HACKET (Hackett)

Andrew, 24, stone layer, of Lowell, s.Benjamin and Hannah, and Meranda Harmon, 19, operative, of Lowell, Jan.5,1847.*

HACKETT (Hacket)

Nancy, 18, of Lowell, d.Thomas and Julia, and Stephen L. Smith, 30, operative, of Lowell, s.John and Hannah, Nov.14,1847.*


John of Pelham, and Betsy Kemp, int.Oct.29,1818.


Benjamin of Tingsborough, and Hepsabeth Morse, int.Mar.7,1793. [of Tyngsboro, and Hepsibah Morse, m.Aug.22.CR1]


Thomas and Parmela [int.Permela] Goodhue, Aug.4,1805. [Parmela.CR1]

HAIL (Hale)

Alden of Lowell, and Claressa [int.Clanissa] Parker, Apr.2,1829. [Hale, and Clarissa Parker.CR1]

HAIVEY (Harvey, Horvey)

John and Mary Straw of Hopkenton, int.July23,1808.

HALE (Hail)

Abigal, Mrs., and Tilly Buttrick of Concord, int.June28,1777.

Ezekiel [int.Jr.] and Phebe [int.Pheba] Coburn, Apr.13,1786.

George, 26, overseer, of Haverhill, s.Ezekiel and Hannan, and Lucretia.T. Ames, 20, d.Josiah and Prudence, June13,1848.*

Mehitable of Lowell, and Daniel Blaisdell of Lowell, Dec.28,1826.*

Susanna and Israel Hildreth, int.Apr.28,1781.


Nabba of Plasto, NH, and Isaac Bradley, int.Aug.1,1788.

Abner of Pepperell, and Charlotte Marshall, int.Jan.27,1815.

Anna of Methuen, and Mitchel Davis, int.Jan.17,1784.

Asa and Mrs.Elener Wood, int.Dec.28,1782.

Charlotte M. and George Ames, Jan.26,1837.

Deborough of Windham, and Samuel Coburn, int.Jan.10,1804.

Elijah and Dorcas Marble, July21,1803.

Elizabeth M., 21, d.William and Elizabeth, and Richard Merrill, 21, teamster, of Hudson, NH, s.Isaac and Susan, Dec.22,1847.*

Emly [int.Emely] and Simeon Currier of Pelham, NH, Nov.9,1826. [Emily.CR1]

Ephraim Jr. and Mrs.Lydia Russell, int.Mar.9,1765.

Eunice, Mrs., and Solomon Wood, int.July31,1779.

Hannah and Eliphalet Reynolds of Boxford [int.of Bedford], Nov.14,1816.

Ira and Plolly [int.Polly] Fox, Apr.26,1831. [Polly.CR1]

Lydia and Jacob Coburn Jr., int.Sept.24,1757.

Lydia [int.Lydiah] and Winthrop Parker of Methuen [int.Methuin], Apr.2,1805. [of Methuen.CR1]

Lydia and Nathaniel Hills of Nottingham, NH, int.Feb.3,1816.

Martha, Mrs., and Ezekiel Chever, int.May26,1764.

Patty Russell and Jesse Wilson Jr. of Pelham, int.Jan.23,1797. [m.Mar.2.CR1]

Mary, Mrs., of Billaraca, and John Tayler Jr., int.Feb.19,1762.

Mary, Mrs., and Nathaniel Jewett of Holles, int.Nov.3,1828.

Mehittabel of Tewkesbury, and Josiah Colburn Jr., int.Mar.16,1736-7.

Moses and Susannah Davis of Chelmsford Mar.26,1789. [Hale.MR]

Obadiah and Maria Foster, int.Sept.7,1807. [Oct.27.CR1]

Pasis [int.Passey] and Daniel Varnum, Mar.3,1789. [Passis.MR]

Persis, see Pasis.

Phineas and Patty Cheever, int.Nov.9,1798. [Chever, m.Jan.末,1799.CR1]

Richard and Lydia Bradley, Mar.3,1803. [Richard Jr.CR1]

Sarah of Tewksbury, and Nathaniel Clemons, int.Feb.4,1748-9.

Sybil [int.Sybel] and Samuel Richardson Jr. of Pelham, NH, Apr.3,1825. [Sybil.CR1]

Stephen Russell and Hannah Wilson of Pelham, int.Apr.19,1788.

