Granville, s.Edward, stone cutter, and Abigail. Nov.9,1843.


Abigal, d.Stephen and Hannah, Dec.22,1741.

Benjamin, s.Stephen and Hannah, Mar.24,1743-4.

Daborah, d.Joshua and Millysent, Mar.28,1752.

Eunise, d.Stephen and Hannah, Oct.1,1750.

Eunice, d.William and Hannah, Feb.15,1773.

John, s.Joshua and Melesent, Apr.19,1756.

Joshua, s.Joshua and Millysent, Dec.19,1753.

Pattay, d.William and Hannah, Mar.7,1778.

Mary, d.Stephen and Hannah, Feb.12,1736-7.

Phebe, d.Stephen and Hannah, Jan.27,1739-40.

Rachel, d.Stephen and Hannah, Mar.4,1746-7.

Stephen, s.Stephen and Hannah, Jan.19,1734-5.

William, s.Stephen and Hannah, Apr.23,1748.

William Jr., s.William and Hannah, Jan.11,1776.


James, s.James, laborer, and Mary, May22,1849.


Clara M., d.James, operative, and Mary F., July17,1844, in Lowell.

FITTAN (Fitton)

Edmand s.James (Fitton), Jan.1,1829. Squire, s.James, Feb.13,1831.

FITTON (Fittan)

Susanna, d.James, June5,1833.


Christopher Columbus, s.Moses and Susanna, Feb.4,1810.

Cyrus Franklin, s.Ralph and Prudence, Jan.22,1829.

Fanny Woodbury, d.Samuel and Alice, Sept.18,1818.

Jane, d.William and Alice, Sept.24,1824.

John Elliot, s.John, Oct.1,1825, in Chelmsford.

Josiah Moody, s.John, Jan.14,1828, in Hallifax.

Laura Mara, d.John and Dolly M., Apr.21,1823, in Chelmsford.

Oliver, s.Samuel and Alice, Oct.26,1820.

Richard, s.Samuel and Alice, Jan.21,1810.

Samuel, s.Samuel and Alice, Mar.16,1806.

Sibel, d.Samuel and Allice, May17,1823.

Stilman, s.Samuel and Alice, Oct.14,1807.

Susannah Hildreth, d.Moses and Susannah, June15,1806.

William, s.Samuel and Alice, Jan.25,1812.


Adison, s.Simeon Jr. and Sukey, Jan.19,1808.

Elmyra, d.Simeon 2d and Sukey, June23,1815.

Almira [?m.],末蔓末,1816.GR8

Alvan, s.Simeon and Sarah, July31,1801.

Amos, Heman and Rhoda, May21,1830.

Augusta, d.Simeon Jr. and Suky, Sept.4,1810.

Augusta [? m.]末蔓末,1811.GR8

Augustus, s.Heman and Rhoda, May19,1818.

Charles Lewis, s.Simeon and Sarah, Dec.2,1807.

Charles Simeon, s.Charles L. and Sarah, Oct.17,1831.

Dolly, d.Nehemiah and Sarah, July19,1773.

Betsy Winchester, d.Nehemiah and Sarah, June3,1771.

Hannah, d.Nehemiah and Sarah, Feb.17,1787.

Harriot, d.Elijah Jr. and Lydia, Mar.7,1805.

Harrison, s.Simeon and Sukey, June30,1826.

Heman, s.Nehemiah and Sarah, Sept.10,1780.

Louisa, d.Simeon Jr. and Suky, May1,1806.

Lutherea, d.Simeon, 2d, and Sukey, June22,1819.

Lydia, d.Elijah Jr. and Lydia, May19,1803.

Mariett, d.Simeon and Sukey, June21,1823. [Marietta, w.George Hamblet.GR4]

Nelson, s.Simeon and Sukey, Sept.1,1831.

Oliver Whiting, s.Simeon and Sarah, Mar.6,1805.

Rachel Varnum, d.Nehemiah and Sarah, Nov.14,1784.

Rhoda, d.Heman and Rhoda, Feb.10,1814.

Rhoda Ardelia, d.Simeon 2d and Sukey, Feb.1,1818.

