Polley of Harvard, and Jasper Stone, int. July 24, 1809.

BACHELLOR (Batchellor, Batchelor)

Anna, and Ephraim Robins, July 26, 1808. CR

Isaac, and Mary Wetherbee, Apr. 10, 1788. CR*

Polly, and Abraham Mace, Mar. 25, 1790. CR*

Salley, and Peter Whitcomb, Mar. 31, 1803. CR


Mary of Harvard, and Samuel Caldwell, int. Sept. 24, 1820.


Lavinia of Marlborough, and William B. Brigham, int. Apr. 6, 1835.


Hannah, Mrs. Acton, and Nathan Raymond, int. Jan. 10, 1834.


Lucius L. of Windham, ME, a. 29 y., and Susanna Hayward, d. Ebenezer and Polly, a. 25 y., Feb. 25, 1847.

BARNARD (Barnerd)

Appleton M. of Harvard, and Elizabeth W. Stevens, Apr. 27, 1843.

Benjamin K. of Harvard, and Mary Hager, Oct. 15, 1843.

Mary, and Benjamin Stevens, Apr. 16, 1800. CR

Susan L. of Harvard, and Diobratio Page, int. Jan. 27, 1839.

BARNERD (Barnard)

Esther of Harvard, and Moris Taylor, int. Sept. 13, 1812.


Nathaniel of Bethlehem, and Lydia Batchellor, int. Oct. 11, 1801.


Joel E., s. –––––, of Sumner, ME, a. 24 y., and Abagail J. Dunn, d. Lowell, dec., and Lucy, a. 22 y., Feb. 26, 1848. (Feb. 27, 1848. CR)

BATCHELLOR (Bachellor, Batchelor)

Lydia, and Nathaniel Barrit of Bethlehem, int. Oct. 11, 1801.

Rebeccah, and Elijah Woolson (of Acton, int.), Sept. 7, 1797·

BATCHELOR (Bachellor, Batchellor)

Amos, and Rachel Whitney of Harvard, int. Nov. 22, 1812.

Harriett W., and Parker E. Farnsworth of West Bloomfield, NJ, Apr. 21, 1842.

Rebecca, and Elijah Watson of Acton, in Acton, Sept. 9, 1778.


Hannah W., Mrs., of Acton, and James Mace, int. Apr. 23, 1835.


Stephen, Rev., and Rejoice Olds, both of Harvard, Dec. 8, 1810. CR*


Augusta, and George B. Talbot of Easton, int. Apr. 27, 1840.

Caroline, d. Lyman and Jane, a. 21 y., and Cephas Hoar, s. John and Betsy, a. 23 y., May 4, 1847.

Jane E., and James Brown of Sterling, Nov. 25, 1838.

L. Waldo, and Catharine Howard of Hingham, int. Aug. 18, 1849.

Lyman, and Jane Brigham of Marlborough, int. Mar. 13, 1819.

Mary Louisa, and Rev. Josiah Warren Talbot, Mar. 25, 1838.


William of Acton, and Hannah W. Sargent, Sept. 2, 1841.


Abba A., d. Joseph and Laura, a. 20 y., and Eliab G. Reed of Lowell, s. William of Acton, and Mary, a. 23 y., Nov. 23, 1848.

John, and Margaret Burbeck, in Westford, Apr. 17, 1838.

Joseph K., and Mary A. Culver of Boston, int. Apr. 1, 1840.

Lucy, and Amos Day of Shirley, June 8, 1837.

Marshall, and Charlotte Reed of Acton, int. Mar. 24, 1844.

Martha, and Samuel Sawin of Stow, Apr. 3, 1834.

Mary Ann, d. Simon and Sarah, a. 22 y., and James F. Sawin of Natick, s. –––––, dec., and Mary, a. 33 y., Nov. 28, 1844.

Sarah, and Leonard Chandler of Princeton, Oct. 21, 1842.

Simon, and Mary Keyes of Westford, int. Sept. 12, 1814.

Simon Jr., and Elizabeth D. Fletcher, Tuesday, Apr. 23, 1839.


Joseph, and Phebe G. Hayward, Mar. 11, 1827.


Mary D. of Harvard, and Varnum Taylor, int. Nov. 19, 1838.

Sally of Harvard, and Phineas Wetherbee 3d, int. Aug. 1, 1802.

William Jr., and Sarah L. Jewett, May 26, 1836.


Jane of Marlborough, and Lyman Bigelow, int. Mar. 13, 1819.

William B., and Lavinia Baker of Marlborough, int. Apr. 6, 1835.

BROOK (Brooks)

Beletiah (Paletiah, int.) of Acton, and Susannah Wheeler, Apr. 8, 1841.

BROOKS (Brook)

Calvin of Stow, and Sally Wetherbee, June 12, 1796. CR

John of Littleton, and Lydia Davis, Feb. 1, 1810. CR


Deliverance of Stow, and Caty Wetherbee Jr., int. Aug. 5, 1798.

Betsey, and Hosea Hildreth, Feb. 7, 1797. CR

James of Sterling, and Jane E. Bigelow, Nov. 25, 1838.

John, and Lucy Ann Dunn, both of Acton, in Acton, Dec. 28, 1843. CR*

Joshua of Littleton, and Lucy Wheeler, July 11, 1816. CR

Josiah C., and Mercy K. Whitcomb, formerly of Stow, Dec. 24, 1835. CR*

Katharine, and Ens. Ephraim Whitcomb, June 1, 1797. CR

Lois, and David Nurse of Harvard, Dec. 11, 1794.

Louisa S., Mrs., of Acton, and John Wetherbee Jr., int. Dec. 29, 1834.

Mary, and Aaron Woods of Shirley, Nov. 20, 1785. CR*

Mary, and Benjamin Withington of Stow, in Stow, Nov. 18, 1788.*

Mary B. of Littleton, d. Hazard of Littleton, and Sally, a. 21 y., and Moses F. Greenwood of Bellingham, s. Hiram and Betsey, a. 21 y., Nov. 30, 1848.*

Tabitha, and Joel Wright of Fitzwilliam, in Stow, Sept. 16, 1784.*


Margaret, and John Blanchard, in Westford, Apr. 17, 1838.

Thomas of Acton, and Lucy Anna Hayward, ––– 26, –––––. (Oct. 22, 1842, int.)


Asa of Harvard, and Lydia Walker Stearns, Nov. 26, 1817. CR

John, and Polly Shead, Jan. 26, 1792.*

Josiah, and Anna Whitcomb, Apr. 25, 1790.*

Loammi, and Salley Whitney, Dec. 13, 1791.*

Marret, and Malinda Wood, Oct. 31, 1817. CR

S. Louisa, and Benjamin Mead, int. Sept. 2, 1847.


Nancy, and Obed Houghton of Harvard, Apr. 11, 1822. CR

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