Thomas, s.Newell and Sarah, Aug.28,1849, a.1.


Alfred, s.William, May29,1831 [dup. a.20]. [s.William and Lydia.CR2]

David, Dec.30,1826.

Joseph, s.William and Lydia, Oct.5,1816. [a.18m.GR3]

Joseph, s.William, Oct.5,1836.

Lydia, w.William, Mar.2,1839, a.77y.10m.


Sarah R., d.Joseph and Sarah R., Oct.22,1797, a.15m.GR3


James A. [h.Lucy A. (Lee)],末蔓末,1848.GR8


Anna, d.John and Anna, July20,1769.


Suel, s.Cornet Amos and Anna, July26,1799, a.3.GR3


Joseph W. [h.Nancy C.], Apr.7,1846, a.52.GR11


Phebe, wid.Samuel, June12,1810, a.89.GR3


Christopher J., b. Lowell, s.William and Martha, dysentery, Sept.17,1849, a.3.

Cyrus, Oct.末,1824.

Hannah, m., d.James Harvy and Sarah, lung fever, Mar.29,1849, a.68.

Hermon L., s.Capt. David and Sybel, Jan.30,1806, a.6m.GR11

Hugh John, s.William and Martha, dysentery, Sept.24,1849, a.10m.

Sabra, d.Thaddeus and Dolley, Feb.25,1797, a.1y.10d.GR3

Sarah, w.John, Aug.28,1837.


Anna, wid.Timothy of Dearing, NH, Aug.28,1834, a.74.CR3


Abigal, d.William and Abigal, Dec.15,1775.

Abigal, w.William, Dec.16,1775.

Abi, d.Abijah and Esther, Apr.20,1778.

Abby, d.Solomon and w., Dec.12,1848, a.37.

Abijah, s.Abijah and Esther, Sept.5,1775.

Allice, d.Abijah, Sept.1,1775.

Benjamin, Mr., Oct.8,1755.

Ebenezer, s.Ebenezer and Sarah, Oct.3,1756.

Eliner, w.Benjamin, June29,1729. [Eleanor, June30, in 36th y.GR8]

Eunice, Miss [sic], w.Solomon, Jan.28,1830, a.73.GR8

Fredrick Augustus, s.Micajah and Rachel, Aug.25,1833.

Hariot, w.Samuel, Jan.2,1814, a.23.GR2

Josiah, s.Benjamin and Eliner, June10,1729. [s.Benjamin and Eleanor, June7.GR8]

Josiah Jr. [h.Martha], Apr.27,1848, a.55.GR8

Lydia, w.Josiah, Apr.13,1826.

Martha, w.Josiah Jr., June16,1848, a.63.GR8

Mary, w.Benjamin, Jan.18,1743-4. [Jan.18,1748 [dup. Jan.18,1743], in 48th y.GR8]

Nehemiah, Sept.28,1822.

Nehemiah, s.Nehemiah, Aug.23,1825.

Persis, Aug.13,1827, a.42.GR8

Rebekah, d.William and Abigail, Nov.15,1775.

Sybal, d.Abijah, drowned, Apr.16,1799. [Sibbel, d.Abijah and Esther, a.12y.7m.GR8]

Solomon, June5,1820. [[h.Eunice] a.64.GR8]

Stephen, m., s.Solomon and Eunice, gravel, Sept.9,1849, a.62.

Washington, s.Micajah and Rachel, Dec.7,1837.

William, Feb.1,1805, in 35th y.GR8

William, s.William and Hannah, May22,1818.


末末, inf.s.Samuel and Rhoda R., Sept.13,1820.GR8

Josiah Rogers, s.Samuel Jr. and Rhoda, Dec.8,1835. [Jan.8,1836, a.9y.8m.GR8]

Rhoda R. [dup. Rodgers], ch.Samuel and Rhoda, Jan.18 [dup. Jan.28], 1828, a.3y.6m.[dup. 3y.6m.11d.].GR8

Rhoda, ch.Samuel and Rhoda, Sept.25,1834, a.16m.[dup. 15m.].GR8


Deborah, w.Ebenezar, Aug.24,1742.

Deborah, d.Ebenezer and Deborah, Sept.末,1742, a.abt. 3w.

Deborah [dup. Daborah], d.Robert [dup. Robard] and Hannah, Jan.23,1750-1.

Robart, Mr., June16,1764.

Samuel, s.Robart and Hannah, Jan.17,1759.

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