Daniel, s.Daniel and Lydia, Dec.3,1761.


John H.,末蔓末,1813.GR4

Stephen, "A member of Co. D. 6th Regt Mass.Vols" [h.Ann M.],末蔓末,1826.GR8

Ann M., w.Stephen [Mar.末,1832].GR8

Henry A., s.Henry A., pressman (b. Hillsboro, NH.), and Addeline W. (b. Bow, NH.), Sept.19,1849.

SAWEYER (Sawyer)

Rebakah, d.Ruben and Sarah, Sept.23,1761.

SAWYER (Saweyer)

Hannah, d.Ruben and Sarah, Sept.21,1759.

David, s.Frances [sic] and Elezebeth, Mar.17,1760.

Ruben, s.Ruben and Sarah, Apr.21,1763.

Amos Richardson, s.Fransis and Elezebah, Jan.25,1764.

Henery, s.Ruben and Sarah, May25,1765.

Aaron, s.Fransis (Sawer) and Elesabeth, Sept.11,1766.

Sarah, d.Ruben and Sarah, Apr.11,1767.

Hannah, d.Francis and Elisabeth, Jan.18,1769.

Nathan, s.Ruben and Sarah, Aug.30,1769.

Moses, s.Francis and Elibaeth, Dec.16,1773.

Sarah, d.Francies and Tamer, Aug.7,1774.

Ruth, d.Francis and Tamer, Aug.25,1779.

Benjamin Griffin, s.Caleb and Mary, Sept.23,1779.

Frances [sic], s.Frances [sic] and Tamar, Sept.21,1781.

Rhoda, d.Amos and w., June6,1782.

Olive, d.Frances [sic] and Tamar, Aug.8,1783.

Lydia, d.Amos and w., June20,1784.

Daniel, s.Francies and Tamer, Sept.4,1785.

Jeremiah, s.Frances [sic] and Tamer, Mar.9,1787.

Loes, d.Francis and Tamer, Aug.1,1789.

Henry, s.Henry and Keziah, Oct.21,1789.

Sally, d.Caleb and Susannah, Aug.7,1790.

Sarah, d.Henry and Keziah, Nov.2,1792.

Simon, s.Henry and Keziah, Nov.9,1794.

Caleb, s.Caleb and Susannah, Feb.12,1797.

Miriam, d.Henry and Keziah, Mar.3,1797.

Sally Flint, d.Nathan and Sally, Aug.23,1799.

Mary, d.Henry and Keziah, Sept.18,1799.

Nathan, s.Nathan and Sally, Apr.16,1801.

Henry Ingols, s.Caleb and Susanna, May13,1801.

Sybel, d.Henry and Keziah, July16,1802, in Methuen.

Hannah, d.Nathan and Sally, Apr.7,1803.

Mary, d.Caleb and Susanna, July2,1803.

James Sullivan, s.Nathan and Sally, July13,1805.

Rapha, s.Henry and Keziahy, Oct.24,1805.

Erastus, s.Nathan and Sally, Feb.28,1807.

James Madison, s.Henry and Keziah, June9,1809.

Benjamin Franklin, s.Nathan and Azubah, June27,1810.

Mary Jane, d.Nathan and Azubah, Nov.3,1811.

John Edward, s.Jeremiah and Hepsebah, Mar.25,1812.

Jeremiah Francis, s.Jeremiah and Hepsebah, Aug.16,1814.

Alfred Webster, s.Rapha and w., Mar.27,1832.

Latitia Blood, d.Rapha and w., Jan.27,1834.

Emily A., w.F.A. [Feb.末,1835].GR2

Francis Albert, s.Rapha W. and Polley, Aug.9,1835.

Aurilla, d.Rapha W. and Polley, May15,1839.

Lydia Ann, d.Rapha W., blacksmith, and Polley, Oct.7,1843.


Lafayette, s.Nelson T., carpenter, and Sarah D., Jan.4,1849.


Robert B., May2,1849.GR2


C.L., ch.Charles B. and Lydia, Jan.1,1848.


Phebe Ann, d.David, manufacturer, and Elisabeth, Oct.29,1843.

John, s.David, carpet weaver, and Betsey, Mar.9,1845.


Finette [?m.],末蔓末,1817.GR7

William Hurvy Harvey Shattuck, s.Solomon, yeoman, and Anette, Dec.15,1846.

