William Jr. of Bedford, and Lucy Simonds, Nov.21,1811.

Louisa H. of Billerica, and Archelaus T. Munroe, int.Mar.27,1830.


Abigail of Woburn, and William Winn Jr., int.Sept.14,1833.

Oliver (Jr., int.) of Reading, and Lydia Carter, Dec.25,1838.

Ann of Woburn, and Elijah Marion, int.May9,1840.

Maria of Woburn, and George Winn, int.Oct.19,1844.


Charles D. of Westborough, a.27y., and Nancy L. Reed, d.Isaiah and Sally, a.20y., Apr.27,1845.


John Andrew Jr. and Sally Foster of Tewksbury, int.Jan.1,1814.

Betsey and Zebediah Tweed, Nov.14,1815.

Ruth and John Grigerry of Boston, int.June14,1823.

Abigail, b. in Tewksbury, d.Elisha and Susan, a.21y., and James B. Skelton, s.Francis, dec., and Nancy, a.23y., Feb.26,1849.


Elizabeth of Malden, and Nathan Simonds Jr., int.Jan.6,1849.


Sally R. of Woburn, and Jonathan Bell, Mar.31,1835.

John F. and Elizabeth B. Hamilton, int.July22,1843.

Semantha M., b. in Woburn, d.Hezekiah J. of Woburn, dec., and Sally, a.18y., and Nathan Nourse of Malden, b. in Watertown, s.Nathan and Mary, a.20y., in Pomfret, CT, July3,1848.


Elias of Alexandria, NH, and Rebecah Simonds, Sept.3,1819.

George B. and Fanny Maria Kendall, int.Mar.20,1847.

Warren B., widr., of Woburn, b. in Medford, s.Andrew of Lynn, dec., and Susan, a.32y., and Martha Maria Newhall of Lynn, b. in Lynn, d.Nathaniel and Martha of Lynn, a.24y., Oct.18,1849.*


George of Woburn, b. in Natick, s.William and Hannah, a.27y., and Martha B. Fisher of Woburn, b. in Woburn, d.Oliver and Patty of Woburn, a.26y., Dec.25,1849.*


Lucy and Andrew Jaquith, July15,1802.

Eunice and Samuel Cutler Jr., Jan.10,1804.

Susanna and Joshua Butters of Boston, June1,1806.

Samuel Jr. of South Reading, and Ruth A. Lovering, int.Apr.2,1817.


John and Nancy Gibson, Apr.24,1828.


John F. of Dorchester, and Lois W. Walker, Jan.13,1818.


Arathusa of Billerica, and Nathaniel Cutler Jr., int.Mar.7,1829.


Sarah and Abner Marion, Mar.13,1834.

Humphrey and Martha Marion, Nov.29,1838.


Hannah and Henry Cutler, both of Winchendon, Dec.28,1836.*

Clarissa of Cabot, VT, a.32y., and Amos Hunt, widr., of Haverhill, a.30y., Nov.18,1844.*


Elizibeth and Amos Taylor, both in Charlestown,,1803.*


Sylvester of Sudbury, and Catherine Brown, Apr.18,1839.

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