FARLEY (Farly)

Daniel, see Enoch.

Hannah, d.Ebenezer and Elizebeth [dup. Elisabeth],末蔓末, 末末 [rec. between ch.b. Feb.4,1705-6, and ch.b. Mar.14,1709-10]

Lydia [dup. Lidia], d.George [dup. Georg] and Rebeckah,末蔓末, 末末 [rec. before ch.b. Apr.29,1702]

Samuell [dup. and second dup. Samuel], s.George and Cristian [dup. and second dup. Christian], Mar. "in the laste weeke" [dup. Sept., second dup. Mar.], 1654. [Samuel Farly, s.George and Christian, Mar.MR]

Mehittabell [second dup. Farly], d.George and Cristian [dup. and second dup, Christian], Apr. "the laste weeke," 1656. [Mehetabel, d.George [and] Christian.MR]

Caleb, s.Caleb and Rebeckah [dup. Rebecca], June28,1667. [Farly, s.Caleb and Rebeccah.MR]

Rebeckah [dup. Rebecca], d.Caleb and Rebeckah [dup. Rebecca], Mar.10,1668-9. [Rebeccah Farly, d.Caleb and Rebcccah.MR]

Lydia [dup. Lydya], d.Caleb and Lydia [dup. Lidya], Sept.27,1670. [Lydea Farly, d.Caleb and Lidea.MR]

Hannah, d.Caleb and Lydia [dup. Lidya] [Lidea.MR], Oct.18,1671.

Deborah, d.Samuell [Samuel.MR] and Elizabeth, Mar.1,1678-9.

Sarah, d.Samuell and Elizabeth, Jan.26,1680.

Timothy, s.Caleb and Lydia [Lidea.MR], July29,1680.

Joseph, s, Caleb and Lydia, Apr.6,1683,

Elizabeth, d.Samuell and Elizabeth, Oct.27,1683 [?] worn. [d.Samuel and Elizabeth, Oct.27,1682.MR]

Joseph, twin s.Samuel and Elizabeth, Oct.1,1685. [Farly.MR]

Ruth, twin d.Samuel and Elizabeth, Oct.1,1685. [Farly.MR]

Georg [dup. George], s.Caleb Jr. and Sarah, Jan.26,1686-7. [George.MR]

Samuel, s.Samuel and Elizabeth, Aug.22,1687. [Farly.MR]

Caleb, s.Caleb Jr. and Sarah, Jan.6,1688-9. [dup. 1688]

Enoch, "baptised Daniel,", s.Caleb and Lydia, Dec.21,1688.

Mary, d.Samuel and Elizabeth, Aug.20,1689. [Farly, d.Samuell and Elisabeth.MR]

John, s.Caleb Jr, and Sarah, May22,1690. [Farly.MR]

James, s.Samuel and Elizabeth [s.Samuell and Elisabeth.MR], Oct.6,1691.

Sarah, d.Caleb Jr. and Sarah, July27,1692.

Mary, d.Caleb Jr. and Sarah, Sept.26,1694.

James, s.Caleb Jr. and Sarah, Sept.8,1697.

Deborah, d.Caleb Jr. [dup. omits Jr.] and Sarah, Feb.26,1698-9.

Jonathan, s.Caleb Jr. [dup. omits Jr.] and Sarah, Oct.2,1701.

Anna, d.Georg [dup. George] and Rebeckah, Apr.29,1702.

Samuel [dup. Sammuel], s.Caleb Jr, [dup. omits Jr.] and Sarah, Apr.末,1703.

Elizebeth [dup. Elisabeth], d.Ebenezer and Elizebeth [dup. Elisabeth] Mar.28,1704.

Enoch, s.Georg [dup, George] and Rebeckah, July23,1704.

Ebenezer, s.Ebenezer and Elizebeth [dup. Elisabeth], Feb.4,1705-6.

Abigail [dup. Abegail], d.Timothy [dup. Jr.] and Abigail [dup. Abegail], Sept.8,1705.

Caleb, s.Timothy Jr. [dup. omits Jr.] and Abegail [dup. Abigail], Apr.18,1707キ

Esther, d.Georg [dup. George] and Rebeckah, May31,1707.

Samuel, s, Caleb Farley Jr. and Deborah Chamberlain, Apr.14,1708.

Benjamin, s, Benjamin and Anna, Aug.28,1708.

Sarah, d.Benjamin and Anna, Feb.8,1709-10.

Rebeckah, d.Ebenezer and Elizebeth [dup. Elisabeth], Mar.14,1709-10.

Elizabeth [dup. Elisabeth], d.Timothy Jr. [dup. omits Jr.] and Abegail [dup. Abigail], Nov.9,1711.

Anna, d.Benjamin and Anna, Nov.15,1711.

Sarah, [dup. Sary], d.Joseph and Abigail [dup., d.Joseph (Farlle) and Sary], Feb.26,1712-13.

Timothy, s.Timothy Jr. [dup. omits Jr.] and Abegaill [dup. Abigail], June13,1713.

Joseph, s.Joseph and Abigail [dup. Sary], Aug.25,1714.

Lydia, d.Timothy Jr. [dup. omits Jr.] and Abegaill [dup. Abigail], Apr.8,1715.

Mary, d.John and Mary, Nov.10,1716.

Abigail, d.Joseph and Abigail [dup. Sary], Dec.18,1716.

Prudence, d.John and Mary, Jan.25,1719-20.

Lydia, d.Joseph and Abigail [dup. Sary], Apr.30,1719.

Sarah, d.Joseph and Abigail [dup. Sary] Aug.1,1721.

Mary, d.Joseph and Abigail [dup. Sary], Oct.16,1723.

Amos, s.John and Mary, Apr.1 [dup. Apr.11], 1724.

Elisabeth [dup. Elizabeth], d.Joseph and Abigail [dup. Sary], Feb.18,1725-6.

Caleb, s.Joseph and Abigail [dup. Sary], Feb.20,1727-8.

Thomas, s.James and Sarah, Mar.27,1729.

Caleb, s.James and Sarah, Oct.19,1730.

Ebenezer, s.Joseph and Abigail, May15,1731.

Sarah, d.James and Sarah, Apr.16,1733.

Lyda, d.James and Sarah, Jan.13,1737-8キ

Mary, d.James and Sarah, Dec.18,1741.

Timothy, s.Timothy and Mary, Aug.13,1744.

Mary, d, Timothy and Mary, Oct.31,1745.

John, s.Timothy and Mary, Jan.3,1747-8.

Abigail, ch.Timothy [dup., d.Timothy and Mary] bp. Feb.11,1750 [dup. 1749]CR1

Elisabeth, d.Caleb and Elisabeth, Aug.24,1755. [Elizabeth.CR1]

Joseph, s.Caleb and Elisabeth, May1,1757.

Caleb, ch.Caleb [dup., s.Caleb and Elisabeth], bp. Apr.8,1759.CR1

Benjamin, ch.Timothy [dup., s.Timothy] and Mary, bp. Dec.30,1759.CR1

James, s.Caleb and Elisabeth, Apr.12,1761.

Benjamin, s.Caleb and Elisabeth, June27,1763. [Farly.CR1]

John, s.Caleb and Elisebeth, May24,1765.