Sarah, d.Nehemiah and Sarah, Aug.20,1769.

Sarah Ann, d.Simeon 2d and Sukey, Feb.26,1813.

Sarah, d.Charles L., Aug.28,1819.

Sibbel, d.Nehemiah and Sarah, Mar.22,1776.

Silas Brown, s.Heman and Rhoda, Feb.24,1812.

Simeon, s.Nehemiah and Sarah, Oct.17,1778.


Susan, d.Simeon Jr. and Suky, July19,1804.

Tryphena, d.Nehemiah and Sarah, Aug.4,1782.

Warren, s.Heman and Rhoda, July12,1810.


Mary S., d.John E., cordwainer, and Sarah, June15,1847.


Dennis S., s.Dennis, spinner, and Sarah, Aug.1,1846.

Elisha, Capt.,末蔓末,1779.GR3

Prudence [?m.],末蔓末,1788.GR3


Adalaid, d.Alfred, carpenter, and Mary J., Feb.21,1848.

Eugene B., s.Cyrus O., laborur, and Clara, Apr.15,1848.


Julia, d.Stephen, laborer, and Elisha, July6,1843.


Alice J., d.Ezra, yeoman, and Sarah, July19,1844.

Ezra [b. Sara B.], Aug.12,1794.GR5

Sara B., w.Ezra, Sept.8,1801.GR5


Abigal, d.Isaac and Abigal, July12,1742.

Abigail, d.Peter and Abigail, Sept.13,1805.

Abi, d.Samuel and Abi, Dec.7,1813.

Abijah, s.Daniel and Mary, July24,1750.

Adeline P., w.Eldad [Mar.末,1811].GR8

Amanda M., w.Joseph V., Mar.21,1810.GR8

Andrew Franclin, s.Ezekiel and w., Feb.19,1825.

Ann Mariah, d.Samuel and Dorcas, Dec.4,1826. [Ann Maria.GR8]

Augusta, d.Nathaniel [and] Faney, Nov.6,1824. [Augusta E., ch.Capt. Nathaniel and Fanny,末蔓末,1825.GR8]

Catharine Whiting, d.Charles and Sarah, May31,1825.

Charles [h.Sarah S.]末蔓末,1782.GR8

Charles, s.Simon and Polly, Jan.5,1807.

Damaras, d.David and Sarah, Mar.8,1778.

Dana Russel, s.Russel and Hepzehah, Apr.19,1824,

Daniel, s.Nathaniel and Hannah, Feb.8,1722.

Daniel, s.Abijah and Mercy, Dec.17,1779.

Darius Lincoln, s.Russell and Hepzabeth, Jan.14,1818.

Darius Stedman, s.Darius L., farmer. and Mary Jane, Aug.11,1843.

David, s.Nathaniel and Hannah, Mar.19,1716-17.

David, s.David and Mary, July8 [dup. July3] 1741. [[h.Sarah (Russell)].GR8]

David Jr., s.David and Sarah, Nov.11,1772. [David Noyes.GR8]

David, s.Samuel and Dorcis, Mar.20,1829.

Diana, w.E.,末蔓末,1838.GR8

Dorcas, d.Isaac and Abigal, July9,1752

Eldad, s.Simon and Polly, Mar.17,1809. [[h.Adeline P.] [Mar.末,1810].GR8]

Elijah, s.Dea.Daniel and Ruth, Dec.8,1766.

Eliphalet, s.David and Mary, Feb.17,1749.

Eliphelet, s.Eliphelet and Elisebeth, Mar.24,1771. [Eliphalet [h.Rhoda].GR8]

Eliphalet, s.Samuel and Dorcas, Mar.9,1831.

Betsey, see Petsey.

Elizabeth, see Elesebeth.

Elizebath, d.Isaac and Hannah, July11,1757.

Elesebeth, d.Eliphelet and Elisibeth, Mar.9,1773.

Petsey, d.Peter and Abigail, Mar.15,1798. [Betsey, w.Nathan Thissell.GR8]

Elizabeth Addeline, d.Samuel. July29,1834. [末,1833.GR8]

Elvira, d.Peter and Abigail, Dec.30,1807.