Suaannah [int.Susanna] and Caleb Sawyer Jr. of Methuen, Jan.26,1790. [Susanna and Caleb Sawyer of Mathuen.MR] [Susannah.CR1]

Timothy of Harvard, and Mary Coburn, int.Oct.7,1744.

Timothy and Betty Curtis, int.Jan.27,1787.

William and Sally [int.Salley] Fox, Nov.26,1812. [Sally.CR1]

William and Harriot Webster, int.Aug.16,1823. [Harriet, ? m.Sept.15.CR1]

HAMBLET (Hamblit)

Almira, 27, d.Life and Rachel, and John Ames, 27, wheelwright, s.Josiah and Prudance, Oct.11,1849.*

Alpheus, 24, stone layer, s.Samuel and Polly, and Harriet Noyes, 18, of Lowell, d.Benjamin C. and Huldah, June20,1846.*

Carmi G. and Mary S. Nason of Knox, ME, int.Aug.10,1833.

Charles A. and Julia Richardson, Jan.24,1837.

Daniel V., 24, wheelwright, s.Theodore and Edna, and Helen A. Peasly, 17, of Bolton, CA, d.Moses (Peasley) and Mary, Apr.21,1849.*

Eleanor and John Webster of Andover, int.Oct.11,1840.

Eli and Polley Richardsen [int.Polly Richardson], Apr.2,1804. [Polly Richardson.CR1]

Elizabeth and Moses Chace of Nottingham West, NH, int.Jan.30,1759.

Elizabeth and John Massey, int.May30,1787.

Betsey and Nathaniel Jewet of Boston, int.Oct.20,1807. [m.Nov.22.CR1]

Galen and Sarah C. Ames of Belfast, ME, int.Aug.23,1831.

John and Elisabeth Perham [int.Mrs.Elisabath Pareham] of Dunstable, Feb.13,1772.

Jonathan and Mrs.Betty Richardson, int.Nov.17,1781.

Joseph Jr. and Mrs.Dorcas Snow of Dunstable, int.Oct.5,1767.

Josiah of Pelham [int.adds NH.], and Anna Coburn, Nov.28,1792. [Joseph.CR1]

Judith [int.Juda] and Zebedee [int.Zebadiah] Rowell of Bedfor [int.Bedford], NH, May25,1801. [Judith Hamblett and Zebedee Rowell of Bedford, NH.CR1]

Life and Rachel Bowers, int.Jan.30,1808. [m.Mar.3.CR1]

Mary Ann, 25, d.Samuel and Mary, and David P. Farmer, 25, yeoman, of Pelham, NH, s.Simian and Mary, May5,1846.*

Ozni P. and Thirza Palmer of London, NH, Apr.18,1836.

Peter and Polley Goodhue, Aug.27,1805. [Polly.CR1]

Samuel and Mary Cheever of Chelmsford, Jan.14,1813.

Sarah [int.adds Mrs.] and Levi Daken of Nottinghamwest, NH. [int.Levy Dakin of Notingham], Apr.20,1769. [Levi Dakin of Nottingham West.MR]

Theodore and Ednah Varnum, int.May23,1822.

Theodore, Capt., and Alice Coburn, July24,1832.

Theodore H., 27, millwright, s.Theodore and Abigail, and Hannah M. Jewett, 21, d.Aaron and Hannah, Feb.19,1846.*

Thomas and Mrs.Elisabath Duarrant of Pelham, int.Mar.5,1773.


Millecent of Brookfield, and Benjaman Wood Jr., int.May26,1739.

HAMBLIT (Hamblet)

Benjamin of Pelham, and Polley Wilson, int.Oct.29,1795. [Hamblet, and Polly Wilson, m.Nov.19.CR1]

Betty of Nottingham, and Henry Coburn Osgood, int.Jan.18,1797.

Susannah and Ezekiel Chace of Nottingham West, NH, int.Nov.4,1757.


Micah of Tewksbury, and Sarah Hardy of Tewksbury, Nov.30,1803.*


Ebenezer "formerly" of Suffield, and Levina Kalley, int.July12,1817 [Hanchet, and Lavina Kelley, m.Sept.11.CR1]

Ebenezer and Abigail How, int.June28,1835.