FARLY (Farley)

Benjamin [dup. Farley], s.Caleb and Lydia, Feb.8,1685-6. [Benjamen Farly.MR]


John, s.Edward,末蔓末, 末末.

Joseph, s.Thomas and Elisabeth [dup. Elizebeth],末蔓末, 末末 [rec. between ch.b. Nov.6,1713, and ch.b. May10,1719]

Sarah, d.Edward and Mary,末蔓末, 末末 [? b. before ch.b. Aug.19,1671]キ

Susanna, d.Thomas and Elisabeth [dup. Elizebeth],末蔓末, 末末 [rec. between ch.b. Nov.6,1713, and ch.b. May10,1719]

John, s.Edward and Mary, Aug.19,1671. [Farmour.MR]

Edward, s.Edward and Mary, Mar.22,1673-4.

Mary, d.Edward and Mary, Nov.3,1675. [Farmor.MR]

Barbery, d.Edward and Mary, Jan.26,1677, in Woburn.

Elisabeth [dup. Elizabeth], d.Edward and Mary, May17,1680. [Elizabeth Farmor.MR]

Thomas, s.Edward and Mary, June8,1683.

Oliver, s.Edward and Mary, Feb.2,1685-6.

Dorothy [dup. Dority], d.John and Abigail, Dec.7,1700.

Barbary, d.John and Abigail, Dec.20,1701.

John, s.John and Abigail, Sept.18,1703.

Daniel, s.John and Abigail, Oct.30,1705.

Richard, s.John and Abigail, Feb.2,1706-7.

Mary, d.Edward Jr. and Mary, Dec.27,1706.

Andrew, s.Edward Jr. and Mary, Mar.27,1709.

Edward, s.John and Abigail, Nov.10,1710.

Elizabeth [dup. Elisabeth], d.Edward [Jr.] and Mary, Mar.27,1712-13.

Thomas, s.Thomas and Elisabeth [dup. Elizebeth], July15,1712.

Jacob, s.John and Abigail, Jan.16,1713-14.

Joseph, s.Thomas and Elizebeth [dup. Elisabeth] Nov.6,1713.

Abigail [dup. Abegail], d.Oliver and Abigail [dup. Abegail], Dec.22,1717.

Abigail, d.Oliver and Abigail [dup. Abegail], Jan.14,1718-19.

Jonas, s.Thomas and Elizebeth [dup. Elisabeth], May10,1719.

William, s.John and Abigail, Nov.15,1719.

Mary, d.Oliver and Abigail [dup. Abegail], Aug.26,1721.

Elizabeth [dup. Elisabeth], d.Thomas and Elizebeth [dup. Elisabeth], Aug.29,1722.

Sarah, d.Oliver and Abigail [dup. Abegail], Dec.14,1723.

Joshua, s.Thomas and Elizebeth [dup. Elisabeth], Dec.18,1723.

Nathaniel, s.John Jr. and Hannah, Jan.29,1725-6.

Samuel, s.Thomas and Elizebeth [dup. Elisabeth], Apr.10,1725.

Bette, twin d.Oliver and Abigail, May31,1726.

Rebeckah, twin d.Oliver and Abigail, May31,1726.

John, s.John Jr. and Hannah, Jan.22,1727-8, at Turkey Hill.

Oliver, s.Oliver and Abigail, July31,1728.

Isbill [dup. Isabel], d.[dup. seventh d.] Oliver and Abigail, Mar.2,1730-1.

Edward, s.Oliver and Abigail, Feb.24,1733-4.

Lucy, d.Andrew and Lucy, Sept.8,1736.

John, s.Oliver and Abigail, Dec.7,1736.

Dorothy, d.Richard and Martha, Apr.27,1737.

Mary, d.Andrew and Lucy, Oct.8,1738.

John, s.Richard and Martha, May2,1740.

Dorothy, d.Andrew and Lucy, July27,1740.

Andrew, s.Andrew and Lucy, Aug.15,1742.

Abigail, d.Andrew and Lucy, May1,1744.

John, s.Andrew and Lucy, Apr.30,1746.

Elisabeth, d.Andrew and Lucy, Aug.11,1747.

Joseph, s.Andrew and Rebeckah [Rebecca.CR1], July20,1752.

Edward, s.Andrew and Rebeckah [Rebecca.CR1] Dec.14,1755.

Rachel, d.Oliver [Oliver Jr.CR1] and Rachel, Apr.29,1758.

Oliver, s.Oliver [Oliver Jr.CR1] and Rachel, June12,1760.

Edward, s.Edward and Sarah [Sary.CR1], Dec.1,1760.

John, s.Oliver [Oliver Jr.CR1] and Rachel, Dec.1,1762.

Sarah, d.Edward and Sarah, Mar.6,1763.

Hannah, w.Oliver,末蔓末,1764.GR2

Hannah, d.John and Hannah, Sept.26,1764.

Jonathan, s.Edward and Sarah, May28,1765.

Rebecca, d.John and Hannah, Dec.2,1766.

Hannah, d.Oliver [Oliver Jr.CR1] and Hannah, Sept.17,1767.

Sarah, d.Edward and Sarah, Oct.31,1767.

Rebecca, d.Oliver [Oliver Jr.CR1] and Hannah, Nov.29,1768.

Abigail, d.John and Hannah, Dec.22,1768.

Jesse, s.Edward and Sarah, Oct.18,1770.

Jeremiah, s.Oliver [Oliver Jr.CR1] and Hannah, Apr.10,1771.

Polly, d.John and Hannah, Jan.14,1775.

John, s.John and Hannah, Dec.4,1776.

Samuel Bauldwin, s.Joseph and Elisabeth, Nov.10,1778. [Samuel Baldwin.CR1]

Lucy, ch.John, bp. Oct.8,1779.CR1

Lucy, d.John and Hannah, Oct.4,1780.

Joseph, s.Joseph and Elizabeth, Mar.2,1781.

John, s.Joseph and Dorcas, Nov.27,1782.

Clarissa, w.Jeremiah,末蔓末,1785.GR2

John, s.Edward [Edward "ters".CR1] and Rizpah, July27,1786.

Jonathan, s.Jonathan and Betty, May5,1788.

Oliver, s.Oliver and Hannah, May12,1788.

Betty, d.Jonathan and Betty, May21,1790.

Cyrus, s.Edward Jr. and Hannah, Jan.31,1791.

Oliver, ch.Oliver Jr., bp. Aug.7,1791.CR1

John, s.John and Sarah, Dec.11,1791,

Susannah, d.Jonathan and Betty, Aug.26,1792.

Asa, s.Oliver [Oliver Jr.CR1] and Hannah, Dec.13,1793.

Thomas Mears, s.Jonathan and Betty, Dec.4,1794.

Hannah, ch.John, bp. Dec.7,1794.CR1

Hannah, d.John and Sarah, Dec.15,1794.

Hannah, d.Oliver [Oliver Jr.CR1] and Hannah, May17,1795.

Betty, d.Edward and Elizabeth, June20,1795 [sic. see Edward and Rispah]

Edward, twin s.Edward and Elizabeth, Sept.26,1795 [sic. see Betty]

Rispah, twin d.Edward and Elizabeth, Sept.26,1795 [sic. see Betty]

Zadock, s.Oliver [Oliver Jr.CR1] and Hannah, Oct.28,1796.