Ephraim, s.Elipalet and Rhoda, Jan.7,1796.

Esther, d.Ezekiel and Salley, Mar.15,1818.

Eunice, d.Josiah Jr. and Hannah, Oct.22,1822.

Ezekiel, s.Joel and Hannah, July11,1788.

Fanny [w.Capt. Nathaniel],末蔓末,1799.GR8

Frank s.Nathaniel, yeoman, and Fanny, Apr.5,1845. [Frank, ch.Capt, Nathaniel and Fanny.GR8]

Francis E., ch.Nathaniel and Fanny,末蔓末,1848.GR8

Fred Albert, s.Milton, farmer [dup. yeoman], and Sarah M., Mar.13 [dup. Mar.15], 1846.

Galen, s.Simon and Polly, Dec.13,1804.

George I., "A member of Co. C. 6th Reg. Mass.Vols" [July末,1841].GR8

Gilman, s.Elephalet and Rhoda, Mar.2,1802.

Hannah, d.Isaac and Abigail, Mar.3,1746.

Hannah, w.Joel,末蔓末,1766.GR8

Hannah, d.Joel and Hannah, Oct.16,1792.

Hannah Clark, d.Josiah Jr. and Hannah, Aug.3,1825.

Hannah Adeline, d.Joel Jr. and Sarah, Apr.12,1828.

Harriot, d.Eliphalet and Rhoda, May15,1806.

Harriet, d.Russell and Hepsabeth P., Feb.8,1815.

Harriet [? m.] [Feb.末,1819].GR7

Harriet E., ch.Capt. Nathaniel and Fanny, w.William Sawyer,末蔓末,1836.GR8

Hephzibah, w.Russell [Aug.末,1789].GR7

Horatio, s.Eliphalet and Rhoda, June24,1813.

Isaac, s.Isaac and Abigal, Apr.19,1740.

Jacob, twin s.Daniel and Mary, Oct.1,1752.

James, s.Joel and Hannah, Jan.14,1795.

Jemima, d.Jonathan and Mary, Nov.15,1751.

Jesse, s.Joel and Hannah, Feb.28,1786.

Joel, s.Daniel and Mary, May6,1757.

Joel, s.Joel and Hannah, Aug.12,1784. [Joel Jr. [h.Sarah N.].GR8]

Joel Edwin, s.Joel Jr. and Sarah, July9,1824.

John, s.David and Mary, Mar.22,1756.

Jonathan, s.Nathaniel and Hannah, Apr.28,1719.

Jonathan, s.David and Mary, Feb.1,1754.

Joseph, s.Jonathan and Mary, Nov.10,1749.

Joseph, s.Ezekiel and w., Aug.4,1822.

Josephine, ch.Eldad and Adeline P. [Mar.末,1848].GR8

Josiah, s.David and Mary, Feb.26,1745. ["A Soldier of the Revolution".GR11]

Josiah Edwin, s.Charles and Sarah, Dec.1,1832.

Lucinda, d.Russel and Hepsibah, Oct.15,1807.

Lydia, d.Joel and Hannah, Sept.3,1797.

Margaret Taylor, d.Eliphalet and Rhoda, Oct.24,1810.

Martha, d.Samuel and Abi, June6,1817. [末 末,1815.GR8]

Mary, d.David and Mary, Jan.6,1739-40.

Mary, d.Jonathan dec'd and Mary, Apr.17,1754.

Molle, d.Daniel and Mary, Oct.14,1762.

Polley, d.Abijah and Mercy, Jan.7,1782.

Mary, d.Peter and Abigail, Aug.7,1803.

Polley, d.Ens.Joel and Hannah, July16,1806.

Polley Jones, d.Simon and Polley, Mar.31,1813.

Mary Jane, d.Darius L., Farmer, and Emeline, Nov.25,1848.

Matilda, ch.Capt. Nathaniel and Fanny,末蔓末,1833.GR8

Mercy, d.Abijah and Mercy, Nov.19,1787.

