Adaline T., w.Daniel,末蔓末,1828.GR11

Daniel [h.Adaline T.],末蔓末,1822.GR11


Edward, s.Edward, operative, and Margaret of Andover, May4,1846, in Andover.

Mary Ann, d.Edward, laborer, and Margaret, Mar.15,1849.

BAILEY (Baley, Bayley)

Elisabeth Mooar, d.Moses and Mehitabell, July17,1798.

Elizabeth, d.John and Hepsabeth [Hephzibah.GR6], May5,1826.

[Ellen Sophia] d.Thomas J., carpenter, and Caroline, Jan.22,1847.

Emeline, d.Thomas J. and Caroline, Oct.12,1837.

Fanny, d.Moses and Mehitabel, Nov.19,1790 [sic, see John], in Andover.

Hannah, d.Moses and Mehitabel, Sept.16,1804.

Hannah, d.John and Hepsabeth [Hephzibah.GR6], Sept.4,1828.

Hephzibah, w.John,末蔓末,1795.GR6

Hephzibah J., w.Oliver Richardson,末蔓末,1814.GR6

Hepzibah Jane, d.John and Hepzibah, Nov.8,1824.

John, s.Moses and Mehitabel, June19,1790 [sic, see Fanny], in Andover.

Mary Ann, d.John and Hepsabeth, June5,1830.

Mihitabel, d.Moses and Mehitabel, July25,1795.

Moses, s.Moses and Mehitabel, Jan.13,1793, in Andover.


Ann Eliza Parker, d.Thomas, operative, and Ann, Mar.19,1845.


James S. [h.Martha U.] [Feb.末,1808].GR10

Martha U., w.James S.,末蔓末,1808.GR10

Mary, w.George W. Coburn, Apr.13,1811.GR10




Abiol, s.Isaac and Abiah, May7,1797.

Alles, d.Moses and Lydia, Feb.13,1769, in Salem, NH.

Annece, d.Jacob and Mary, June5,1764.

Annece, d.Jacob and Hannah, Jan.12,1767.

Asa Jr., s.Asa and Lydia, Aug.17,1773.

Azariah, s.Jacob and Hannah, Mar.22,1762.

Bradley, s.Isaac and Abiah, June3,1803.

Caleb, s.Caleb and Hannah, Oct.14,1758.

Cyrus, s.Jacob and Hannah, June9,1765.

Dinah, d.Jacob and Mary, Mar.10,1759.

Elijah, s.Abial and Jane, June7,1753.

Elezebeth, d.Asa and Lydia, Apr.16,1775.

Ester, d.Jacob and Hannah, Sept.19,1763.

Ezra, s.Moses and Lydia, Mar.12,1774.

Hannah, d.Jacob and Hannah, Nov.13,1760.

Jacob, s.Caleb and Sarah, Aug.31,1761.

Maria, d.Isaac and Abiah, Feb.16,1801.

Nehemiah, s.Asa and Lydia, June1,1776.

Nehemiah, s.Asa and Lydia, June1,1778.

Parker, s.Moses and Lydia, Mar.1,1772.

Samuel, s.Isaac and Abiah, July15,1799.

Stephen, s.Isaac and Abiah, May3,1805.

William, Caleb and Hannah, Mar.8,1760.


James Henry, s.Richard, laborer, and Ann, May3,1848.


Albert, s.John and Emily, June8,1847.


Frances Ella, d.Samuel, labourer, and Mary, June26,1844.


Abiah Varnum, d.Samuel and Abiah, May20,1781.

Abiah Mitchel, d.Samuel and Abiah, Mar.7,1789.

Benjamin, s.Eliseus and Ledey(Jeftes), Feb.22,1756.

Benjamin Mitchel, s.Benjamin and Abigal(Varnum), Nov.5,1785.

Charles, s.Jothem and Mehitible(Wood), Feb.5,1795.

Elisus, s.John and Hannah, June20,1718.

Elisha, s.Samuel and Abiah, Mar.6,1780.

Elises, s.Elises and Lydia(Jeftes), May10,1773.

Hannah, d.John and Hannah, Jan.23,1724.

Hanah, d.Eliseus and Lydia(Jeftes), Feb.10,1767.

Hannah, d.Samuel and Abiah, Apr.16,1791.

James Mitchel, s.Samuel and Abiah, Jan.16,1786. [[h.Persis H. (Varnum)].GR10]

Jerusha, d.John and Hannah, Aug.1,1735.

John, John and Hannah, Apr.29,1722.