Rebecca, d.Oliver [Oliver Jr.CR1] and Hannah, Mar.30,1798.

Edward, ch.Edward [dup. Edward "tertius"], bp. Feb.17,1799.CR1

Elizabeth, ch.Edward [dup. Edward "tertius"], bp. Feb.17,1799.CR1

Rizpah, ch.Edward [dup. Edward "tertius"], bp. Feb.17,1799.CR1

Jacob Brown, s.Edward [Edward "ters,"CR1] and Elizabeth, Oct.30,1801.

Rachel, d.Oliver [Oliver Jr.CR1] and Hannah, Mar.13,1804.


Sarah Clarissa, ch.Jeremiah, bp. Jan.7,1818.CR1

Timothy Foster, s.Jeremiah, bp. Oct.3,1824.CR1

George, s.Joseph and Mary Ann, Dec.5,1833.

Adelaide, d.Joseph and Mary Ann, Sept.15,1839.

Albert Edward, s.Joseph and Mary Ann, Sept.30,1841.

Abba Jane, d.William and Abigail I., Sept.12,1842.

Frederic Eugine, s.Joseph, farmer, and Mary Ann, July16,1843.

末末, s.Joseph, victualler, and Mary Ann, Apr.12,1845.


Abigail Foster, d.Deborah, Nov.11,1770. [Farnham.CR1]


Mary, d.Steven and Mary, May4,1686. [Farre, d.Stephen and Mary.MR]


Joseph, s.Oliver, bp. Aug.11,1751, in Dunstable.CR1

Rufus [h.Emily (Stearns)], [Jan.末,1825]GR2

FASSET (Fassit)

Deborah [dup. Fassit], d.Patrick and Sarah, Feb.15,1680-1. [Facit, ch.Patience [sic] and Sarah.MR]

Mary [dup. Fassit], d.Patrick and Sarah, Mar.31,1683. [Fassitt.MR]

Peter [dup. Fassit], s.Patrick and Sarah, Aug.25,1685. [Fasset.MR]

Josiah [dup. Josia Fassit], s.Patrick and Sarah, Dec.1,1687. [Josiah Fassit, Dec.10.MR]

Benjamin, s.Patrick and Sarah, July7,1690. [Fassit.MR]

Esther, d.Samuel and Lydia, Sept.29,1706.

Lydia, d.Samuel and Lydia, Feb.1,1709-10.

Peter, s.Peter [dec'd] and Elizabeth, Nov.11,1711.

Esther, d.Samuel and Lydia, Nov.13,1711.

Sary, d.Samuel and Lydia, Dec.12,1713.

Josiah, s.Josiah and Sarah, July11,1714.

Sarah, d.Josiah and Sarah, Apr.26,1716.

Samuel, s.Samuel and Lydia, July9,1716.

Susanna, d.Samuel and Lydia, Apr.2,1718.

Mary, d.Josiah and Sarah, Sept.5,1718.

John, s.Josiah and Sarah, Apr.1,1720.

Amaziah, s.Samuel and Lydia, May6,1720.

Benjamin, s.Josiah and Sarah, Jan.11,1721-2.

Mary, d.Samuel and Lydia, July3,1722.

Mary, d.Josiah and Sarah, Oct.17,1723.

Deborah, d.Samuel and Lydia, June9,1724.

Susanna, d.Josiah and Sarah, Mar.29,1725.

Abigail, d.Samuel and Lydia, Dec.18,1726.

Bette, d.Josiah and Sarah, May3,1727.

Amos, s.Josiah and Sarah, Aug.8,1728.

Sarah, d.Josiah, bp. Oct.5,1755, in Bedford.CR1

FASSIT (Fasset)

Samuel [dup. Fasset], s.Patrick and Sarah, May7,1679.


Ann, w.Francis,末蔓末,1777.GR2

Ann, w.Calvin Rogers,末蔓末,1799.GR2

James R. [h, Catherine (Rogers)],末蔓末,1801.GR2

William E.,末蔓末,1805.GR2

Lois R. [? m.],末蔓末,1807.CR2

Lydia H. [? m.],末蔓末,1809.GR2

Charles, s.Francis, bp. Nov.3,1810.CR1

Charles, s.Francis and Ann, Oct.10,1811.

Luther Winthrop, s.Francis and Ann, Apr.12,1815.

Winthrop, s.Francis and Ann, June5,1817.

George, s.Francis and Ann, July14,1819.

Catherine Rogers, d.James R. and Catherine, July28,1827.

Ann Robbins, d.James R. and Catherine, July21,1829.

James, s, James R. and Catherine, Apr.18,1831. [[h.Fannie (Howard)]GR2]

Ann Robbins, ch.James, bp. June21,1833.CR1

Catherine Rogers, ch.James, bp. June21,1833.CR1

James, ch.James, bp. June21,1833.CR1

Francis, s.James R. [Capt. James R.CR1] and Catherine, Oct.8,1833.

Emely Francis, d.James R. and Catherine, May30,1835.

Abba Louisa, d.James R. and Catherine, Mar.5,1837.

Henry, s.James R. [Capt. James R.CR1] and Catherine, Sept.19,1839.

Francis S., s, Luther W. and Martha, July8,1843.

Mary E., d.James R., manufacturer, and Catherine, July3,1844. [Mary Elizabeth.CR1]

Frederic, s.Luther W., manufacturer, and Martha, July29,1844. [Frederick, ch.Luther V.CR1]

Horace William, s.Luther W., farmer, and Martha, Dec.28,1847.


Mary Elizabeth, d.Sereno and Elizabeth, June14,1834.


Sarah, d.Samuel and Elizabeth, Dec.25,1696.

Sarah, d.Samuel and Elizabeth, May4,1698.

Sammuell, s.Samuel and Elizabeth, Feb.14,1699.

Joseph, s.Samuel and Elizabeth, Oct.22,1702.

Benjamen, s Samuel and Elizabeth, July30,1703.

John, s.Samuel and Elizabeth, Feb.12,1707-8.

Zachiriah, s.Samuel and Elizabeth, Feb.13,1712.

Elizabeth, d.Samuell and Unis, Sept.22,1718.

Thaddeus, s.Capt. 末末, bp. Apr.13,1755, in Bedford.CR1

Abel, s.Benjamin, bp. Oct.5,1755, in Bedford.CR1

Betsey, d.David and Betsey, June26,1826.

Emily, d.David and Betsey, Dec.26,1827.

David Jr., s.David and Betsey, Mar.3,1832.

Ann, d.David and Betsey, Sept.15,1834.

John, s.David and Betsey, June17,1836.

Sarah, d.David and Betsey, July6,1838.

Abel, s.David and Betsey, May10,1840.


Ellen, d.William and Catherine, Mar.5,1826, in Ireland.

John, s.William and Catherine, Nov.18,1827.

Edward, s.William and Catherine, Oct.7,1830.

Mary Ann, d.William and Catherine, Nov.22,1831.

Catherine, d.William and Catherine, Mar.3,1833.

James, s.William and Catherine, Mar.1,1835.

Margaret, d.William and Catherine, June12,1836.

Catherine, d.William and Catherine, Apr.19,1838.

Elizabeth, d.William and Catherine, June3,1839.

Sarah Jane, d.William and Catherine, Nov.8,1840.

Charles Edward, s.William and Catherine, July4,1842.