Nancy B., d.Solomon, farmer (b. Hollis NH.), and Finette (b. Hartford, VT.), Dec.12,1849.

SHERBURN (Sherburne)

Benjamin, s.James and Mary, July7,1805.

Silas, s.James and Polly, Sept.23,1807.

Amelia, d.James and Mary, Jan.3,1811.

SHERBURNE (Sherburn)

Bartholomew Massey, s.James and Polley, Jan.9,1798.

James, s.James and Polley, Apr.19,1799.

Mary, d.James and Polley, July16,1801.

Joseph, s.James and Polley, Aug.4,1803.

David [h.Mary],末蔓末,1815.GR10

Mary, w.David,末蔓末,1821.GR10


末末, d.John and Susan, Jan.19,1848.


Mary, d.Samuel, manufacturer, and Ellen, Aug.3,1843.


John, twin s.John, yeoman, and Emma, Feb.10,1845.

Mary Ann, twin d.John, yeoman, and Emma, Feb.10,1845.


Mary, d.Samuel and Mary, Aug.23,1784.

Lydia, d.Samuel and Mary, July29,1786.

Timothy, s.Samuel and Mary, Aug.8,1788.

Phebe, d.Samuel and Mary, June2,1790.

Samuel, s.Samuel and Mary, July15,1792.

Sarah, d.Samuel and Mary, Mar.6,1794.

Sarah Richardson, d.Solomon and Lydia, Mar.4,1800.

Mary Baker, d.Solomon and Lydia, May20,1802, in Boxford.

Amos [h.Almira],末蔓末,1805.GR2

Mirriam Davis, d.Solomon and Lydia, Nov.3,1806, in Gilsom, NH.

John Harris, s.Billey and Mary, Sept.4,1812.

Dudley, s.Billey and Mary, July3,1814.

Almira, w.Amos,末蔓末,1815.GR2

Aaron, s.Solomon and Lydia, June23,1815.

William Horatio, s.Billey and Mary, Jan.19,1816.

Annis Maria, d.Billey and Mary, Feb.16,1818.

Jane, w.Robert W., July29,1818.GR8

Robert W. [h.Jane], Apr.12,1819.GR8

Benjamin Stevens, s.Billey and Mary, Mar.25,1820.

Hannah G., d.Billy and Mary, Jan.5,1823.

Mary Jane [?m.], July9,1823.GR5

Horace [Aug.末,1823].GR5

James Jr., s.James and Lydia, Jan.15,1824.

Morrill Parker, s.James and Lydia, Dec.28,1825.

Charles Bolton, s.James and Lydis, May14,1828.

James M. [h.Helen (Marr)],末蔓末,1829.GR8

John Franklin, ch.John and Hannah, Aug.9,1829.

Abel Ansel, ch.John and Hannah, Dec.9,1834.

Martha Jane, ch.John and Hannah, Aug.11,1837.

Elmira E. S, d.Amos and Elmira,末蔓末,1842.GR2

Abby Francis, d.Dudly, operative, and Nancy, June22,1845, in Lowell.

Lucius, s.Andrew, currier, and Susan W., June21,1846.

末末, ch.B.H., carpenter, and Harriet, June27,1847.

Adelade M., d.William A., operative, and Hannah, Sept.20,1847.

Oscar T., s.Dudley, carpenter, and Nancy, Mar.20,1848.

Mary Ann, d.Owen, laborer (b. Scotland), and Mary (b. Ireland), July18,1849.


George, s.William, wool sorter, and Morgret, Feb.14,1844.


Ester, d.Jonathan and Ester, Aug.16,1728.


Walter H., s.George, spinner (b. Salisbury, NH.), and Sarah S., June12,1849.


Miriam [?m.],末蔓末,1797.GR3

SPAFFORD (Spofford)

Abner, s.John T. and Elizabeth, Sept.29,1825.

John Abner, s.John T. and Elizabeth, Feb.27,1827.

SPALDING (Spaulding)

Charles Warner, s.Lt. Joel and Sophia, May23,1812.

Sophia Aiken, d.Joel and Sophia, Nov.9,1813.

SPAULDING (Spalding)

Lydia Ann, d.Albert J., painter, and Mary, Dec.29,1844.

Algernon, s.Samuel, laborer (b. New Ipswich, NH.), and Betsey (b. Smithfield), July1,1849.

SPOFFORD (Spafford)

Anstice Carleton, twin d.John T. and Elizabeth, June22,1828.