Mercy H., ch.Capt. Nathaniel and Fanny,末蔓末,1829.GR8

Micah J., s.Simon and Polly, Sept.7,1802.

Milo, s.Simon and Polley, Aug.27,1815.

Milton, s.Capt. Nathaniel and Fanny, Apr.15,1820.

Nathaniel, Capt. [h.Fanny],末蔓末,1791.GR8

Nois, s.David and Sarah, Feb.17,1787.

Peter, s.Eliphelet and Elesebeth, Jan.21,1775.

Pheby, d.David and Sarah, Dec.22,1775.

Prudence, d.Abijah and Mercy, Sept.19,1785.

Prudence Varnum, d.Capt. Nathaniel and Fanny, Apr.22,1822.

Rachel, twin d.Daniel and Mary, Oct.1,1752.

Rachel Blood, d.Simon and Polley, Apr.2,1819.

Ralph, s.Eliphalet and Rhoda, Oct.5,1797.

Rebeckah, d.Isaac and Abigal, Nov.15,1744.

Rebecah, d.Peter and Abigail, Mar.1,1800.

Rebecah, d.Peter and Aabigail, Sept.28,1801.

Rebeckah, [ch.Samuel and Abi],末蔓末,1819.GR8

Rhoda, w.Eliphalet,末蔓末,1771.GR8

Rhoda, d.Eliphalet and Rhoda, Dec.9,1799.

[Roswell Schuyler] ch.Darius, yeoman, and Mary, Mar.末,1846.

Russell, s.David and Sarah, Nov.3,1780.

Samuel, s.Isaac and Abigal, Dec.18,1749.

Samuel, s.David and Sarah, Sept.7,1786. [[h.Abi (Wilson)].GR8]

Samuel Adams, s.Samuel and Dorcus, Feb.2,1825.

Salley, d.David and Sarah, Jan.15,1783.

Sarah N., w.Joel Jr.,末蔓末,1797.GR8

Sarah, d.Ezekiel and Sally, Dec.22,1819.

Sarah Maria, d.Joel Jr. and Sarah, June24,1822.

Sarah Russel, d.Samuel and Abi, Aug.4,1822.

Sarah Show, d.Charles ond Sarah, Apr.9,1823.

Sarah M., w.Milton, Feb.14,1826.GR8

Silas, s.Jonathan and Hannah, Oct.14,1747.

Simon, s.David and Mary, May27,1751.

Simon, s.Eliphelet and Elisebeth, Dec.3,1776.

Sophia, w.Ralph,末蔓末,1798.GR3

Sophia, d.Eliphalet and Rhoda, Feb.3,1804.

Stephen Russell, s.Eliphelet and Elesebeth, Dec.4,1778.

Susannah, d.Ezekiel and Salley, Jan.1,1816.

Tamer, d.David and Mary, May11,1743.

Walter S., ch.Nathaniel and Fanny,末蔓末,1841.GR8

Warren, ch.Capt. Nathaniel and Fanny,末蔓末,1838.GR8

Zillah, d.David and Maxy, Dec.12,1746.


Barzillai, s.Moses and Dinah negroes, Feb.29,1824.

Derinder, d.Moses and Dinah negroes, June3,1812.

Edgar, s.Moses and Dinah negroes, Jan.1,1826.

Lucy, d.Moses and Dinah negroes, Mar.23,1822.

Moses, s.Moses and Dinah negroes, Aug.23,1814.

Osmore Lew, s.Moses and Dinah negroes Jan.18,1820.

Peter Lew, s.Moses and Dinah negroes, May2,1816.

Rufus Lew, s.Moses and Dinah negroes, May11,1810, in Cambridge.

Thomas, s.Moses and Dinah negroes, Mar.18,1818.


Amanda [? m.],末蔓末,1829.GR7

Bashaba, d.Benjamin and Bashaba, July24,1784.

Benjamin, s.Benjamin and Bathshebe, Jan.12,1767.

Josiah, s.Benjamen and Bershaba, Jan.18,1772.


Loring Jr.,末蔓末,1833.GR7

Lucrecy, d.Benjamon and Bershaba, Mar.30,1778.

