Andrew J., 25, machinist, of Lowell, s.John and Catharine, and Susan T. Boyington, 22, operative, of Lowell, d.Mark W. and Desire, Oct.21,1845.*

WALLACE (Wallis)

Wiseman of Bedford, NH, and [int.adds Mrs.] Lucy Hildreth, Sept.11,1827. [Lucy, wid.CR1]

WALLIS (Wallace)

Thomas of Bedford, NH, and Mercy Frye, int.May3,1797. [Wallace, and Mercy Fry, m.Aug.20.CR1]

WALTON (Welton)

Harriett N., 25, operative, of Lowell, d.David and Mary, and samuell M. Hatch, 26, operative, of Lowell, s.Alfred and Sarah, Nov.6,1847.*

WARE (Wear)


Polly of Hardwick, and Rev. Solomon Aiken, int.Sept.25,1788.

WARREN (Warrin)

Harriet F., 18, d.Isaac and Betsey, and Daniel Hollinger, 30, paper maker, s.Daniel and Phebe Ann, Oct.17,1847.*

Mary Q., 31, d.Isaac and Betsey, and Ephraim S. Libby, 28, carpenter, s.Joel and Fanny, Aug.5,1846.*

WARRIN (Warren)

Sallay of Chelmsford [int.Salla Warring of Chelmsford], and Ephraim Parker Jr. [int.omits Jr.], Dec.4,1804. [Sally Warren.CR1]


Benjamin F. of Lowell, and Laura A. Varnum, int.Feb.9,1840.


Joseph, 32, machinic, of Lowell, s.Joseph and Mary, and Ruth Hancock, 23, d.Daniel and Sarah, June29,1845.*

WEBCTER (Webster)

Life [int.Webster] and Harriot Fox of Tyngsborough, Dec.19,1826. [Webster, and Harriet Fox of Tyngsboro.CR1]


John [int.Wibber] of Pelham, and Rhoda Clough, Dec.31,1800. [Webber.CR1]

WEBSTER (Webcter)

Abagail and Reubin [int.Reuben] Ditson, Nov.23,1827. [Abigail and Reuben Ditson.CR1]

Alvina and W. [int.William] F. Osgood, Sept.25,1827. [William F.CR1]

Ebenezer and Mehitable Merrill of Lowell, int.Nov.24,1839.

Franklin and Caroline W. Wood, Mar.22,1838.

Harriot and William Hall, int.Aug.16,1823. [Harriet, m.Sept.15.CR1]

John of Andover, and Eleanor Hamblet, int.Oct.11,1840.

Lydia and Daniel Coburn [int.Jr.], Jan.28,1813. [Daniel Jr.CR1]

Polly and Rapha W. Sawyer, Apr.30,1829.

Mehitabel of Pelham, NH, and John Davis, int.Nov.7,1832.

Sarah M. of Lowell, and John G. Chandler, int.Mar.20,1840.

Sophia and Ralph Fox of Tyngsborough, int.Sept.9,1820.

William Jr. and Lydia Wilson, Mar.31,1791.

William Jr. and Martha Frost of Nottingham West [int.omits West], Nov.20,1825.


John, 29, trader, of Lowell, s.Jeremiah and Deborah, and Caroline M. Hoyt, 29, of Lowell, d.Joseph and Mary, May26,1847.*


Clarissa of Lowell and Frederick Metzgor of Lowell, July5,1849.*


Daniel and Anna Pierce, Feb.26,1816.*


Zachariah and Fancy Bayley, int.Mar.25,1809. [Fanney Bailey, m.Oct.5.CR1]

WELTON (Walton)

Sabrina T., 18, d.Job [and] Anna, and John C. Whitcomb, 22, carpenter, s.John and Dolly, Sept.27,1848.*


Daniel of Lowell, and Mary Fox, Mar.5,1829.

