Mary Ann, b. Boston, d.William and Mary, tumor, Aug.29,1848, a.30y.2m.1d.


Enoch, m., brick layer, b. Plymouth, s.Enoch and Nancy, consumption, June30,1846, a.37y.2m.24d.[a.27.GR1]

Albert J., s.George W. and H.M., lung fever, Jan.28,1847, a.4m.15d.[a.5m.GR1]


James, Dec.5,1833, a.40.GR2

Susan, Dec.9,1833, a.5 [dup. in 5th y.]GR2

Mary W., housewife, b. Concord, w.Henry, d.Isaac Lee and Lucy, consumption, Jan.27,1847, a.41y.2m.5d.[a.41.GR2]

Frederick W. [dup., s.Henry and Mary W.], Jan.26,1849, a.2.GR2


Ebenezer, s.Ebenezer and Elisabeth,末蔓末, 末末.

Mary, d.Thomas and Mary, Feb.8,1670-1.

Mary, d.Thomas and Mary, Jan.31,1671-2.

Elnathan, s.Thomas and Mary, Feb.7,1686-7.

Mary, w.Thomas, June7,1690.

Andrew, s.Thomas Jr. and Abigail, Oct.22,1707.

Stephen [dup. Steven], Jan.14,1711-12.

Sarah, d.Nathaniel [dup. Nathaniell] and Mary, Apr.18,1712.

Abigail, d.Josiah and Judith, July27,1712.

Thomas [dup. Jr.] [h.Abigail], Mar.18 [dup. Mar.19], 1717 [dup. 1717-18, a.abt. 42]. [Mar.18,1717-18, a.42y.1m.GR1]

Thomas Sr., Sergt. [dup. omits Sergt.], Feb.25,1720-1. [a.75.GR1]

Jonathan, suddenly, Aug.13,1720. [a.37.GR1]

Sarah [w.Thomas], Nov.20,1734.

Jonathan, s.Jonathan and Abigail, July2,1743.

Joseph, s.Nathaniel and Mary, June16,1747.

Elisabeth, d.Ebenezer and Elisabeth, July23,1749.

Hannah, w.Andrew, Oct.31,1749. [a.64y.1m.10d.GR1]

Andrew, Dec.23,1752. [a.74.GR1]

Josiah, Jan.20,1753. [a.39.GR1]

Nathaniel, Mr., Apr.4,1753.

Mary, wid.Nathaniel, Oct.18,1756.

Abigail, w.Thomas, June4,1758.

Elisabeth, w.Ebenezer, May10,1763.

Josiah, s.Josiah and Lydia, Mar.1,1771.

Benjamin, s.Jonathan and Abigail, Feb.23,1773.

Josiah, s.Josiah and Lydia, Aug.22,1775.

Lucy [d.Ebenezer and Lydia], Sept.4,1775, a.4y.1m.GR1

Abigail [dup., d.Ebenezer and Lydia], Sept.13,1775, a.2y.7m.GR1

Benjamin, s.Jonathan Jr. and Lydia, Jan.20,1776.

Elisabeth, d.Jacob and Sarah, Feb.29,1776,

Lydia, d.Jonathan Jr., Sept.27,1776.

Hannah, d.Jonathan Jr., Mar.21,1778.

Patte, d.Joseph and Patte, Aug.1,1778.

Joseph, Oct.6,1779.

Rebecah, w.Ebenezer Jr., May17,1782.

Judith, d.Josiah and Judith, Jan.13,1783.

Katharine, w.Ebenezer, Jan.19,1783.

Elijah, s.Jacob and Sarah, Apr.26,1784.

Abigail, w.Jonathan, Jan.13,1790, a.71.

Elizabeth, w.Ebenezer, May1,1790, a.56y.6m.GR1

Jonathan [h.Abigail], Mar.14,1791, a.75.

Samuel, Aug.22,1796, a.88.

Stephen, Feb.2,1798, a.66.GR1

John, s.John and Nabby, Oct.5,1800.

Abigail, d.John and Nabby, Oct.15,1801.

Julia, d.Jacob and Sarah, June22,1802.

Oliver Jr. [dup., s.Oliver and Elizabeth], Oct.27,1804, a.23.GR2

Eliza, d.Jacob and Sarah, Apr.13,1807.

Mary, d.Josiah B. and Mary, Feb.19,1809. [a.8.GR2]

Jonathan, s.Jonathan and Abigail,末蔓末,1813, a.68, in Chelmsford.