John, s.Eliseus and Lydia(Jeftes), Feb.20,1754.

John, s.Jothem and Mehetible(Wood), Oct.17,1792.

Joseph Bradley, s.Samuel and Abiah, July14,1794.

Jotham, s.Eliseus and Lydia(Jeftes), Dec.2,1758.

Lydia, d.John and Hannah, Jan.1,1734.

Lydia, d.Eliseus and Lydea(Jeftes), Dec.17,1760.

Lydia, d.Samuel and Abiah, July7,1782.

Martha Varnum, d.Samuel and Abiah, Aug.11,1793.

Mary, d.John and Hannah, Jan.17,1726.

Mehitibel, d.Jothem and Mehetible(Wood), July7,1790.

Oliver, s.Eliseus and Lydia(Jeftes), Aug.3,1769.

Samuel, s.Eliseus and Liddia(Jeftes), Oct.27,1751.

Samuel Varnum, s.Samuel and Abiah, Feb.17 [dup. Feb.15] 1784.

Sarah, d.John and Hannah, Mar.17,1731.

Shannon, s.Elesious and Lydia(Jeftes), May13,1763.

William, s.Jothem and Mehetibel(Wood), June5,1797.


末末, d.James, operative (b. England)and Eliza (b. England), Dec.17,1849.


Robert, s.Robert and Elizabeth, Aug.31,1825.


Lanarah, d.Gilead, laborer, and Hannah A., Nov.6,1848.


Martha, w.Cyrus Pierce,末蔓末,1795.GR2


Oeanna Frances, d.Benjamin, operative, and Martha, May11,1846.


Deborah, d.Simon and Sarah, July18,1742.

Hannah (Reard), d.Simon and Sarah, July8,1737.

Martha, d.Simon and Sarah, July7,1731

Mary, d.Simon and Sarah, July23,1730.

Rebeckah, d.Simon and Sarah, July15,1739.

Sarah, d.Simon and Sarah, May14,1726.

Simon (Reard), s.Simon and Sarah, Apr.2,1734.

William, s.Simon and Sarah, Mar.13,1727-8.


Orvill, s.Alfred, laborer, and Elanor, Sept.3,1847.


末末, d.E.G., cordwainer, and Betsey, July25,1846.

Angela L.L., d.Elbridge G., cordwainer, and Betsey, Dec.6,1842.


Catharine, d.Thomas, operative, and Laura, June5,1844, in Lowell.


Annet, d.Guillaume and Unis, Dec.3,1803.

Guillaume, s.Guillaume and Unis, July18,1805.


Eliza Ann, d.Silas and Julia Ann, May13,1837.


Martha Ineah [dup. Bisby], d.Ira, laborer, and Zilpha, Apr.18 [dup. Oct.18], 1848.


Amos, s.Caleb and Lucy, Nov.30,1799.

Caleb, s.Caleb and Lucy, May17,1795.

Charles, s.Josiah and Rachel, May23,1809.

John, s.Caleb and Lucy, July30,1788.

Joshua, s.Caleb and Lucy, July23,1790.

Josiah Augustus, s.Josiah and Rachel, Dec.6,1810.

Lucy, d.Caleb and Lucy, Jan.3,1793.

Polly, d.Caleb and Lucy, May6,1802.

Nancy, d.Josiah and Rachel, Mar.4,1808.

Ruth, d.Caleb and Lucy, Oct.9,1797.


Augusta Davis, ch.David and Sarah, July28,1822.

Benjamin Franklin, s.David Jr. and Sarah, Dec.8,1816.

Coburn, s.Abraham and Martha, Sept.15,1759.

Colburn, Feb.9,1789.GR2

David, s.Abraham and Martha, Nov.5,1751.

Hannah, d.Abraham and Martha, Dec.8,1763.

Hannah Coburn, ch.David and Sarah, Nov.15,1824.

Henrietta, ch.David and Sarah, Aug.31,1826.

Lucetta, ch.David and Sarah, Feb.12,1831.

Martha, d.Abraham and Martha, Aug.4,1757.

Martha, ch.David and Sarah, Mar.6,1819.

Mary Elizabeth, ch.David and Sarah, Aug.13,1819.

Sarah, d.Abraham and Martha, Nov.14,1761.

Sarah Ann, d.David Jr. and Sarah, May6,1815.


William A., s.William, operative, and Susannah, June10,1844.



Emeline, d.Enoch, blacksmith, and Clarrisa, Sept.3,1843.

Jane, d.Charles and Sarah, Feb.24,1815.

