Sarah, 37, of Lowell, and Jeremiah Fletcher, widr., 56, yeoman, of Lawrence, s.Jeremiah and Elizabeth, Sept.1,1847.*


Annis J.C. of Boston, and John Lewis of Lowell, June15,1838.*

LANDFIES (Lenfest)

Thomas and Abigal Coburn, int.Sept.7,1807. [Lenfest of Medford, m.Oct.25.CR1].


Ephraim and Elizebeth Danfortt Abbot, int.Sept.18,1793. [Elizabeth Danforth Abbott. m.Oct.13.CR1].

William G., 23, farmer, s.Noah and Sarah, and Mariette Heath, 24, tailoress, d.Jacob and w., May20,1846.*

LANGLEY (Langly)

Eunice, 28, d.Obadiah and Elisabeth, and Ira Hardy, widr., 40, yeoman, of Bradford, s.Jacob and Hannah, Dec.29,1846.*

Susan, 22, d.Obadiah and Elisabeth, and Gardiner F. Currier, widr., 36, stone cutter, s.David and Betsey, June21,1846.*

LANGLY (Langley)

Deborah A. of Lowell, and Jonathan J.D. Twombly of Lowell,末蔓末 [rec. Jan.23,1849].*


James and Mrs.Keziah Hildreth, int.Dec.14,1782.

LARKIN (Lakin)

LARRANCE (Lawrence)

Susanna of Nottingham West, and Asa Coburn, int.May19,1785.

LAWRENCE (Larrance)

Rachel of Dunstable, and Daniel Richardson, int.Dec.9,1826.


Erasmus D. of Lowell, and Almira Fay, int.Nov.14,1825.


Jude, Mrs., and David Jones Jr., int.Mar.3,1780.

Jude and Nathaniel Jones, int.Oct.10,1794. [Judith, m.Nov.2.CR1].

Martha Ann of Milford, and Henry G. Hoyt, int.Aug.21,1835.

Thomas, 22, carpenter, of Lowell, s.Edwin and Hannah, and Julia Lyfout, 18, operative, of Lowell, d.Levi and Sarah, Oct.末,1844.*


William [int.Laughton] and Catharine [int.Catharin] Ansart, Mar.12,1826.


Harriet, 24, of Lowell, d.John and Harriet, and Moses Davis Jr., 27, operative, of Lowell, s.Moses and Mary, Dec.1,1847.*

LENFEST (Landfies)

Martha A. and Enoch Whittier, int.Feb.20,1836.

LEW (Lue)

Baizillia [int.Barzillia] and Dorcas Brister negroes, Sept.30,1801. [Barzillia and Dorcas Bristor.CR1].

Dinah and Moses Freeman of Newton negroes, Oct.17,1808.

Martha and Andrew Y. [?] Lewis [int.Luis, omits Y.] of Lowell [int.negroes], Sept.27,1829. [Andrew V.CR1].

Phebe and Fredric [int.Frederic] Hoyt, Nov.18,1812. [Frederic.CR1].

Zeviah [int.Zurviah Lue] and Francis [int.Francies] Davis [int.of Haverhill], Aug.11,1796.

Zimri and Mahala Freeman negroes, Aug.31,1811. [Aug.13.CR1].


Almira and Lauren Osgood, June29,1832.

Andrew Y. [?] [int.Luis, omits Y.] of Lowell, and Martha Lew [int.negroes], Sept.27,1829. [Andrew V.CR1].

Henry of Pelham, NH, and Elizabeth A. Thissell of Pelham, Dec.24,1848.*

Isaac M. of Lowell, and Emily Deans of Ashford, CT, Aug.24,1829.*

James and Eliza Richardson, int.Feb.20,1830.

John of Lowell, and Annis J.C. Lakin of Boston, June15,1838.*

Julia A., 22, d.Thomas and Charlotte, and John E. Cutter, 23, machinist, of Lawrence, s.John and Mary, Dec.24,1848.*

Thomas and Charlottee Richardson, int.Nov.14,1823.


Ephraim S., 28, carpenter, s.Joel and Fanny, and Mary Q. Warren, 31, d.Isaac and Betsey, Aug.5,1846.*

Joanna, 21, d.Joel and Fanny, and Samuel S. Gilson, 21, stone quarrier, s.Solomon and Mary, May14,1848.*


Abel of Chelmsford, and Phebe Griffin, int.Dec.6,1818.

LINDSAY (Lindsey, Linsday, Linsey)

William and Elezebath Curtis, int.Dec.8,1753.

William jr. and Sarah Long of Methuen, int.Feb.5,1757.

LINDSEY (Lindsay, Linsday, Linsey)

Elisabeth and John Moor of Suncook Township, int.Dec.29,1748.

Rachel, Mrs., and John Orsgood, int.June21,1777.

Samuel and Hannah Heffron, int.June20,1752.

LINSDAY (Lindsay, Lindsey, Linsey)

David and Mary Varnum, int.Jan.24,1784.

John and Mrs.Marriam Harvey, int.Mar.5,1779.

Polley, Mrs., and Elleck Brown, int.Apr.10,1779.

LINSEY (Lindsay, Lindsey, Linsday)

Thomas and Ruth Foster, int.Apr.19,1755.


Rufus of Lowell, and Maria A. Frye, int.Oct.10,1831.

LITTELHAIL (Littlehale)

John of Haverhill, and Hannah Colburn, int.Aug.末,1715.

LITTLEHALE (Littelhail)

Abraham and Mary Starns, int.June7,1744.

Abraham and Abigail Bayley [int.Abigal Baley], Mar.19,1803.

Dolly [int.Dolley] and Ezekiel Richardson, Nov.25,1790.

Hannah Jr. and Edward Wyman jr. of Pelham, NH, int.July27,1751.

Hannah and Silas Peirce of Chelmsford, Nov.20,1806.

John [int.Littlehall] of Dunstable, and [int.adds Mrs.] Lucy Richardson, Mar.29,1770. [Littlefield.MR].

Roger L. of Tyngsborough, and Deborah Brown, int.Apr.5,1834.

Sarah of Tyngsborough, and Nathaniel Ingals Jr. of Tyngsborough, Nov.10,1811.*

Sarah M. of Tyngsboro, and Nathaniel B. Coburn Jr., int.July15,1839.

LLOID (Loyd)

John and Mrs.Anna Clouah Clough, int.Feb.20,1773.


Nancy of Sullivan, NH, and Luther Abbot, int.Nov.27,1825.


Sarah of Methuen, and William Lindsay Jr., int.Feb.5,1757.


William Jr., 30, operative, s.William and Nancy, and Sarah L. Chase, 18, of Lowell, d.Samuel and w., Jan.31,1848.*

LOYD (Lloid)

Betssay and Aaron Wyman of Pelham, int.May4,1798. [Betsey, m.June14.CR1].

LUE (Lew)

Amma [int.Ama] and Peleg Gardner of Wesford [int.Westford] negroes, Dec.12,1792. [Lornama Lew and Peleg Gardner of Westford.CR1].

Zadock negro and Salley Brister of Andover, int.Feb.16,1794.


Julia, 18, operative, of Lowell, d.Levi and Sarah, and Thomas Lee, 22, carpenter, of Lowell, s.Edwin and Hannah, Oct.末,1844.*

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