Elizabeth [dup. adds (Shedd), w.Oliver], Nov.9,1813, a.56.GR2

Mary, wid.Stephen Jr., Feb.13,1814. [a.69.GR1]

John, s.John and Nancy, Apr.23,1815. [a.2y.5m.GR2]

Oliver, s.John and Nancy, Oct.5,1815. [Oct.5,1814, a.10d.GR2]

Louisa, d.Francis and Martha, Oct.28,1815. [[dup. only ch.Francis and Martha], a.4m.22d.GR1]

Lydia [dup., wid.Jonathan], Nov.末,1815, a.70.GR2

Mary, d.Josiah B. and Mary, Mar.11,1816. [[dup., d.Capt. Josiah B. and Mary], a.1 [dup. 13m.]GR2]

Francis, twin s.Francis and Martha, Nov.26,1816.

William, Capt., June16,1826, a.36.GR1

Joseph Warren, s.John 3d and Abigail, Sept.2,1826.

Daniel Davis, s.John and Abigail, Oct.15,1830.

George E., Nov.27,1830, a.15y.8m.GR1

Warren, twin s.Francis and Martha, June3,1831.

Daniel Davis, s, John and Abigail, July15,1831.

Sarah, wid.Asa, Oct.13,1835, a.76.GR1

Oliver, Sept.21,1836, a.86y.7m.5d.GR2

Stephen, Aug.17,1839, a.69.GR1

Clarissa [dup., w.Warren] Feb.27,1840, a.28.GR2

Martha, twin d.F. and S.A., Sept.6 [dup. Sept.26], 1842, a.6m.GR1

Mary, twin d.F. and S.A., Oct.7,1842, a.6m.GR1

Martha, w.Francis, d.Ebenezer Richardson and Susan, apoplixy, June14,1844, a.52y.4m.12d.[a.52.GR1]

Joel, m., gunsmith, s.Ebenezer and Rebecca, old age, May3,1849, a.72y.3m.16d.[a.72.GR1]


Priscilla, w.John [dup. Sr.], Apr.21,1663.

Hannah, d.John and Elisabeth [dup. Elizabeth] [d.John Sr. and Elizabeth.MR], May24,1670.

John, s.John Jr. [dup. omits Jr.] [John Jr.MR] and Mary, Apr.15,1671.

Hannah, w.Thomas, Dec.19,1672.

Bethia [dup. Bethiah], d.John and Priscilla, Dec.29,1672. [Bethya, d.John Sr.MR]

Sarah, d.John [dup., d.John and Priscilla], Jan.9,1676-7.

John Sr., Jan.25,1686-7. [Rodgers, a.74.GR1]

Nathaniel, s.Nathaniel and Martha, Jan.18,1688-9.

Mary, w.John Jr. [dup. omits Jr.], Aug.17,1688.

John, s.Thomas and Mary, Nov.27,1691.

Sarah, d.Thomas and Mary, Mar.23,1692-3.

Benjamin [dup. (Rogeres)], s.Daniel and Mary, May11,1692.

Daniel, ch.John and Mary, "not found Supposed to be. Captuated by ye enemie," Aug.5,1695.

John, "slaine by ye indian enemie," Aug.5,1695.

Mercy, ch.John and Mary, "not found Supposed to be. Captuated by ye enemie," Aug.5,1695.

Thomas [dup. (Roger)] [h.Mary], "Slain by ye Indian Enemy," Aug.5,1695.

Thomas, s.Thomas, "Slain" ["by ye Indian Enemy"], Aug.5,1695.

Mary, wid.Thomas, Apr.4,1696. [w.Thomas, Apr.14,1697, a.35.GR1]

Grace, w.Samuel, June12,1706. [June11, in 28th y.GR3]

William, s.Thomas, Dec.29,1709.

Martha, w.Nathaniel [dup. Nathaniell], Jan.15,1710-11.

Elizabeth, w.Samuel, Apr.18,1710, a.32y.6m.GR1

Hannah, d.Nathaniel and Martha, May5,1711.

Daniel Sr., Feb.4,1727-8.

Nathaniel, Oct.3,1730.

Nathaniel, Nov.7,1730.

John, Sept.9,1731, in 44th y.GR3

Josiah, s.John and Abigail, June22,1736. [June22,1756, in 21st y.GR3]

John Sr. [h.Abigail], July7,1736. [in 56th y.GR3]

John, s.John and Abigail, Feb.18,1738-9. [a.28y.2m.GR3]

Rebeckah, w.Timothy ot Tucksbury, Sept.9,1750, in 28th y.GR3

Abigail, wid.John, Jan.9,1754, a.73. [in 72d y.GR3]

Sibbel, d.Zebadiah and Bette, Nov.15,1770. [d.Zebadiah and Betty, a.7y.7d.GR3]

Samuel, Lt., s.Samuel and Rebecah, Oct.18,1781, "in Defence of his Country at Virginia."

