Benjamin, of New Ipswich, and Prudence Melvin, of Carlisle, Oct.9,1754.

Benja, of New Ipswich, and Hannah Wheeler, Oct.14,1788.

Eliza, of Lancaster, and Reuel Roby, int.Sept.8,1811.


Joshuah, and Sarah Potter, Jan.2,1677.


Augustus A., a.24y., of Ashburnham, and Frances A. Patridge, a.17y., of Weston, Jan.4,1847.REG

Susanna, of Bedford, and Aaron Priest, of Bedford, Sept.7,1805.


Solomon, of Brookline, NH, and Sally Adams, int.Nov.13,1813.


Henry, and Lydia Stevens, May29,1803.


Joseph, of Stow, and Elisabeth Wheeler, June17,1755.

Nathaniel Jr., and Susannah Whitman, of Stow, Mar.18,1801.

Samuel Jr., of Boxborough, and Hannah Duren, Feb.10,1820.


Hannah, and Samuel Litchfield, July31,1833.


Ephraim, and Abigail Farnsworth, of Groton, Apr.10,1713.


Charles H., a.27y., of Cambridge, and Mary B. Ball, a.27y., Sept.18,1849.REG


Anna, of Littleton, and Joseph Hayward, int.Oct.4,1798.

John, of West Cambridge, and Martha W. Blood, Nov.11,1832.


Hiphzebeth, of Groton, and Thomas Foster of Billerica, Aug.24,1706.


Mary C., a.19y., and Isaac L. Hosmer, a.28y., Mar.7,1846.REG


Ephraim, and Hannah Beard, of Tewksbury, int.Aug.28,1795.

Hezekiah, of Rindge, and Lucy Taylor, int.Mar.14,1818.


Homer N., of Lowell, and Catharine D. Proctor, of Lowell, Mar.15,1837.


Benjamin E., a.39y., and Mary Smith, a.26y., of Sudbury, at Sudbury, Oct.17,1850.REG

Eliza, of Acton, and Andrew Conant, Sept.22,1831.

Elizabeth, of Lancaster, and James Hosmer, of Marlborough, Jan.6,1687-8.

Ephraim, and Eunice Houghton, both of Lancaster, Mar.4,1719-20.

John, and Sarah Joslin, both of Lancaster, Nov.22,1722.

Lemuel D., and Sophronia Jones, Nov.2,1826.

Mary L., and Horatio Watts, int.June12,1847.


Hanah, of Lancaster, and Joseph Blood, of Groton, Apr.15,1706.

James, and Mary Marbel, Feb.4,1677.


Catherine E., a.31y., of Concord, and Horace P. Snow, a.30y., of Northfield, at Leicester, Sept.7,1849.REG

Samuel, and Caroline Matilda Law, of Acton, int.Mar.23,1801.


Deborah, and Jonathan Whittcom, both of Groton, Sept.4,1710.


Samll, of Groton, and Mary Green of Watertown, Feb.8,1699 or 1700.


Anna, of Cambridge, and Richard Whitney, int.Nov.10,1804.


William H., of Holliston, and Sarah Ann Marshall, int.Dec.13,1846.


Jane, and Henery Sparkes, Nov.12,1718.


Josiah, Rev. Mr., of Woburn, and Mrs.Martha Minot, Jan.24,1757.


Daniel, and Sarah Edwards, of Ashby, int.Feb.15,1816.

Frances Jane, a.20y., and Louis A. Surette, a.28y., May15,1849.REG

Hannah, and Thaddeus Grimes, of Littleton, int.Mar.23,1807.

Henry L., a.24y., and Mary H. Barrett, a.18y., Nov.9,1847.REG

Ithamar, and Eunice Oliver, int.Sept.3,1836.

Ithamar, and Mary Mathews, Oct.1,1837.

John, of New Ipswich, and Hepzibah J. Prescott, Oct.14,1813.

Lemuel, and Clarissa Baxter, of Boston, int.Oct.29,1825.