Joanna, d.William, spinner, and Catherine, Apr.16,1845.


Olive, d.Jacob and Ruth, Jan.10,1749.

Sybil [dup. Sibbyl], ch.Samuel, bp. May8,1768.CR1

Dorcas, w.Solomon,末蔓末,1774.GR2

Phebe, ch.Samuel, bp. July9,1775.CR1

Solomon Lawrence, Dec.29,1801.GR2

Hannah Rebecca, s.[sic] Gilman and Hannah, Sept.12,1827.

Mary Edner, d.Gilman and Hannah, July28,1830.

Calvin Thomas, s.Gilman and Hannah, Mar.10,1832.

Hannah Rebecah, ch.Gilman and Hannah, bp. June末,1832.CR2

Mary Edna, ch.Gilman and Hannah, bp. June末,1832.CR2

James Henry, s.James and Louisa, Nov.2,1834.

Harriot Maria, d.Gilman and Hannah, Nov.16,1834.

Nathan Barnes, ch.Warren and Susan B., bp. July3,1835.CR2

Charles Newton, s.James and Louisa, June23,1836, in Tyngsboro.

John Woodard, s.Gilman and Hannah, Sept.26,1837.

John Edwards, s.James and Louisa, Aug.22,1838, in Tyngsboro.

John Woodard, ch.Gilman and Hannah, bp. Dec.27,1838.CR2

Laura Ann, d.Gilman and Hannah, Apr.24,1839.

Edward Harrison, s.James and Louisa, May21,1840.

Abba Gilman, d.Gilman and Hannah, Oct.7,1841.

John Irving, s.James and Louisa, May19,1842.

Emma Louisa, d.James, victualler, and Louisa, Sept.1,1843.

Abba Clementine, d.Gilman, victualler, and Hannah, Nov.17,1844.

Marietta, d.James, butcher, and Louisa, Nov.4,1845.

Abby Clementine, ch.Hannah, bp. Oct.28,1847.CR2

Warren Gilman, ch.Hannah, bp. Oct.28,1847.CR2

Caroline Elizabeth, d.James, farmer, and Louisa, June13,1848.


Caroline, d.Daniel, carpenter, and Susan, Nov.22,1849.


Susanna Sprague [? m.], Jan.6,1813.GR2

FORBUSH (Furbush)


Elvina Catherine [dup. Catharine], ch.Joseph, bp.末蔓末, 末末 [rec. after June19,1803] [dup. Jan.3,1813]CR1

Joseph 2d, s.Joseph and Experence, Mar.7,1669-70.

Elisabeth [dup. Elizabeth], d.Joseph and Allice [dup. Alce], Oct.7,1673.

Joseph, s.Joseph and Allice [dup. Alce] [Elce.MR], July15,1678.

Thomas, s.Joseph and Allice [dup. Alce] [Ales.MR], Feb.11,1680-1.

Sarah, d.Joseph and Allice [dup. Alce] [Alice.MR], Aug.23,1683.

John, s.Joseph and Allice [dup. Alcc] [Alie.MR] May12,1685.

Jonathan, s.Jonathan and Abigail, June26,1693.

Thomas, s.Thomas and Hephseba [dup. Hephsibah], Oct.17,1706.

John, s.Thomas and Hephseba [dup. Hephsibah], Jan.11,1707-8.

Sarah, d.Thomas and Hephsibah [dup. Hephseba], June30,1709.

Joseph, s.Thomas and Hephsibah [dup. Hephseba], Apr.8,1711.

Hannah, d.Thomas and Hepbsibah [dup. Hephseba], Sept.25 [dup. Sept.28], 1716.

Obadiah [dup. Obadia], s.Thomas and Hephseba [dup. Hephsibah], Mar.17,1721-2.

Nathaniel, s.John and Hannah, Nov.11,1730.

Parker, s.John and Hannah, Mar.6,1731-2.

John, s.John and Hannah, Aug.28,1733.

Isaac, s.Isaac and Sarah, Mar.8,1745-6.

Jacob, s.Isaac and Sarah, Dec.20,1747.

Jacob, s.Isaac and Sarah, bp, Dec.27,1748.CR1

Sarah, d, Isaac and Sarah, Mar.4,1749.

Joseph, s.Isaac and Sarah, Mar.21,1750.

Joseph, ch.Isaac, bp. Mar.31,1751.CR1

Sarah, d.Jacob and Sarah, Apr.27,1752.

John, s.Henry and Agnes, July31,1752.

Sarah, d.Isaac and Sarah, May29,1753.

Sarah, d.Jacob and Sarah, June5,1753.

Jane, d.Henry and Agnes, June14,1755.

John, s.Isaac and Sarah, June28,1755.

Timothy, s.Jacob and Sarah, July19,1755.

Smith, s.Henry and Agnes, May21,1757.

Elizabeth, ch.Jacob, bp. Oct.22,1757.CR1

Elisabeth, d.Jacob and Sarah, Oct.27,1757.

Samuel, s, Isaac and Sarah, Mar.31,1758.

Joseph, s.Henry and Agnes, Oct.29,1759.

Timothy, s.Jacob and Sarah, Nov.4,1759キ

Abigail, d.Isaca [Isaac.CR1] and Sarah, Feb.21,1761.

Benjamin, s.Henry and Agnes, Nov.13,1761.

Elisabeth, d.Henry and Agnus, Aug.28,1769.

Jacob, s.Jacob and Hannah, Feb.20,1772.

James, s.Jacob and Hannah, July6,1774.

Sarah, d.Joseph and Sarah, Nov.18,1776.

Samuel [h.Anna],末蔓末,1777.GR1

Susanna, d.Joseph and Sarah, Dec.3,1778.

James, s.Joseph and Sarah, Apr.11,1780.

Sarah, ch.Joseph, bp. Sept.10,1780.CR1

Susanna, ch.Joseph, bp. Sept.10,1780.CR1

Anna, d.Joseph and Sarah, Aug.15,1781.

Anna, w.Samuel,末蔓末,1783.GR1

Isaac, ch.Joseph, bp. May29,1783.CR

Clarissa, d.Timothy and Sally,. Apr.16,1785.

Isaac, s.Joseph and Sarah, May27,1785.

Sarah, d.Abiel and Sarah, May14,1793.

Clarissa, ch.Timothy, bp. Nov.8,1794 [dup. 1795]CR1

Merriam, d.Abiel and Sarah, Mar.2,1797.

Lucy, ch.Joseph, bp. Oct.13,1799.CR1

Lucy, ch.Joseph, bp. June19,1803.CR1

Thomas Whitney, s.Capt. Samuel and Anna, Dec.24,1803.

Sally, d.Capt. Samuel and Anna, Nov.9,1805.

Elmira, d.Capt. Samuel and Anna, Sept.15,1807.

Almira, ch.Samuel, bp. Sept.20,1807.CR1

Dudley, s.Capt. Samuel and Anna, Nov.15,1809. [[h.Louisa (Pollard)]GR2]

Edwin, s.Capt. Samuel and Anna, Feb.1,1812.

Daniel Whitney., s.Capt. Samuel and Anna, Mar.23,1814.

Elizabeth Ann, d.Capt. Samuel and Anna, Mar.22,1816.

Elizabeth Ann, d.Capt. Samuel and Anna, July2,1817.

