Cristopher, s.Nathaniel and Joanna, Feb.6,1690. [Christopher, s.Nathaniell and Johanna.MR]

Nathaniell, s.Nathaniell and Susana, Sept.4,1703.

John, s.Nathaniell and Susana, Oct.11,1704.

Christopher, s.Nathaniell and Susana, July16,1707.

Susanna, d.Nathaniell and Susana, Apr.29,1711.

Joanna, d.Nathaniell and Susana, Oct.29,1712.

Joanna, d.Christopher and Joana, Aug.10,1717.

Christopher, s.Christopher and Elizabeth, June11,1721.

William, s.Christopher and Elizabeth, May2,1723.

George, s.Christopher and Elizabeth, June17,1725.

Timothy, s.Christopher and Elizabeth, May24,1727.

Nathaniel, s.Nathaniel Jr. and Hannah, May22,1729.

Jonas, s.Christopher and Elizabeth, Sept.19,1729.


Joseph Meriam, s.Arza and Elizabeth T., Nov.23,1832.

Hannette C., d.Arza and Elizabeth T., Sept.18,1835.

Mary Francis, d.Arza and Elizabeth T., July29,1838.

Angela Streeter, d.Arza and Elizabeth T., Feb.2,1841.

Georgianna Bryant, d.Arza and Elizabeth T., Feb.22,1843.

Elizabeth Augusta, d.Arza, carpenter, and Elizabeth T., Mar.8,1845.

Ann Mary, d.Ambrose F., orchardist, and Sarah H., Mar.20,1848.

Ella Maria Kimball, d.Araz, carpenter, and Elizabeth, Aug.28,1849.


John, s.Benjamin,末蔓末, 末末.

Stephen Henry, see Henry Stephen.

Benjamin, s.Benjamin and Sarah [second dup. Sara] [Sarah.MR], June29,1662.

John, s.Benjamin and Sarah, Dec.3,1663.

Samuel, s.Benjamin and Sarah, Nov.19,1664.

John, s.Benjamin and Sarah, Mar.17,1667-8.

Samuel, s.Benjamin and Sarah, Sept.26,1670.

Elizabeth, d.John and Mary, May30,1680.

John, s.John and Mary, Feb.23,1682.

Jonathan, s.John and Mary, Jan.2,1684.

Mary, d.Benjamin and Mary, Jan.26,1685-6.

Thomas, s.John and Mary, Dec.18,1686.

Sarah, d.Benjamin and Mary, Dec.2,1687.

Samuel, s.John and Mary, Mar.9,1688.

Benjamin, s.Benjamin and Mary, Oct.26,1689.

Mary, d.John and Mary, Apr.4,1690.

Anna, d.John and Mary, Apr.3,1692.

Lydia, d.John and Mary, May7,1694.

John, s.John and Abigail, May14,1698.

Abigail, d.Benjamin and Abigaile [dup. Abigail], Sept.11,1698.

John, s.Benjamin and Abigail, Dec.17,1700 [second dup. crossed out, 1720].

Hannah, d.Benjamin and Abigail, Jan.26,1702-3 [second dup. crossed out, Jan.16,1721-2].

Bethiah [second dup. crossed out, Bethia], d.Benjamin and Abigail, Sept.17,1705.

Lydia [dup. Leydai], d.Benjamin Jr. [dup. Benjamia, omits Jr.] and Lydia, Mar.12,1712.

Benjamin, s.Benjamin Jr. [dup. omits Jr.] and Lydia [dup. Lydai], Sept.17,1720.

Samuel, s.John and Sarah, Dec.10,1722.

Sarah, d.Benjamin Jr. [dup. omits Jr.] and Lydia [dup. Lydai], May12,1724.

Mary, d.Benjamin Jr. [dup. omits Jr.] and Lydia [dup. Lydai]. Oct.12,1726.

David, s.David and Sarah, June5,1729.

Robert, s.Benjamin Jr. [dup. omits Jr.] and Lydia [dup. Lydai], July13,1730.

Samuel, s.Samuel and Anne, Feb.9,1743-4.

Levi, s.Benjamin and Mary, Sept.13,1743.

John, twin s.John and Mary, Mar.30,1745.

Mary, twin d.John and Mary, Mar.30,1745.

David, s.Benjamin and Mary, June3,1745.