Polly, of Pepperell, and John Trumbull, int.July9,1803.

Mary, and Thomas Wayman, Dec.2,1813.


John, of Marlborough, and Silenc Allen, of Sudbury, Dec.21,1716.


Joseph, and Hannah Hosmer, Feb.7,1718.


Hannah, and Elisha How, of Sudbury, Aug.18,1718.


Catharine, of Franklin, and Joshua W. Brown, int.Apr.2,1846.

Eleanor, of Phipsburg, and Benjamin D. Bartlett, int.May12,1815.

Elisabeth, and John Adams, Sept.3,1748.

Joseph, and Sukey Loring, Apr.27,1800.

Susanna, and Jonathan Briggs, int.Nov.24,1797.

Wm.Mr., and Lucy Handly, Apr.6,1777.


Joseph, of Billerica, and Rebeckah Needham, of Billerica, Jan.7,1773.


Ann S., of Hopkinton, and John Keyes, int.Sept.29,1816.

Daniel, and Jane Hosmer, Oct.22,1734.

Dorathy, and Jonathan Cleaveland, both of Acton, June16,1743.

Martha, and William Barker, Aug.25,1740.

Mary, and Thomas Streight, May28,1683.

Filadelfia, and William Russell, June28,1715.

Sarah, and Thomas Goble, Jan.4,1686.

Sarah, and Enoch Cleaveland, Nov.1,1720.


Experiance, and Ebenezer Philips, of Littleton, Mar.5,1778.


Abigail, and William Johnson, of Dunstable, Jan.4,1719-20.


Abraham, and Abegail Lamson, Feb.11,1700-1.

Danll, and Mary Smedly, May1,1701.

John, and Elizebeth Craggin, Mar.19,1689-90.

Judeth, and Samll Pettybone of Simsbury, Nov.8,1699.

Mary, and Thomas Harris, Sept.17,1688.

Sarah, and Jno Hartwell, June1,1697.


James B., and Mary Ann Potter, both of Boston, Dec.23,1844.REG


Harriett, and William Stafford Jr., June8,1823.

Susanna F., of Northboro', and David Loring, int.Nov.6,1824.


Mary, and Robert Rozier,末蔓末, 末末.


Abraham, and Judeth Fillbrook, Jan.2,1672.

Isike, and Mary Smedly, Dec.10,1667.


Jonathan, and Mary Warren, of Littleton, int.Mar.7,1800.


Eliza, and Willard Cutter, of Waltham, int.June27,1830.


Pricillah, and James Adams, Feb.17,1690-1.


Kathrine, and Baptist Smedley, 27:1m:1645.


Rebekah and Eprhaim Wheeler, Oct.31,1739.


Judda, and John Barker, Dec.9,1668.

Keziah, of Woburn, and Dave Skilton, of Woburn, Feb.21,1792.

Marcellus, of Lexington, and Maria Agusta Ball, May12,1846.REG

Maria A., and Silas T. Jewell, of Townsend, Nov.23,1836.

Mary, and Roger Chandler, Apr.25,1671.

Mary Ann, and Luke Robbins, Apr.7,1825.

Moses, and Martha Bowers, of Bedford, int.Apr.28,1827.

Sarah, and John Heywood, Nov.30,1665.


William of Woburn, and Elizebeth Wilson of Billerica, Dec.26,1704.


Dave, of Woburn, and Keziah Simonds, of Woburn, Feb.21,1792.


John Frederick, of Charlestown, and Sarah Elizabeth Hurd, Nov.22,1830.


Hezekiah, and Martha Wood, May7,1747.


Babtist, and Kathrine Shorthouse, 27:1m:1645.


Anne, and James Davis, Mar.4,1700 or 1701.

Anne, and James Davis, Mar.4,1700-1.

Hannah, and Samuel Parry, Nov.8,1676.

James, and Mary Bariet, Dec.4,1671.

John, and Sarah Wheeler, May5,1669.

