simon and Abigail, Oct.3,1722.

Steven [dup. Stephen], s.Simon and Abigail, Feb.27,1723-4.

William, s.William and Hannah, Aug.27,1723.

Martha, d.William and Hannah, Jan.12,1724-5.

Thomas, s.Thomas Jr. and Anna, Dec.13,1724.

Ephraim, s.Simon and Abigail, Nov.27 [dup. Nov.24], 1725.

Prudance [dup. Prudence], d.William and Hannah, Nov.28,1726.

Anna, d.Thomas Jr. and Anna, Apr.18,1727.

Elisabeth, d.Simon and Abigail, Oct.4,1727.

James, s.James and Sarah, Oct.5,1728.

Jessoniah, s.William and Hannah, Oct.7,1728.

David, s.David and Sarah, June5,1729.

Jacob, s.Thomas Jr. [dup. omits Jr.] and Anna, Sept.19,1729.

Susanna, d.Thomas and Susanna, Mar.2,1730-1.

Hannah, d.Simon and Abigail, Apr.2,1730.

Sarah, d.William and Hannah, June27,1730.

Josiah, s.Josiah Jr. and Elisabeth, Nov.24,1730.

Peletiah, s.William and Hannah, Mar.10,1731-2.

Sarah, d.David and Sarah, May5,1731.

Ephraim, s.Simon and Abigail, Oct.13,1731.

Samson, s.James and Sarah, Oct.21,1731. ["Lexington," added below].

Hezekiah, s.William and Hannah, Jan.31,1732-3.

Sarah, d.Thomas and Susanna, Feb.10,1732-3.

William, s.Josiah Jr. and Elisabeth, Feb.16,1732-3.

Persis, d.Simon and Abigail, Aug.9,1733.

Elisabeth, d.Josiah Jr. and Elisabeth, Jan.9,1734-5.

Seth, s.William and Hannah, Aug.8,1734.

Samuel, s.Thomas and Susanna, Dec.21,1734.

Esther, d.Josiah and Elisabeth, Sept.17,1736.

Elisabeth, d.Thomas and Susanna, Dec.9,1736.

Elisabeth, d.Simon and Abigail, Feb.10,1737-8.

William, s.William and Hannah, May9,1737.

Nathan, s.Nathan and Hannah, Mar.22,1738-9.

Rebeckah, d.William and Hannah, July21,1738.

William, s.William and Hannah, Jan.4,1739-40.

Alpheus, s.Josiah Jr, and Elisabeth, Apr.22,1739.

Francis, S. Francis and Sarah, Dec.21,1739.

Solomon, s.Solomon and Kathrine, May14,1740.

William, s.Thomas and Susanna, Aug.17,1740.

Rhoda, d.William and Hannah, Nov.30,1740.

Elisabeth, d.Nathan and Hannah, June4,1741.

Simon, s.Solomon and Kathrine, Sept.14,1741.

Sarah, d.Francis and Sarah, Nov.21,1741.

Mary, d.William and Hannah, Apr.26,1742.

Rebeckah, d.Oliver and Rebeckah, Apr.28,1743.

Abigail, d.Francis and Sarah, Dec.14,1743.

Benjamin, s.Nathan and Hannah, Apr.12,1744.

John, s.Solomon and Kathrine, Aug.7,1744.

Oliver, s.Oliver and Rebeckah, Sept.17,1744.

Samuel, s.Francis and Sarah, Feb.25,1745-6.

Josiah, s.Oliver and Rebeckah, Apr.20,1746.

Hannah, d.Nathan and Hannah, Oct.4,1747.

Simon, s.Francis and Sarah, Mar.7,1749.