HANCOCK (Hancok, Handcock)

Ruth, 23, d.Daniel and Sarah, and.Joseph Wear, 32, machanic, of Lowell, s.Joseph and Mary, June29,1845.*

HANCOK (Hancock, Handcock)

Susannah and Solomon Cheever, int.Apr.20,1799.

HANDCOCK (Hancock, Hancok)

John [int.Hancock] and Betty Nicols [int.Mrs.Bette Nicholas], Dec.3,1772. [Hancock, and Betty Nicholls.MR]


William of Tyngsborough, and Eliza Robsn of Tyngsborough, Jan.9,1840.*

HARDAY (Hardy)

Stephen of Tewkesbury, and Sarah Bayley of Tewkesbury, Apr.11,1805.* [Hardy and Sarah Bailey.CR1]

HARDEY (Hardy)

Nehemiah of Tewksbary, and Mrs.Mary Jones, int.Aug.1,1778.

HARDY (Harday, Hardey)

Abigal of Boxford, and Abraham Varnum, int.Oct.9,1736.

Caroline P., 20, of Bradford, NH, d.Dudley and w., and Timothy V. Coburn, 36, machinist, s.Timothy and Hannah, May5,1847.*

Daniel of Andover, and Rebeca Sawyer, int.Nov.22,1794. [Rebeccah, m.Jan.15,1795.CR1]

Ira, widr., 40, yeoman, of Bradford, s.Jacob and Hannah, and Eunice Langley, 28, d.Obadiah and Elisabeth, Dec.29,1846.*

Isaac of Hollis, and Naomi Coburn, int.May4,1820.

Jesse of Hollis, and Rhoda Wood, int.Aug.17,1793.

Leonard of Lowell, and Adeline Clough, int.May10,1838.

Martha and Isaac Friend, int.July5,1794. [m.July24.CR1]

Nehemiah and Emma Darling, Nov.18,1830.

Peter of Tewksbury, and Dorcas [int.Mrs.Darkes] Jones, Jan.24,1771.

Sarah, Mrs., of Haverhel, and Asa Whiatker, int.May3,1768.

Sarah of Tewksbury, and Micah Hamlin of Tewksbury, Nov.30,1803.*

William, Dr., of Poplin, NH, and Clarica Woster of Tewksbury, Nov.30,1803.* [Clarissa Worcester.CR1]

HARIAS (Harios, Harras, Harris, Harriss)

John Jr. of Methuen, and Anna Stevens, int.Jan.2,1789.

HARIOS (Harias, Harras, Harris, Harriss)

Mary, Mrs., of Methewing, and James Mansor, int.Jan.20,1776.


Meranda, 19, operative, of Lowell, and Andrew Hacket, 24, stone layer, of Lowell, s.Benjamin and Hannnah, Jan.5,1847.*


Mary Ann and Asa Buck of Wilmington, May3,1821.

HARRAS (Harias, Harios, Harris, Harriss)

Marcy, Mrs., and Abijah Fox, int.Oct.17,1778.

William of Andover, and Mrs.Mary Varnum, int.Jan.10,1778.


Elizabeth B. and Phillip [int.Philip] W, Tillinghast, Apr.5,1838.*

HARRIS (Harias, Harios, Harras, Harriss)

Asa and Salley Chase, Aug.31,1813. [Sally.CR1]

Deborah [int.Mrs, Daborah] and David Trull [int.Trul], Feb.9,1769.

Bette, Mrs., and William Wilson of Newtown, int.Apr.7,1765.

Hannah and John Johnson of Andover, Sept.9,1817.

J. Simon and Sophronia Nicholas of Carlisle, int.Sept.20,1829.

James and Laura Harris of Methuen, May11,1822. [May16.CR1]

John of Methewen, and Mrs.Unice Clements, int.June1,1783.

John and Susan Richardson, int.Sept.4,1824.

Laura of Methuen, and James Harris, May11,1822. [May16.CR1]

Larrans Jacson, and Lydia Barron, int.Oct.31,1753.

Molley, Mrs., and David Wilkins Jr. of Middleton, int.Mar.14,1767.

Mary and John Foster 3d [int.omits 3d, adds of Andover], Mar.8,1814.

Mary of Methuen, and James M. Hildreth, int.Mar.20,1829.

Mehetabel of Methuen, and Benjamin Stephens, int.May11,1784.