Anne, d.Samuel and Anne, Sept.7,1745.

Nathaniel, s.Benjamin and Mary, Mar.23,1746.

Bette, d.Samuel and Anne, Feb.27,1747-8. [Betty [dup. ch.Samuel and Anna].CR1]

Mary, d.Benjamin and Mary, Jan.25,1748.

Anna, ch.Samuel [dup. ch.Samuel and Anna], bp. Aug.21,1748.CR1

Samuel, ch.Samuel [dup. ch.Samuel and Anna], bp. Aug.21,1748.CR1

Lydia, d.Benjamin and Mary, Jan.28,1750.

John, twin s.Samuel and Anne [Anna.CR1], Aug.15,1750.

Jonathan, twin s.Samuel and Anne [Anna.CR1], Aug.15,1750.

Abigail, d.John and Abigail, Dec.1,1751.

Rebeckah, d.Samuel and Anne, May16,1752. [Rebecca, twin ch.Samuel [dup., d.Samuel and Anna].CR1]

Ruth, d.Benjamin and Mary, July3,1752.

Sarah, d.John and Abigail, Dec.9,1753.

John, s.Benjamin and Mary, Jan.15,1754.

John, s.John and Abigail, May9,1756.

William, s.Benjamin and Mary, May31,1757.

Allice, d.David and Alice, July3,1758, [Alice.CR1]

Anne, d.John and Abigail [Sarah.CR1], Sept.10,1758.

David, ch.David [dup., s.David and Alice] bp. Dec.9,1759.CR1

Stephen, s.John and Abigail, Dec.1,1760.

David, s.David and Alice [Allice.CR1], Feb.13,1761.

Anne, d.John and Abigail, Aug.12,1762.

Peleg, ch.David, bp. Apr.10,1763.CR1

Martha, d.John and Abigail, Mar.16,1765.

Daniel, s.John and Abigail, Oct.3,1766.

Abel, ch.John [dup., s.James], bp. Oct.5,1766.CR1

Rachel, ch.David, bp. Nov.30,1766.CR1

Elisabeth, d.John and Abigail, Jan.5,1769. [Elizabeth.CR1]

Lucy, d.Nathaniell [Nathaniel.CR1] and Elianor, Mar.7,1772.

Samuel, s.John and Abigail, May25,1772.

Molly, d.Levi and Sarah, June2,1772. [Molley.CR1]

Nathaniel, s.Nathaniell and Elianor, Oct.18,1773. [[dup. Nathanael] ch.Nathaniel [dup. Nathanael].CR1]

Abigail, d.Nathan and Abigail, July17,1774キ

William, s.Levi and Sarah, Aug.22,1774.

Sibbel, d.Levi and Sarah, June16,1776.

Ephraim, s.Nathaniell [Nathanael.CR1] and Elianor, June21,1776.

Eleanor [dup. Elianor], ch.Nathaniel, bp. May10,1778.CR1

Lydia, d.Levi and Sarah, Feb.24,1779.

John, s.John Jr. and Mary, May12,1780.

Lucy, ch.William, bp. July1,1781.CR1

Anna, twin d.John Jr. and Mary, Aug.26,1782, [Ann.GR1]

Mary, twin d.John Jr. and Mary, Aug.26,1782.

William, ch.William, bp. Feb.16,1783.CR1

Henry, s.John Jr. and Mary, Aug.28,1784.

David, s.John Jr. and Mary, May16,1786.

Frederick Augustus, s.John Jr. and Mary, Dec.21,1789.

Mary, d.Stephen and Mary, May1,1793.

Stephen, s.Stephen and Mary, Feb.20,1795. [[h.Caroline J.]GR1]

Sarah, d.Stephen and Mary, Sept.14,1796.

Maria, d.John Jr. and Susanna, Oct.10,1797.

Maria, w.Marshall Preston,末蔓末,1798.GR1

Mary (Paker), ch.Stephen, bp. May19,1799.CR1

Sarah (Paker), ch.Stephen, bp. May19,1799.CR1

Stephen (Paker), ch.Stephen, bp. May19,1799.CR1

Elizabeth, d.Stephen and Mary, Apr.5,1800. [Paker.CR1]

John Minot, twin ch.John Jr., bp. Sept.5,1802.CR1

Susannah [dup. Susanna] Mirick, twin ch.John Jr., bp. Sept.5,1802.CR1

Caroline J., w.Stephen [Mar.末,1804].GR1

John (Paker), ch.Stephen, bp. Feb.24,1805.CR1

George, s.John [John Jr.CR1] and Susanna, Mar.21,1805.

