John T. of Chelmsford, and Elisebeth Coburn, int. Aug. 21, 1824.


Matha of Tyngsborough, and Leonard Carkin, int. May 18, 1832.


Green [int. Sanborns] and Ester F. Milliken, Aug. 26, 1832.

William D., 27, laborer, of Lowell, s. Benjamin and Mary, and Sabrina S. Cox, 24, of Lowell, d. John and Sarah, July 13, 1847.*


Judee, Mrs., of Metheuen, and William Elliot Jr., int. Dec. 16, 1769.

SARGANT (Sargent)

Elijiah of Mathuen, and Mrs. Dorcas Fox, int. Sept. 4, 1773.

SARGENT (Sargant)

Harriet M.H. of Lowell, and Noah L. Wiggin of Lowell, ––––– [rec. Apr. 9, 1849].*

Stephen P. of Lowell, and Sarah J. Ames, Apr. 21, 1836.


Abigail, Mrs., and Samuel Clark Jr. of Methuing, int. Jan. 22, 1780.

Amos (Mmos Sawy) and Mary Morrel of Methuen, int. Oct. 11, 1777.

Caleb Jr. of Methuen, and Susannah [int. Susanna] Hall, Jan. 26, 1790. [of Methuen, and Susanna Hall. MR] [Susannah. CR1]

Francis Jr. and Susannah [int. Mrs. Susanna] Clough, June 11, 1772.

Francis and Mrs. Tamer Barker of Methuen, int. July 19, 1773.

Henry and Keziah Coburn, July 9, 1789. [Kezia. MR]

Jeremiah and Hepzibah P. Edwards of Gilmantown, NH, int. June 1, 1810.

John P. of Hampstead, NH. [int. omits NH.], and Salley Thissell [int. adds wid.], Nov. 11, 1824. [Sally. CR1]

John, 39, blacksmith, of Methuen, s. Aaron and Sarah, and Irena Hobbs, 27, of Methuen, d. Daniel F. and w., May 21, 1848.*

Lydia and Joshua Coburn [int. Colburn], Apr. 11, 1802.

Mariam and Jacob Fullum of Boston, int. Nov. 17, 1816.

Mariam and Rufus Soule, int. Feb. 17, 1818.

Moley, Mrs., and Moses Mors Jr. of Methuen, int. Sept. 20, 1777.

Molley, Mrs., and William Badger of Boston, int. Apr. 18, 1783.

Nathun and Sally Flint, int. June 16, 1799. [Nathan, m. July 3. CR1]

Nathan, Lt., and Asubah Austin of Salem, int. Sept. 2, 1809. [Azubah of New Salem, m. Oct. 19. CR1]

Rachel and Josiah Gutterson, int. Nov. 16, 1795. [m. Dec. 20. CR1]

Rapha W. and Polly Webster, Apr. 30, 1829.

Rebeca and Daniel Hardy of Andover, int. Nov. 22, 1794. [Rebeccah, m. Jan. 15, 1795. CR1]

Rebecca G., 34, of Methuen, d. Aaron and Sarah, and Eliphalet Mansur, 22, shoemaker, of Methuen, s. John and Lydia, Nov. 5, 1847.*

Reuben Jr. and Trayefeney Messor of Pelham, int. Mar. 12, 1785.

Rhoda and Oliver Stiles of Franistown, NH, int. Apr. 4, 1805.

Sarah and Moses Davis, int. Mar. 7, 1785.

Salley and Samuel Currier of Methuen, int. Jan. 2, 1793.

Susanna and Amos Morse, int. Apr. 20, 1784.


Edner of Lowell, and Charles Spofford of Pelham, NH, Nov. 10, 1829.* [Edner S. CR1]


John H., widr., of Lowell, s. John and Nancy, and Jane Hinkley, operative, of Lowell, d. Ebenezer and Betsey, Dec. 6, 1845.*

SEAVEY (Seavy)

Mary of Dearfield, and David Jones Jr., int. Dec. 1, 1831.

SEAVY (Seavey)

Joseph Jr., 38, yeoman, of Pelham, NH, and Emira Coburn, 29, d. Gideon and Mary (Cobun), June 17, 1845.*


Langdon of Hudson, NH, and Averline Thayer, Jan. 23, 1833. [Amerline. CR1]


Charles B., 20, operative, of Lowell, s. Nicholas G. and Nancy, and Lydia Gordon, 19, of Lowell, d. Nathaniel and Mary, May 17, 1847.*


Luther C., 21, carpenter, of Lowell, s. Samuel and Hannah, and Harriet W. Currier, 22, of Lowell, d. David and Betsey, Aug. 29, 1846.*

SHADDOCK (Shaddok, Shattuck)

Nathaniel of Andover, and Mrs. Molley Burns, int. Sept. 28, 1782.