Timothy, s.James and Sarah, May11,1751. [Crosby, s.James Jr.CR1]

Mary, d.Francis and Sarah, Nov.25,1752. [Crosby.CR1]

Jessaniah, s.Jessaniah and Mary, Jan.11,1753. [Jaazaniah Crosby, s.Jaazaniah.CR1]

Jeremiah, s.Nathan and Hannah, Mar.17,1753. [Crosby.CR1]

Anna, d.Hezekiah and Anna, May11,1754. [Crosby, ch.Hezechiah.CR1]

Mary, d.Jesaniah and Mary, May16,1754. [Marah Crosby, d.Jaazaniah.CR1]

Timothy, s.Hezekiah and Anna, May5,1756. [Crosby, ch.Hezechiah.CR1]

Abigail, d.Ephraim and Mary, Aug.6,1756. [Crosby.CR1]

Deborah, d.Hezekiah and Anna, Feb.25,1758. [Crosby, ch.Hezechiah.CR1]

Prudence, d.Seth and Rachel, Sept.22,1759. [Crosby.CR1]

Anna, d.Ephraim and Mary, Mar.6,1760. [Crosby.CR1]

Jeremiah, s.Hezekiah and Anna, Mar.20,1760. [Crosby, ch.Hezechiah [dup., s.Hezekiah and Hannah].CR1]

Sarah, d.Seth and Rachel, Mar.31,1761. [Crosby.CR1]

Rachel, d.Seth and Rachel, Jan.7,1763. [Crosby.CR1]

Rhoda, d.Hezekiah and Anna, Jan.3,1764.

CROSBEYE (Crosbey, Crosby)

Rachall [dup. Rachel Crosbey], d.Simone and Abigall [dup., d.Simon and Abigail], June7,1712.

CROSBY (Crosbey, Crosbeye)

Asenath, d.Michael and Asenath,末蔓末, 末末 [rec. between ch.b. Apr.29,1792, and ch.b. Sept.2,1795].

Thomas [dup. Crosbee], s.Simon and Rachel, Mar.10,1665-6. [Crosby, s.Simon and Rachell, Mar.16.MR]

Joseph [dup. Crosbee], s.Simon and Rachel, July5,1669. [Crosbey.MR]

Samuel [dup. Crosbey], s.Simon Jr. [dup. omits Jr.] and Hannah, Oct.4,1698.

Hephseba [dup. Hepsibah Crosbey], d.David and Sarah, Oct.17,1727.

Rachel, ch.[Nathan and Hannah], bp. July1,1750.CR1

Issack [dup. Isaac], s.Jaazaniah [dup., s.Jasaniah and Mary], bp. May16,1756.CR1

Stephen, s.Sampson and Lucy, Nov.3,1757.

Hannah, d.Jaasaniah and Mary, bp. Feb.12,1758.CR1

Susannah, s.Jaazaniah, bp. Feb.12,1758.CR1

Sarah, ch.[Nathan and Hannah] [dup. Anne], bp. Apr.9,1758.CR1

Rachel, d.Seth and Rachel, Apr.19,1758.

Lucy, d.Sampson and Lucy, May14,1759.

William, s.Jaazaniah [dup., s.Jasaniah and Mary], bp. Feb.3,1760.CR1

末末 [dup. Crosbey], s.Jaazaniah [dup., s.Jasaniah and Mary], bp. Aug.30,1761.CR1

Hannah, d.Jacob and Hannah, Dec.28,1761.

Ephraim, s.Ephraim and Mary, Mar.13,1762.

Sarah, ch.Jaazaniah [dup. Jazaniah], bp. Dec.25,1763.CR1

Reuben, s.Jacob and Hannah, Feb.11,1764.

Rhoda, d.Seth and Rachel, Nov.12,1764.

Hannah, ch.Jacob, bp. Nov.25,1764.CR1

Rebecca, ch.Jacob, Nov.25,1764.

Solomon, s.Simon and Dorothy, Jan.8,1765.

John, s.Ephraim and Mary, June16,1765.

Lucy, d.Hezekiah [Hezechiah.CR1] and Lucy, Nov.10,1765.

Seth, s.Seth and Rachel, Dec.5,1766.

Dolly, d.Simon and Dorothy, Jan.31,1767.