Elizabeth Coburn, twin d.John T. and Elizabeth, June22,1828.


Oliver, s.Sewel and Catharine, Feb.14,1814.

Carlos, s.Sewel and Catharine, Oct.24,1815.

Sarah Ann, d.Sewel and Catharine, Feb.9,1817.

Eleanor, d.Sewel and Catharine, June22,1818.


Alfred, s.Theodore, carpenter, and Mahitable, Nov.23,1848.


Dorcas, w.Oliver,末蔓末,1788.GR2

Dorcas Anne, d.Oliver Esq. and Dorcas, Aug.2,1811.

STEPHENS (Stevens)

Augustus Jonathan, s.Jonathan and Sarah, June4,1809.

Mary Addams, d.Jonathan and Sarah, Sept.13,1810.

STEVENS (Stephens)

Jonathan, s.Benjamin and Meheteble, Aug.3,1785.

Elezebeth, d.Benjamin and Mehitibell, May25,1790.

Jeremiah, s.Jeremiah and Lydia, Oct.19,1790.

Mehetabel, d.Benjamin and Mehetabel, Nov.8,1792.


Polly Crafts, d.Benjamin and Mehetibel, Dec.6,1794.

Mary, w.Billey Smith,末蔓末,1795.

Rebecca Hunt, d.Benjamin and Mehetibel, Feb.2,1797.

Artemas, s.Benjamin (Sevens) and w., July2,1799.

Myra, w.Benjamin,末蔓末,1804.GR6

Sarah Asenath, d.Jonathan and Sarah, July7,1812.

Elisabeth, d.Jonathan and Sarah, Oct.17,1814.

Russell Fox, s.Jonathan and Sarah, Mar.29,1816.

Jane, d.Benjaman Jr. and Almira, July30,1817.

Alcy, d.Benjaman Jr., Nov.25,1821. [Alcey, w.George Hamblet.GR4].

Benjaman Franclin, s.Benjaman (Steven) Jr. and Almira, Mar.29,1824.

Artemas Aulando, s.Artemas and Julia, Jan.30,1825.

Oren, s.Benjaman Jr. and Mariah, Nov.20,1825.

William K., Dec.2,1828.GR6

Abby Elizabeth, d.Benjamin, yeoman, and Myra, Nov.7,1844.

STICKNE (Stickney)

Lydia, d.Asa and Mary, Nov.4,1769.

STICKNEY (Stickne)

Abiah, d.Asa and Moley, May23,1775.

Asa, s.Asa and Molay, Feb.1,1777.

Nathaniel, Dea.[h.Abigail (Jewett)] [Aug.末,1792.].GR8

Nat [dup. Nathaniel, crossed out], s.Nathaniel (Sickney) and Abagail, Dec.4,1822.

Abigail Jewet, d.Nathaniel and Abigail, May9,1831.

Martha Sophia, d.Nathaniel and Abigail, Oct.19,1834.


Melinda, w.Joseph,末蔓末,1813.GR6


Emily A., d.G.H. and Catharine, Jan.26,1848.


Charles Adams, s.Charles and Sarah, Aug.18,1835.


Emeline, w.William D. Butler [May末,1815.].GR2


Lewis, s.Henry, stone cutter, and Lucy, Apr.26,1847.


Martha, d.John, spinner (b. England), and Hannah (b. Ireland), Mar.17,1848. [dup. 1849.]


Caroline Augustus, d.Caroline, Feb.20,1848.


Ann, d.Abraham and Mary, Aug.12,1833.

Betty, d.Abraham and Mary, Nov.22,1834.


Jesse [h.Rachel] [June末,1797.].GR8

Rachel, w.Jesse,末蔓末,1801.GR8

George W. [July末,1839.].GR8

Charles J., s.Jesse, yeoman, and Rachel, Aug.8,1846.


Joseph, s.Benjamin and Miriam, Mar.16,1766.

Benjamon, s.Benjamon and Miriam, July28,1767.


Joseph [h.Mary],末蔓末,1796.GR8

Mary, w.Joseph,末蔓末,1798.GR8


Mary Hovey, d.Joseph and Mary, Nov.17,1827.

Joseph Carlton, s.Joseph and Mary, Oct.8,1830.

Henry, s.Joseph and Mary, Dec.16,1832. [末 末,1833.GR8].

Edward Payson, s.Joseph and Mary, Nov.7,1835. [末 末,1834.GR8].

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