Mary, and Isike Shiphard, Dec.10,1667.

Mary, and Nathanel Juell, Jan.9,1676.

Mary, and Danll Shepherd, May1,1701.

Samewell, and Hanna Wheeler, July11,1667.

Sarah, and Ebenezer Hartwell, Mar.27,1690.


Abigail, of Sudbury, and George Wheeler, Dec.3,1719.

Abigail, and John Puffer, of Sudbury, int.Mar.1,1820.

Abraham, of Sudbury, and Rhoda Wheeler, Jan.22,1750.

Alexander, of Stow, and Hannah Hosmer, Dec.6,1812.

Anna, of Acton, and Daniel H. Lewis, int.Apr.5,1816.

Benjemin, of Lexington, and Mary Lee, May26,1767.

Benjamin, of Stow, and Lydia Wheeler, Oct.21,1817.

Caroline R., a.25y., and Albert Higgins, a.26y., at Boston, May25,1850.REG

Charles W., of Nashville, TN, and Augusta Davis, June5,1839.

Dudley, Dr., and Betsy Gardner Davis, June5,1827.

Elisha, of Worcester, and Sarah Melvin, Aug.12,1741.

Elizabeth, of East Sudbury, and Cyrus Wheeler, int.Nov.18,1816.

Elizabeth G., of Sudbury, and Ephraim S. Goodnow, Apr.15,1824.

Ephraim, and Abigail Munroe, Apr.25,1749.

Hannah, and Jonas Parker Snow, Sept.26,1822.

Hezekiah, of Lexington, and Elisabeth Billing, Feb.23,1742.

Joseph, of East Sudbury, and Polly Wheeler, Feb.7,1817.

Joseph A., a.30y., and Rebecca Brooks, a.25y., of Acton, in Boston, Mar.15,1849.REG

Julius M., and Martha Wheeler, int.Apr.14,1849.

Maria T., and Charles A. Holbrook, int.Nov.6,1847.

Mary, and Jonas Wright, Dec.1,1816.

Mary E., and Anthony Wright, Feb.14,1819.

Mary, a.26y., of Sudbury, and Benjamin E. Sawyer, a.39y., at Sudbury, Oct.17,1850.REG

Moses, and Sarah Caldwell, of Rindge, NH, int.Oct.26,1810.

Sally, of Sudbury, and Phineas Wheeler Jr., int.June12,1801.

Sarah Elizabeth, a.29y., and Joseph Kidder, a.31y., of Manchester, NH, June20,1850.REG

Thomas, and Mary Hosmer, Jan.19,1663.

William, and Mary Hobs, Dec.31,1714.


Charles P., a.25y., and Harriet B. Wilmott, a.23y., Nov.30,1848.REG

Horace P., a.30y., of Northfield, and Catherine E. Scott, a.31y., of Concord, at Leicester, Sept.7,1849.REG

Jonas Parker, and Hannah Smith, Sept.26,1822.

Lucy Ann, and Reuben Miles, May28,1816.

Lucy E., a.22y., and Stedman H. Bulkley, a.20y., Nov.30,1848.REG

Mary, of Westford, and Joseph Harrington, int.Mar.31,1821.

Sarah P., a.23y., and Myron Willmott, a.32y., Oct.12,1848.REG

Sophia, and William Greenhall Dunn, Oct.27,1836.


Jacob, and Mary Farrar, Nov.24,1761.

Joseph, and Rhoda Brown, Apr.29,1766.

Mary, and Samuel Darby, Mar.18,1767.

Mary, and Jonas Heywood Jr., Oct.5,1797.

Rhoda, and Wm Jones, of Boston, Apr.25,1790.

Sarah, and David Johnson, Sept.1,1768.

Susanna, and Ebenezer Parker, of Groaton, May10,1762.


Edward, of Plainfield, and Dorothy Barker, Oct.23,1705.

Elizebeth, and Ephraim Wheeler, Apr.20,1698.