Mary, d.Capt. Samuel and Anna, July13,1819.

Joseph, s.Capt. Samuel and Anna, July20,1821.

Joseph, s.Joseph, bp. July29,1821.CR1

Jonathan, s, Samuel and Anna, Jan.1,1823.

John, ch.Levi and Cile,末蔓末,1828.GR2

Sumner, ch, Samuel, bp. Dec.6,1828.

Sumner, s.Capt. Samuel and Anna, Jan.28,1829.

Frances Dudley, s.Dudley and Louisa, Aug.30,1836.

Mary Frances, w.Nathaniel D.P., Nov.20,1841.GR1

John Howard, s.Dudley, cordwainer, and Louisa, Mar.9,1844.


Harriet, w.Henry B. Judkins, Feb.17,1838.GR1

Martha, w.Amos Gray, Nov.1,1839.


Abigail, d.Abel and Abigail, July5,1755.

Edith, d.Abel and Abigail, May22,1757.


Ann, d, George and Mary Ann, Feb.28,1843.

Mary Jane, d.George, weaver, and Mary Ann, May2,1844.

Sarah Ann, s.[sic] James, trader, and Nancy, Nov.28,1846.


Ruth, d.John and Ruth, Apr.2,1708.

Joanna, d.John and Ruth, June21,1710.


末末, d.Patrick, laborer, and Mary, Dec.22,1845.


Amelia, see Emelia.

Daniel, see David.

Reuben, see Ruben.

Silas, see Silus.

Hannah, d.John and Hannah, Jan.20,1663-4. [Jan.11.MR]

Abigail [dup. Abigaile], d.John and Hannah, Dec.6,1665. [Abigail.MR]

Jacob, s.Jacob and Mary, Feb.20,1666-7.

Joseph, s.Joseph and Experiance [Experience.MR], Mar.25,1667キ

Elizabeth, d.Joseph and Experiance [Experience.MR], July16,1668.

William, s.Jacob and Mary, July18,1668.

Mary, d.John and Mary, Mar.4,1669-70. [Mar.1.MR]

Mary, d.Jacob and Mary, Oct.6,1669.

Joseph, s.Joseph and Experience, Mar.7,1670.MR

Mary, d.[dup. adds Lt.] William and Mary, Apr.3,1670.

John, s.Jacob and Mary, Oct.6,1670.

John, s.Joseph and Experiance [Experience.MR], Jan.30,1671.

Sarah, d.[dup. adds Lt.] William [Lt. William.MR] and Mary, Oct.29,1671.

Abigail [dup. Abigaile], d.[dup. adds Lt.] William and Mary, Apr.14,1673. [Abigail.MR]

Joseph, s.Jacob and Mary, May5,1673.

Nathaniel, s.Joseph and Experiance, May6,1674. [Nathaniell, s.Joseph and Experience.MR]

Jabez, s.Jacob and Mary, Sept.16,1674.

Thomas, s.Joseph and Experiance [Experience.MR], Feb.29,1675.

Hannah, d.[dup. adds Lt.] William and Mary, Jan.25,1676.

Mary, d.Jacob and Mary, Mar.5,1676-7 [sic. see Hannah]

Sarah, d.Joseph and Experiance [Experience.MR], Apr.6,1677.

Hannah, d.Jacob and Mary, Oct.23,1677 [sic. see Mary]

Jacob, s.Joseph and Experiance [Experience.MR], Apr.26,1678.

John, s.John and Mary, May15,1679.

Elisabeth [dup. Elizabeth], d.Jacob and Mary, June8,1679. [Elizabeth.MR]

Sarah, d.Jacob and Mary, Mar.7,1681-2.

Elisabeth [dup. Elizabeth], d.John and Mary, July24,1681. [Elizabeth.MR]

William, s.John and Mary, Nov.26,1683.

Sarah, d.John and Mary, Sept.15,1685.

Abigail, d.Jacob and Mary, Apr.20,1686.

William [dup. 2d], s.John and Mary, Aug.18,1687.

Hannah [dup. 2d], d.John and Mary, Feb.18,1692-3.

Jacob, s.William and Sarah, May16,1696.

Joseph, s.William and Sarah, Jan.26,1697-8.

Sarah, d.William and Sarah, Dec.29,1698.

William, s.William and Sarah, Jan.25,1700-1.

Jonathan, s.William and Sarah, Jan.25,1702-3.

Elizabeth [dup. Elisabeth], d.William and Sarah, Apr.3,1705.

Ebenezer, s.William and Sarah, Aug.5,1707.

Ruth, d.John Jr. and Ruth, Oct.22,1708.

Mary, d.William and Sarah, Oct.7,1709.

John, s.John Jr. and Ruth, Nov.24,1710.

Nicholas, s.William and Sarah, Sept.5,1711.

William, s.William Jr. and Mehittable [dup. Mehitable], Jan.25,1712-13.

Thomas, s.John Jr. and Ruth, Mar.14,1712-13.

Lydia, d.William and Sarah, Apr.26,1714.

Mary, d.John Jr. and Ruth, Sept.23,1715.

Elizabeth [dup. Elisabeth], d.William Jr. and Mehitable [dup. Mehittabel], Apr.3,1716.

Esther, d.William and Sarah, May16,1716.

Samuel, s.William and Sarah, May21,1718.

Mehittabel, d.William Jr. and Mehitable [dup. Mehittabel], Aug.21 [dup. Aug.29], 1718.

Hannah, d.John Jr. and Ruth, Aug.1,1719.

Nathaniel, s.William Jr. and Mehittabel, Feb.2,1720-1.

Joseph, s.John Jr. and Ruth, Mar.28,1721.

Elizabeth [dup. Elisabeth], d Jacob and Elizabeth [dup. Elisabeth], Feb.19,1722-3.

Rebeckah, d.Jacob and Elizabeth [dup. Elisabeth], Mar.2,1723-4.

Benjamin, s.John Jr. and Ruth, Feb.10,1724-5.

David, twin s.William Jr. and Mehitable [dup. Mehittabel], May28,1724.

Jonathan, twin s.William Jr. and Mehitable [dup. Mehittabel], May28,1724.

Sarah, d.Jacob and Elizabeth [dup. Elisabeth], Dec.14,1725.

Jacob, s.Jacob and Elizabeth [dup. Elisabeth], Feb.7,1726-7.

William, s.William Jr. [dup. omits Jr.] and Joanna, Mar.19,1727-8.

Jonathan, s.Jonathan and Mary, Apr.25,1727.

Sarah, d.William Jr. and Mehitable [dup. Mehittabel], Apr.28,1728.

Anna, d.Jacob and Elisabeth [dup. Elizabeth] Aug.16,1728.

Jonathan, s.John Jr. and Ruth, Aug.17,1728.

Joanna, d.William Jr. [dup. omits Jr.] and Joanna, Nov.27,1729.

Sarah 2d [dup. omits 2d], d.Jacob and Elizabeth [dup. Elisabeth], May9,1730,

John, s.William Jr. and Mehittabel, May27,1730.

Elizabeth [dup. Elisabeth], d.Ebenezer and Elizabeth [dup. Elisabeth], July7,1730.

Joseph, s.Willi am Jr. [dup. omits Jr.] and Joanna, Nov.11,1730.

Jonas, s.William and Joanna, Mar.18,1731-2.

