LAINE (Lane)

Elizabeth and Robert Avary of Dedham, Apr. 3, 1677.*

John and Susanah Whipple of Ipswick, Mar. 20, 168–, in Salem.* [Lane, and Susan Swipple, Mar. 20, 1682. MR]


Marcy of Lynn, and Larned Bowers, Feb. 10, 1757.*

Ann, Mrs. Reading [dup. Reding], and Rev. Henry Cummings [dup. Cumings], May 19, 1763, in Reading.*


Samuel and Rebecah Crosby, Nov. 6, 1770.*[Samuel Lamson Jr. and Rebecca Crosby. MR]

LANE (Laine)

Job and Mary Fasset ––– ––, ––––.*

Susana and Nathaniell Page, Nov. 6, 1701.*

Job and "Ms" Mather Ruggels of Roxbery, Dec. 16, 1713.*

John and Katharine Whiting, Dec. 31, 1714.*

Martha [and] James Minot of Concord, Nov. 14, 1716, in Concord.*

James [and] Martha Minot of Concord, Apr. 30, 1719, in Concord.*

Mary of Bedford, and Jonathan Hill [dup. Jr.], Jan. 13, 1746-7, in Bedford.*

Lucy of Bedford, and Elijah Stearns, Dec. 20, 1759, in Bedford.*

James, Capt. of Bedford, and Mrs. Abigail Farmer, May 27, 1766.*

Samuel of Bedford, and Hannah French, Jan. 6, 1774.*

Ziba of Bedford, and Lydia Danforth, Apr. 1, 1778.*

Benjamin of Ashburnham, and Isabel Hill, May 26, 1785.* [Benjamin Lane of Bedford. MR]

Sarah of Bedford, and Timothy Stearns, Nov. 1, 1787, in Bedford.*

Luke of Bedford, and Hannah Crosby, Mar. 24, 1791.*

John and Mary Leveston, Jan. 7, 1798.*

Mary of Bedford, and John Moore of Bedford, Nov. 21, 1799.*

Roger of Bedford, and Zelima Bacon, Apr. 6, 1820.*


Rufus of Lowell, and Henrietta Parker, Nov. 24, 1842.*


Mary [dup. Lathrope, second dup. Latrop] and John Sternes [dup. Sterne, second dup. Stearns], Dec. ––, 1656, in Bastable [dup. Barstable, in Plimoth, second dup. Bastable, in Plymouth Pattin].* [Lathrop, and John Sterne, in Barstable. MR]

LAURENCE (Lawrence)

Aaron Esq. of Amherst, NH, and Sarah A. Stearns, Dec. 16, 1842.*

LAWRENCE (Laurence)

Elizabeth of Woburn, and Thomas Ditson, June 22, 1732, in Woburn.*


James and Eunice Hosley, Nov. 13, 1736.*

Eunice and William Carleton of Rowley, CA, Nov. 11, 1760.*

James Jr. and Anne Danforth, Feb. 7, 1765.*

William and Judith Sprake, Mar. 17, 1774.*

John and Sarah Spaulding of Chelmsford, Dec. 29, 1774.*

William and Sarah Toy, Aug. 4, 1779.*[Tay, Aug. 4, 1789. MR]


Caroline of Charlestown, and Jonathan Farmer, Aug. 12, 1821.*

LEARNED (Leonard)

Joshua of Cambridge, and Hannah Crosby, Apr. 8, 1819.*


Thomas I. of Winthrop, ME, and Catherine Davis, May 12, 1828.*

LEONARD (Learned)

Uriah of Stoughton, and Elisabeth Farley, Sept. 9, 1736.*

LEVESTON (Levestone, Leviston, Levistone)

John of Chelmsford, and Eunice Shed, Nov. 29, 1705, in Charlestown.*

Mary and John Lane, Jan. 7, 1798.*

LEVESTONE (Leveston, Leviston, Levistone)

John Jr. [dup. Leviston] and Ruth Shed [dup. Shead], ––– ––, ––––.*

Thomas and Phebe Stone of Tewksbury, ––– ––, ––––.*

John [dup. Lavistone, Scotchman] and Margaret [dup. Margerite] Ross, Sept. 12, 1681.* [Lavistone, and Margaret Ross. MR]

Seth and Hannah Frost, Mar. 2, 1720-1.*

Sarah and Jonathan Dutton, June 22, 1722.*

Seth [dup. Leveston] and Hannah Hopkins, July 6, 1727.*

John Jr. and Sarah Toothaker, Feb. 15, 1736-7.*

Thomas and Elisabeth Frost of Tewksbury, July 19, 1737.*

David of Tewksbury, and Sarah Clark, Oct. 11, 1770.* [Leveston. MR]

