Elinore, w.William,末蔓末,1827.GR2



Abigail Devereux, d.Samuel and Martha, Sept.7,1830.

Martha Marrett, d.Samuel and Martha, Oct.31,1823.

Samuel, A.M., in Marblehead, June1,1785.GR2

Samuel, s.Samuel and Martha, Nov.29,1819.

Samuel Brown, s.Samuel Jr. and Elizabeth H., Aug.17,1846.


Ellen Josephine, d.Alfred B. and Nancy Anne, Aug.21,1846.

George F.,末蔓末,1843.GR2

SHEAD (Shed, Shedd)

Lydia, d.Samuell, Jan.13,1799キ

Samuel, s.Samuell, Aug.21,1801.

SHED (Shead, Shedd)

末末, d.Abner and Elizabeth W., May14,1844.

Abner, s.Samuell (and Lydia.CR), Mar.31,1804.

Elmyra, d.Samuel and Lydia, May8,1812.

Almira, d.Abner and Elizabeth W., Aug.23,1841.

Elizabeth, d.Samuel and Lydia, June20,1816.

Elizabeth, d.Abner and Elizabeth W., Mar.10,1846.

Juliet, d.Abner and Elizabeth W., Mar.22,1838.

Peter Clark, s.Samuel (and Lydia.CR), Aug.26,1806.

SHEDD (Shead, Shed)

M. Frances Hunt,末蔓末,1830.GR2


Emeline, d.末末, bp. at 3d Soc. in Dorchester, Sept.4,1814.CR

SIMOND (Simonds)

Joanna, d.Jonathan and Phebe, Mar.7,1794.

Jonathan, s.Caleb and Lydia, Jan.1,1752.

Jonathan, s.Jonathan and Phebee (Cumming), Nov.4,1782.

Lucy, d.Jonathan and Phebe (Cumming), Nov.10,1787.

Martha, d.Jonathan and Phebe, Oct.6,1791.

Olive, d.Jonathan and Phebe (Cumming), Nov.12,1783.

Phebe, d.Jonathan and Phehe (Cumming), Oct.23,1789.

SIMONDS (Simond)

Abel, Nov.22,1828.GR2

Abigail, d.Daniel, bp. Mar.7,1756.CR

Abigail, d.Caleb (Jr.CR) and Abigail, Nov.10,1784.

Abigail, d.Calvin, bp. Sept.20,1789.CR

Abigail, d.Caleb and Abigail, May17,1795.

Ann Munroe,末蔓末,1830.GR2

Caleb, s.Caleb and Lydia, Feb.17,1755.

Caleb, s.Caleb (Jr.CR) and Abigail, Oct.18,1783.

Calvin, s.Calvin, bp. Aug.10,1783.CR

Daniel, s.Calvin, bp. Apr.27,1783.CR



Ebenezer, s.James, bp. Mar.30,1755.CR

Elizabeth, Jan.3,1824.GR2


Hannah, d.Nathan, bp. Oct.20,1754.CR

Harriet S. Tainter, w.Abel, Apr.23,1835.GR2

Jacob, s.Caleb (Jr.CR) and Abigail, Jan.8,1788.

James, s.Caleb Jr., bp. Oct.28,1804.CR

Jesse, s.Calven and Abigail, Mar.16,1799.

Jonas, s.Nathan, bp. Sept.7,1755.CR

Lucretia, d.Nathan, bp. Oct.20,1754.CR

Lucy, d.Nathan, bp. Sept.17,1758.CR

Lydia, d.Caleb (Jr.CR) and Abigail, Mar.8,1786.


Mary, d.Daniel, bp. Nov.25,1753.CR

Mary F.,末蔓末,1835.GR2

Hitta, d.Caleb (Jr.CR) and Abigail, Feb.6,1799.

Mixter, s.Calvin, bp. Feb.25,1787.CR

Nathan, s.Nathan, bp. Oct.20,1754.CR

Nathan,末蔓末,1792.GR2 (Nathan, s.Calvin, bp. Mar.18,1792.CR)

Nathan, Sept.8,1823.GR2

Rachel, w.Nathan,末蔓末,1797.GR2

Rebecca Pidgeon, w.Franklin,末蔓末,1833.GR2

Samuel Cumings (Jr.CR), s.Caleb and Abigail, June3,1793.

Samuel Cummings, s.Caleb (Jr.CR) and Abigail, Apr.27,1797キ

Stephen, s.Caleb (Jr.CR) and Abigail, July23,1791.