Mary, d.Jacob and Elisabeth, Dec.13,1731.

Sarah, d.Ebenezer and Elisabeth, June1,1732.

John, s.John Jr. and Mary, Mar.30,1733.

Lucy, d.Ebenezer and Elisabeth, May20,1734.

Silence, d.Jacob and Elisabeth, May28,1734.

Lucy, d.William and Joanna, Oct.20,1734.

Ebenezer, s.Ebenezer and Elisabeth, May2,1735.

Esther, d.Ebenezer and Elisabeth, Feb.11,1736-7.

Lucy, d.William and Joanna, Apr.3,1736.

Jonathan, s.William 3d and Tabitha, Oct.10,1737.

William, s.William 3d and Tabitha, Feb.16,1738-9.

Asa, s.William and Joanna, May6,1738.

Jesse, s.Ebenezer and Elisabeth, Apr.6,1739キ

Joel, s.William and Joanna, Aug.19,1740.

Jacob, s.Ebenezer and Elisabeth, Nov.4,1740.

Joseph, s.William 3d and Tabitha, Dec.10,1740.

Jacob, s.Jacob and Sarah, Jan.20,1741.

Rachel, d.William and Joanna, Oct.10,1741.

Abigail, d.Ebenezer and Elisabeth, Mar.9,1742-3.

Tabitha, d.William 3d and Tabitha, Dec.31,1742.

Mary, d.Samuel and Elisabeth, Mar.23,1743-4.

Judah, s.Jacob and Sarah, Aug.24,1743.

Benjamin, s.William 3d and Tabitha, Feb.18,1744-5.

Lydia, d.William and Joanna, Mar.30,1744.

Joel, s.Jacob and Sarah, May21,1745.

Isaac Barron, s.Samuel and Elisabeth, Dec.30,1745.

Hannah, d.William and Joanna, Jan.11,1746-7.

Nehemiah, s.William 3d and Tabitha, Mar.29,1746.

Ezra, s.Jacob and Sarah, Dec.9,1746.

Mehittabel, d.William 3d and Tabitha, Feb.5,1747.

Elisabeth, d.Samuel and Elisabeth, Mar.5,1747-8. [Elizabeth [dup. Elisabeth]CR1]

Submit, d.Jacob and Sarah, Nov.27,1747.

Mehitabel [dup. Mehetabel], ch.William Jr. [dup., d.William Jr. and Tabitha], bp. Feb.14,1748.CR1

Esther, d.Samuel and Elisabeth, Mar.19,1749-50.

Stephen, ch.William Jr. [dup., s.William Jr. and Tabitha], bp. Dec.31,1749.CR1

Samuel, s.Ebenezer and Elisabeth, Oct.27,1750.

Ephraim, s.William 3d [William Jr.CR1] and Tabitha, Nov.10,1751.

Sarah, d.Samuel and Elisabeth, Mar.23,1752.

Samuel, s.Samuel and Elisabeth, Apr.22,1754.

David, s.William 3d and Tabitha, Sept.15,1754. [Daniel, ch.William Jr.CR1]

Molly, d.John and Mary, Feb.9,1755.

Lucy, d.Samuel and Elisabeth, Apr.6,1756.

Mehittabel, d.William 3d and Tabitha, Aug.18,1756. [Mehitabel [dup. Mehetabel], ch.William Jr.CR1]

Sarah, d.John and Mary, Apr.14,1757.

Oliver, s.Samuel and Elizabeth, Feb.13,1758. [Olive, d.Samuel and Elisabeth.CR1]

Jonas, s.Jonas and Hannah [Sarah.CR1], Sept.18,1758.

Nathaniel, s.Jonas and Hannah, Apr.11,1760.

Asa, s.Asa and Hannah, July7,1760.

Samuel, s.Samuell and Elizabeth, Sept.7,1760.

David, s.David and Margret, Nov.5,1760 [sic] [[dup., s.David and Margaret] bp. Nov.4,1759 [sic]CR1]

Ebenezer, s.Ebenezer and Rebeckah, Dec.16,1760.

Samuel, ch.Samuel, bp. Sept.28,1761.CR1

Jesse, s.Jesse and Abigail, Oct.11,1761.

Ruben, s.Jonas and Hannah, Oct.18,1761. [Reuben.CR1]

Joshua, s.Asa and Hannah, Mar.27,1762.

Rebecca, d.Ebenezer and Rebecca, June20,1762.

Silus, s.Samuell and Elizabeth, Oct.12,1762. [Silas, ch.Samuel.CR1]

Martha, d.David and Margret, Nov.5,1763 [sic] [bp. Oct.24,1762 [sic]CR1]

Samuel, s.Jesse and Abigail, Mar.14,1763.

Sarah, d.John and Priscilla, Apr.30,1763.

Asa, ch.Asa, bp. May29 [dup. May15], 1763.CR1

Joshua, ch.Asa, bp. May29 [dup. May15], 1763.CR1

Jacob, s.Jacob Jr. and Sarah, Oct.17,1763.

Jonathan, s.Jonathan and Abigail, Dec.8,1763.

Sarah, d.Ebenezer [Ebenezer Jr.CR1] and Rebecca, Jan.11,1764.

Sarah, ch.John, bp. May13,1764.

John, s.John and Priscilla, Apr.5,1765.

William, s.Jonas and Hannah, Apr.29,1765.

William, ch.William 3d, bp. July28,1765.CR1

James, s.Jacob Jr. and Sarah, Oct.1,1765.

Abigail, ch.Jonathan, bp. Dec.8,1765.CR1

Thomas, s.David and Margret, Dec.16,1765.

Abel, s.Ebenezer [Ebenezer Jr.CR1] and Rebecca, Aug.15,1766.

Sarah, ch.William 3d, bp. Aug.31,1766.CR1

Priscilla, d.John and Priscilla, Mar.末,1767. [bp. Mar.25 [dup. Mar.15]CR1]

Lydia, d.Ebenezer [Ebenezer Jr.CR1] and Rebecca, Dec.1,1767.

Silent, d.Jacob and Elisabeth, Dec.7,1767.

Hannah, d.Jonas and Hannah, Jan.23,1768.

Sarah, d.Jonathan and Abigal [dup. Abigail], Oct.15,1768.

Sarah, d.Jacob Jr. and Sarah, Oct.15,1768.

Zadock, s.Ebenezer and Rebecah, May22,1769. [Zadoc, ch.Ebenezer Jr.CR1]

Elizabeth, ch.John, bp. June15,1769.CR1

Elisabeth, d.John and Prissilla, June20,1769.

Elisabeth, d.Jacob and Elisabeth, Aug.6,1769. [Elizabeth, ch.Jacob 3d.CR1]

Thomas, s.Jonas and Hannah, Sept.24,1770.

Peter, s.Jacob Jr. and Sarah, Nov.6,1770.

Elisabeth, d.Ebenezer and Rebecah, Feb.7,1771. [Elizabeth, ch.Ebenezer Jr.CR1]

Jacob, s.Jacob [Jacob "Ters,"CR1] and Elisabeth, Apr.9,1771.

Daniel, s.John and Prissilla, Sept.11,1771.

Sarah, d.Joel and Elianor, Oct.9,1772.

Hezekiah, s.Ebenezer [Ebenezer Jr.CR1] and Rebecah, Jan.18,1773.