Zilpah, ch.Jacob, bp. Sept.27 [dup. Oct.4], 1767.CR1

Zilpah, d.Jacob and Hannah, Oct.26,1767.

Hezekiah, s.Hezekiah [Hezechiah.CR1] and Lucy, Nov.8,1767.

Mary, d.Ephraim and Mary, Dec.9,1767.

Allis, d.Seth and Rachel, Nov.2,1768.

Oliver (Croby), s.Oliver and Rachel, Mar.17,1769.

Jacob, s.Jacob and Hannah, Apr.18,1769.

Simon, s.Simon and Dorothy, May6,1769.

Alice, ch.Seth, bp. May27,1770.CR1

]oshua, s.Sampson and Lucy, May31,1770, in Lexington.

William, s.Hezekiah and Lucy, June3,1770.

Michael (Croby), s.Oliver and Rachel, May3,1771.

Hannah, d.Seth and Rachel, May22,1771.

Ziba, s.Sampson and Lucy, Jan.24,1772, in Lexington.

Susanna, d.Timothy and Susanna, Apr.12,1772.

Levi, s.Hezekiah [Hezechiah.CR1] and Lucy, Oct.2,1772.

Abigail, d.Samuel and Abigail, Dec.7,1772,

Ziba, ch.Sampson [dup. Samson], bp. Mar.28,1773.CR1

Samuel, s.Jacob and Hannah, June1,1773.

Timothy, s.Timothy and Susanna, Apr.9,1774, in Andover.

Joshua, s.Seth and Rachel, May13,1774.

Samuel, ch.Samuel, bp. July17,1774.CR1

Ebenezer, s.Timothy and Susanna, Sept.26,1776, in Andover.

Josiah, s.Oliver and Rachel, Feb.8,1777.

Isaac, ch.Oliver, bp. Feb.23,1777.CR1

Thomas, s.Timothy and Susanna, Feb.23,1778, in Andover.

Jedediah, s.Timothy and Susanna, Apr.22,1779.

Rachel, d.Oliver and Rachel, Dec.25,1779.

Rhoda, d.Seth and Rachel, Dec.2,1780. [w.Stephen Richardson.GR1]

Nathaniel, s.Timothy and Susanna, Nov.25,1781, in Carlisle.

Elizabeth, d.Oliver and Rachel, July30,1782.

Mary, d.Hezekiah [Hezechiah.CR1] and Lucy, Mar.2,1783.

Hezikiah, s.Timothy and Susanna, Jan.28,1784, in Tweksbury.

Jeremiah, s.Jeremiah and Abigail, Aug.15,1784. ["He was an active Deacon of the Unitarian Church for fifty years,"GR1]

Molly, d.Timothy and Susanna, Oct.30,1785.

Abigail, d.Jeremiah and Abigail, June4,1786.

Achsah, d.Hezekiah [Hezechiah.CR1] and Lucy, Oct.2,1786.

Sarah, d.Ephraim Jr. and Sarah, Oct.29,1789.

Hannah, d.Jeremiah and Abigail, May1,1790.

Hannah, d.Jeremiah and Abigail, Apr.7,1791.

Sarah, ch.Ephraim Jr., bp. May8,1791.CR1

Ephraim, s.Ephraim Jr. and Sarah, June27,1791.

Michael, s.Michael and Asenath, Apr.29,1792.

Zoa, d.Jeremiah and Abigail, May27,1792.

Rufus, s.Ephraim Jr. and Sarah, Jan.2,1793.

Lucy, d.Jeremiah and Abigail, Aug.23,1794.

Anna, d.Ephraim Jr. and Sarah, Oct.10,1794, [Anne.CR1]

Frederick, s.Michael and Asenath, Sept.2,1795.

Rufus, s.Ephraim Jr. and Sarah, Nov.7,1796.