SHADDOK (Shaddock, Shattuck)

Phebe, Mrs., and John Needham of Bilaraca, int. Oct. 22, 1767.


Hannah, 20 [?], d. David and Elizabeth, and William Read, 31, weaver, of Bradford, s. John and Jane, Sept. 20, 1847.*

SHATTUCK (Shaddock, Shaddok)

Daniel of Hollis, and Betty Cory of Chelmsford, Nov. 13, 1783.* [Shattock, and Betsey Cory. CR1]


Gilman and Mary A. Stinson of Wilmot, NH, int. May 24, 1840.


Jacob Jr. of Fewksbury Tewksbury, and Mrs. Mary Goodhue, int. Mar. 8, 1777.

Rebekkah and Abraham Varnum, int. May 20, 1748.

Rebeca, Mrs., of Tewksbury, and Ephram Wright, int. Jan. 17, 1778.


James and Mary Massey, int. July 15, 1797. [Shearburn, and Mary Mercy, m. July 30. CR1]

SHED (Shead)

SHEPARD (Shepherd)

Mary of Hopkenton, and Gen. William Hildreth, int. Mar. 29, 1809.

SHEPHERD (Shepard)

Abigail G. and William Harris, int. Oct. 18, 1839.

SHERBERN (Shearborne)

Salley of Pelham, and Willard Coburn Jr., int. Mar. 31, 1792.


Lucy M. and John Vaile of Piqua, O., int. Aug. 30, 1840.


Sewell and Rebekah Mears of Tewksbury, int. June 3, 1820.


Jonathan and Mehittable Gorden, int. June 14, 1834.


Charlotte E., 18, of Lowell, d. Garrett and Laty, and Francis L. Newcomb, 21, cordwainer, s. Jacob and Phebe, May 18, 1848.*


Arvilla, 23, of Lowell, d. David and Abigail, and John Q.A. Thayer, 28, machinist, of Lowell, s. John and Hannah, Oct. 25, 1845.*


Lydia, Mrs., of Dunstable, and Thomas Wright, int. Feb. 1, 1777.


Smith and Mehittable Carlton [int. Mehitable Carton], June 22, 1832. [Mehitable Carlton, Jan. 22. CR1]


William and Mrs. Hannah Nelson of Haverhill, int. Nov. 30, 1771.


Abijah and Charlotte Moore of Chelmsford, int. Oct. 9, 1819.

Charlot [dup. Charlootte Ssmith] of Chelmsford, and Weld Spaulding of Chelmsford, May 12, 1825, in Chelmsford.*

David O. and Mary Stone, int. Aug. 23, 1833.

Dudley Jr. and Hannah Grimes of Pelham, NH, int. Aug. 26, 1794.

Hannah of Woburn, and Lt. Peter Hasealtine, int. July 14, 1812.

Hannah and Lowell Butterfield of Chelmsford, int. Dec. 1, 1819.

James of Methuen, and Lydia Parker Trull, int. Dec. 11, 1821.

Joseph and Phebe Baker of Sullivan, int. Apr. 20, 1807.

Lydia F., 28, operative, of Lowell, d. Benjamin and Susan, and Rober G. Curtis, 28, carpenter, of Lowell, s. Nathaniel and Nancy, Dec. 11, 1845.*

Mary [int. adds wid.] and Simeon Cummings Esq. of Merimack [int. Mer mac], Jan. 18, 1798.

Mary and Levi Boles of Methuen, int. Apr. 20, 1807. [m. Sept. 3. CR1]

Mary R. of Methuen, and Capt. Asa Austin, Feb. 17, 1831.

Mary H. of Lowell, and William Austin 3d, Aug. 14, 1836.

Olive and Hugh Grimes Jr. of Pelham, int. Jan. 19, 1799. [Graham, m. Feb. 28. CR1]

Samuel of Notinghamwest, and Mary Coburn, int. Feb. 7, 1784.

Sarah of Pelham, and William Harvey, int. Apr. 29, 1820.