Benjamin, s.Jacob Jr. and Sarah, May22,1773.

Ziba, s.Jonas and Hannah, June9,1773.

Hannah, d.Jacob [Jacob 3d.CR1] and Elisabeth, Jan.16,1774.

Benjamin, s.John and Prissilla, May12,1774.

Francis, s.Ebenezer [Ebenezer Jr.CR1] and Rebecah, Aug.15,1774.

Rhoda, d.Jacob Jr. and Sarah, Apr.9,1775.

Susanna, d.Jonas and Hannah, Oct.25,1775. [Susannah.CR1]

Judah, s.Jacob [Jacob Jr.CR1] and Elisabeth, Jan.28,1776.

Joseph, s.John and Prissilla, Dec.7,1776.

Isaac, s.Isaac and Hannah, Apr.1,1777.

Anna, d.Jacob and Elisabeth, Nov.27,1777.

Josiah, s.Ebenezer and Rebecah, Dec.25,1777.

Josiah, ch.Ebenezer Jr., bp. Dec.28,1778.CR1

Cyrus, s.Isaac and Hannah, Feb.22,1779.

Jesse, s.John and Priscilla, June1,1779.

Joel, s.Jacob and Elisabeth, Jan.30,1780.

Patty, d.John and Priscilla, May20,1781. [Patte.CR1]

Hannah, d.Isaac and Hannah, June1,1781.

Sarah, d.Jacob and Elisabeth, Dec.22,1782.

Jonathan, s.Isaac and Hannah, Feb.20,1783.

Sampson, s.Isaac and Hannah, Feb.6,1785.

Mary, d.Isaac and Hannah, Mar.9,1787.

Jonas, s.Nathaniel and Susanna.June7,1787キ

Eri, s.Isaac and Hannah, Feb.25,1789.

Cinda, d.Nathaniel and Susanna, Nov.8,1789. [Cindia.CR1]

Nabby, d.Reuben and Abigail, Aug.21,1790.

Moody, s.Isaac and Hannah, Mar.5,1791.

Reuben, s.Reuben and Abigail, Feb.26,1792.

Peter, s.Peter, bp. Apr.14,1793.CR1

William, s.Isaac and Hannah, June18,1793.

Charles, s.Reuben and Abigail, Oct.13,1793.

Joseph, s.Isaac and Hannah, Apr.11,1795.

Ziba, s.Reuben and Abigail, Jan.3,1796.

Maria, d.Luther and Salley, Sept.12,1796.

Anna, d.Isaac and Hannah, May24,1797. [Anne.CR1]

George, s.Reuben and Abigail, Sept.8,1797.

Caroline, d.Luther and Sarah, May6,1798.

Josiah Bowers, s.Luther and Sarah, Dec.13,1799.

Zoa, ch.Reuben, bp. Apr.20,1800.CR1

Zoa, d.Reuben and Abigail, Apr.15,1801.

Andrew, s.Luther and Sarah, Dec.21,1801.

Abram, s.Luther and Sarah, Dec.13,1803. [Abraham.CR1]

Page, s.Reuben and Abigail, Apr.30,1805.

Luther, s.Luther and Sarah, Jan.9,1806.

Hannah, ch.Isaac [dup. Jr.], bp. Sept.21,1806.CR1

Mary, ch.Isaac [dup. Jr.], bp. Sept.21,1806.CR1

Moody, ch.Isaac [dup. Jr.], bp. Sept.21,1806.CR1

Maria Trowbridge, d.Luther and Sarah, Apr.4,1808.

Charles W. [h.Roxanna W.], May2,1810.GR2

Walter, s.Luther and Sarah, Aug.29,1810.

Amos Binney, s.Luther and Sarah, July3,1812.

Emelia, ch.Cyrus, bp. Jan.3 [dup. June27], 1813.CR1

Roxanna W., w.Charles Mar.23,1813.GR2

Thomas Trowbridge, s.Luther and Sarah, Dec.21,1814.

Isaac, ch.Cyrus, bp. Mar.12,1815.CR1

Lucy Ann, ch.Luther, bp. Nov.21,1819.CR1

Henry Page, s.Reuben and Abigail, May23,1824.

Henry Holden, s.Reuben and Abigail, Jan.15,1827.

George Page, s.Reuben and Abigail, Sept.15,1829.

Augusta Maria, d.Charles W. and Roxan W., Apr.11,1839.

Charles Barrett, s.Charles W. and Roxan W., Oct.10,1840.

Marietta, d.Charles W. [dup. farmer] and Roxanna [dup. Roxan] W., Apr.24,1844.

Elizabeth Ann, d.Joseph, laborer, and Eliza Ann, Oct.6,1844.

Joseph Albert, s.Joseph, laborer, and Eliza Ann, Apr.15,1846.

Frederic, s.Charles W. [dup. farmer] and Roxanna W., July20,1847.


James, s.James and Rebeckah [dup. Rebecca] [Rebeccah.MR], July7,1666.

Thomas, s.James and Elisabeth [dup. Elizabeth] [Elizabeth.MR], Oct.18,1667.

John, s.James and Elisabeth [dup. Elizabeth] [Elizabeth.MR], Nov.14,1668.

Samuel, s.James and Elisabeth [dup. Elizabeth] [Elizabeth.MR], Feb.28,1669-70.

Elisabeth [dup. Elizabeth], d.James and Elisabeth [dup. Elizabeth], Nov.6,1672. [Elizabeth, d.James and Elizabeth.MR]

Elisabeth [dup. Elizabeth], d.Samuel and Elisabeth [dup., d.Samuell and Elizabeth], Apr.30,1674.

Edmond, s.James and Elisabeth [dup. Elizabeth], May14,1675. [Edmund, s.James and Elizabeth.MR]

Mary, d.James and Elisabeth [dup. Elizabeth], May6,1676.

John, s.Samuel and Elisabeth [dup. Elizabeth] [Elizabeth.MR], Apr.2,1678.

Sarah, d.James and Elisabeth [dup. Elizabeth] [Elizabeth.MR], July15,1678.

Hannah, d.James and Elisabeth [dup. Elizabeth] [Elizabeth.MR], Jan.31,1680-1.

Joseph, s.Samuel and Elisabeth [dup. Elizabeth] [Elizabeth.MR], Dec.23,1680.

Joseph, s.James and Elisabeth [dup. Elizabeth] [Elizabeth.MR], Mar.21,1682-3.

Benjamin, s.Samuel and Elisabeth [dup. Elizabeth] [Elizabeth.MR], Aug.10,1683.

Abigail [dup. Abigaile], d.James and Elisabeth [dup. Elizabeth], Aug.23,1685. [Abigail, ch.James and Elizabeth.MR]

Jonathan, s.Samuel and Elisabeth [dup. Elizabeth] [Elizabeth.MR], Nov.3,1685.

Benjamin, s.James and Elisabeth [dup. Elizabeth] [Elizabeth.MR], Mar.8,1687-8.

David, s.Samuel and Elisabeth [dup. Elizabeth], Apr.11,1689. [s.Samuell and Elisabeth, Apr.12.MR]

Edmond, s.Samuel and Elisabeth [dup. Elizabeth], Mar.5,1691-2. [Edmund, [s.] Samuell and Elisabeth, Mar.1.MR]

William, s.James Jr. and Hannah, Sept.4,1694.