Susanna, d.Caleb Jr., bp. May8,1808.CR

Thomas Emerson, s.Caleb Jr., bp. Oct.3,1802.CR

William, s.Caleb and Abigail, Nov.10,1790. (William, s.Caleb Jr., bp. Nov.15,1789.CR)

SKELTON (Skilton)

Alford, s.John, bp. May28,1780.CR

Almira, w.Wyman Jr.,末蔓末,1827.GR2

Anna, d.John, bp. Mar.25,1787.CR

Benjamin, s.John, bp. Mar.25,1787.CR

Cyrus, s.John, bp. July28,1776.CR

David, July28,1822.GR2

Elijah, s.Thomas Jr., bp. Feb.1,1784.CR

Betsey, d.Thomas Jr., bp. Mar.30,1777.CR

Francis, s.Matthew, bp. May28,1780.CR


Helen A., d.David and Hannah, Dec.20,1844.

James, s.James Berry and Abigail Pasho, Feb.11,1848.

John, s.John, bp. May26,1771.CR

Jonathan Simonds, s.Stephen and Phebe, bp. Sept.9,1827.CR

Jonathan, s.Nathan B. and Elizabeth, b. in Lexington, Apr.11,1849.


Matthew, s.John, bp. Nov.7,1773.CR

Matthew, s.Matthew, bp. Dec.8,1776.CR

Melina, d.Thomas and Nancy, Nov.14,1811.

Nathan Blanchard, s.Stephen and Phebe, Jan.27,1824.

Phebe, d.Stephen and Asenath, May18,1848.

Ruth, d.Thomas Jr., bp. Nov.8,1778.CR

Samuel Carter, s.Thomas and Nancy, Sept.4,1815.

Stephen, s.Stephen and Phebe, July4,1818.

Stephen H., s.Stephen and Asenath, Dec.6,1844.

Thomas, s.Thomas Jr., bp. Mar.30,1777.CR

Thomas, s.John, bp. Dec.26,1779.CR

Thomas, s.Thomas Jr., bp. Mar.31,1782.CR

Thomas, s.Thomas and Nancy, Aug.14,1804.

Wyman Jr.,末蔓末,1820.GR2

SKILTON (Skelton)

Sally, d.Mathew and Betsy, Oct.8,1800.


Esther, d.末末, bp. May13,1763.


Abel, s.John, bp. Apr.19,1772.CR

Abijah, s.Abijah, bp. Aug.15,1773.CR

Coriolanus, s.Charles B., b. in Arundel, Sussex Co., Eng., and Harriet, b. in Hartford, VT, June1,1849.

Hannah, d.Abijah, bp. June6,1756.CR

Isaac, s.Abijah, bp. Aug.26,1764.CR

John, s.John, bp. May11,1766.CR

Jonathan, s.Abijah, bp. Mar.15,1767.CR

Luther, s.John, bp. Mar.25,1770.CR

Lydia Maria, d.Elijah and Lydia, bp. at West Cambridge, Apr.21,1817.CR

Mary, d.Abigail, bp. June9,1754.CR

Mary, d.John, bp. July8,1764.CR

Mary, d.Abijah, bp. Sept.10,1775.CR

Solomon, s.Thomas, bp. Jan.13,1754.CR

Susanna, d.John, bp. Mar.13,1768.CR


Ebenezer, s.Ebenezer, dec., and Mary, bp. Oct.28,1739.CR

Rachel, d.Ebenezer, dec., and Mary, bp. Oct.28,1739.CR


Esther, d.John, bp. Dec.22,1765.CR

John, s.John, bp. June28,1767.CR

Levi, s.John, bp. Sept.29,1771.CR

Lucy, d.Edward, bp. at Billerica, Mar.28,1756.CR

Mary, d.John, bp. Aug.22,1773.CR

Sarah, d.John, bp. Sept.16,1764.CR

Timothy, s.John, bp. Apr.9,1769.CR


Augustus, s.Jedediah, bp. Oct.16,1803.CR

James Reed, s.Jedediah, bp. Dec.28,1800.CR

Saraan, d.Jedediah, bp. Sept.15,1805.CR


Elizabeth Graham, w.Hugh,末蔓末,1838.GR2



Janette, d.James and Janette, both b. in Glasgow, Scot., in Lexington, Sept.16,1849.


Benjamin, s.末末, bp. Apr.28,1754.CR

John, s.Benjamin, bp. Sept.2,1759.CR

Samuel, s.Benjamin, bp. Apr.18,1762.CR

William, s.Benjamin, bp. May8,1757.CR


Mary E., Aug.28,1849.GR2

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