Thankful [w.Nathan] [ch.Hezekiah Thorndike and Abagail], Oct.13,1833.PR1


Timothy, s.Abraham and Hannah, Nov.25,1734.

Hannah, w.Abraham, Apr.16,1753.

Hannah, d.Abraham Jr. and Elisabeth, Sept.4,1762.

Isaac, s.Abraham Jr. and Elisabeth, Oct.21,1763.

Hannah (Farley), w.Abraham,末蔓末,1776.GR1

Nabbe, d.Joseph and Elisabeth, Jan.19,1784.

Salle, d.Joseph and Elisabeth, Feb.18,1788.

Prude, d.Joseph and Elizabeth, June22,1788.

Abraham [dup. [h.Hannah (Farley)]],末蔓末,1790, a.89.GR1

末末, d.Joseph and Elizabeth, still-born, Dec.28,1792.

Hannah, d.Joseph and Elizabeth, Mar.23,1815. [Mar.25, a.36.GR1]

Elisabeth, w.Joseph, Nov.7,1820, in 72d y.[Elizabeth.GR1]

Joseph, Mar.16,1827, a.82.GR1

Joseph, Apr.9,1829, a.58.GR1

Lucy Walker, d.Franklin and Lucy [dup. crossed out, d.Francis and Harriot], July26,1841.

Abigail, d.Joseph and Elizabeth, debility, Oct.10,1844, a.56y.4m.25d.[Dec.10, a.56.GR1]

JEFTES (Jelts)

Hana [dup. Hannah Jeiffs, second dup. Hannah Jefts], d.Henery and Hana [dup. Hanah, second dup., d.Henry and Hannah], May "the firste weeke," 1653. [Hannah Jefts.MR]

JEFTS (Jeftes)

Hannah [dup. Hana, second dup. Hanah Jeiffs], w.Henry [dup. Heney, second dup. Henery], Sept.15,1662. [Hannah Jeffs, w.Henry.MR]

Mary [dup. Jeiffs], w.Henry [dup. Henery, Apr.1,1679. [Jeffs, w.Henry.MR]]

Henry [dup. Henery Jeffs] Sr., May24,1700, a.abt. 94.

Mary [dup. Jefes], w.Henry Jr. [dup. Henery (Jeffss), omits Jr.], Sept.22,1703. [Jeffts [dup. Jeftts], w.Henry (Jefts), a.40.GR1]

Hannah [dup. Hanah Jeffs], d.John and Lydia, July2,1712, a.abt. 17.

Lydia [dup. Lidiah], w.John, Sept.8,1712.

John, Sept.28,1712.

Elizabeth [dup. Elisabeth], twin d.Henry Jr. and Elizabeth [dup. Elisabeth], June8,1719.

Lydia, twin d.Henry Jr. and Elizabeth [dup. Elisabeth], June8,1719.

John [dup. Jr.], s.John and Lydia, May8,1725.

Hannah, d.Henry and Hannah, May21,1730.

Elisabeth, w.Henry Jr., May20,1735. [Elizabeth, a.46y.2m.20d.GR3]

Henry, May20,1738, a.78.GR1

William [ch.John and Lydia], Sept.30,1738.

John, s.Henry and Mary, Apr.20,1750.

Dinah, w.Henry Jr., Jan.27,1764, a.57y.11m.

Henry, Mr., Aug.19,1772.

Elisabeth, d.Henry Jr. and Elisabeth, Nov.28,1777.

Sarah, w.Capt. Simeon, June20,1825, a.34.GR1


Lucy, w.Lewis, Oct.28,1813, a.26.GR1


William, s.Josiah and Elisabeth, Sept.25,1748.

Samuel, s.Seth and Lydia, June4,1816.

Stephen, s.Seth and Lydia, May5,1826.

Abigail Brooks, d.Seth and Lydia, July7,1840.


Isaac, s.Joseph and Sarah, Aug.27,1783.

Nancy, w.Anthony, Aug.5,1838.

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