Solomon and Lydia David, int. Aug. 11, 1799. [m. Oct. 8. CR1]

Stephen L., 30, operative, of Lowell, s. John and Hannah, and Nancy Hackett, 28, of Lowell, d. Thomas and Julia, Nov. 14, 1847.*

William of Lowell, and Martha Baker, int. Apr. 22, 1838.


Benjamin Franklin, 25, shoemaker, b. N. Lincoln, ME, of Stoneham, s. Joseph and Rebecca, and Almira Hill, 25, b. Lyme, NH, of Lowell, d. Cyrus and Levina, Nov. 10, 1849.*

David S., 27, laborer, of Lowell, s. Daniel S. and Ann, and Chloe A.B. Pullen, 26, operative, of Lowell, d. Lemuel and Mary, Sept. 10, 1846.*

Dorcas, Mrs., of Dunstable, and Joseph Hamblet Jr., int. Oct. 5, 1767.


George of Lowell, and Frances Maria Hildreth, Aug. 18, 1831.


Rufus and Mariam Sawyer, int. Feb. 17, 1818.

SPAFFORD (Spofford)

Thomas 3d, Capt., of Pelham, NH, and Eliza H. Hildreth, Apr. 25, 1833. [Spofford. CR1]

SPALDING (Spaulding)

Joel [int. adds Lt.] and Sophia Aiken, Dec. 29, 1811. [Lt. Joel. CR1]

Noah 2d of Chelmsford, and Hannah Parker of Chelmsford, Dec. 9, 1821.*

SPAULDING (Spalding)

Asaph of Chelmsford, and Abiah Bowers, int. Feb. 7, 1807. [Spalding, m. Mar. 8. CR1]

Joseph of Chelmsford, and Betssay Wood, Dec. 25, 1792.* [Jesse and Betty Wood of Chelmsford. CR1]

Patta of Chelmesford, and Phinehas Wood, int. Jan. 7, 1802.

Pheby of Chelmesford, and Joseph Butterfield Varnum, int. Nov. 1, 1800.

Samuel, 27, brickmaker, s. Daniel and Abby, and Betsey Marstin, 23, d. Sherbon (Marston) and Lydia, Aug. 29, 1848.*

Simeon Jr. of Chelmsford, and Rhoda Bradley Hovey, int. Apr. 13, 1816. [Spalding, and Rhoda Bailey Hovey, m. May 30. CR1]

Weld of Chelmsford, and Charlot Smith [dup. Charlootte Ssmith] of Chelmsford, May 12, 1825, in Chelmsford.*

SPOFFORD (Spafford)

Charles of Pelham, NH, and Edner Scales of Lowell, Nov. 10, 1829.* [Edner S. CR1]

Thomas of Pelham, and Mary Moss, int. Oct. 14, 1794. [of Pelham, NH, and Mary Massey, wid., m. Nov. 20. CR1]

STANDLE (Standley, Stanle, Stanley, Stanly)

Rebekah and John Barron Jr., int. Mar. 17, 1753.

STANDLEY (Standle, Stanle, Stanley, Stanly)

Rebecca [int. Mrs. Rebaka Standle] and Nathaniel Fox, Oct. 16, 1766. [Mrs. Rebekah Stanley. MR]

STANLE (Standle, Standley, Stanley, Stanly)

Ann of Haverhill, and John Varnum Jr., int. Aug. 28, 1741.

STANLEY (Standle, Standley, Stanle, Stanly)

Fanny and Silas Tyler of W. Cambridge, int. Nov. 8, 1818.

James C., 20, operative, of Lowell, s. James and Hannah, and Mary E. Murch, 21, of Lowell, d. Josiah and Olive, Nov. 13, 1847.*

Priscy Cushing, wid., and John Goodhue, int. June 24, 1820.

Sylvan and Susan [int. Susannah] E. Frye, Oct. 29, 1829. [Susannah E. CR1]

STANLY (Standle, Standley, Stanle, Stanley)

Cloe R. [int. Chloe R. Stanley] and James C. Tufts [int. Tuft] of W. Cambridge, July 4, 1822. [Chloe R. Stanley and James G. Tuft. CR1]

Milton [int. Stanley] and Abigale [int. Abigail] K. Radden, Oct. 12, 1831.


Theodore and Mehitable Farnum, int. June 14, 1840.

STARNS (Stearns)

Mary and Abraham Littlehale, int. June 7, 1744.