Abigail, ch.Jeremiah, bp. Jan.1,1797.CR1

Jeremiah, ch.Jeremiah, bp. Jan.1,1797.CR1

Sarah, d.Ephraim Jr. and Sarah, Sept.15,1798.

Abigail, d.John and Abigail, May15,1799,

Charles, s.Ephraim Jr. and Sarah, May31,1800.

Sumner, s.Jeremiah and Abigail, Mar.21,1801.

Mary, d.Ephraim Jr. and Sarah, May6,1802.

Salley, d.Thomas and Sally, Aug.25,1802.

Mary H. [w.Frederick Gustus],末蔓末,1803.GR2

Alonzo, s.Jeremiah and Abigail, Mar.22,1803.

Sylvester, s.Ephraim Jr. and Sarah, Apr.12,1804.

Elizabeth Heywood, d.Josiah Jr. and Betsey, Aug.12,1804.

Lucy, d.Jeremiah and Abigal, May17,1805.

Abigail, ch.John, bp. Aug.18,1805.CR1

John, s.John and Abigail, Dec.8,1805.

Oliver, s.Josiah Jr, and Betsy, Feb.5,1806.

Elizabeth Haywood, ch.Josiah, bp. June8,1806.CR1

Caleb, s.Ephraim Jr. and Sarah, June17,1806.

Rachel Ann, d.Josiah Jr. and Betsy, June11,1807.

Harriot, d.John and Abigail, Oct.28,1807.

Loizia, twin d.Ephraim Jr. and Sarah, Mar.26,1808. [Loiza.CR1]

Lucy, twin d.Ephraim Jr. and Sarah, Mar.26,1808.

Susannah, d.Josiah Jr. and Betsy, Apr.14,1809. [Susanna.CR1]

Ephraim, s.Ephraim and Sarah, Apr.13,1810.

Francis, s.John and Abigail, July31,1811.

Ephraim, ch.Ephraim Jr., bp. Oct.20,1811.CR1

George, ch.Ephraim Jr., bp. Sept.27,1812.CR1

George, s.Ephraim and Sarah, May2,1813.

Albert, s.Jeremiah Jr. and Ruth, Sept.23,1813.

Sarah Cumings, d.Josiah Jr. and Betsy, Sept.25,1813. [Sarah Cummings.CR1]

William, s.David and Achsah, July2,1815.

Leander, s.Jeremiah Jr. and Ruth, July5,1815.

Martha, d.Josiah Jr. and Betsy, July10,1816.

Josiah Michael, s.Michael and Margaret T., Jan.27,1817.

Abigail, twin d.Jeremiah [Jeremiah Jr.CR1] and Ruth, June10,1817.

Ambrose, twin s.Jeremiah [Jeremiah Jr.CR1] and Ruth, June10,1817.

Josiah, s.Josiah Jr. and Betsy, Jan.17,1818.

Warren Brooks, s.Michael and Margaret T., Oct.25,1818.

Clarissa Augusta, d.Hervey and Esther, Feb.1,1820.

Lucretia Richardson, d.Michael and Margaret T., June16,1820.

Maria, d.Hervey and Esther, Jan.7,1822.

Cyrus Farmer, s.Michael and Margaret T., Sept.2,1822.

Abel Bowman, s.Jeremiah and Ruthy, Oct.17,1822.

Franklin, s.Michael and Margaret T., Dec.18,1824.

Hervey, s.Hervey and Esther, Dec.25,1824.

Emely, d.Jeremiah and Ruthy, Feb.21,1825.

Ann, d.Michael [Capt. Michael.CR1] and Margaret T., Aug.19,1827.

George, s.Hervey and Esther, Jan.20,1828.

William, s.Hervey and Esther, Apr.18,1830.

Margaret Tufts, d.Capt. Michael, bp. Oct.3,1830.CR1

Bernard Whitman, s.Oliver and Hannah, Jan.6,1831.

Oliver, s.Oliver and Hannah, Feb.9,1833.

Renslow, s.Jeremiah [Dea.J.CR1] and Lucy G., June23,1833.

