Prince, boy under the care of Dea. Ephraim Spaulding, bp. Apr. 14, 1745. CR1

Dinah, girl under care of Joseph Peirce, bp. Sept. 29, 1745. CR1

David, boy under the care of Jerahmeel Bowers, bp. Aug. 10, 1746. CR1

Moses, mulatto boy belonging to Henry Spaulding, bp. July 21, 1751. CR1

Phillis, child belonging to Joseph Mooers, bp. Oct. 29, 1752. CR1

Dinah, girl belonging to Joseph Moors, bp. June 19, 1757. CR1

Rose, ch. under care of Samuell Adams, bp. Oct. 15, 1758. CR1

Boston, ch. under care of Simeon Moors, bp. Sept. 20, 1761. CR1

Tony, under care of Nathaniell Butterfield, bp. Sept. 5, 1762. CR1

Silva, ch. under care of Benjamin Byam, bp. Sept. 15, 1765. CR1

Cato, ch. under care of Henry [and Sarah. PR4] Prockter, bp. Oct. 12, 1766. CR1


–––––, d. Samuell and Hannah, [1619?].

–––––, Jonathan, s. Jonathan, [1672?].

––––y, d. Thomas and Mary, [1679-80].

–––––, Febee, d. Solomon and Fran[ces. 1679-80?].

–––––, Samuell, s. Joseph and Martha, Dec. 30, 1679.

–––––, Henry, s. Andr–, [1680?].

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