Mary Varnum, d.Charlea and Sarah, Aug.9,1810.

Mary Jones, d.Enoch and Clarrissa F., Sept.12,1836.

Sarah, w.Charles,末蔓末,1791.GR2

Sarah Ann, d.Charles and Sarah, Jan.11,1813.

BOWERS (Bowars)

Abiah, w.John,末蔓末,1759.GR4

Abiah, d.John and Abiah, July21,1783.

Abigail, w.Thomas [Apr.末,1797].GR4

Abigail Sophia, d.Thomas and Abigail,末蔓末,1825.GR4

Albert Ethan, s.Darius, blacksmith, and Esther V., Nov.27,1848.

Anna, d.John and Rachel, Mar.27,1773.

Benjamin, s.John and Rachel, Aug.1,1761.

Benjaman, s.Peter and Rachel, Mar.12,1825.

Bradely, s.John and Rachel, Nov.12,1767.

Caroline, d.Peter and Rachel, Apr.2,1813.

Edwin Darius, s.Darius, labourer, and Esther V., June25,1844.

Evelina, d.Peter and Rachel, Aug.9,1809.

Fanny Almira, d.Peter and Rachel, May18,1811.

Hannah Peters, d.John and Rachel, June13,1775.

Hannah Peters, d.John and Rachiel, Sept.20,1779.

Hannah Fidella, d.Peter and Rachel, June11,1820.

Harriet, d.Peter and Rachel, May6,1822.

James, s.John and Abiah, Feb.19,1780.

Jane, d.John and Anna, Aug.17,1825.

Jesse, s.John and Anna, Mar.20,1738-9.

Joel, s.John and Anna, July8,1746.

Joel, s.John and Rachel, June11,1765.

Joel [Apr.末 末,1815].GR4

John, s.John and Anne, Dec.17,1734.

John, s.John and Rachel, Dec.23,1757.

John, s.John and Abiah, Feb.24,1793.

Joseph, s.Jon and Rachel, Dec.9,1759.

Joseph, s.John and Rachiel, Feb.2,1778.

Learned (Bowas), s.John and Anna, Jan.12,1735-6.

Mary, d.John and Abiah, Dec.27,1786.

Peter, John and Abiah, June14,1778.

Prudence, d.Peter and Rachel, Mar.4,1827.

Rachel, d.John and Rachel, July16,1763.

Rachel, d.John and Abiah, Feb.7,1769.

Rachel, w.Peter,末蔓末,1784.GR4

Samuel, s.John and Rachel, Apr.18,1771.

Thaddeus Coburn, s.Peter and Rachel, Apr.2,1818.


William, s.Peter and Rachel, Oct.1,1807.


Abigail, w.Richard Gardner,末蔓末,1801.GR7

BOYCE (Bois)

Lewis D. Jr., a.Lewis D., merchant tailor, and Laura M., Aug.21,1844.




Amos, s.Amos and Clarisa, Sept.5,1814.

Dudley Chase, s.Morrill H., farmer, and Jane, Sept.2,1843.

Joseph (Bonton), twin s.Amos, Apr.3,1819.

Mary, twin d.Amos, Apr.3,1819.

BRADLEY (Bradly)

Agnese, d.Joshua and Mary, Apr.30,1801.

Amos, s.Dr. Amos and Lydia, May9,1790.

Amos Lewis, s.Amos and Nancy, Apr.26,1819.

Benjamin, s.Isaac and Marget, July16,1785.

Benjaman Jr., s.Benjaman and Clarecy, Dec.24,1826.

Caleb, s.Amos and Elisabeth, Mar.12,1772,

Caleb, s.Dr. Amos and Lydia, July14,1796.

Caroline, d.Benjamin and Clarisa, Jan.4,1818.

Charles, s.Dr. Amos and Lydia, Dec.20,1793.

Charles, s.Benjamin and Clarrissa, Nov.18,1835.

Clarissa, w.Benjamin [ Sept.末,1799].GR8

Clarisa Fox, d.Benjamin and Clarisa, Feb.19,1821.

Cyrus, s.Dr. Amos and Lydia, Apr.22,1800.

Cyrus Augustus, s.Amos and Nancy, Apr.6,1822.

Daniel Poore, s.Joshua and Mary, Apr.16,1795.

Daniel, s.Daniel and Martha, Mar.10,1821.

Daniel, s.Daniel and Martha, Apr.18,1825.

Dorcas, w.Joshua,末蔓末,1794.GR8

Edward Whittemore, s.Dr. Peleg and Louisa, May19,1818.