Leavitt and Betsey Tyler, Jan.19,1845.*


Moody S. of Methuen, and Emeline Hildreth, Sept.30,1833.*


George A. and Elvira C. Carr, int.Nov.8,1837.

WHITAKER (Whittiker)

Asa and Mrs.Sarah Hardy of Haverhel, int.May3,1768.

WHITCHER (Witcher)

Jemima [int.Whicher, adds Mrs.] and Robert [int.Robart] Ford, Jan.5,1773. [Whicher.MR]


John C., 22, carpenter, s.John and Dolly, and Sabrina T. Welton, 18, d.Job [and] Anna, Sept.27,1848.*


Lucinda C., 26, of Lowell, d.Henry and Lucy, and Charles A. Cressy, 25, machinist, of Lowell, s.Stephen and Martha, Feb.11,1847.*


Betty [int.adds Mrs.] and George Rothwell, Nov.25 [sic, int.Dec.10], 1832. [Jan.1,1833.CR1]


Elisebeth, 19, operative, d.Henry and Abigail, and Albert Hussey, 21, tinplate worker, of Lowell, s.Henry and M., Nov.9,1845.*

WHITEMORE (Whittemore)

Sarah [int.Whittemore, adds Mrs.] and Elijah Burnum [int.Burnam] of Concord, Nov.5,1772. [Whittemore, and Elijah Burnam.MR]

WHITING (Whitting)

Phineas of Chelmsford, and Hannah Varnum, int.Nov.22,1794.

Sarah and Ebenezer Colburn, int.Nov.23,1751.

Sarah and Nehemiah Flint, Apr.18,1769.*

Sarah [int.Whitting] and Daniel Easman of Fryburge [int.Fryesberg], Mar.1,1787.

Ziba of Tyngsborough, and Anna Bowers, int.Apr.16,1793.


Jonathan W., 23, carpenter, of Worcester, s.George W. and Mary, and Mehitable B. Emerson, 23, of Lowell, d.Samuel and Abigail, Nov.30,1845.*

Rufus B., 28, butcher, s.Timothy and Lucy, and Jane C. Varnum, 22, d.Jeremiah and Mehittable, Aug.28,1848.*

William and Susannah Perce of Andover, Aug.6,1839.*

WHITTEMORE (Whitemore)

Elezebath of Litchfield, and David Asten, int.Nov.10,1781.

Louisa of Chelmsford, and Dr. Peleg Bradley, int.May29,1817.


Asa [int.Whitter] and Priscilla Parker, June7,1832. [Whittier, May3.CR1]

Enoch and Martha A. Lenfest, int.Feb.20,1836.

Esther C. and Elbridge G. Colburn, int.Feb.16,1839.

Hannah and Jason Goodhue of Lowell, int.June2,1838.

John and Eda Trull, int.Apr.11,1831.

Oliver Jr. and Louisa Jane Pickering of Lowell, int.Oct.11,1840.

WHITTIKER (Whiatker)

Samuel A. and Sarah Fitton, Sept.30,1835, in Lowell.

WHITTING (Whiting)

Moses of Pelham, and Mary Hovey, int.May10,1794. [Whiting, m.July13.CR1]


Samuel Jr. and Maria Dana, int.July10,1834.


John A., 25, carpenter, of Lowell, b. Epping, NH, s.Jacob and Mary, and Elizabeth L. Burleigh, 22, of Methuen, b. Boston, d.Ezra and Lucy, Nov.21,1849.*

Noah L. of Lowell, and Harriet M.H. Sargent of Lowell,末蔓末, 末末 [rec. Apr.9,1849].*


Irene C. and John D. Emerson of Lowell, int.Aug.19,1837.

Nancy C. and Josiah Ames Jr., May30,1844.*


Merrick and Nancy Tarbell of Malden, int.Mar.9,1826.


David Jr. of Middleton, and Mrs.Molley Harris, int.Mar.14,1767.


Henry and Lucy Ann Davis, int.Aug.19,1838.