STEARNS (Starns)

Benjamin C., 42, operative, of Franklin, s. John and Lydia, and Loana Boody, wid., 43, d. Richard Crosby and Keziah, June 16, 1847.*

Mary E., 24, d. Oliver and Dorcas and William H. Hull, 25, of Lowell, s. Amos and Betsey, Apr. 19, 1849.*

Oliver and Dorcas Varnum, Mar. 15, 1811.

Sarah of Charlestown, and Charles Fox, int. Oct. 11, 1822.

Susan M.C., 29, d. Oliver and Dorcas, and Joseph Chandler, 29, farmer, of Wayne, ME, s. Noah and Lucy, July 8, 1845.*

STEPHENS (Steven, Stevens)

Benjamin Jr. of Andover, and Hannah Varnum, int. Apr. 30, 1756.

Benjamin and Mehetabel Harris of Methuen, int. May 11, 1784.

STEVEN (Stephens, Stevens)

Abner of Methuing, and Martha Cilcreas Gilchrist, int. Nov. 29, 1801.

Anna and John Harias Jr. of Methuen, int. Jan. 2, 1789.

Artemas and Julia Parker of Methuen, int. Mar. 6, 1824.

Benjamin Jr. and Alcy Parker, int. Feb. 1, 1817. [Alsey, m. Feb. 26. CR1]

Benjamin Jr. and Mira Kittridge [int. Kittredge], Dec. 2, 1819.

Dolley of Andover, and Jonathan Varnum jr., int. June 9, 1799.

Hannah, wid., of Andover, and Jonathan Varnum, int. May 7, 1796.

James of Andover, and Mary Mansur, int. May 1, 1804.

James of Chelmsford, and Martha Varnum Barron, int. Feb. 15, 1817. [m. Mar. 6. CR1]

Jeremiah and Lydia Astens, Dec. 26, 1789. [Stevens, and Lydia Astons. MR] [Stephens, Dec. 31. CR1]

Jonathan and Sarah Fox, Dec. 1, 1808.*

Lydia [int. Stephens] and Jabish [int. Jabesh] Coburn Jr. [int. omits Jr.], Dec. 17, 1805. [Stevens, and Jabesh Coburn. CR1]

Mehetable [int. Mehitabel Stephens] and Amos Davies [int. Davis of Pelham], Dec. 31, 1811. [Megetable Stevens and Amos Davis of Pelham. CR1]

Rebekah Hunt and Amos Morse 3d of Methuen, int. Jan. 8, 1820.

Simeon of Andover, and Sala [int. Salla] Mansur, Feb. 3, 1801. [Sally. CR1]


John, 24, mason, of Lowell, s. Aaron and Abiah, and Ester D. Thompson, 23, operative, of Lowell, d. Daniel and Mary, July 7, 1844.*

Oliver of Franistown, NH, and Rhoda Sawyer, int. Apr. 4, 1805.

Sally and Charles L. Flint, int. Jan. 10, 1829.

STIMSON (Stinson)

Aseneth V., 20, of Lowell, d. Isaac and w., and James W. Badger, 23, carpenter, of Lowell, s. Leander and w., Sept. 2, 1847.*

STINSON (Stimson)

Mary A. of Wilmot, NH, and Gilman Shaw, int. May 24, 1840.


Anna of Billerica, and Pearly P. Prichard of Billerica, June 22, 1800.*

Daniel of Portland and Susannah [int. Susana] Parker, Oct. 25, 1803. [Susannah. CR1]

George S., 21, operative, of Lowell, s. Benjamin and Lucy, and Mary M. Wilson, 18, operative, of Lowell, d. John and Sophie, Nov. 26, 1844.*

Horace P. of Lowell, and Mary Bowers, int. May 30, 1837.

Mary and David O. Smith, int. Aug. 23, 1833.


Mary of Hopkenton, and John Haivey, int. July 23, 1808.


Christopher [int. Sutcliffe] and Rhoda Richardson, Dec. 25, 1828. [Sutcliffe. CR1]


Elisabeth [int. Elezebeth] and Stephen Kemp [int. Camp], Sept. 6, 1789.

Joseph and Mary Hovey, int. Mar. 27, 1824. [m. Apr. 13. CR1]

Rush, 27, farmer, s. Caleb and Sena, and Ellen Augusta Fox, 24, d. Nathaniel and Fanny, May 1, 1849.*


Daniel of Haverhill, and Hitty Varnum, int. Sept. 7, 1797. [m. Oct. 12. CR1]

Emily (Enely) of Newbury Port, and Dana Richardson, int. Mar. 27, 1830.

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