Abigail of Wilmington, and Jonas Carter Jr., int. Dec. 25, 1806.

Andrew and Lucy Peters, July 15, 1802.

Franklin of Billerica, and Lucy Walker of Charlestown, June 26, 1831.*

JENISON (Jinson)

Lucretia and Jonathan K. Woodman of Sanbornton, NH, Nov. 1, 1842.

Nahum Jr. and Eliza Butterfield, int. Oct. 10, 1835.


Mary and Isaac Burton, Feb. 14, 1822.

Washington of Readfield, ME, and Lydia Simonds, June 7, 1808.


Joel of Concord, and Nancy Cummings, int. Aug. 8, 1829.

JINSON (Jenison)

Naham and Lucretia Wyman, Oct. 25, 1807·


Edward and Hannah Gibson of Wilmington, Oct. 14, 1824.

Hannah and Amos Flint Jr. of Francistown, NH, int. May 2, 1840.

Lucy and Samuel Kent (Jr., int.) of Charlestown, Apr. 10, 1808.

Mary, d. Reuben and Sarah, and Jessee Dean, s. Edward and Sarah, Oct. 2, 1777.*

Susanna and James Reed Jr., Jan. 11, 1810.


Abiel of Wilmington, and Lucy Carter, Nov. 23, 1800.

Catharine M., and Sylvester Dean, both of Woburn, Apr. 5, 1840.*

Charles and Clarissa Cutler, Dec. 13, 1838.

Isaac of Wilmington, and Sarah Kimball Balch, int. Jan. 25, 1800.

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