Sarah Bowers, ch.Samuel, bp. June8,1806.CR1

Daniel, s.Stephen and Sibbel, Oct.28,1806. [Paker.CR1]

Gardner, s.Stephen and Sibbel, Sept.19,1808. [Paker.CR1] [[h.Adaline Maria]GR2]

Charlotte Augusta, d.Samuel, bp. June11,1809.CR1

Lydia Ann [d.Henry and Lydia], May21,1810.

John Henry, s.David and Achsah, Aug.28,1810.

Samuel Abbot, s.Samuel, bp. Sept.16,1810.CR1

Clarissa, d.Stephen and Sibbel, Dec.11,1810. [Paker.CR1]

Caroline, d.David and Achsah, Jan.15,1812.

Sampson Warren, ch.Samuel, bp. July18,1813.CR1

William Crosby, ch.David, bp. Oct.1,1813.CR1

Augusta, d.David and Achsah, Jan.14,1814.

Gustavus, s.Henry and Lydia, Jan.25,1814.

Caroline, ch.David, bp. June26,1814.CR1

John Henry, ch.David, bp. June26,1814.CR1

Francis James, ch.Henry, bp. Jan.8,1815.CR1

Adaline Maria [w.Gardner], July20,1816.GR2

Charles Edwin, s.David and Achsah, May29,1817.

Henrietta, ch.Henry [dup., d.Henry dec'd], bp. Aug.20,1819 [dup. 1820].CR1

Achsah Crosby, d.David and Achsah, Oct.6,1819.

Charles Henry, July20,1820.GR1

Norman, s.David and Achsah, Jan.11,1821.

Mary Ann, d.David and Achsah, June27,1822.

Joseph, s.Joseph Jr. and Ann, Sept.24,1824.

Edward David, s.David and Achsah, Dec.6,1827.

James Lewis, s.David and Achsah, Dec.19,1830.

George Gardner, s.Gardner and Adeline Maria, Mar.7,1842.

Ellen Augusta, d.Charles E. and Harriot G., Mar.9,1843.

Henry Stephen [sic, Stephen Henry], s.Gardner [dup. adds farmer] and Adeline Maria [dup. omits Maria], Jan.17,1844. [Stephen Henry.GR2]

末末, d.Charles Edwin, trader, and Harriot G., Apr.2,1844.

Mary Coggin, d.Charles H., shoemaker, and Mary, Nov.24,1844.

Clarissa Baldwin, d.Charles H., shoemaker, and Mary, Jan.14,1846.

Frederic Hunt, s.Gardner, farmer, and Adeline [dup. adds Maria], Feb.18,1847.

Mary Louisa, d.Charles E., trader, and Harriot [dup. Harriet] G. Jan.13,1848.

Frank Wilson, s.Gardner, farmer, and Adeline, Apr.5,1849.

Frederick Augustus, s.Charles, shoemaker, and Mary, Aug.14,1849.


Christopher, ch.Daniel [dup. of Cape Ann], bp. Oct.15,1775.CR1

PASHIO (Patio)

John F.,末蔓末,1821.GR2

Gardner S., s.John F., farmer, and Mary, Sept.2,1847.


Mary, d.James and Rebecca, Aug.22,1666. [Pattershon.MR]

James, s.James and Rebecca, Feb.28,1668. [Patterson.MR]

Andrew, s.James and Rebecca, Apr.4,1672. [Patterson, s.James and Rebeccah.MR]

John, s.James and Rebecka, Apr.8,1675. [Patterson, [s.] James and Rebeccah.MR]

Joseph, s.James and Rebecca, Feb.1,1677. [Patterson, ch.James and Rebeccah.MR]

Rebecka, d.James and Rebecca, July18,1680. [Rebeccah Patterson, ch.James and Rebeccah.MR]

James, s.James and Rebecka [Rebecca.MR], Apr.13,1683.

Jonathan, s.James and Rebecca [Rebeccah.MR], Feb.31,1685.

Kezia, d.John and Joanna, Feb.1,1703.

Rebecah, d.John and Joanna, Feb.15,1705.

