Mary Jane, w.Henry H., May9,1821, a.24.GR4


Ruth, May14,1775. [d.Joshua and Hannah of Haverhill, a.18.GR8]


Clarrisa, July末,1829.CR2

Hannah Jane, July末,1829.CR2

Robert, m., July21,1847, a.61.


Aaron, s.Nathan and Elsy, Aug.24,1809.

Adelaide C., d.Theodore and Hannah (Greeley), Feb.12,1844, a.3m.14d.GR10

Alice, w.Nathan, May9,1848, a.73y.2m.GR10

Amanda S., ch.Jonathan I. and Sarah E., Apr.1,1847, a.19y.4m.GR10

Aramintha D.G., ch.Perley and Sarah H., July26,1839, a.1.GR8

Bridget, wid., old age, Oct.2,1844, a.82.

Charles B., ch.Jonathan I. and Sarah E., Sept.18,1835, a.11y.6m.GR10

Daniel Jr., s.Daniel, Feb.28,1802. [s.Daniel and Nabby, Feb.2, a.8m.GR8]

Daniel [h.Nabby], Aug.31,1813, a.40.GR10

Daniel, Sept.3,1813.

Edwin, July18,1842, a.6m.GR8

Elsa, w.Nathan, May9,1848, a.72.

Ephraim Sr., June26,1811. [June27, a.72.GR8]

George, July8,1842, a.6.GR8

Jane, w.Kindal, Dec.24,1806.

John [h.Mercy], Oct.16,1840, a.77.GR8

Jonathan, Aug.31,1834, a.69.GR10

Jonathan I., Capt. [h.Sarah E.], Sept.29,1834, a.40.GR10

Jonathan A., ch.Jonathan I. and Sarah E., May7,1837, a.2y.2m.GR10

Joshua, Feb.27,1839, "at the Poor House. "

Kindal, s.Kindal, Apr.6,1807.

Levi N., Mar.9,1833, a.2.GR8

Lydia (Carter), w.Theodore, June26,1832, a.31.GR10

Mary, w.Kindal, Nov.7,1756.

Mary S., ch.Jonathan I. and Sarah E., Oct.8,1831, a.1y.2m.GR10

Mehitable, see Mahittable.

Mehitabel, wid.William, June9,1809, a.78.GR11

Mahittable, d.Nathan and Elcy, inflammation of lungs, Mar.27,1847, a.39. [Mehitable, Mar.29.GR10]

Mercy [w.John], Aug.6,1838, a.75.GR8

Nathan, s.Nathan and Elsy, Nov.21,1802.

Obadiah R., s.Perley 2d and Harriet, scarlet fever, Aug.16,1849, a.2y.8m.[Obediah R., s.Perly and Harriet.GR8]

Peter, Aug.8,1809, a.55.GR10

Sarah, d.Samuel and Sarah, Mar.2,1822. [a.5w.GR8]

Sybel, wid.Ephraim, Nov.28,1815. [Sybil, Nov.10, a.77.GR8]

Thomas, Rev., Mar.18,1765, in 64th y.["Pastor of ye Church in Dracut for the space of 44 years," in 65th y.GR2]

Tryphena, w.Samuel, Sept.3,1837.

Winfield Scott, s.John I. and Mary L., scarlet fever, Sept.1,1849, a.1y.5d.


Anna L., only d.Ephraim S. and Louisa V., Oct.5,1849, a.9m.GR3

Benjamin C., s.Nathaniel Jr. and Mary, Aug.24,1829, a.2y.3m.13d.GR8


Hannah Jane, d.Aacy, Aug.19,1825. [d.Amasa and Hannah, a.6y.11m.GR8]

Harriet, d.Nathaniel and Mary, typhus fever, Sept.3,1848, a.16. [ Sept.3,1847.GR8]

Hepsibah, wid., Apr.17,1820.

John [h.Mary], Apr.23,1829, a.42.GR11

Jonathan, s.Amasa and Rhoda, Apr.29,1817.

Lauraette, d.Moses and Hannah J.,末蔓末,1843.GR8

Lois, wid., Apr.4,1825. [Louis, wid.Amasa, a.57.GR8]

Louisa V., m., Apr.2,1849, a.33. [w.Ephraim S., youngest d.Jonathan Varnum dec'd and Dolly.GR3]

Martin P., s.Moses and Hannah J.,末蔓末,1842.GR8

Martin N., s.Nathaniel and Elisabeth A., Oct.13,1846, a.7m.GR8

Mary, w.Nathaniel, typhus fever, Nov.24,1844, a.45.

Mary, w.Nathaniel, Dec.24,1845, a.45.GR8

Moses Edwin, s.Moses and Hannah Jane, Mar.3,1834.


Nathaniel Morton, s.Nathaniel and Elizabeth, Oct.23,1847, a.18m.

Rhoda, d.Amasa and Rhoda, June16,1802.

Rhoda, w.Amasa, July16,1805.

Sarah Ann, d.Amasa and Hannah, Sept.1,1825, a.15m.GR8


Mary, Mrs., Feb.15,1764.

Samuel, Feb.16,1742-3.


Amos, Dea., Nov.6,1837, a.55.GR8


Elexis, scarlet fever, Feb.18,1847, a.37. [a.36y.5m.GR1]

Coburn, s.Phillip and Mercy, Jan.14,1820. [a.3y.2m.17d.GR1]

Elvisee, consumption, Apr.8,1847, a.25. [Eloisa, a.25y.5m.GR1]

Joel S. Jr., Feb.12,1832.CR2

Laverta, d.Phillip, July6,1831, a.2y.5m.[d.Phillip and Marcy, a.2y.8m.GR1]

Mercy H., d.Philip and Mercy, Aug.30,1814, a.2.GR1

Marcy, w.Phillip, Apr.23,1834, a.47. [Marcy B.GR1]


末末, d.[Joshua and Elizebeth], Oct.22,1778.

Jeremiah, s.Joshua and Elizebeth, Aug.19,1775.

Joanna, Oct.14,1779.

Miriam, Sept.22,1778.


Amos, s.Samuel and Hannah, May23,1791.


Warren, only ch.Harvey and Hannah F., Aug.27,1841, a.8m.GR11


Rhoda, w.David, Oct.28,1829.


Mary A., w.Amos Jr., Dec.22,1830, a.23.GR3


Betty, ch.John and Phebe, June3,1797, a.6m.23d.GR3

John, ch.John and Phebe, July30,1799, a.4y.10m.26d.GR3

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