KALLEY (Kelley, Kelly)

Caroline, d.James and Rebecca, Nov.14,1811.

Charlotte, d.George Jr. and Polley, Nov.10,1803.

Daniel, s.George Jr. and Polley, Feb.24,1798.

E., s.James and May, June25,1827.

James, s.George Jr. and Polley, May10,1800. [[h.Mary G.] May10,1801.GR8]

Levina, d.George (Kelley) Jr. and Polley, Apr.12,1796.

Mary, d.George Jr. and Polley, Nov.26,1805.

Peter, s.George Jr. and Polley, Jan.26,1807.

KELLEY (Kalley, Kelly)

Abba F., d.Edwin E., laborer, and Abby, Dec.14,1848.

Asenath, d.Daniel and Asenath, July11,1831.

Delia, d.Townsend, yeoman, and Mary, May22,1846.

Daniel Jr. [dup. Kelly], s.Daniel and Asenath [dup. Acenath], Aug.21,1818.

Edwin Elkins, s.Daniel and Asenath, Jan.8,1815.

Frederick C., s.Townsend, laborer, and Susan (b. Topsham, VT.), Sept.11,1849.

George, s.George Jr. and Polley, June19,1793.

Henry, ch.Moody and Phebe, Sept.20,1833.

James, ch.Moody and Phebe, Aug.4,1827.

Leovena Christena [dup. Levina Christina], d.James and Mary, Jan.16,1833 [dup. 1834].

Mary G., w.James, Mar.19,1800.GR8

Mary, ch.Moody and Phebe, June8,1831.

Mary L., d.James and Mary G., Jan.16,1833.GR8

Mary Coburn Lazell, d.Daniel and Asenath, Mar.14,1836.

Nettie H. [ch.James and Mary G.], Apr.18,1836.GR8

Phebe, d.Townsend, laborer, and Susan, Nov.27,1846, In Topsum, VT.

Rachel, d.George Jr. and Polley, July17,1791.

Rhoda, d.Moody (Kelly) and Phebe, Nov.10,1823 [dup. 1824].

Samuel, ch.Moody and Phebe, Dec.9,1821.

Sarah, ch.Moody and Phebe, Feb.5,1829.

Townsend, s.Moody and Phebe, Dec.5,1819.

KELLY (Kalley, Kelley)

Ann Mariah, d.Elijah and Sabra, Nov.20,1835.

KENDAL (Kendall)

Anna, d.David and Abigal, Oct.23,1795, in Fairfield, Kennebec.

Cascius Clay, s.Ezra, farmer, and Mary, Mar.4,1843.

Susannah, d.David and Abigal, July9,1788.

KENDALL (Kendal)

Mary Ann, w.William R.,末蔓末,1834.GR5


Ellathalura, d.Calvin A., teamster, and Sarah, Feb.5,1846.


Elizabeth, d.Edward, May10,1833.


John, s.John and Juda, May18,1731.

KIMBAL (Kimball, Kimbol)

Abigail, d.Samuel and Mary, Mar.1,1799.

Asa, s.Stephon aad Lucy, Dec.15,1739.

Hannah, d.Samuel and Mary, June2,1804.

Jesse, s.Stephen and Lucy, Oct.28,1745.

Jonas, s.Samuel and Mary, Feb.7,1800.

Lucy, d.Stephen and Lucey, Jan.13,1737.

Martha, d.Samuel and Mary, Dec.6,1791.

Molle, d.Stephen and Lucy, Feb.5,1742-3.

Mary, d.Samuel and Mary, Oct.28,1796.

Samuel, s.Samuel and Mary, Sept.16,1788.

Tyler, s.Samuel and Mary, Sept.19,1794.

KIMBALL (Kimbal, Kimbol)

Charles Henry, ch.Samuel E. and Hannah, Nov.4,1838.

Frances M., w.J.C. [Mar.末,1833].GR8

George Frauklin, s.Samuel, carpenter, and Hannah, Dec.31,1844.

Gustavus [h.Maria S.] [Jan.末,1816].GR8

Julia A.A., w.Rev. S.C. [May末,1848].GR8

Louisa, ch.Samuel E. and Hannah, Feb.7,1829, in Lowell.

Lydia Ann, ch.Samuel E. and Hannah, Nov.15,1836.

Maria S., w.Gustavus,末蔓末,1822.GR8

Patty P., w.Henry W. Ames [Oct.末,1799].GR11

Samuel, ch.Samuel E. and Hannah, Jan.1,1831.

Sarah [dup. Kimbal], d.Stephen and Lucy [dup. Lucey], Oct.1,1749.

Warren, ch.Samuel E. and Hannah, Jan.29,1833.

KIMBOL (Kimbal, Kimball)

Clarissa, d.Samuel and Mary, Nov.23,1809.

Jacob, s.Samuel and Mary, July6,1807.


Sarah J., w.Benjamin W. Lee,末蔓末,1828.GR8

KITTREDGE (Kittridge)

Addison, s.Jaseph and Elisabeth, Jan.4,1816.

Daniel [h.Evelina],末蔓末,1806.GR8

Evelina, w.Daniel,末蔓末,1809.GR8

Harriet, d.Joseph and Elisabeth, May12,1820.

Joanna, d.Joseph and Elisabeth, Aug.8,1812.

Mary Ann, d.Joseph and Elisabeth, May4,1814.

Rebecca, d.Daniel and Joanna,末蔓末,1834.GR8

Semantha A., w.Franklin F., May5,1825.GR8

KITTRIDGE (Kittredge)

Jeremiah, s.Joseph and Elisabeth, Apr.11,1818.

Mary Jane, d.Daniel, shoe manufacturer, and Evelina, July10,1843.

Minervy, d.Solomon, yeoman, and Hannah H., Dec.14,1844.


Charles Alphonzo, s.Alphonzo, cordwainer, and Jane H., Sept.11,1844.


Ann (Kott), d.Joseph, blacksmith (b. England), and Susannah (b. England), Oct.9,1849.

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