Emeline Jane, d. John, farmer, b. Three Rivers, Canada, and Harriett, b. Gloucestershire, Eng., at Factory Village, Apr. 3, 1849.


Abner Augustus, s. Francis, butcher, b. Nelson, and Selina, b. Stoddard, NH, at Middlesex Village, Aug. 4, 1848.

John, s. Edward and Sarah. Nov. 6, 1749.

Oliver, s. Edward and Sarah, Feb. 24, 1746-7.

Sarah, d. Edward and Sarah, May 29, 1744.


Andrew W., s. Mark, farmer, and Charlotte, at Lowell, July 15, 1846.

Horace Erving, s. Horace, machinist, b. Vershire, VT, and Mary Ann, b. Merrimack, NH, June 30, 1849.


Francis Norman Pratt, s. Archible R. and Lucy A., Nov. 7, 1841.

JOSLIN (Josselyn)

Richard James, s. –––––, bp. Nov. ––, 1810. CR1

JOSLYN (Josselyn)

Edwin Forest, s. Edwin and Mira [Nyrhe (Chandler). PR10], Oct. 14, 1838. [1837. PR10]

Harriet Maria, d. Elbridge and Sally P., Feb. 3, 1828.

JOSSELYN (Joslin, Joslyn)

Albert Warren, s. Edwin and Nyrhe (Chandler) Sept. 18, 1842. PR10

Edwin, June 23, 1810. PR10

Eliza Ann, d. Edwin and Nyrhe (Chandler), Sept. 9, 1840. PR10

Wallace Andrew, s. Edwin and Nyrhe (Chandler), June 2, 1839. PR10

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