George, Mar.29,1815.GR1

Benjamin S.,末蔓末,1826.GR1

Elizabeth B.,末蔓末,1828.GR1

Hellen Rachel, d.Solomon and Lucy Ann, Feb.22,1840.

Lucy Ann, d.Solomon, Esq. and Lucy Ann, June15,1842.

Sarah Louisa, d.Solomon and Lucy, of Charlestown, May31,1844.


Emeline 末末, w.J.H., Feb.21,1817.GR2


Elizabeth, d.Cephas and Asenath, Nov.2,1819.

Daniel Robins, s.Cephas and Asenath, Feb.15,1823.

Edwin, s.Cephas and Asenath, Mar.17,1825.


Jonathan, s.John and Elizabeth, Nov.30,1798.


Anna White 末末, w.Paul,末蔓末,1745.GR2


Lucy Whitcomb 末末, w.Paul,末蔓末,1769.GR2



Eunice Wood 末末, w.James,末蔓末,1781.GR2

Paul, s.Paul Jr. and Lucy, Sept.11,1795.

Lucy, d.Paul Jr. and Lucy, Nov.26,1796.

Ephraim, s.Paul Jr. and Lucy, Nov.29,1798.

Joel, s.Paul Jr. and Lucy, Nov.21,1800.

James, s.Paul Jr. and Lucy, Mar.25,1803.

James 2d, s.Paul Jr. and Lucy, July14,1806.

Eunice, d.James and Eunice, Mar.10,1807.

John, s.Paul Jr. and Lucy, Jan.17,1808.

Susanna, d.James and Eunice, Apr.13,1808.

Stevens, s.Paul Jr. and Lucy, Feb.3,1810.

James Wood, s.James and Eunice, May31,1810.

Andrew, s.James and Eunice, Nov.22,1811.

Samuel, s.Paul Jr. and Lucy, Dec.1,1811.

Hannah W. (Hannah Whitcomb.CR), d.Paul Jr. and Lucy, July7,1813.

Ebeneazar White, s.Ebeneazar and Polly, Oct.18,1813.

Albert, s.Ebeneazer and Polly, Feb.7,1815.

Mary Ann, d.Samuel and Sophia, Apr.19,1815.

Eliza Ann, d.Paul Jr. and Lucy, Apr.24,1815.

John, s.James and Eunice, July9,1815.

Mary, d.Ebeneazar and Polly (Mary.CR), Mar.26,1817.

Stevens, s.James and Eunice, Aug.25,1817.

Joseph, s.(Dea.CR) Paul and Lucy, Mar.12,1819.

Franklin, s.Ebeneazar and Polly, June21,1819.

Louisa, d.Samuel and Sophia, Sept.8,1819.

Andrew, s.James and Eunice, Sept.9,1819.

Charlotte Conant 末末, w.Stevens, Mar.26,1820.GR2

Lucy Anna, d.James and Eunice, July7,1821.

Susanna, d.Ebeneazar and Polly, Jan.16,1822.

Samuel Henry, s.Samuel and Sophia, Aug.13,1822.

Paul, s.James and Eunice, Dec.11,1825.

Paul, s.Eben, bp. Oct.末,1829.CR

Mary Louisa, Feb.13,1830.GR2

Joel Foster,末蔓末,1835.GR2

Helen Adelea, d.Stevens and Harriet (Harriet A.CR), Dec.13,1845.

Marion Adalade, d.Arnold and Julia, Nov.6,1846.

Joseph Warren, s.Joseph and Catharine W., bp. July30,1848.CR

Arnold, s.Arnold and Julia Ann, July9,1849.


Lucy Elizabeth, d.Tower and Lucy, Aug.12,1817.

Tower, s.Tower and Lucy, Aug.6,1820.

Martha Ann, d.Tower and Lucy, Dec.30,1822.


John Sherman, s.John and Betsy, June19,1829.

Forestus Darwin Kittredge, s.John and Betsy, Feb.6,1831.


Reuben Newhall, s.Capt. Reuben and Elizabeth, Mar.8,1814.

William Stevens, s.Capt. Reuben and Elizabeth, June20,1816.


Mary, d.Naham and Mary, Dec.17,1785.

Ruth, d.Nahum and Mary, Sept.11,1787.

Nahum, s.Nahum and Mary, July1,1789.

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