Lydia, d.Benjamin and Barshaba, May8,1780.

Patta, d.Benjamon and Bershaba, Apr.19,1774.

Polley, d.Benjamin and Barsha, Jan.22,1787.

Mehetabel, d.Benjamin and Bathsheba, July15,1768.

Ralph Hill, s.Benjamon and Bershaba, Jan.31,1776.

Sarah, d.Benjamin and Bathsheba, Apr.24,1770.

William, s.Benjamin and Bashaba [dup. Barshaba], Apr.28,1782.


Hannah, d.Isaac and Martha, Apr.26,1801.

Isaac Jr., s.Isaac and Martha, June3,1799.

Israel, s.Isaac and Martha, Aug.31,1814.

John, s.Isaac and Martha, Dec.16,1803.

Martha, d.Isaac and Martha, Dec.9,1796.

Mary, d.Isaac and Martha, Jan.13,1806.

Samuel, s.Isaac and Martha, Mar.19,1808.

Sarah Moar, d.Isaac and Martha, May26,1795.


Abiel F., s.Abiel and Mary, July22,1813.

Sumner, s.Abial and Mary, Aug.1,1805.

FRY (Frye)

Enoch Ellsworth, s.Enoch and Polly, Dec.7,1807. [Frye, Dec.9.GR8]

Hannah [dup. Frye], d.Timothy and Hannah, May19,1767.

Jedidia [dup. Jeddediah Frye], s.Timothy and Hannah, Nov. [dup. Dec.] 10,1768.

Peter [dup. Frye], s.Timothy and Hannah, Feb.13 [dup. Feb.27], 1772.

Sarah [dup. Frye], d.Timothy and Hannah, July7 [dup. June16], 1770.

FRYE (Fry)

Anne, d.Timothy and Hannah, Feb.12,1718.

Chares F., s.Enoch E. and Louisa, Apr.13,1847.

Diantha (Prantha), d.James, mason, and Harriet, Nov.20,1847.

Edwin J., s.Enoch L., watchman, and Lavina, July29,1843.

Betsey, d.Enoch and Polley, Apr.6,1822.

Ella F., d.William, Iahorer, and Judith (b. Nantucket), Apr.3,1849.

Emely, d.Enoch and Polley, Nov.18,1820.

Emely, d.Enoch and Polley, May18,1824.

Enoch, s.Timothy and Hannah, Aug.11,1781.

Ezekiel, s.Timothy and Hannah, Nov.13 [dup. Nov.8], 1765.

George, s.Enoch and Polly, Jan.2,1811.

Hannah Almira, d.Enoch and Polley, Sept.22,1814.

James Farnum, s.Jedediah and Rebeccah, Jan.31,1803.

James, s.Enoch and Polley, Nov.26,1818.

Jane Maria [dup. June M.], d.George, mason, and Fanny [dup. adds A.] (b. Fort Covington, NY.), Nov.7,1848.

Jedediah, s.Jedediah and Rebecah, Feb.13,1799.

Levina, d.Enoch and Polley, Oct.1,1816.

Maria Ann, d.Enoch and Polly, Mar.14,1809.

Polley, w.Enoch,末蔓末,1785.GR8

Mary Jane, d.Timothy and Mary, Mar.25,1836.

Mercy, d.Timothy and Hannah, Jan.1,1776.

Ruben, s.Timothy and Hannah, July17,1760.

Reuben [dup. Ruben], s.Timothy and Hannah, Apr.9,1764.

Samuel, s.Timothy and Hannah, Nov.3,1719.

Samuel Fletcher, s.Samuel and Mary, Dec.24,1806.

Susannah, d.Timothy and Hannah, Aug.8,1783.

Sylvester, s.Timothy and Mary, May20,1837.

Timothy, s.Timothy (Fry) and Hannah, Sept.28 [dup. Sept.26], 1762.

Timothy, s.Enoch and Polly, Aug.18,1812.

William, s.Enoch and Polley, Apr.6,1822.


D.S., "Private in the 7th Mass.Battrey,"末蔓末,1827.GR8

Susan Adams, d.Elisha and Susan A., July18,1834.

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