WILLEY (Willy)

James N., 20, carpenter, s.Isaac and Betsey, and Eliza Knox, 24, operative, d.Samuel and Martha, Feb.2,1845.*


Abigal, Mrs., and Ephraim Curtis Jr., int.Aug.7,1761.

Christopher and Thankfull Colburn, int.July5,1755.

Dolley and Ebenezer Parmer Jr., int.July7,1786.

Elizabeth of Charlestown, and Rufus L. Freeman, 38, s.Moses and Dinah negroes, Apr.24,1849.*

Jesse and Mary Coburn, int.June14,1802.

John and Mrs.Sarah Coburn of Pelham, int.July10,1779.

Jonathan and Merriam Davis of Pelham, int.Sept.29,1806.

Simeon and Lucy Coburn, int.Aug.30,1760.

Susannah and John Dutton [int.Dutten], Nov.18,1787.

Thankfull, Mrs., and Ebenezer Parmer of Pelham, int.June3,1785.


Hannah [int.adds J.] and Clifton Wilson, July6,1836.


Martha, 21, d.Joseph and Mary, and John Queen, 25, laborer, s.Thomas and Mary, July3,1847.*


Joseph of Chelmsford, and Almira Balwin of Chelmsford, Jan.31,1826.*.CR1

WILLY (Willey)

Diantha, 22, operative, of Lowell, and Nathan Pinkham, widr., 26, mechanic, of N. Bridgewater, s.Abraham and Hannah, Sept.6,1847.*

WILSIN (Wilson)

Mary Ann [int.Wilson] and John W. Crafts of Boston, Sept.1,1836.

WILSON (Wilsin)

Nabby of Pelham, and Peter Fox, int.Sept.30,1797.

Abi of Pelham and Samuel Fox, int.May2,1812. [m.末蔓末,1812.GR8]

Charles and Phebe Coburn, int.Oct.17,1828.

Clifton and Hannah [int.adds J.] Williamson, July6,1836.

Cyrus and Mary Bowers, int.Mar.25,1807. [m.Apr.28.CR1]

David and Sybil [int.Sibbel] Abbot, Dec.21,1797.

Eliab of Pelham [int.adds NH.], and Damaras Fox, Dec.30,1802. [of Pelham, NH.CR1]

Elizabeth of Pelham, and Asa Clements, int.June6,1812.

Hannah of Pelham, and Stephen Russell Hall, int.Apr.19,1788.

Huldah and Josiah Winn [int.Win] Coburn, Apr.18,1797.

James H., 24, blacksmith, s.Thomas and Hannah, and Mary J. Thissell, 21, d.Nathan and Petsey, Feb.11,1847.*

Jesse Jr. of Pelham, and Patty Russell Hall, int.Jan.23,1797. [m.Mar.2.CR1]

Joseph and Thankfull Cummings of Notinghamwest, int.Mar.18,1805.

Levi [int.Jr.] and Sophia Richardson, Oct.19,1837.

Lydia and William Webster Jr., Mar.31,1791.

Mary of Methuen, and Joseph Good, int.Mar.25,1749.

Polley and Benjamin Hamblit of Pelham, int.Oct.20,1795. [Polly and Benjamin Hamblet, m.Nov.19.CR1]

Mary of Lowell, and Simon Harris, Nov.12,1836.

Mary M., 18, operative, of Lowell, d.John and Sophia, and George S. Stone, 21, operative, of Lowell, s.Benjamin and Lucy, Nov.26,1844.*

Peter of Lowell, and Hannah E. Cain of Clinton, ME, Feb.3,1849.*

Thaddeus [int.Theddues] and Dolly [int.Dolley] Flint, Dec.3,1795.

Thomas of Andover, and Hannah Harvey, int.Apr.15,1822.

William of Newtown, and Mrs.Bette Harris, int.Apr.7,1765.