Hannah, d.John and Joanna, July9,1710.

Mary, d.John and Joanna, Mar.19,1713-14.

Elizabeth, d.John and Joanna, Feb.24,1722-3.

PATIO (Pashia)

George, s.Thomas and Sally, May3,1822.

Thomas, s.Thomas and Sally, Sept.29,1823.

Aaron, s.Thomas and Sally, Mar.25,1826.

John, s.Thomas and Sally, Dec.15,1828.

Henry, s.Thomas and Sally, Aug.9,1832.

Joseph, s.Thomas and Sally, May25,1833.

Mary, d.Thomas and Sally, Mar.7,1835.

Ellen, d.Thomas and Sally, Apr.7,1838.

Sarah, d.Thomas, laborer, and Sally, Nov.18,1843.

PATTEN (Pattin)

Mary [dup. Pattin], d.Thomas and Rebeckah [dup. Rebecca], Aug.21,1664. [Pattin.MR]

Thomas [dup. Pattin], s.Thomas and Rebeckah [dup. Rebecka], Mar.22,1665-6. [Pattin, s.Thomas and Rebeccah.MR]

Nathaniel [dup. Pattin], s.Thomas and Rebeckah [dup. Rebecca], Sept.14,1668. [Pattin, s.Thomas and Rebeccha.MR]

William [dup. Pattin], s.Thomas and Rebeckah [dup. Rebecca]. May12,1671. [Pattin, s.Thomas and Rebeccah.MR]

Rebeckah [dup. Rebecca Pattin], d.Thomas and Rebeckah [dup. Rebecca], Jan.29,1674-5. [Rebeccah Pattin, [d.] Thomas and Rebeccah.MR]

Sarah [dup. Pattin], d.Thomas and Rebeckah [dup. Rebecca], June18,1677. [Pattin, d.Thomas and Rebeccah.MR]

Elisabeth [dup. Elizabeth Pattin], d.Thomas and Rebeckah [dup. Rebecka], May8,1680. [Elizabeth Pattin, ch.Thomas and Rebeccah.MR]

Mehittabel [dup. Mehittabell Pattin], d.Thomas and Sarah, Feb.28,1686-7. [Mehetabel Patten.MR]

Kendal [dup. Kindall Pattin], s.Thomas and Sarah, Apr.20,1689. [Kindall Pattin.MR]

William [dup. Pattin], s.William and Mary, Jan.24,1693-4.

Thomas [dup. Pattin], s.William and Mary, Mar.12,1694-5.

Mary [dup. Pattin], d.William and Mary, July19,1696.

Rebeckah [dup. Pattin], d.William and Mary.Apr.18,1699.

Thomas [dup. Pattin], s.Thomas and Hannah, Oct.22,1701.

Sarah [dup. Pattin], d.William and Mary, Dec.6,1701.

Nathaniel [dup. Nathaniell Patin], s.Thomas and Hannah [dup., s.Thomas (Pattin) and Hanah], Feb.1,1702-3.

Elisabeth [dup. Elizebeth Pattin], d.William and Mary, Jan.25,1704-5.

John [dup. Pattin], s.Thomas and Hannah, Mar.29,1705.

Hannah, d.Nathaniel [dup. Nathaniell] and Hannah, Apr.3,1705.

William 2d [dup. omits 2d], s.William and Mary, Apr.16,1706.

Nathaniel, s.Nathaniel [dup. Nathaniell] and Hannah, Sept.10,1707.

Elizabeth [dup. Elisabeth], d.William and Mary, Feb.18,1708-9.

Mehittabel, d.William and Mary, Aug.18,1710.

Joseph [dup. Pattin], s.Thomas and Hannah, Sept.26,1710.

John [dup. Pattin], s.Nathaniel and Hannah, Oct.31 [dup. Aug.31], 1711.

Kendal [dup. Kendall Patting], s.Kendal and Abigail [dup., s.Kendall and Abigall], Aug.13,1713.

Abigail [dup. Patting], d.Kendal and Abigail [dup., d.Kendall and Abigall], May7,1716.

Elisabeth [dup. Patting], d.Kendal and Abigail [dup., d.Kendall and Abigall], July17,1718.

Samuel, s.Kendal and Abigail, Feb.18,1720-1.

Sarah, d.Kendal and Abigail, Aug.20,1722.