Peter and Rachel Parker, int.Sept.20,1788.

Phebe of Hollis, and Aaron Colburn, int.Apr.26,1755.

Prudence and John Reynolds of Andover, int.May7,1818.

Rachel and Moses Cheever Jr. of Chelmsford, Sept.3,1815.

Rhoda and David Plummer of Methuen, int.Sept.15,1821.

Ruth [int.adds Mrs.] and Nathaniel [int.Nathanel] Chase [int."Residet som whather"], Nov.24,1770. [Nathaniel Case.MR]

Samuel of Methuen, and Chellotty Clements, int.May26,1785.

Sarah and Bradley Jones, Mar.11,1813.

Sarah, of Methuen, and Samuel Parker, int.Dec.23,1820.

Shadrach and Percis Richardson, int.Jan.14,1820.

Simon and Mary Wilson of Lowell, Nov.12,1836.

Sophia Ann and Enoch Bodwell, int.July3,1830.

William and Abigail G. Shepherd, int.Oct.18,1839.

HARRISS (Harias, Harios, Harras, Harris)

Lawrance and Ruth Russell, int.Jan.末,1739.

HARVEY (Haivey, Horvey)

Abagail and John Barns [int.Barnes], Dec.2,1817. [Abigal and John Barnes.CR1]

Alice and Ira Thomson, int.Oct.17,1828.

David and Abigal Elliott [int.Eliot], Apr.30,1793.

Elisebeth [int.Mrs.Elesebeth] and Robert Nicholas, Apr.14,1772. [Elisabeth and Robert Nicholls.MR]

Elezebeth, Mrs., and William Parker, int.Dec.23,1780.

Elizabeth and Ephraim Hildreth, July1,1802.

Elsey and Anthony Hilbert of Chelmsford, int.Sept.9,1820.

Hannah and Thomas Wilson of Andover, int.Apr.15,1822.

Isbell Mrs., and William Manser of Wilton, int.Oct.30,1762.

Issabel [int.Isabelle] and Joshua Blanchard [int.of Boston], June25,1812. [Issabelle.CR1]

James and Mrs.Elesebath Ellet, int.Feb.12,1780.

James and Ruth M. Clark of Salim, NH, int.Dec.28,1825.

John and Lydia Cross of Methuen, int.Apr.22,1780.

Joseph and Molley Parker, Dec.2,1790. [John and Molly Parker.MR]

Marriam, Mrs., and John Linsday, int.Mar.5,1779.

Mary and John Peobady of Methuen, int.Aug.5,1809. [Peabody, m.Aug.31.CR1]

Olive P. and Nathan Richardson of Pelham, int.Mar.14,1818.

Rhoda and Samuel Clark Jr. of Methuen, int.Dec.1,1826. [Hovey, m.Dec.25.CR1]

Samuel and Mary Trull, int.Jan.14,1820.

Sarah [int.adds Mrs.] and David Meglauglon [int.Mcglaughlon], July9,1771. [Harvay, and David Meglaughton.MR]

Salla and Moses Plumber Jr. [int.Plummer, omits Jr.] of Methuen, Oct.6,1808. [Plummer Jr.CR1]

Susannah and Thomas Coburn, Feb.9,1815.

William and Mrs.Elezebeth Messer of Methewing, int.Aug.25,1775.

William and Sarah Smith of Pelham, int.Apr.29,1820.

William and Ruba Richardson of Pelham, NH, int.June4,1825.

HASEALTINE (Haseltine, Haselton, Hastlen, Heasealtine, Heaselton)

Peter, Lt., and Hannah Smith of Woburn, int.July14,1812.

HASELTINE (Hasealtine, Haselton, Hastlen, Heasealtine, Heaselton)

Lydia and Jacob Coburn, int.Nov.4,1806. [Heaselton, m.Nov.27.CR1]

Peter Jr. and Sophia Ansart, int.Jan.22,1808. [Heaselton, m.Feb.26.CR1]

Rhoda and Obediah Richardson Jr., int.May10,1798. [Roda Hazeltine and Obadiah Richardson Jr., m.May31.CR1]

Salley and Nathun Durant, int.Aug.10,1798. [Sarah and Nathan Durant, m.Sepl. 末.CR1]

HASELTON (Hasealtine, Haseltine, Hastlen, Heasealtine, Heaselton)

Mary and Samuel C. Bradford of Francistown, int.Apr.12,1820.