Molly and David Sanders Jr. Dec. 31, 1771.* [Leveston. MR]

Timothy and Mary Danforth, Mar. 28, 1775.* [Levistone. MR]

Isaac of Tewksbury and Judith Sanders, Dec. 18, 1777.*

Elizabeth and John Levestone, Nov. 19, 1778.* [Levistone and John Levistone. MR]

John and Elizabeth Levestone, Nov. 19, 1778.* [Levistone, and Elizabeth Levistone. MR]

Lucy and Moses Fifeild, Nov. 7, 1785.* [Fifield. MR]

Sarah and Samuel Lufkin of Chelmsford, Dec. 19, 1786.*

Thomas Jr. and Anna Danforth, Aug. 20, 1793.*

William Jr. and Hannah Frost, Apr. 8, 1794.*

Batty and Jonathan Tarble, Feb. 21, 1802.*

Julia and William Kittredge, Dec. 26, 1805.*

LEVISTON (Leveston, Levestone, Levistone)

Mary and Jonas Sanders, Dec. 20, 1770.* [Laveston. MR]

LEVISTONE (Leveston, Levestone, Leviston)

Lydia and Solomon Sanders, Apr. 2, 1776.*

Hannah and Ebenezer Tufts, Apr. 27, 1781.*

Anna and Samuel Sprake, Apr. 5, 1796.*

Lucy and Nathan Mears, Apr. 19, 1812.*

LEWES (Lewis, Lewise)

James and Rebecca Brown, Jan. 3, 1760.*

Elisabeth and Jacob Baldwin of Townshend, Jan. 29, 1760.*

Esther and Abijah Wood, Mar. 22, 1764.*

Sarah and Zebadiah Holt of Andover, Dec. 23, 1784.* [Lewis MR]

LEWIS (Lewes, Lewise)

John of Wilmington, and Phebe Walker, Mar. 14, 1744-5, in Wilmington.*

Benjamin Jr. and Mary Brown, Apr. 9, 1752.*

Jonathan and Percis Crosby, Apr. 3, 1755.*

Reuben and Abial Shed, May 17, 1770.*

Ebenezer and Ruth Parker, Sept. 29, 1772.*

Samuel of Chelmsford, and Bette Parker, June 3, 1773.*

Benjamin Jr. and Sarah Blanchard, July 18, 1775.*

Mary and Amos Boardman of Reading, Nov. 30, 1779.* [Bordman. MR]

James Jr. and Lucy Crosby, Dec. 19, 1782.*

Sarah of Concord, [and] William Hill, May 25, 1784, in Concord.*

Abigail and Timothy Jaquith, May 29, 1788, in Bedford.*

Isaac and Mary Holt, June 29, 1806.*

John Jr. and Rhoda Baldwin, July 27, 1806.*

LEWISE (Lewes, Lewis)

Samuel and Sarah Dutton, Apr. 3, 1683.* [Lewis. MR]


Samuel Esq. of Buckstown, ME, and Caroline E. Bowers, June 5, 1811.*


Mary [dup. Littlfeild] and John Kittredg [dup. Kitteridge], Nov. ––, 1664.* [Littlefeild, and John Kitterige, Nov. 2, 1665. MR]


Jonathan, Rev. of Wilton, NH, and Elisabeth Kidder, Sept. 14, 1769.* [Mrs. Elisabeth. MR]


Joseph Jr. of Lexington, and Sarah Baldwin, May 7, 1761, in Lexington.*


Polly of Tewksbury, and Isaac Mears, Nov. 24, 1796, in Tewksbury.*

LOTHROP (Lathrop)


Isaac of Andover, and Deborah Sheldon, Feb. 28, 1750.*

Deborah and Daniel Ordway, Nov. 28, 1771.*

Samuel and Sally Hobart of Holles, NH, Dec. 4, 1817.*

Samuel and Mrs. Mehitable Hanaford, Mar. 1, 1838.*


Samuel of Chelmsford, and Sarah Levestone, Dec. 19, 1786.*


William and Polly Clark, Dec. 1, 1803.*


Robert, Dea., of Taunton, and Mrs. Elisabeth Chandler, June 19, 1766.*


George and Mary Russell, Feb. ––, 1823.*

Abigail W. and William Farmer, Dec. 19, 1841.*

George, widr., 65 laborer, b. Weston, and Abigail Peabody, wid., 40, d. Asa Needham dec'd and Polly dec'd, Dec. 24, 1844.*

Lewis I., 21 cordwainer, b. Weston, s. George and w., and Martha A. Winter, 20, b. Gray, ME, d. Stephen and Hannah, Feb. 6, 1845.*

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