Nancy, of Chelmsford, and Joseph Wyman, int.Feb.24,1820.

Samll and Susanah Baker, Oct.22,1705.


Henery, and Jane Shambrey, Nov.12,1718.


Henry, and Hanah Lamson, Dec.7,1709.


Asa, and Elizabeth Green, of Carlisle, int.Jan.19,1816.

Elisabeth, and John Green, Jan.24,1760.

Hannah, and Jonathan Hildreth, both of Chelmsford, June13,1738.

Harriett, of Leominster, and Lewis L. Litchfield, int.Nov.1,1834.

Ithamer, and Lidia Tarbell, int.Aug.23,1794.

Lucy, of Chelmsford, and Wm Spaulding, of Chelmsford, Apr.6,1780.

Lydia, of Townshend, and Oliver Heald, of Sliptown, Dec.2,1760 [see Footnote].

Oliver, of Milford, and Eunice Brown, Oct.20,1795.

Sarah, and James Nicholas, of Billerica, Oct.30,1766.

Sybil, of Townsend, and Abel J. Barrett, int.Jan.9,1841.

Wm, of Chelmsford, and Lucy Spaulding, of Chelmsford, Apr.6,1780.


Hanah, of Weston, and Samll Allen, Jan.19,1714.


Isaac, of Billerica, and Nancy Flint, Oct.25,1824.

Nancy, and John Vinson, of Chelmsford, int.Apr.13,1832.


Saml, and Lidia Roberson, Aug.22,1779.


Eliza, and John Reynolds, Dec.22,1842.

John, and Eliza Jones, Nov.20,1817.

John, a.25y., of Cambridge, and Emeline Tarbell, a.27y., Sept.1,1847.REG

Mary E., and James F. Braman, of Brighton, Apr.8,1839.


William Jr., and Harriett Sherman, June8,1823.


Susan A.K., and George B. Bacon, Sept.24,1839.


Abby D., a.34y., and John Wiley, a.30y., both of Boston, Oct.18,1849.REG

Samuel F., and Lucinda Wesson, Apr.29,1839.


Sarah, and Sgt. Thomas Wheler, July23,1677.


Sara, and John Wheler, Dec.27,1678.


Abegail, and Samuel Hartwell, Nov.23,1692.

Benjamin, and Lucy How, of Marlboro, int.Apr.14,1810.

Calle, of Ashburnham, and John Farrar, int.Nov.24,1810.

James, and Nancy Woods, Dec.29,1808.

John, and Mercy Davis, Apr.26,1699.

John, and Mary Farrar, Aug.28,1783.

Mary, Mrs., and Dea.Andrew Parker, of Barre, Mar.3,1785.

Miriam, of Waltham, and Lovel Estabrook, int.Feb.13,1822.

Nathaniel, and Mary Farrar, Oct.9,1760.

Ruth, and Stephen H. Brown, Apr.14,1811.

Samll, and Mary Brown, both of Dedham, July9,1696.

Susan, of Waltham, and Francis Wheeler, int.Oct.25,1810.

Thomas, of Grafton, VT, and Lucy Harris, int.Oct.20,1810.

William, of Waltham, and Susan Dix, Feb.12,1818.


Ann, of Antrim, NH, and Nathan M. Wright, int.Aug.15,1840.


Abigail, of Lexington, and Joseph Temple, Nov.28,1717.

Isaac, and Rebeckah Stratton, Aug.1,1768.

William, of LIttleton, and Elisabeth Burt, of Harvard, June19,1764.


Abigail, a.23y., and Louis Munner, a.30y., of Lincoln, Aug.29,1848.REG

Daniel Jr., of Marlboro, and Eunice C. Robinson, July20,1797.

Jacob, of Athol, and Dolly Davis, Mar.28,1797.

Lydia, and Henry Sanderson, May29,1803.


Stephen E., and Jane D. Parkman, May2,1827.


Anna, and Thomas McGee, of Chester, Nov.26,1741.

