a age | h husband | rec recorded
abt about | hrs hours | s son
b born | inf infant | Sr senior
ch child | int intention of marriage | w wife; week
chn children | Jr junior | wid widow
Co county | m married; month | widr widower
d daughter; died; day | min minutes | y year
Dea deacon | MR Middlesex County record (East Cambridge) | 1st first
dup duplicate entry | prob probably | 2d second
CR1 First Congregational
CR2 Pawtucket
GR1 Old Ground, Varnum Avenue
GR2 Woodbine Cemetery
GR3 Pawtucket Graveyard
GR4 Garrison House Burial Ground
GR5 New Boston Burying Ground
GR6 East Dracut Burying Ground
GR7 New East Dracut Graveyard
GR8 Hildreth Burying Ground
GR9 Hildreth Burying Ground, Butler-Hildreth Section
GR10 Varnum Burying Ground, East Dracut
GR11 Oakland Cemetery

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