Catharine and William Farnsworth, Apr.30,1816.*

HASTLEN (Hasealtine, Haseltine, Haselton, Heasealtine, Heaselton)

Peter and Mrs.Sarah Jones, int.May7,1774.


Ansel "formerly" of Thornton [int.adds NH.], and Mary Kelley, Dec.31,1821. [Kelly.CR1]

Margret of Lowell, and Benjamin Cheever, May19,1833.

Samuell M., 26, operative, of Lowell, s.Alfred and Sarah, and Harriett N. Walton, 25, operative, of Lowell, d.David and Mary, Nov.6,1847.*


Emeline E. of Lowell, and Moses Brown Jr. of Lowell,末蔓末, rec. Jan.23,1849.*


Samuel of Danville, and Sarah Frye, int.Feb.6,1813. [Capt. Samuel, m.June13.CR1]


Aaron and Pheby Wood of Chelmsford, Jan.12,1809.* [Hays, and Phebe Wood.CR1]


Eliza D., 22, dress maker, d.Henry and Lucy, and Henry Pulsifer, 27, merchant, of Manchester, NH, s.Samuel and Abigail of Manchester, July4,1844.*


Mary A., 24, d.Joseph and w., and Charles S. Kimball, 26, operative, s.John and w., Oct.29,1848.*


David F. of Methuen, and Persis Griffin of Methuen, July2,1837.*

HAZELTON (Hasealtine, Haseltine, Haselton, Hastlen, Heasealtine, Heaselton)


Samuel, 30, millman, of Lowell, s.Samuel and Sybel, and Sarah N. Mitchell, 22, of Lowell, d.George and Hannah, Dec.30,1847.*

HEASEALTINE (Hasealtine, Haseltine, Haselton, Hastlen, Heaselton)

Dolley [int.Dolly Hasealtine] and James Coburn, Nov.26,1801. [Dolly Heaselton.CR1]

HEASELTON (Hasealtine, Haseltine, Haselton, Hastlen, Heasealtine)

Hannah [int.Haselton] and Elias Conant [int.of Holliss], May14,1815.


Mariette, 24, tailoress, d.Jacob and w., and William G. Lane, 23, farmer, s.Noah and Sarah, May20,1846.*


Hannah and Samuel Lindsey, int.June20,1752.


Dinah [int.Hemphill] and Smith Coburn [int.negroes],末蔓末, [int.Sept.13], 1794.

HERRECK (Herrick)

Asa M. [int.Herrick] and Mary Ann Mansure,末蔓末, [?1833][int.Nov.1,1833].


Margaret O. of Chelmsford, and Hannonis Berck of Chelmsford, Dec.5,1826.*

HERRICK (Herreck)

Benjamin and Lydia Austin,末蔓末, [rec. Feb.19,1845].*

Howard of Lewiston, and Elezebeth Richardson, int.Dec.7,1798. [Elizabeth, m.Dec.27.CR1]

Jacob and Jane Page of Nottingham, wt. Sept.23,1822.

Rebecca and Nehemiah Richardson of Pelham, int.Feb.24,1799. [m.Apr.11.CR1]

HERRING (Herreng)


Judith, 18, d.John and Esther, and William Richardson, 25, cordwainer, s.Thomas S. and Ann, June4,1848.*


Jacob and Mrs.Elisebeth Conley, int.Oct.23,1779.

Rebbacah, Mrs., and Samuel Clough, int.Apr.29,1780.


Jerusha J., 26, of Methuen, and William Mansur, 24, of Methuen, s.Daniel and Elisabeth, Dec.30,1845.*


Solomon of Andover, and Phebe H. Osgood [int.Osgod, omits H.], Mar.13,1826. [Solomon H. and Phebe H. Osgood.CR1]


Anthony of Chelmsford, and Elsey Harvey, int.Sept.9,1820.


Albert and Leafy Boyce of Concord, Sept.24,1832.*

Bridget, Mrs., and Elezer Coburn, int.Nov.1,1760.

David, Capt., of Lancaster, and Sarah Bradley, Aug.20,1805. [Hildrett, and Sarah Bradly.CR1]

Dexter of Lowell, and Hannah Dore [?Dove] of Lowell, Oct.21,1838.*

Elijah and Hannah Colburn, int.Dec.27,1746.