Edwin, s.Hervey and Esther, June19,1834.

Josiah, s.Oliver and Hannah, May25,1835.

Sumner, s.Oliver and Hannah, Mar.2,1837.

Hannah Elizabeth, d.Oliver and Elizabeth, June14,1840.

Ellen Maria, d.John and Issabella H., Oct.12,1840.

Seth, s.Hervey and Esther, Jan.1,1841.

Frederick Augustus, s.Oliver and Elizabeth, Dec.15,1841.

Francis Lyman, s.John and Issabella H., Sept.4,1842.

Rachel Ann, d.Oliver and Elizabeth, Oct.9,1843.

Simon, s.John, farmer, and Isabella [dup. Issabella H.], May23,1844.

Mary S., d.Oliver, farmer, and Elizabeth, Jan.27,1846.

Laura Issabella [dup. Isabella], d.John, farmer, and Isabella H. [dup. Issabella, omits H.], June6,1846.

Georgeianna Emiline, d.Oliver, farmer, and Elizabeth, Aug.22,1848.

CUMINGS (Cumming, Cummings)

Henry, Rev., D.D., Sept.25,1739.GR1

Nathaniel, s.Nathaniel and Katharine, Feb.3,1751. [Cummings [dup. Cummins, s.Nathaniel and Catherine]CR1]

Sarah, d.Nathaniel and Katharine, June2,1753. [Cummings.CR1]

Kate, d.Nathaniel and Kathrine, July21,1755. [Cummings [dup., d.Nathaniel and Catharine]CR1]

Bette, d.Nathaniell and Katharine, Jan.17,1761.

Ann, d.Rev. Henry and Ann, July31,1768. [Cummings.CR1]

Frances, d.Rev. Henry and Ann, Apr.7,1770. [Cummings.CR1]

Elisabeth, d.Rev. Henry and Ann, Aug.15,1772. [Elizabeth Cummings.CR1]

Henry, s.Rev. Henry and Ann, Sept.9,1774. [Cummings.CR1]

John, s.Rev. Henry and Ann, Feb.11,1781. [Cummings.CR1]

CUMMING (Cumings, Cummings)

Pattey, d.Nathaniell and Kathrine, Mar.5,1757. [Cummings, d.Nathaniel [dup. Cumming, d.Nathaniel and Catharine]CR1]

CUMMINGS (Cumings, Cumming)

Betty, ch.Nathaniel, bp. Feb.1,1760.CR1


William, s.William and Bette, Feb.20,1776.

Isaac, s.William and Bette, Oct.24,1777.

William, ch.William, bp. Aug.30,1778.CR1

John, s.William and Bette, Aug.6,1781.

John, ch.William, bp. Aug.3,1783.CR1

Josiah, s.William and Bette, Mar.14,1784.

Betsey, d.William and Bette, June16,1786. [Betsy.CR1]

Francis, s.William and Bette, Apr.1,1793. [FrancesCR1]

Levina, w.Ebenezer B. Avery [mother of Warren],末蔓末,1810.GR2

George W.,末蔓末,1823.GR2


Mary M., w.Isaac,末蔓末,1803.GR1


Sybil, w.末末,末蔓末,1822.GR2


Hannah, d.Robert and Hannah, July22,1745.

Mellescent, d.Robert and Hannah, Jan.20,1746.

Elizabeth, w.Charles [Mar.末,1784]GR2

Charles [Mar.末,1789]GR2

Charles, s.Charles and Elisabeth, Mar.19,1812.

William, s.Charles and Elisabeth, Feb.27,1814.

Lucy J. [? m.],末蔓末,1816.GR2

Elisabeth, d.Charles and Elisabeth, Dec.27,1816.

Lucy Jane, d.Charles and Elisabeth, Dec.20,1820.

Martha, d.Charles and Elisabeth, Jan.3,1826.


Susanna T., d.Solomon and Sarah, 末蔓17,1796.GR1

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