Thomas, "mr laines Scotchman," Sept.7,1683. [Care, "Mr. Cains Scotchman,"MR]

CARLETON (Carlton)

Margaret, w.Moses, July7,1782.

John [dup. Carlton], Dec.5,1807, a.69.GR2

Tabatha [dup. Carlton, w.John], July15,1808, a.65.GR2

Amos [dup. Carlton], Aug.7,1833, a.67.GR2

Daniel [dup. Carlton], Jan.20,1836, a.29.GR2

CARLTON (Carleton)

Esther, w.Amos Sr., Jan.21,1823. [Carleton, a.55.GR2]


Mary, Apr.17,1816, a.32.GR1


Thomas, see Thomas Morgan.

Jane, d.Thomas and Martha, Aug.26,1680.


George, Apr.12,1841, a.57 [? 51] [dup. 51]GR2

Joseph M., farmer, s.George and Mary, consumption, June4,1844, a.27y.5m.7d.[Joseph Motley, a.27.GR2]

CHAMBERLAIN (Chamberlaine, Chamberlin)

Isaac, s.William and Rebeckah [dup. Rebecka], July20,1681. [Chamberlaine, a.30.MR]

Mercy [dup. Chamberlaine], w.Edmond, Feb.27,1697-8.

Ebenezer, [dup. twin], s.Edmond and Mercy, Mar.5,1698-9.

Deborah [dup. Chamberlirie], w.John, Feb.24,1703-4.

William Sr. [dup. Chamberlaine], May31,1706, a.abt. 86.

Josiah, s.John Jr. and Margaret [dup. Margeret], Sept.6,1710.

John, s.John Jr. and Margaret [dup. Margeret], May26,1711.

John [dup. Chamberlin], Apr.1,1712.

John, s.Clement and Mary, June末,1716.

John Jr. [h.Margaret], Mar.3,1722-3.

Clement, Lt., Jan.21,1754.

Joseph Harris, s.Elisabeth, July15,1758, at Fort Edward.

Elisabeth, w.Lt. Clement, Jan.7,1767.

Lydia Danforth, d.Elisabeth, Apr.10,1777.

Civil, May5,1783.PR1

John, Sept.22,1783.PR1

Thankful, w.Aaron, Apr.2,1790.PR1

Nathaniel, June1,1790.PR1

Abagail, second, w.Aaron Sr., Sept.27,1815.PR1

Aaron 2d, Oct.10,1835.PR1

Sarah, Dec.16,1835.PR1

Henry, s.Reuben and Sophia, dysentary, July30,1848, a.6y.16d.[Chamberlin, a.7.GR2]

CHAMBERLIN (Chamberlain, Chamberlaine)

Sidney, b. Tyngsborough, s.Reuben and Sophia, idiotic, Nov.30,1843, a.20y.11m.3d.[Nov.22, a.20.GR2]

Orrin P., "worked in dye stuffs,", s.Reuben and Sophia, dysentary, July14,1848, a.19y.1m.[Orin P., a.19.GR2]

CHAMERLAINE (Chamberlain, Chamberlin)

Mary, W. Thomas Sr., Feb.8,1692, a.88, in Chelmsford.

Rebecca [dup. Rebeckah Chamberlain], w.William Sr., Sept.26,1692, in the prison at Cambridge.


Easter, d.Samuel and Sarah, Mar.31,1667.


Mary, w.Rev. John, June28,1757. [d.William White Esq. of Haverhill, a.31.GR1]

John [dup., s.Rev. John and Mary], Oct.20,1760, a.8y.5m.11d.GR1

William, Oct.26,1760, a.[3y.4m.7d.]GR1

John, Mr., Nov.10,1762.

John, Rev., Nov.10,1769, a.38.GR1

Betsey [dup. Betsy, w.John], Nov.7,1805, a.26.GR2

John Jr., Mar.17,1836, a.32y.6m.16d.GR2


Susan R.D., housewife, b. Boston, w.Daniel, d.James Donnison and Susan, consumption, Oct.17,1845, a.53y.7d.


John, blacksmith, b. Salem, s.Peter and Martha, old age, Jan.18,1848, a.81y.5m.23d.


Alice, w.Charles, June14,1849, a.52.GR2

Mary, d.Charles and Alice [June14,1849], a.4d.GR2


John, s.Edward and Sarah, July26,1834.

Margaret Ann, d.Edward and Sarah, Nov.11,1836.

John, s.Edward and Sarah, Aug.末,1839.


Ela, s.William and Elizabeth, dysentary, July28,1848, a.1y.2m.14d.


Martha L., m., housewife, b. Weston, d.George Lyman and Susan, consumption, June24,1849, a.32y.11m.24d.


Francis, s.Francis and Elizabeth, May27,1808.