Thomas [h.Martha], Mar.31,1784.

Martha, wid.Thomas, Apr.29,1784.

Olive, d.Thomas and Olive, Feb.11,1788. [Feb.10,1787, a.11m.13d.GR3]

Samuel [h.Rebecca], Apr.21,1788.

Susannah, w.William, d.Jonathan Pollard and Olive, Feb.25,1789, a.23y.3m.26d.

末末, first, s.William and Susannah, Feb.25,1789.

Samuel, Apr.25,1789, in 68th y.GR3

Timothy, Feb.16,1796, in 79th y.GR3

Rhoda, w.John, d.John Shed and Martha, Dec.17,1797, in 34th y.GR3

Charles, s.William and Hannah, May28,1799. [May22, a.1y.2d.GR2]

Zebadiah Sr. [h.Betty], June25,1803.

Thomas [h.Olive], May1,1804. [a.41.GR3]

Betty, w.Zebadiah, Sept.17,1805.

Rebecca, w.Samuel, Aug.30,1809, in 84th y.[Rebekah, Aug.30,1803.GR3]

Elizabeth, Oct.4,1811.

Josiah [dup. ch.Josiah and Mehitable], Jan.6,1822, a.2.GR2

Lot, s.Zebadiah Jr. and Sarah, June19,1823. [s.Zebediah and Sarah, a.24.GR3]

Sarah, w.Zebadiah Jr., Oct.26,1823. [w.Zebediah, a.58.GR3]

Elvira, Feb.22,1830, a.19.GR2

Sally, w.John, Aug.14,1830, a.67.GR3

Mehitable (Blanchard) [dup., w.Josiah], May3,1834, a.44.GR2

Juliet [dup. ch.Josiah and Mehitable], May27,1837, a.20.GR2

William, Aug.17,1838, a.79.GR2

Emily [dup. ch.Josiah and Mehitable], Nov.25,1838 [dup. 1833], a.17.GR2

Zebadiah [h.Sarah], July4,1839. [Zebeddiah, a.85.GR3]

Josiah [dup. ch.Josiah and Lucy], June18,1840, a.1y.8m.GR2

Rizpah, Mar.25,1841, a.46.GR3

Josiah, s.Josiah Jr. and Lucy, May18,1841.

Mary, d.Josiah [dup. Jr.] and Mehitable, consumption, Aug.2,1843, a.18y.2m.26d.[a.18.GR2]

Mehitable, d.Josiah [dup. Jr.] and Mehitable, consumption, May25,1846, a.12y.6m.13d.[a.13.GR2]

Helen E. [dup. Eliza], d.Samuel and Sarah [second dup. aunt of Henry Barrett Shumway], "Drowned in Concord River broke thro' the ice," Jan.17,1848, a.13y.6m.

Ella F., d.Calvin and Ann, scarlet fever, Jan.28,1849, a.5y.2m.3d.[a.5.GR2]

ROSS (Russ)

Thomas Sr. [h.Seth [sic]], Mar.20,1694-5. [Roos [h.Seath], a.64.GR1]

Seth [sic], wid.Thomas, "Slain by ye Indian Enemy," Aug.5,1695. [Seath [dup. Roos], w.Thomas, a.55.GR1]

Mary, d.Seth and Mary, Sept.28,1725.

Thomas Jr., h.Hannah, Nov.26,1752.


Elizabeth [dup. Elisabeth], d.Samuel and Elizabeth [dup. Elisabeth], Aug.21,1713.

Nathaniel, s.Samuel and Elizabeth [dilp. Elisabeth], Dec.29,1717.

Elizabeth [dup. Elisabeth], Mrs.[dup., w.Samuel], July29,1727. [Elizabeth, w.Rev. Samuel, a.39.GR1]

Nathaniel, s.Samuel and Elisabeth (niece of Rev. John Williams of Deerfield), Apr.14,1730.

Samuel, Rev., Mar.1,1748-9. [Mar.3, a.abt. 68.GR1]

Elisabeth, w.Samuel, June25,1748.

Samuel, s.Joseph and Sarah, Aug.23,1753.

Sarah, d.Joseph and Sarah, Jan.25,1754.

Samuel, s.Joseph and Sarah, May9,1755.

Sarah, d.Joseph and Sarah, May13,1758.

Samuel, s.Joseph and Sarah, May7,1761.

Elisabeth, d.Joseph and Sarah, Apr.19,1813.

RUSS (Ross)

Hannah [w.Samuel], Feb.末,1812.


Martha, b. Amherst, NH, w.Abbot, d.Amos Turrell and w., consumption, Jan.15,1846, a.37y.6m.17d.

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