Sally, and Martin Lawton, Dec.11,1823.


Mary L. of Wayland and Henry P. Jewitt, int.June3,1839.


James, and Margaret Green, both of Charlestown, Apr.9,1807.CR*


Betsey, and Edward Wright of Cambridge, June9,1810.CR*


George Jr., and Anne Underwood, Sept.14,1794.*

John, and Lydia Willard, Mar.8,1790キ*


Clarissa, and William Clark of Waltham, Feb.6,1815.CR

Dorothy, and William A. Kelley of Littleton, June28,1821.CR

Eliza H., and David Fuller of Chelsea, VT, Sept.10,1840.

Lydia, and John Brooks of Littleton, Feb.1,1810.CR

Polley, and George Sawyer of Waltham, Feb.11,1822.CR

Olive, and Ruben Hale, both of Athol, Feb.16,1786.CR*

Oliver Taylor, and Mary Sawyer, Aug.31,1786.CR*

Oliver, and Jane Whitman Taylor, Oct.19,1817.CR

Sarah, and Joel Handlee Park, int.May10,1818,

William, and Eliza Taylor of Harvard, int.Dec.9,1848.


Amos of Shirley, and Lucy Blanchard, June8,1837.


George, and Mary Ann Wetherbee, int.Mar.25,1828.


Amy, and Jonas Horton, Feb.19,1824.

Benjamin, and Amey Meeds of Harvard, int.Oct.1,1803.

Benjamin, and Prisa Wimon of Bedford, int.Oct.20,1816.

Boaz Brown, and Sarah White, Oct.29,1795.

Cynthia, and John Russell of Harvard, Jan.14,1827.

Laura, and Samuel L. Draper,末蔓末,1821 (int.Nov.4,1821).

Prissa, and Ebenezer Haven of Lancaster, Apr.27,1820.CR*

Samuel, and Sarah Croutch, Oct.15,1793.*

Samuel L., and Laura Draper,末蔓末,1821 (int., Nov.4,1821).

Sarah, and Reubin Worster of Harvard, int.Feb.8,1805.

Tryphena, and Benjamin Wood of Harvard, Feb.21,1822.CR

Tryphena, d.末末 of Swansey, NH, a.33y., and David I. Veazie, s.Nathaniel of Ossipee, NH, and Sarah, a.32y., May13,1848.


Abba J., and Joshua R. Russell, int.Jan.7,1847.

Abagail J., d.Lowell, dec., and Lucy, a.22y., and Joel E. Barrows, s.末末 of Sumner, ME, a.24y., Feb.26,1848. (Feb.27,1848.CR)

Hannah C. (Hannah W.CR), and Jonathan Crouch, Jan.27,1842.

Lucy Ann, and John Brown, both of Acton, in Acton, Dec.28,1843.CR*


Hannah of Concord, and Samuel Sargent Jr., int.Dec.19,1819.


Hannah of Lowell, and Emory Wetherbee, Dec.20,1836.

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