Rensselear S., and Harriet Belding, of Boston, int.Aug.28,1830.


Aaron, and Mary Elizabeth Child, of Boston, int.Aug.10,1827.

Eliza, and William Erwin, of Lexington, Oct.13,1823.

Joshua Willard, and Susan Marshall, of Lunenburgh, int.Aug.10,1821.

Louisa A., a.19y., and William G. Locke, a.24y., Apr.5,1849.REG


Sally, of Lexington, and Thomas Marshall,末蔓末,1815.


Susan C., of Boston, and Jefferson Reed, int.June27,1846.


John, of Lancaster, and Mary Wheeler, May10,1714.


Jonathan, of Sutton, and Rachel Underwood, of Lexington, Dec.16,1726.


Elmira, of Framingham, and Rev. Barzillai Frost, int.Apr.14,1837.

Benjamin, and Esther Kibby, both of Lexington, June28,1722.

Bradley and Clarissa Hosmer, of Acton, int.Aug.5,1828.

Ebenezer, and Prudence Pratt, both of Framingham, May10,1721.

Eliab, Rev. Mr., of Reading, and Mrs.Sarah Hubbard, Oct.17,1765.

Eliza H., Miss, of Lincoln, and Dr. William Gallup, int.Feb.7,1840.

Elizabeth, and Samewell Stow, Nov.16,1669.

Betsey, and David Hislop, of Brookline, Sept.17,1793.

Grace, of Carlisle, and Benja Temple, Dec.22,1791.

Gregory, of Lexington, and Hephzibah Brooks, June13,1750.

Gregory, a.52y., of Lincoln, and Edeth L. Patch, a.37y., Dec.1,1845.REG

Hannah, and Samuel Minot, Dec.13,1797.

H[enry] Bemis, a.37y., of Stow, and S[usan] Elvira Wheeler, a.33y., Sept.17,1846.REG

Isaac, of Newipswich, and Grace Whiting, Jan.12,1797.

John, and Sarah Farnsworth, both of Groton, Dec.7,1698.

John T., of Framingham, and Lucy Richardson, int.Feb.20,1814.

Jonathan, and Cheree Addams, Nov.5,1712.

Patty, and William Munroe, Sept.19,1805.

Mary, and Jsake Hunt, May14,1667.

Mary, and Aaron Brooks, of Lincoln, Jan.2,1755.

Micah, of Boston, and Mary Cogswell, Apr.9,1796.

Nancy, and Laban Ripley, of Barre, Sept.19,1793.

Nathan, and Mary Robbens, both of Sudbury, May5,1740.

Nathanil, of Framingham, and Mary Cutter, of Sudbury, Aug.10,1711.

Samll, and Abegail Read, of Woburn, Apr.3,1706.

Sara, and Joseph Merriam, July12,1653.

Sarah, and Joseph Bloggett, both of Lexington, Nov.5,1719.

Sarah, and Jonathan Heywood, Aug.28,1744.

Sally, and John R. Cutting, of Waldoboro', June29,1807.


Robert B., of Boston, and Sarah S. Hoar, June15,1837.


Susanna, and Joseph Wheat, Oct.12,1749.


Abigail, and John Gooch, int.Feb.22,1823.

Abigail, and Emerson Barrett, May4,1837.

Beulah Minot, of Marlborough, and Capt. William Brown, int.Nov.23,1811.

Cyrus, and Matilda Wyman, Nov.16,1843.REG

Ebenezer, and Abegail Parling, May2,1700.

Ebnezer, and Mary Hartwell, Dec.28,1775.

Elizabeth, and John Hadlocke, May13,1673.

Elizebeth, and Thomas Barrett, both of Marlborough, Nov.4,1701.

Ephraim, and Grace Wood, Jan.14,1745.

Ephraim, and Elisabeth Woolly, May29,1759.

Joseph, and Elisabeth Wooley, July16,1719.

Joseph, and Olive Jones, June14,1759.