Sears [h.Abigail], Sept.1,1816. [Lt. Sears, a.70.GR1]

Francis Sr. [h.Elizaheth], July5,1831. [a.56.GR1]

Elizabeth [w.Francis], Oct.13,1834.

Francis Jr. [s.Francis and Elizabeth], Oct.20,1836.

Seers [s.Francis and Elizabeth], Dec.1,1836.

Abigail, wid.Sears, Dec.31,1836, a.93.GR1

John [s.Francis and Elizabeth], Nov.28,1837.


Joanna, w.Peter, Dec.28,1704.


Caroline, w, Joseph, d.Solomon Cutter and Sarah, Oct.25,1845, a.32.GR1

COWDREY (Cowdry)

Lucy Ann [dup. Cowdry, d.Joseph and Lucy], June17,1832, a.15.GR2

Sargent F. [dup., s.Joseph and Ann E.], Sept.20,1837, a.9m.GR2

Elias W., Nov.15,1840, a.29.GR2

Joseph S. [dup., s.Joseph and Ann E.], Aug.14,1845, a.7 [dup. 7y.4m.]GR2

Elias W. [dup. ch.Francis E. and Lydia], June29,1847, a.4.GR2

Mary A. [dup. ch.Francis B. and Lydia], July5,1847, a.2.GR2

Ann E. [dup., w.Joseph], Nov.26,1847, a.44.GR2

COWDRY (Cowdrey)

Laura Ann, d.Silas H.P. and Catherine P., Apr.2,1838. [Cowdrey, a.4y.5m.GR2]


Otis, s.Asa and Lucy, May22,1812.

CROSBEY (Crosby)

Elisabeth, d.Josiah and Mary,末蔓末, 末末.

John [dup. Crosbee], s.Simon Jr. and Hannah, Jan.6,1695-6.

Eliphelet [dup. Eliffalet], s.Josiah and Mary, Aug.8,1705.

Elizabeth [dup. Elisabeth], d.Josiah and Mary, June14,1709.

Isaac, twin s.Josiah and Mary, Nov.9,1709.

Ephraim, twin s.Josiah and Mary, Nov.10,1709.

Nathaniel, s.Simon and Abigail, May28,1711.

Esther, d.Josiah and Mary, May23,1722.

Ephraim, s.Simon and Abigail, Aug.29,1728.

Anna, w.Thomas Jr. [dup. omits Jr.], Sept.20,1729.

Peletiah, s.William and Hannah, Mar.25,1732.

Elisabeth, d.Simon and Abigail, July4,1734.

Stephen, s.Simon and Abigail, July8,1734.

Elisabeth, d.Josiah Jr. and Elisabeth, July14,1736.

Elizabeth, w.Josiah Jr., Nov.27,1739.

William, s.Thomas and Susanna, Sept.13,1740.

John, s.Simon and Abigail, Nov.6,1743, in 23d y.[Crosby, s.Lt. Simon and Abigail, Nov.6,1745.GR1]

Thomas, Sergt., Dec.7,1745.

Oliver Sr. [h.Rebeckah], Feb.27,1746-7.

Sarah, w.Nathan, Mar.8,1746-7.

Simon, s.Francis and Sarah, Mar.9,1749.

Nathan, Apr.11,1749.

Mary, d.Francis and Sarah, Dec.15,1752.

William, Mr., Jan.1,1754.

Abigail, wid.Simon, Mar.31,1755.

Hannah, wid.William, Nov.4,1756.

Rachel, d.Seth and Rachel, Mar.25,1762.

Rhoda, d.Hezekiah and Anna, Jan.11,1764.

Anna, w.Hezekiah, Feb.26,1764.

CROSBY (Crosbey)

Hannah [dup. Hanah Crosbey], w.Simon, May6,1702.

Simon, Jan.22,1725, a.87.GR1

Francis, s.John and Abigail, Dec.20,1729 [sic] [dup. 1829], a.18.GR1

Samuel, s.Simon and Abigail, July9,1745. [s.Lt. Simon and Abigail, a.26.GR1]

Abigail, w.Lt. Simon, Nov.7,1748. [a.53.GR1]

Francis, s.Francis and Sarah, Oct.21,1758.

Simon, Lt. [h.Abigail], Feb.2,1771, a.82. [a.81.GR1]

Alice [ch.Seth and Rachel], July6,1771.

Sarah, w.Lt. Francis, Mar.30,1772.

Francis, Lt., Feb.7,1777.

Joshua, s.Seth and Rachel, Sept.15,1778.

Rhoda [ch.Seth and Rachel], Sept.21,1778.

Rachel [ch.Oliver and Rachel], Nov.12,1795, a."nearly" 16. [d.Maj. Oliver and Rachel, a.16.GR1]

Hannah [ch.Jeremiah and Abigail], Feb.28,1796.