Edwin, s.Nehemiah and Lydia, Sept.18,1805.

Edwin, s.Daniel P. and Martha, Sept.1,1830.

Elisibeth, d.Amos and Elisibath, Feb.25,1766.

Elesebath, d.Isaac and Margret, June1,1777.

Betsey, d.Isaac and Abigal, Mar.25,1792,

Elisabeth, d.Joshua and Mary, Mar.18,1799.

Elisabeth Page, d.Nehemiah and Lydia, Dec.11,1820.

Elizabeth, d.Daniel and Martha, Feb.27,1822.

Ellen [dup. Bradley], d.Benjamin and Clarrissa, May12,1833.

George Prescott, s.Amos and Nancey, Apr.24,1816.

Hannah, d.Amos and Elezibeth, Mar.1,1768.

Hannah Almira, d.Joshua [and] Mary, June1,1803.

Harriot, d.Dr. Amos and Lydia, Apr.11,1802.

Harriot, d.Benjaman and Clarecy, Oct.29,1824.

Hellen, d.Daniel and Martha, Apr.13,1819.

Henry Sewel, s.Daniel P. and Martha, Sept.15,1827.

Horatio, s.Joshua and Mary, Aug.5,1805.

Isaac, s.Isaac and Marget, Oct.16,1773.

Jesse, s.Isaac and Marget, Mar.18,1779.

John Adams, s.Joshua and Mary, Mar.3,1797.

John Varnum, s.Amos and Nancy, June11,1814.

John Newton, s.Nehemiah and Lydia, Sept.30,1814.

Jonas Clark, s.Isaac Jr. and Ruth P., Jan.26,1795.

Jonas Clark, s.Isaac Jr. and Ruth P., July9,1797.

Joseph, s.Amos and Elezebeth, July19,1764.

Joseph, s.Amos and Elesibeth, Dec.22,1769.

Joshua, s.Amas and Elezebath, Oct.2,1762.

Joshua, s.Joshua and Mary, Nov.4,1791.

Joshua Brooks, s.Joshua Jr. and Dorcas, Feb.9,1816.

Louisa, d.Dr. Peleg and Louisa, Nov.30,1819.

Lydia, w.Nehemiah [June末,1780].GR8

Lydia Kimbel, d.Isaac and Marget, Aug.3,1783.

Lydia, d.Dr. Amos and Lydia, Jan.5,1789.

Lydia Ann, d.Nehemiah and Lydia, Oct.21,1817.

Margret, d.Benjamin and Clarrissa [dup. Clarrisa], Dec.28,1828.

Martha, d.Amos and Elesebeth, Jan.31,1774.

Martha, d.Daniel and Martha, Dec.9,1817.

Mary Clark, d.Isaac and Marget, Aug.3,1775.

Mary, d.Joshua and Mary, July16,1793.

Mary Ann, d.Joshua Jr. and Dorcas, Oct.10,1821.

Mary Jane, d.Dr. Peleg and Louisa, Feb.7,1822

Mary, d.Benjamin and Clarrissa, July1,1831.

Micah, s.Isaac and Marget, May19,1781.

Milton, s.Isaac Jr and Ruth P., Sept.12,1806.

Nehemiah, s.Amos and Elezebeth, Sept.20,1776. [[h.Lydia].GR8]

Peleg, s.Dr. Amos and Lydia, May10,1792.

Prudence Varnum, d.Benjamin and Clarrisa, Nov.29,1822.

Rachel Jones, d.Dr. Amos and Lydia, Apr.18,1798.

Rebecah Ladd, d.Dr. Amos and Lydia, Apr.18,1798.

Rhoday, d.Amos and Elesebath, Oct.18,1779.

Rhoda, d.Dr. Amos [dup. Amomos, omits Dr.] and Lydia, Aug.17,1804 [?] [dup. 1805].

Ruth Page, d.Amos and Elizebeth, May21,1775.

Ruth Page, d.Isaac Jr. and Ruth P., Apr.24,1800.

Sarah, d.Amos and Elesebeth [dup. Elesibath], Nov.21,1777.

Salley, d.Isaac and Abigal, Apr.16,1792.

Sarah A. [? m.],末蔓末,1834.GR8

Ward, s.Dr. Amos and Lydia, Apr.7,1795.

William, s.Nehemiah and Lydia, Oct.17,1811.

William, s.Benjamin and Clarisa, July27,1819.

William Henerry, s.Dr. Peleg (Bradly) and Louisa, Feb.11,1824.