Hannah, d.Kendal and Abigail, Mar.9,1723-4.

Mehittabel, d.Kendal and Abigail, Sept.13,1725.

Mary, twin d.Thomas Jr. and Miriam, Dec.21,1730.

Miriam, twin d.Thomas Jr. and Miriam, Dec.21,1730.

Hannah, d.Thomas 3d and Hannah, Apr.17,1732.

Nathaniel, "Reputed", s.Nathaniel Patten Jr. and Rachel Blanchard, Apr.18,1732.

William, s.Thomas Jr. and Miriam, Sept.24,1732.

Thomas, s.Thomas Jr. and Miriam.Apr.2,1734.

Sarah, d.Thomas Jr. and Miriam, Aug.24,1735.

Lucy, d.Joseph and Susanna, Dec.1,1735.

Mary, d.Thomas Jr. and Miriam, Sept.10,1737.

Alice, d.Joseph and Susanna, July3,1738.

Jane, d.John and Jane, Jan.4,1739.

Isaac, s.Thomas Jr. and Miriam, June3,1739.

Jonathan, s.Thomas Jr. and Miriam, Feb.14,1742-3.

Joseph, s.Joseph and Susannah, July29,1742.

David, s.Thomas Jr. and Mary Miriam, Aug.2,1745.

Elijah, s.John and Elizabeth, Nov.21,1750.

Elijah, ch.John [dup., s.John and Elisabeth], bp. Nov.24,1751.CR1

Rebeckah, d.William and Rebeckah, Jan.1,1762.

Elizabeth, ch.William, bp. Apr.24,1763.CR1

William, s.William and Rebeckah, Dec.5,1763.

Josiah, s.William and Rebeckah, Nov.7,1765.

Jonathan, s.William and Rebecca, Nov.23,1767.

John, s.John Jr. and Sarah, Apr.23,1768.

Sarah, d.William and Rebecah, Nov.5,1769.

John, s.John Jr. and Sarah, Feb.3,1770.

Jeremiah, s.William and Rebecah, Oct.21,1771.

Sarah, d.John Jr. and Sarah.Nov.20,1773.

Julia, d.William and Rebecah, Dec.4,1773.

Mary, d.William and Rebecah, Jan.23,1776.

Elizabeth, d.William and Rebecah, Mar.9,1778.

Hannah, d.John Jr. and Sarah, July26,1778.

Thomas, s.William and Rebecah, Jan.31,1781.

Jane, d.John [John Jr.CR1] and Sarah, July8,1781.

Hannah, d.Asa and Hannah, Mar.3,1782.

David, s.William and Rebecah, June17,1783.

Hannah, d.Asa, bp. July6,1783.CR1

Polly, d.Asa and Hannah, Feb.8,1784.

Hosly, s.John and Sarah, Apr.4,1784. [Hosley, ch.John Jr.CR1]

Sarah, d.John [John Jr.CR1] and Sally, June4,1795.

John, s.John [John Jr.CR1] and Sally, May26,1797.

Aaron Hosley, s.John and Sally, Feb.4,1799. [[dup. Aaron Hosly] ch.John Jr.CR1]

Asa, s.John [John Jr.CR1] and Sally, July22,1801.

Lucy, d.John [John Jr.CR1] and Lucy, June25,1803.

Abel, s.John and Lucy, May1,1805.

Abel, s.Lucy, bp. Oct.12,1806.CR1

Abigail Field, d.Jeremiah and Hannah, Mar.11,1809.

Julia Ann, d.Jeremiah and Hannah, Feb.7,1811.

Elizabeth, d.Jeremiah and Hannah, Feb.12,1813.

Hannah, d.Jeremiah [Dea.Jerermiah "lately" dec'd.CR1] and Hannah, Mar.18,1815.

William Henry, s.Aaron H. and Eliza A., July15,1825.

Azel Wilder, s.Aaron H. and Eliza A., Oct.20,1827.

Mary Jane, d.Aaron H. and Eliza A., Sept.29,1829.

Aaron Hosley, s.Aaron H. [Dea.Aaron H.CR2] and Eliza A., Aug.28,1832.

Lyman Beecher, s.Aaron H. and Eliza A., Feb.18,1835.