Martin L., and Eliza C. Brigham, of Marlboro', int.Apr.25,1823.

Mary, and Isaac Bowstead, June3,1793.

Mary, and Lorenzo Eaton, June2,1843.

Nathan, and Martha Bignell, Aug.20,1662.

Nathan, and Abigail Miriam, Jan.27,1780.

Nathan, and Polly Barrett, of Bedford, int.Mar.19,1814.

Nathanll, and Ruth Miriam, Dec.3,1690.

Nathaniel, and Lydia Wheeler, Apr.21,1720.

Rebecca, and Nathaniel Hapgood, of Acton, Feb.22,1810.

Ruth, and Bartholomew Jones, July4,1723.

Samewell, and Elizabeth Stone, Nov.16,1669.

Sarah, of Marlborough, and John Minott, June26,1744.

Sarah, and Daniel Taylor, of Townsend, Apr.10,1745.

Silas, of Stow, and Evelina Conant, May10,1831.

Thankful, and Abraham Taylor, May20,1760.


Mary, and Daniel Hoar, July19,1677.

Samewell, and Hanna Wheat, Oct.20,1675.


Anna, and William Heaward, Apr.14,1671.

Mary, and James Dauson, of Boston, Oct.16,1718.

Ruth, and Jonathan Pike, Apr.25,1716.

Seusan, wid., and Thomas Daken, June11,1660.


Abigil, and Solomon Wheeler, of Kingston, Nov.29,1764.

Naby, and Paul Faulkner, of Lancaster, int.Nov.20,1794.

Dorothy, and Nathaniel Williams, of Weston, Sept.20,1750.

Dorithy, and Joseph Goodnough, of Sudbury, July18,1768.

Elisabeth, and Jonathan Minott, Jan.26,1713-14.

Elizabeth, and Daniel Cray, Feb.1,1763.

Hezekiah, and Martha Barker, Aug.25,1767.

John, and Elisabeth Carter, June27,1716.

John, and Ruth Wright, Dec.1,1768.

Joseph, and Rachel Woolly, Jan.30,1717.

Joseph, and Elisabeth Dudley, Mar.3,1740-1.

Mary Ann, of Lowell, and Grosvenor Buttrick, of Lowell, Oct.19,1826.

Nathan, and Hannah Brooks, Oct.27,1748.

Rebeckah, and Isaac Sterns, Aug.1,1768.

Sam., and Elizabeth Fletcher, 28:9m:1683.

Samll, and Sarah Allen, Jan.19,1709-10.

Sarah, and Ruben Hodgman, Aug.9,1770.

Sarah, and Jonathan Billing, of Acton, int.Aug.28,1795.

Sarah, and Aaron Wright, Jan.26,1797.

Submit, and Israel Cook, July12,1770.

Susan, of Milton, and Isaac Hurd Hunt, int.July31,1813.

Susanna, and Moses Keise, of Chelmsford, July4,1718.

Thomas, and Sarah Ball, May30,1732.


Dorothy, and John Trull, both of Haverhill, July30,1707.


Phinehas, and Martha Keyes, Jan.17,1830.


Thomas, and Mary Shepard, May28,1683.


Alexander, and Mary Farrar, Feb.6,1825.


Philip, of Lowell, and Johannah O Keeffe, of Lowell, Jan.30,1843.


Emerby S., of Lowell, and Joel Harrington, int.Nov.1,1840.[Emily.Lowell VRs v. 2, p. 390]


Louis A., a.28y., and Frances Jane Shattuck, a.20y., May15,1849.REG


John, and Melicent Barrett, Sept.16,1783.


Benjamin, and Elizebeth Williams, May21,1707.


Abby K., a.43y., of Cambridge, and Thomas F. Hunt, a.46y., at Cambridge, Sept.19,1850.REG

Maria M., a.35y., and Darius J. Hatch, a.35y., of Weathersfield, VT, May27,1845.REG


Jacob Fessenden, of Holden, and Elizath Hubbard, Dec.19,1802.

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