WIMON (Wyman)

Mahitable of Pelham, NH, and Hugh Jones, int.June6,1827.

Phebe [int.Wiman] of Chelmsford, and Josiah Clark, Sept.15,1825.


Mary and Edward Farmer, int.Mar.24,1753.

Phebe and Ezra Coburn jr., int.Jan.21,1759.


James and Rebekah Brown of Tewksbury, Apr.17,1791.*

WITCHER (Whitcher)

Oliver of Methuen [int.Methuing], and Hannah Lovjoy Mansur, Dec.2,1800. [Whitiher of Methuen, and Hannah Lovejoy Mansur.CR1]

WOOD (Woods)

Artemas, 27, merchant, of Groton, b. Groton, s.Artemas and Sukey of Groton, and Sarah J. Coburn, 22, d.Pascal P. and Lydia, Aug.21,1849.*

Benjaman Jr. and Millecent Hambleton of Brookfield, int.May26,1739.

Benjamin and Ruth Merril of Haverhil, int.June7,1744.

Benjamin F. and Elizabeth Durant, int.Aug.30,1840.

Caroline W. and Franklin Webster, Mar.22,1838.

Daniel, Lt. [int.Woods of Tewksbury, omits Lt.], and Hannah Barron [int.Barns], Nov.28,1792.

Ebenezer and Sarah Bootman of Tuksbary, int.Jan.26,1750-1.

Edward of Tewksbury, and Polly Goodhue, Jan.7,1813.

Ellener and Phillips Richardson, int.Mar.9,1743-4.

Elener, Mrs., and Asa Hall, int.Dec.28,1782.

Betssay and Joseph Spaulding of Chelmsford, Dec.25,1792.* [Betty of Chelmsford, and Jesse Spaulding.CR1]

Ephraim and Mary T. Nichols, Sept.14,1828.

Eunice, see Unice.

Unice and Guilliume Bearson of Boston, int.June6,1802.

Frances of Bluehill, ME, and Timothy Coburn Jr., int.Oct.9,1830.

Hannah and Jonathan Crosby [int.Jr.], Oct.18,1810. [Jonathan Jr.CR1]

Hiram and Elizebeth Richardson, int.Aug.5,1799.

Israel [int.Isreal] Jr. and Abigail [int.Abbigal] Curtis, Dec.14,1786.

John and Priscilla [int.Mrs.Prosillah] Chamberlain, May29,1766. [Mrs.Priscilla.MR]

Josiah and [int.adds Mrs.] Mary Fox, Jan.18,1770.

Josiah and Mrs.Salla Wood, int.Nov.17,1781.

Lydia, Mrs., and Nemiah Buttler of Pelham, int.July10,1773.

Polly of Chelmsford and Nathan Tyler of Chelmsford, July31,1788.*

Hittey of Tewksbury, and Jotham Barron, int.Mar.23,1789.

Mercy and Dudley Davis, int.Mar.5,1785.

Mercy and Merrill Richardson, int.June12,1819.

Micajah and Rachel Richardson, int.June17,1815.

Patiences and [int.adds Dr.] Luther Emerson [int.of Salem, NH.], June16,1812. [Dr. Luther.CR1]

Phinehas and Patta Spaulding of Chelmesford, int.Jan.7,1802.

Phineas and Betsey [int.Betsay] Furbush of Andover, June19,1805. [Phenias and Betsey Furbush.CR1]

Phinehas Esq. of Rumford, Oxford Co., ME, and Elisebeth Hildreth of Tewksbury, Feb.24,1824, in Tewksbury.*

Pheby of Chelmsford, and Aaron Hay, Jan.12,1809.* [Phebe and Aaron Hays.CR1]

Priscilla and Elijah Parker of Methuen, int.June15,1782.

Prudence and Samuel Richardson, int.Feb.18,1795. [m.Mar.8.CR1]

Prudence and Joshua Thissell Jr., Feb.8,1821.