Rebeckah, d.Thomas Jr. and Sarah, May6,1695.

James, s.Thomas Sr. and Rebeckah [dup. Rebecca, second dup. Rebecka], Sept.18,1696.

Hannah, d.James Jr. and Hannah, Oct.22,1696.

Josiah, s.Thomas Jr. and Sarah, Mar.27,1697.

Sarah, d.Thomas Jr. and Sarah, Jan.29,1698.

Experiance, d.Thomas Sr. and Rebeckah [dup. Rebecca] Mar.26,1698.

Rebeckah, d.James Jr. and Hannah, Apr.26,1699.

Samuell, s.Thomas and Sarah, June7,1700.

James, s.James Jr. and Hannah, May27,1701.

Rebeckah [dup. Rebecka], d.Thomas Sr. and Rebeckah [dup. Rebecca], Aug.9,1701.

Hannah [dup. Hanah], d.Samuel Jr. and Hannah [dup. Hanah] May13,1702.

Ebenezer, s.James Jr. and Hannah, Aug.末,1702.

Samuel [dup. Samuell], s.Samuel Jr. [dup. Samuell Jr.] and Hannah, Nov.26,1703.

James, s.James Jr. and Hannah, Oct.3,1704.

Sarah, d.Thomas Sr. and Rebecca [dup. Rebeckah], Dec.25,1704.

Daniel, s.Samuel Jr. and Hannah, June9,1705.

Thomas, s.Thomas and Hannah, Apr.16,1708 [dup. 1728, sic]

Joseph, s.Thomas and Deborah, Nov.26,1709.

Abigail [dup. Abigall], d.Samuel Jr. and Hannah [dup., d.Samull Jr. and Hanah], June18,1710.

Elisabeth [dup. Elizabeth], d.James Jr. [dup. omits Jr.] and Hannah, Aug.27,1710.

Timothy, s.Thomas and Deborah, Nov.16,1710.

Joseph, s.Joseph and Sarah, Jan.22,1711-12.

Ebenezer, s.Thomas Jr. and Sarah, Nov.末,1711.

John, s.Samuel Jr. and Hannah [dup., s.Samuell Jr. and Hanah], Apr.30,1712.

John, s.James Jr. and Hannah [dup., s.Jams and Hanah], Oct.28,1712.

Deborah, d.Thomas and Deborah, June9,1714.

Elisabeth [dup. Elizabeth], d.Samuel Jr. [dup. Samuell, omits Jr.] and Hannah, Aug.16,1714.

Hannah, d.Edmond and Hannah, May25,1715.

Ruth, d.Thomas Jr. and Sarah, Oct.4,1715.

Elizabeth [dup. Elisabeth], d.Thomas and Deborah, Feb.28,1716-17キ

Sarah, d.Joseph and Sarah, May31,1716.

Elisabeth [dup. Elizabeth], d.Edmond and Hannah, Feb.23,1717-18.

Benjamin, s.Joseph and Sarah, Mar.6,1717-18.

Abigail [dup. Abegail], d.Edmond and Hannah, Mar.16,1718-19.

Esther, d.Thomas Jr. and Sarah, Sept.1,1718.

Susanna, d.Edmond and Hannah, Apr.18,1721.

Ephraim, s.Joseph and Sarah, June9,1721.

William, s.William and Elizabeth [dup. Elisabeth], Sept.17,1722.

Edmond, s.Edmond and Hannah, Apr.3,1723.

Elizabeth [dup. Elisabeth], d.William and Elizabeth [dup. Elisabeth], Aug.31,1723.

William, s.William and Elizabeth [dup. Elisabeth], Feb.21,1724-5.

Ruth, d.Edmond and Hannah, June17,1725.

James, s.William and Elizabeth [dup. Elisabeth], May8,1726.

Jacob, s.William and Elizabeth [dup. Elisabeth], Mar.16,1727-8.

Mary, d.Benjamin and Hannah, Apr.20,1727.

Esther, d.William and Elisabeth [dup. Elizabeth], Feb.17,1729-30.

Esther, d.James Jr. and Esther, Apr.15,1732.

Ephraim, s.Joseph 3d and Abigail, May13,1732.

Abigail, d.Joseph 3d and Abigail, Mar.6,1733-4.

Samuel, s.Edmond and Hannah, Sept.16,1733.

Rebeckah, d.William and Elisabeth, Oct.1,1733.

James, s.James Jr. and Esther, Jan.3,1734-5.

Jesse, s.William and Elisabeth, Mar.9,1735-6.

Lucy, d.William and Elisabeth, Apr.9,1737.

John, s.John and Hannah, Nov.19,1737.

Joshua, s.James Jr. and Esther, Dec.8,1737.

Abial, d.William and Elisabeth, Mar.18,1738-9.

Hannah, d.James Jr. and Esther, July20,1740.

Hannah, d.John and Hannah, Aug.6,1741.

Sarah, d.James Jr. and Esther, Sept.16,1744.

Peter, s.John and Hannah, Nov.21,1744.

Abigail, d.James Jr. and Esther, July24,1747.

Benjamin, s.Thomas, bp. July10,1748, in Dunstable.CR1

William, ch.James, bp. Dec.3,1749.CR1

William, s.James Jr. and Esther, Dec.17,1749.

Martha, d.James Jr. and Esther, Nov.19,1751.

Rebecca, d.Joshua and Hannah, Aug.26,1766.

Rebecca, ch.Joshua, bp. May28,1769.CR1

Hannah, d.Joshua and Hannah, Aug.11,1769.

Mary, d.Joshua and Hannah, Mar.8,1773.

Elizabeth, d.Joshua and Hannah, Dec.16,1775.

Joshua, s.Joshua and Hannah, Aug.24,1778.

William, s.Joshua and Hannah [s.Hannah, wid.CR1], Sept.22,1780.

William, s.William and Sarah, Dec.8,1785.

William, ch.William, bp. July29,1787.CR1

Joshua, s.William and Sarah, Feb.5,1789.

Benjamin, s.William and Sarah, Nov.27,1791.

Sarah, d.William and Sarah, Aug.25,1794.

Clarissa, d.William and Sarah, June15,1796.

Clarissa, ch.William, bp. June25,1797.CR1

Martha, d.William and Sarah, Jan.23,1800.

Maria, d.William and Sarah, Sept.30,1805.

Sarah Elizabeth, d.Benjamin and Bulah, Aug.24,1816.

William Franklin, s.Benjamin and Bulah, July26,1818.

Lucy Ann, d, Benjamin and Bulah, Oct.19,1819.

John, s.Benjamin and Bulah, Dec.10,1820.

George, s.Benjamin and Bulah, Apr.18,1822.

Harriet, twin ch.Benjamin and Bulah, June12,1827. [w.Albert R. Richardson.GR2]

Henry, twin ch.Benjamin and Bulah, June12,1827.


Thaddeus Muzzy, s.John, bp. Aug.27,1786.CR1

Josiah, s.Silas, bp. Sept.14,1787 [dup. 1788]CR1


Charles, s.Charles Furbush and Hannah Trull, wid., Jan.30,1709.

Benone, twin s.Charls Furbush and Hannah Trull, wid., July9,1713.

Icabod, twin s.Charls Furbush and Hannah Trull, wid., July9,1713.

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