Elijah and Susann Barker of Methuen, int.Feb.1,1755.

Elijah and Mrs.Hannah Coburn, int.June1,1765.

Elijah Jr. and Jane Parker, Apr.3,1803.

Eliza H. and Capt. Thomas Spafford 3d of Pelham, NH, Apr.25,1833. [Spofford.CR1]

Bette and Jonathan Tayler, int.Aug.25,1764.*

Elizabeth (Hidreth) and Jeremiah Kidder Jr. [int.of Tewksbury] Feb.2,1815.

Elisebeth of Tewksbury, and Phinehas Wood Esq. of Rumford, Oxford Co., ME, Feb.24,1824. in Tewksbury.*

Emeline and Moody S. Wheeler of Methuen, Sept.30,1833.*

Ephraim Jr. and Mary Clerk of Chelmsford, Feb.11,1735-6.*

Ephraim and Elizabeth Harvey, July1,1802.

Fisher Ames Esq., editor, of Lowell, s.Israel and Dolly, and Lauretta Coburn, d.Ephraim and Hannah, Nov.5,1846.*

Frances Maria and George Somes of Lowell, Aug.18,1831.

Hannah, Mrs., of Metheuing, and Obediah Richardson, int.May10,1775 ["Mar. July6," written below in different hand].

Hannah and Samuel Varnum, int.June20,1806. [m.Aug.3.CR1]

Harriet [int.Harriot] (Hildreth) and Frederic H. Davis Esq. [int.of Lunenberg], Dec.3,1814.

Harriet and Jonathan Hill of Lowell, int.May31,1829.

Israel and Susanna Hale, int.Apr.28,1781.

Israel Jr. and Dolley [int.Dolly] Jones, Dec.16,1813.

James Varnum and Susannah Richardson, int.Mar.17,1798. [m.Apr.19.CR1]

James V. Jr. and "Misses" Lucy French of Tewksbury, int.Apr.23,1826.

James M. and Mary Harris of Methuen, int.Mar.20,1829.

Jonathan [int.of Lancaster] and Elizabeth Wimble Ansart, Nov.15,1804.

Josiah and Rebeckah Wright, int.Dec.20,1740.

Josiah and [int.and Mrs.] Hannah Varnum, July9,1772.

Keziah, Mrs., and James Lapherda, int.Dec.14,1782.

Levi and Mary Clemons, int.Dec.13,1746.

Lucy [int.adds Mrs.] and Wiseman Wallace of Bedford, NH, Sept.11,1807. [Lucy, wid.CR1]

Lydia and Samuel Hildreth, Nov.10,1803.

Lydia F. and Dr. [int.omits Dr.] Bradley Porker of Buffalo [int.formerly of Buffelow], NY, Nov.30,1826. [Dr. Bradley.CR1]

Marget [int.and Mrs.] and Isaac Bradley, Dec.31,1772. [Margaret, Dec.22.MR]

Mariam, Mrs., and Josep Richardson of Pelham, int.末蔓末, [rec. after Mar.14,1767].

Mercy, see Marcy.

Marcy and Jonathan Coburn, int.Oct.6,1753.

Mercy and Ephraim Jones, int.Apr.23,1785.

Micah and Mrs.Sibbil Coburn, int.July1,1775.

Rebeka [int.Mrs.Rebecker] and William Bayly [int.Baley] of Andover, Nov.28,1771. [Rebekah and William Bayley.MR].

Robart and Sarah Abbut of Andover, int.Nov.15,1752.

Rowena and Henry Reed [int.Read] of Pelham, NH, May2,1833. [Reed.CR1]

Samuel and Lydia Hildreth, Nov.10,1803.

Samuel, 28, farmer, s.Samuel and Lydia, and Rowena E. Wood, 17, of Lowell, d.Phineas and Betsey, Mar.20,1849.*

Sarah and Simeon Wood, int.Nov.16,1754.

Salley and John Peirce of Chelmsford, int.Nov.29,1794. [Pierce, m.Jan.8,1795.CR1]

Sarah M. and Andrew Dodge, int.Aug.2,1829,

Sarah, d.Israel, and Benjamin Franklin Butler, May16,1844, in Lowell.*.GR9

Susanna and William Richardson, int.Nov.23,1785.