Rhoda and Jesse Hardy of Hollis, int.Aug.17,1793.

Rowena E., 17, of Lowell, d.Phineas and Betsey, and Samuel Hildreth, 28, farmer, s.Samuel and Lydia, Mar.20,1849.*

Ruth, Mrs., and Capt. Ebenezer Parker of Chelmsford, int.July3,1756.

Samuel of Bluehill [int.Bluhill], and Fana [int.Faney] Coburn, Nov.7,1805. [of Blue Hill, and Fanny Coburn.CR1]

Samuel and Harriot Ansart, May7,1809.*.CR1

Sameul and Patience Kendall of Tewksbury, int.Apr.5,1816.

Sarah [int.adds Mrs.] and Joseph Wright of Pelham, NH. [int.omits NH.], Apr.25,1771.

Salla, Mrs., and Josiah Wood, int.Nov.17,1781.

Simeon and Sarah Hildreth, int.Nov.16,1754.

Solomon and Mrs.Eunice Hall, int.July31,1779.

Stephon and Jane Phillips, int.July11,1741.

Stephen Jr. and Mrs.Abigial Fits, int.Aug.20,1774.

Stephen and Abigal Chamberlin, int.Dec.10,1783.

Stephen and Chloe Fox, Mar.5,1816.

William and Mrs.Abigal Fox, int.Apr.18,1761.

William and Mrs.Ruth Manser of Methuen, int.June28,1777.


Benjamin Jr. of Andover, and Rhoda Ellingwood, int.June27,1818.

WOODS (Wood)

Oliver C., 35, farmer, of Townsend, s.Nehemiah (wood) and Jerusha, and Levina B. Twining, 25, of Lowell, d.Jonathan and Eliza, Nov.12,1846.*


Ann M., 19, d.George and Sophia, and Edward Martain, 24, cordwainer, s.Peter (Martin) and Margaret, Apr.22,1849.*

Daniel of Tewksbury, and Lydia Merrill, int.Oct.6,1832.

Mary A., 22, of Lowell, d.J. and M., and Francis Earl, 21, carpenter, of Lowell, s.J. and H., Feb.6,1847.*


Caroline A., 20, d.David and Susana, and Horatio J. Fowler, 25, machinist, of Lowell, s.Thomas and Betsey, May8,1847.*

Nancy and John P. Robinson of Lowell, int.Sept.17,1837.

WOSTER (Worcester)

Clarica of Tewksbury, and Dr. William Hardy of Poplin, Nov.30,1802.* [Clarissa Worcester.CR1]

Lydia of Billerica, and Joseph Bradley, int.Jan.4,1795.


Deborah, wid., and Dea.Joseph Colburn, int.Dec.8,1722.

Deborah and Moses Colburn, July7,1730.*

Ephram and Mrs.Rebeca Shead of Tewkesburry, int.Jan.17,1778.

John of Dunstable, and Mehitabal Coburn, int.Apr.18,1808.

Joseph of Pelham, NH. [int.omits NH.], and [int.adds Mrs.] Sarah Wood, Apr.25,1771.

Martin of Westford, and Abigail Jones, int.Apr.8,1830.

Rebeckah and Josiah Hildreth, int.Dec.20,1740.

Thomas and Mrs.Lydia Small of Dunstable, int.Feb.1,1777.

WYMAN (Wimon)

Aaron of Pelham, and Betssay Loyd, int.May4,1798. [Betsey, m.June14.CR1]

Clarimond of Woburn, and Rev. Sylvester G. Pierce, int.Oct.15,1828.

Edward Jr. of Pelham, NH, and Hannah Littlehale Jr., int.July27,1751.

Hannah and John Perham of Nottingham, int.Nov.29,1741.

John 3d of Pelham, and Joanna [int.Johannah] Osgood, Dec.28,1797.

Molla of Pelham, and James Gilmore, int.Oct.1,1766.

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