Lyman Beecher, ch.Dea.Aaron H. and Eliza, bp. Nov.1,1836.CR2

Thomas, s.Aaron H. [Dea.Aaron H.CR2] and Eliza A., Aug.6,1838.

Asa John, s.Aaron H., miller and cabinet maker, and Eliza [dup. adds A.], May25,1844.

Asa John, ch.Dea.Aaron H. and Eliza, bp. Sept.28,1845.CR2

PATTERSON (Paterson)

PATTIN (Patten)

末末 [dup. Patten], twin s.William and Mary, May20,1698.

末末 [dup. Patten], twin s.William and Mary, May20,1698.

John, s.John and Jane, Jan.22,1737.

Hannah, d.John and Jane, Dec.13,1741.

Elisabeth, d.John and Elisabeth, July26,1743.

John, s.John and Elisabeth, Mar.21,1744-5.

Asa, s.John and Jane, Feb.24,1746-7.

Ruth, d.John and Elisabeth, Dec.1,1746.

Ruth, d.John and Elisabeth, Oct.5,1749. [patten [dup. Pattins].CR1]


Elizabeth Palmer, ch.Nathaniel, bp. May20,1804.CR1


Samuel, s.Samuel and Mary, Nov.13,1719.

William, s.Samuel and Mary, Apr.13,1721.

Mary, d.Samuel and Mary, Mar.19,1722-3.

Daniel, s.Samuel and Mary, Mar.7,1724-5.

Thomas, s.Samuel and Mary, Nov.28,1726.


Rebeckah, d.James and Bathshua, Oct.29,1762. [Rebecca.CR1]

James, ch.James, bp. Mar.31,1765.CR1

Elizabeth, ch.Caleb, bp. Aug.16,1812.CR1

Caleb, ch.Caleb, bp. Aug.20,1815.CR1


Jerome [dup. "Serg't Co H. 36th Reg't Mass Vol's"], Nov.11,1830.GR1


James, s.James and Sarah, Dec.28,1760.

Sarah, d.James and Rachel, June11,1764.

Molley, d., James and Rachel, Aug.1,1766, [Molly.CR1]

Mary Elizabeth Rebecca Royal, ch.Ebenezer, bp. Oct.8,1797.CR1

William Whitwel, ch.Ebenezer, bp. Dec.16,1798.CR1

Eudosia Caroline, ch.Ebenezer, bp. Nov.3,1799.CR1

Samuel, s.Ebenezer, bp. Dec.11,1800.CR1

Joanna Eudosia, d.Dea.E., bp. Apr.14,1805.CR1


Samuel, s.Obedial and Easter, July19,1677. [Nov.25.MR]

Gates, s.末末 of Woburn, bp. Oct.4,1778.CR1

PIERCE (Peirce)

PIERSON (Pearson)


末末, ch.Ebenezer, bp. July1,1753, in Dustable.CR1


John Walker, s.Archibald, bp, Sept.末,1825.CR1

James Albert, s.James, manufacturer, and Susan A., Aug.19,1845.


Almira, see Elmira.

Mary, d.Thomas and Sarah, Aug.20,1693.

Edward, s.Thomas and Sarah, Nov.4,1694.

Barbara [dup. Barbary], d.Thomas and Sarah, Dec.6,1695.

Thomas, s.Thomas and Sarah, Feb.16,1696-7.

William, s.Thomas and Sarah, Aug.3,1698.

John, s.Thomas and Sarah, Sept.1,1699.

Sarah, d.Thomas and Sarah, Feb.16,1700-1.

Joseph, s.Thomas and Sarah, May10 [dup. May3], 1702.

Oliver [dup. Polord], s.Thomas and Sarah, July23,1703.

Sarah, d.Thomas and Sarah, Dec.21,1704.

Nathaniel, s.Thomas and Sarah, Oct.18,1706.

James, s.Thomas and Sarah, Oct.5,1708.

Walter, s.Thomas and Sarah, Dec.28,1709.

Elizabeth [dup. Elisabeth], d.Thomas and Sarah, Mar.5,1712-13.

Benjamin, tenth, s.Thomas and Sarah, Aug.18,1715.

Sarah, d.Edward and Judeth, Aug.5,1726.

Judith [dup. Judeth], d.Edward and Judeth, June17,1728.

John, s.John and Mary, June24,1729.

Elizabeth [dup. Elisabeth], d.Edward and Judeth, Apr.7,1730.