Lucy [d.Jeremiah and Abigail], Mar.12,1796.

Zoa [d.Jeremiah and Abigail], Mar.18,1796.

Sarah, d.Ephraim Jr. and Sarah, May25,1796.

Rufus, s.Ephraim Jr. and Sarah, May28,1796.

Ephraim, Feb.29,1808. [a.77.GR1]

Ephraim, s.Ephraim Jr. and Sarah, Sept.10,1808.

Mehitable, w.Seth, Feb.8,1814, a.44.GR1

Rachel, w.Sethe, Feb.19,1814. [[dup., w.Seth], a.77.GR1]

Seth, Apr.18,1814. [dup. [h.Rachel], a.80.GR1]

Mary, Mrs., Nov.30,1814.

Josiah [h.Sarah], July26,1819. [a.73.GR1]

Jeremiah Sr. [h.Abigail], Oct.19,1821.

Sarah, wid.Josiah, Aug.20,1823. [w.Josiah, a.70.GR1]

Oliver, Dea., Sept.17,1825., a.81.GR1

Rachel Ann, Nov.末,1826, a.19.GR1

Martha, July24,1829, a.13.GR1

Josiah Esq., July27,1829, a.52.GR1

Ruthy, w.Jeremiah, Oct.11,1830. [Ruth, w.Dea.Jeremiah, a.44.GR1]

John, Jan.11,1834, a.69.GR1

Margaret S., Feb.7,1837.CR3

Warren, Oct.19,1838.CR3

Mary, b. Stoneham, w.Seth, consumption, July25,1844, a.73y.1m.[a.73.GR1]

Lucy G., housewife, b. Hillsborough, NH, w.Jeremiah [Dea.Jeremiah.GR1], d.末末 Goodwin, consumption, May15,1846, a.54.

Esther, housewife, b. Hudson, NH, w.Henry, d.Josiah Melvin and Esther, typhus fever, Nov.13,1846, a.51y.3d.[a.51.GR5]

Abby Freeman, d.Ambrose and Hannah E., Apr.3,1847, a.9m.19d.GR1

Ambrose, m., stationer, s.Jeremiah and Ruth, consumption, Dec.31,1847, a.30y.6m.21d., in New Bedford.[a.30.GR1]

Mary S., d.Oliver and Elizabeth, scarlet fever, Apr.3,1848, a.2y.2m.7d.

Rachel Ann, d.Oliver and Elizabeth, scarlet fever, Apr.5,1848, a.4y.5m.27d.

Seth, m., farmer, s.Seth and Rachel, old age, June4,1848, a.81y.6m.2d.[June1, a.81.GR1]

John F., s.John and Isabella, "Killed by a fork stuck into his head," June10,1848, a.4y.18d.[John Frederick.GR5]

Luella B., Sept.27,1848, a.1m.GR5

Clarissa, d.Seth and Mehitable, cholera morbus, Feb.11,1849., a.54, in Insane Hospital, Concord, NH. [a.55 [dup. 53]GR1]


Henry, Rev., D.D., Sept.5,1823. ["Ordained Jan.26,1763,", a.83y.11m.10d.GR1]

Ann, w.Rev. Henry, Jan.5,1784, a.abt. 45. [a.44.GR1]

Margarett, w.Rev. Henry, June2,1790 [dup. June8,1791[?]], a.53 [dup. in 52d y.]GR1

Ann, d.Rev. Henry, Oct.14,1793, a.25y.2m.13d.GR1

Sarah, w.Rev. Dr. Cumings, Feb.25,1812, a.69 [dup. 69y.206d.]GR1


Isaac [dup. [h.Lucy (Farnsworth)]], Oct.20,1825, a.48.GR2

Lucy (Farnsworth) [dup., w.Isaac], Apr.12,1834, a.53.GR2


Mary M., b. Alexandria, NH, w.Isaac L., d.John Simonds and Isabella, dropsy, Sept.11,1848, a.45.


Charles, s.Charles and Elisabeth, Jan.4,1833.

Arathusa P., Mrs.[dup. Arethusa P., w.Capt. Nathaniel Jr., d.William Pollard and Arethusa], July31,1837, a.34.GR2


Ezra, s.Solomon and Sarah, Dec.22,1818, a.20.GR1

Solomon, Sept.30,1829, a.36.GR1

William, Jan.27,1831, a.20.CR3 [s.Solomon and Sarah.GR1]

Sarah, w.末末 [dup. Samuel], Dec.28,1840, a.71.GR1

Solomon, widr., farmer, b. W. Cambridge, s.John and Ann, occasioned by a Fall in his barn," Feb.23,1846, a.76y.10m.[a.77.GR1]

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