Susannah [int.Susanna] and Moses Fletcher of Chelmsford [int.Chelmesford], Dec.19,1803. [Susannah.CR1]

Susannah and Joshua Varnum, int.Sept.11,1818.

Thankfull, Mrs., of Dunstable, and Josiah Crosberry, int.July25,1778.

Thomas and Hannah Colburn 3d, int.Dec.13,1746.

William and Tabitha Colburn, int.Nov.7,1747.

William Jr. and Susanna Bodwell of Methuen, int.Dec.16,1786.

William, Col., and Alice Bodwell, Apr.1,1800.*.CR1

William, Gen., and Mary Shepard of Hopkenton, int.Mar.29,1809.

HILL (Hills)

Almira, 25, of Lowell, b. Lyme, NH, d.Cyrus and Levina, and Benjamin Franklin Snow, 25, shoemaker, of Stoneham, b. N. Lincoln, ME, s.Joseph and Rebecca, Nov.10,1849.*

Bathsheba, Mrs., of Billarack, and Benjamin French, int.Oct.11,1766.

Jonathan of Lowell, and Harriet Hildreth, int.May31,1829.

Merriam, 21, d.Isaac and Lucinda, and Joseph Niles Jr., 32, confectioner, of Lowell, s.Joseph and Elizabeth, Aug.31,1847.*

Neomey and Timothy Gibson of Luningburgh, int.July2,1794.

Silvia, see Negroes, etc., 末末, 末末.

HILLS (Hill)

Ezekiel of Nottingham, and Hannah Barnum, int.Apr.9,1748.

Nathaniel of Nottingham, NH, and Lydia Hall, int.Feb.3,1826.


Jane, operative, of Lowell, d.Ebenezer and Betsey, and John H. Searl, widr., of Lowell, s.John and Nancy, Dec.6,1845.*


Amos of Pelham, NH, and Lucinda Fox, int.Jan.4,1839.

Irena, 27, of Methuen, d.Daniel F. and W., and John Sawyer, 39, blacksmith, of Methuen, s.Aaron and Sarah, May21,1848.*

HODGMAN (Hodgman)

Benjamin of Lowell, and Bestey Ann Coburn, int.Oct.26,1839.

Lovise A. and Thomas Vinell Jr., int.Mar.23,1839.

Sarah C. [int.Hodgeman] and Nathaniel Carter of Wilmington, Sept.2,1827.


Artemas and Ann Bowers, Oct.16,1823.*


Mary P. of Lowell, and Ira Clough, int.Apr.16,1836.


Daniel, 30, paper maker, s.Daniel and Phebe Ann, and Harriet F. Warren, 18, d.Isaac and Betsey, Oct.17,1847.*


Lyman W., 26, yeoman, s.John and Arbela, and Joanna A. Merrill, 21, d.Enos and Joanna, Oct.28,1845.

Susan S., 22, of Lowell, d.Tristram and Catherine, and Nathaniel F. Tukey, 21, shoemaker, of Lowell, s.John and Deborah, Jan.31,1847.*


Edmund and Mebitable Robey of Lowell, int.Dec.10,1837.

Ezra of Pepperell, and Joan Marshall, Feb.13,1821.

George A., 18, s.Timothy and Mary M., and Eliza A. Knight, 20, d.末末 and Betsey, June29,1849.*

Harriet M., 29, b. Haverhill, d Joshua and Jane of Haverhill, and Joshua Hovey, widr., 41, merchant, s.Joshua [sic? James] and Rebecca, Nov.29,1849.*

Jabesh of Deeren, and Bitsa Jaquish, int.June30,1785.

Jacob V. and Mary A. Eaton, May14,1844.*

Joshua L., 22, s.Joshua and Jane, and Julia A. Parmenter, 22, of Haverhill, d.John and Alcy, Sept.20,1849.*

Luke and Lucia Palmer of Townsend, int.Sept.10,1825.


Joseph B. and Mary J. Goodhue. May14,1844.*


Abigail, 25, operative, of Lowell, d.William and Betsey, and Caleb Morrison, 24, machinest, of Lowell, s.John and Ellis, Sept.18,1845.*

HORVEY (Haivey, Harvey)

Lydia [int.Harvey] and William Austin Jr., Dec.25,1804. [Harvey, and William Austen Jr.CR1]


Augustus and Clarissa S. Varnum, June7,1838.