Jonathan, s.John and Mary, May13,1731.

Solomon, s.John and Mary, Oct.15,1732.

Edward, s.Edward and Judeth, May12,1733.

Mary, d.John and Mary, Apr.1,1734.

Asa, s.John and Mary, Nov.15,1735.

Abigail, d.Edward and Judeth, May2,1736.

Mary, d.Nathaniel and Mary, Dec.16,1736.

Mary, d.John and Mary, May7,1737.

Nathaniel, s.Nathaniel and Mary, June20,1739.

Benjamin, s.Nathaniel and Mary, Feb.16,1741.

Lucy, d.John and Allice, Aug.27,1742.

Sarah, d.Nathaniel and Mary, July1,1744.

Rhoda, d.John and Allice, Sept.5,1744.

Thaddeus, s.John and Allice, Aug.7,1746.

Jonathan, s.Nathaniel and Mary, Sept.20,1747.

Hannah, twin ch.Nathaniel [dup. twin ch.Nathaniel and Mary], bp. June29 [dup. Jan.29], 1748.CR1

Joanna, twin ch.Nathaniel [dup. twin ch.Nathaniel and Mary], bp. June29 [dup. Jan.29], 1748.CR1

Joel, s.John [John Jr.CR1] and Sarah, May15,1749.

Edward, s.Edward and Abigail, Apr.19,1756.

Hannah, d.Solomon and Hannah, Oct.30,1756.

Abigail, d.Edward and Abigail, Sept.1,1757.

Solomon, s.Solomon and Hannah, July15,1758.

Jonathan Prince, s.Edward and Abigail, Aug.16,1759.

Allice, d.Solomon and Hannah, May3,1760. [Alice.CR1]

末末, first, s.Jonathan and Olive, Sept.25,1760.

Luecy, d.Edward and Abigail, June18,1761. [Lucy.CR1]

末末, second, s.Jonathan and Olive, Mar.22,1762.

Isaac, s.Solomon and Hannah, May31,1763.

Sarah, d.Edward and Abigail, Sept.15,1763.

末末, third, s.Jonathan and Olive, Dec.4,1763.

Olive, d.Jonathan and Olive, Nov.7,1764.

Jeremiah, s.Edward and Abigail, Aug.8,1765.

Jonathan, s.Jonathan and Olive, Feb.2,1766.

Mary, d.Solomon and Hannah, May13,1766.

Olive, d.Jonathan and Olive, July11,1767.

William, s.Edward and Abigail, July14,1768.

Susanna, d.Jonathan and Olive, Oct.30,1768. [Susannah.CR1]

Benjamin, s.Benjamin and Susanna, July16,1769.

Isaac, s.Solomon and Hannah, June27,1770.

Olive, d.Jonathan and Olive, Sept.11,1770. [bp. Sept.6 [sic].CR1]

Nathaniel, s.Benjamin and Susanna, Mar.5,1771.

Sarah Frye, d.Sarah, Apr.24,1771.

Francis, s.Solomon and Hannah, Dec.12,1772.

Susann, d.Benjamin and Susanna, Oct.8,1773.

Jonathan, s.Jonathan and Olive, June28,1775.

Betty, d.Benjamin and Susanna, Nov.26,1775.

Jonathan, s.Benjamin and Susanna, Dec.3,1777.

Betsey, twin d.Benjamin and Susanna, Aug.8,1780.

Rebeca, twin d.Benjamin and Susanna, Aug.8,1780.

Polly, d.Benjamin and Susanna, Apr.12,1784.

John, s.Jonathan [Jonathan Prince.CR1] and Hannah, Jan.19,1787.

Porter, s.Jonathan P. [Jonathan Prince [dup. Jonathan Jr.]CR1] and Hannah, July7,1788.

George, s.Jonathan [Jonathan Prince.CR1] and Hannah, Mar.14,1790キ

Jonathan, s.Jonathan P. [Jonathan Prince.CR1] and Hannah, Mar.20,1792.

Charles, s.Jonathan [Jonathan Prince.CR1] and Hannah, Dec.18,1794.

Porter, s.Jonathan [Jonathan Prince.CR1] and Hannah, Oct.19,1796.

Hannah, d.Jonathan [Jonathan Prince.CR1] and Hannah, July25,1800.