Mary, d.Moses and Mary, July22,1725.


Horatio, June27,1837.GR8


Anna, d.Joseph, operative, and Abby, Feb.10,1845, in Lowell. [[h.P. Augusta].GR8]

P. Augusta, w.Charles E., Mar.21,1842.GR8


Eben Jr. [h.Mary],末蔓末,1798.GR2

Elizabeth S., d.Gardner, Yeoman, and Betsey, Sept.25,1844, in Lowell.

Jane Albina, ch.William and Leah, Nov.4,1838.

Leah Cornelia, ch.William and Leah, Apr.7,1832.

Maria N., w.Alfred,末蔓末,1825.GR4

Mary, w.Eben Jr.,末蔓末,1802.GR2

Mary A., w.George B., Nov.15,1840.GR11

Rhoda, ch.William and Leah, Feb.18,1836.

Sibbil Coburn, ch.William and Leah, Oct.8,1829.

Timothy, s.Timothy and Rhoda, Sept.10,1797.

William Henry, s.Henry, Manufacturer, and Charlotte, Nov.2,1843.


Esther, d.Sovory T. and Esther, Feb.26,1838.

Margaret Ann, d.Leonard and Margaret, Dec.14,1836.

Sarah Hardy (Burbanck), d.Ebenezer and Betty, Dec.18,1796.

BURNS (Burnes)

Benajah, s.Benajah and Sarah, Feb.6,1786.

Cyrus, s.Benajah and Sarah, June17,1804.

Daniel, s.Benajah and Sarah, Jan.28,1788.

Eliab, s.Benajah and Sarah, Feb.15,1791.

George, s.Benajah and Sarah, Jan.16,1794.

George W., s.Michael, shoemaker (b. Ireland), and Margaret (b. Ireland), Apr.24,1849.

Hannah, d.Benajah and Sarah, June8,1801.

James, s.Benajah and Sarah, June28,1796.

James, s.Michael and Margaret, Aug.19,1837.

John, s.Michael and Margaret, Sept.27,1835.

Margaret Ann, d.Michael, shoemaker, and Margrate, Apr.26,1844.

Michall Jr., s.Michael, shoemaker, and Margaret, Sept.27,1846.

Sarah, d.Benajah and Sarah, Feb.8,1799.

BURT (Burtt)

Granvill Ignaties, s.Seth (Burtt), May25,1833. [Granville I. Burtt.GR4]

Hannah, w.Capt. Seth [Mar.末,1797].GR4

John Holton [dup. Birtt], s.Seth, Dec.15,1827 [dup. 1828].

Margret Elizabeth, d.John and Trifena, Feb.13,1821, in Methuen.

Martha Jane, d.John and Trifena, Aug.1,1822, in Pelham.

Mary Carleton, d.John and Trifena, Aug.29,1816, in Andover.

Melinda Young, d.John and Trifena, May18,1825.

Thomas I.,末蔓末,1822.GR4

Warren Amory, s.Seth, Oct.19,1830. [Warren E.GR4]


Abby M., d.James H., operative, and Marinda, Feb.13,1845.


Albert John, s.William, laborer, and Mary Ann, Jan.5,1849.

Elizabeth, d.William, operative, and Mary, Dec.27,1844.


Andrew Jackson, s.John and Charlotte, Feb.13,1815.GR9

Benjamin Franklin, "Jurist Soldier Statesman" [h.Sarah (Hildreth)], Nov.5,1818, in Deerfield.GR9

Charles M. [Jan.末,1845].GR2

Mary E., w.George D.,末蔓末,1847.GR8

Sarah Hildreth [? m.],末蔓末,1817.GR9

Sarah, d.Levi and Betsy, Jan.17,1817.

William D. [h.Emeline (Stow)] [Jan.末,1813].GR2

BUTMAN (Boutman)

Anna, d.Zebulon and Elesebeth, June18,1772.

John, s.Zebulon and Elesibeth, Mar.6,1777.

Mary, d.Zeublon (Butmon) and Elesebeth, Dec.5,1769.

Zebulon, s.Zebulon (Boutman) and Elesebeth, Sept.21,1774.


Emily W., w.Samuel, Nov.20,1822.GR8

Samuel [h.Emily W.], Dec.3,1820.GR8


George Washington, s.George Washington Buttersand Seviah Mears, Apr.17,1811.

Martha Jane, d.George W., laborer, and Martha, Mar.17,1848.


Frederick, s.Frederick, laborer, and Clara, Mar.13,1849.

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