Hannah and Reuben Reed of Boston, May2,1813.

Henry Abbot and Hannah Bradley, May29,1791. [Henry Abbott.CR1]

James Platts and Rebeckah Hovey of Boxford, int.Feb.20,1801.

Joseph and Marcy [?Marey] Hovey of Boxford, int.July4,1812.

Joseph Jr. and Sarah C. Tibbetts, int.Sept.13,1840.

Joshua, widr., 41, merchant, s.Joshua [sic, ? James] and Rebecca, and Harriet M. Holt, 29, b. Haverhill, d.Josnua and Jane of Haverhill, Nov.29,1849.*

Mary and Moses Whitting of Pelham, int.May10,1794. [Whiting, m.July13.CR1]

Mary and Joseph Swan, int.Mar.27,1824. [m.Apr.13.CR1]

Marcy [? Marey] of Boxford, and Joseph Hovey, int.July4,1812.

Prosillah, Mrs., and Aaron Massey, int.Aug.17,1765.

Rebeckah of Boxford, and James Platts Hovey, int.Feb.20,1801.

Rhoda, see Rhoda Harvey.

Rhoda Bradley and Simeon Spaulding Jr. of Chelmsford, int.Apr.13,1816. [Rhoda Bailey Hovey and Simeon Spalding Jr., m.May30.CR1]

Samuel and Patty Bradley, int.Sept.12,1795. [m.Nov.19.CR1]

HOW (Howe)

Abigail and Ebenezer Hanchett, int.June28,1835.


Caroline, 39, d.Jacob and Rachel, and Joseph B. Varnum, 35, wheelwright, of Newbury, s.Samuel and Sarah, Nov.17,1846.*

Jacob Jr. of Cbelmsford, and Rachel Varnum, May1,1796.

HOWE (How)

Alonzo of Tewksbury, and Abagail Fox, Nov.30,1836. [How, and Abigail Fox.CR1]


Caroline M., 29, of Lowell, d.Joseph and Mary, and John Wedgewood, 29, trader, of Lowell, s.Jeremiah and Deborah, May26,1847.*

Fredric [int.Frederic] and Phebe Lew, Nov.18,1812. [Frederic.CR1]

Henry G. and Martha Ann Lee of Milford, int.Aug.21,1835.



William H., 25, of Lowell, s.Amos and Betsey, and Mary E. Stearns, 24, d.Oliver and Dorcas, Apr.19,1849.*


David of Tewksbury, and Mrs.Anna Brown, int.Jan.25,1777.

Eunice S., 23, of Lowell, d.Enoch and Adaline, and Alonzo F. Mason, 25, machinist, of Lowell, s.David, and w., May6,1848.*

Isaac H. of Warner, NH, and Catharine Orben, int.Aug.10,1834.

Israel and Catharine Nowel, Dec.10,1793. [Nowell.CR1]

John of Andover, and Elizabett [int.Elizabeth] Mansur, Aug.4,1808. [Elizabeth.CR1]

Lucia M., 22, of Carlisle, d.Joshua and Lucia, and William E. Robbins, 26, of Carlisle, s.John and Jane, Dec.10,1849.*

Martha of Tewksbury, and Jeremiah Perking Chatman of Tewksbury, Jan.16,1806.* [Jeremiah Perkins Chapman.CR1]


Mary of Tewksbury, and Franklin Foster of Dunstable, NH, Jan.12,1826.*


James, 27, watchman, s.Jabez and Abagail, and Rachel C. Burbank, 27, operative, d.Hazen and Hannah, May6,1846.*


Jesse, widr., 44, boarding master, of Lowell, s.Enoch and Sally, and Rhoda Blanchard, 34, of Lowell, d.Cyrus and Chloe, Feb.10,1847.*

Mary of Methuen, and Aaron Chamberlin, int.Nov.21,1746.


Albert, 21, tinplate worker, of Lowell, s.Henry and M., and Elisebeth Whitehouse, 19, operative, d.Henry and Abigal, Nov.9,1845.*


Charles of Pelham, NH, and Myra Parker, Apr.9,1840.

Orin, 26, stone layer, of Lowell, s.William and Susan, and Sarah M. Parker, 26, of Lowell, d.John and Elsa, May13,1847.*


Caroline E. and George M. Thompson, July28,1844.*

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