William, s.William and Arethusa, Nov.18,1800.

Josiah Richardson, s.Isaac and Abigail, Jan.23,1802.

William, ch.William, bp. May16,1802.CR1

Arathusa, d.William and Arathusa, Apr.6,1803. [Arethusa.CR1]

Abigail Glysson, d.Isaac and Abigail, Oct.15,1803.

William Pitt Putnam, s.Isaac and Abigail, Feb.4,1805.

Elmira, d.William and Arathusa, June13,1805. [Almira.CR1]

Alexander, s.Isaac and Abigail, Apr.21,1807.

Louisa, d.William and Arathusa, May23,1810. [w.Dudley Foster.GR2]

Francis Danforth, s.William and Arathusa, Nov.24,1811.

Andrew Richardson, s.Francis, bp. Oct.4,1812.CR1

Mary, d.Isaac and Abigail, Jan.21,1815.

Sarah Arethusa, d.William Jr. [dup. omits Jr.], farmer, and Sarah, Oct.24,1844.


Charles Lee, s.Thomas, bp. Jan.28,1776.CR1


Stephen Twombly, s.Rufus and Eunice, Aug.16,1816, in Portland ME.

Mary Bradbury, d.Rufus and Eunice, July29,1818, in Portland.

Rufus King, s.Rufus and Eunice, Aug.9,1820, in Cambridge.

Francis Augustus, twin s.Rufus and Eunice, June29,1823.

Sylvanus Frederic, twin s.Rufus and Eunice, June29,1823.

John Randolph, s.Rufus and Eunice, Dec.5,1825.

Edward Leroy, s.Rufus and Eunice, July31,1827.

Nancy Adams, d.Rufus and Eunice, July16,1829.

Ellen Augusta, d.Rufus and Eunice, June19,1831.

Washington Erving, s.Rufus and Eunice, Oct.1,1834.


Elizabeth, d.John and Mary, Sept.1,1633, in Raileigh, Essex, Eng.

Mary, d.John and Rachel, Apr.9,1665. [Powter, d.John and Rachell, Apr.19.MR]

John, s.John and Rachel [Rachell.MR] Dec.23,1666.

Jonathan, s.John and Rachell, Jan.25,1668. [Powter.MR]

Rachel, d.John and Rachel Mar.14,1670-1. [Rachell Powter, [d.] John and Rachell.MR]

Hanah, d.John and Rachell, Mar.4,1672-3. [Hannah.MR]

Joseph, s.John and Rachell, Feb.15,1674. [Powter, [s.] John and Rachel.MR]

Abiel, twin d.John and Rachel, Sept.18,1676.

Benoni, twin s.John and Rachel, Sept.18,1676.


Alfred Gordon, s.Lory and Emely G., July27,1838.

Ann Elizabeth, d.Edwin and Eunice W., Aug.4,1838.

Emely Gordon, d.Edwin and Eunice W., Oct.25,1842.

Freeman Mason, s.Edwin, shoemaker, and Eunice W., Jan.19,1845.


George Henry, s.Marshall and Maria, June6,1825. Marshall末蔓末,1792.GR1

Susan Crosby, d.Marshall [Marshal Esq.CR1], and Maria, Sept.21,1831.

PRICHARD (Pritchard)

Anna, w.Perley P.末蔓末,1762.GR1


Abigail, d.Jonathan and Abigail, Sept.17,1731.

Frederick Augustus, s.Bacheldor, bp. May24,1812.CR1

PRITCHARD (Prichard)

Abraham Perley, s.Perley P. and Ann, Sept.17,1800.


Ebenezer, s.Seth and Ruth, Aug.8,1719.

Ruth, d.Seth and Ruth, Oct.11,1720,

Sarah, d.Seth and Ruth, Mar.16,1721-2.

Israel, s.Israel and Sarah, Mar.20,1722-3.

Seth, s.Seth and Ruth, Jan.14,1723-4.

Benjamin, s.Israel and Sarah, Aug.2,1725.

Elisabeth [dup. Elizabeth], d.Seth and Ruth, Sept.6,1725.

Jonathan, s.Israel and Sarah, July16,1727.

Thomas, s.Seth and Ruth, Oct.22,1728.

Susanna, d.Seth and Ruth, Jan.8,1730-1.

Timothy, s.Seth and Ruth, Dec.25,1732.

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