Joseph, b. in Billerica, s.William and Mary, Mar.21,1849, a.81y.1m.16d.Md.

Susan M., b. in Boston, w.George and d.James and Dorcas Bennett, Aug.13,1848, a.37y.6m.27d.


Mary, d.Thomas, Nov.20,1777, a.23y.PR1

Molle, d.Thomas, May3,1781, a.1y.6m.PR1

Reuel, widr., in Billerica, Sept.12,1846, a.76y.4m.3d.

Rhoda, w.Reuel, Feb.22,1842, a.70y.GR1


, ch., Sept.9,1775, a.3h.PR1

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