TAILER (Tayler, Taylor)

Abigal, d.John and Abigal, Dec.11,1734.


Laura, d.Sullivan, shoemaker (b. Woburn), and Laura (b. Windham, VT.), Oct.31,1849.

TAYLER (Tailer, Taylor)

John, s.John and Abigal, Mar.7,1736-7.

Sarah, d.John and Abigal, May24,1738.

Jonathan, s.John and Abigal, Mar.7,1741-2.

Edward, s.Edward and Mary, July14,1744.

Sarah, d.John and Abigal, Oct.13,1745.

Mary, d.Edward and Mary, Aug.13,1746.

Abigal, d.John Jr. and Mary, Aug.22,1763.

Jonathan, s.Jonathan and Bette, Mar.9,1766.

Bette, d.Jonathan and Bette, Apr.10,1768.

Roda, d.Jonathan and Bette, June11,1771.

Joshua, s.Thomas (Taylor) and Sarah, Feb.2,1774.

Joseph, s.Thomas (Taylor) and Jemima, Jan.31,1784.

TAYLOR (Tailer, Tayler)

William, s.John and Abigal, Mar.26,1750-1.

Ephraim Hildreth, s.Jonathan and Betty, Aug.27,1773.

Polly, d.John and w., Sept.12,1773.

Hannah, d.William and Hannah, Dec.26,1774.

Sarah, d.Jonathan and Betty, Oct.1,1775.

Jonathan, s.Jonathan and Bettey, May12,1778.

Molly, d.William (Taylar) and Hannah, July25,1779.

Mercy, d.Jonathan and Betty, Nov.14,1780.

Salley, d.Thomas and Jimima, June18,1781.

Abiah, d.Jonathan and Betty, May12,1783.

William, s.William and Hannah, June3,1784.

Margit, d.Jonathan and Betty, Dec.12,1786.

Daniel Gorden, s.Isaac and Susannah, Jan.8,1792.

Moses, s.Isaac and Susannah, Mar.11,1793.

Rhoda, d.Isaac and Susannah, Oct.29,1794, in Pelham.

Joshua, s.Isaac and Susannah, Mar.14,1796.

Jonas, s.Isaac and Susannah, Jan.10,1798.

Mary Ann, w.George, Mar.2,1814.GR11

George [h.Mary Ann], Sept.25,1818.


Hannah, w.Joshua Colburn, Sept.4,1813.GR5


THISELL (Thissel, Thissell)

Abyal, d.Richard and Abyal, Apr.1,1751.

THISSEL (Thisell, Thissell)

Abiah, d.Richard and Mary, Apr.1,1751.

Lidia, d.Richard and Mary, Dec.9,1753.

Hannah, d.Richard and Mary, Oct.10,1757.

Thomas, s.Richard and Mary, Oct.16,1759.

Susannah, d.Richard and Mary, Sept.6,1761.

Joshua, s.Richrd and Mary, Oct.15,1763.

THISSELL (Thisell, Thissel)

Eunice, see Unis.

John, s.Richrd (Thissel) and Mary, June20,1755.

Lydia, d.Joshua and Lydia, May9,1787.

Orfa, d.Joshua and Lydia, Sept.20,1790.

Joshua, s.Joshua and Lydia, July15,1792. [[h.Mehitable].GR8].

John Carton, s.Joshua and Lydia, Aug.14,1794.

Nathan, s.Joshua and Lydia, 末蔓21,1796. [Aug.21.GR8]

Charles Edwin, s.Joshua Jr. and Prudence, June18,18末. [1826.GR8].

Daniel, s.Joshua and Lydia, Oct.15,1801. [[h.Prudence G. (Varnum)].GR8].

Mehitable, w.Joshua [Jan.末,1802.].GR8

Mary Frances, w.D.V. [Nov.末,1820].GR8

John Franklin, s.John Carlton and Salley, Jan.10,1821.

Nathan, s.Nathan and Petsey, Mar.3,1821.

Daniel Varnum, s.Daniel and Prudence, Feb.14,1822.

Prudence, d.Joshua (Thissill) Jr. and Prudence, May17,1822.

Peleg Bradley, s.Nathan and Petsey, Dec.3,1822.

Lydia Ann, d.Daniel and Prudence, Aug.3,1823.

Joshua, s.Joshua Jr. and Prudence, Dec.11,1823.

Mary Jane, d.Nathan Petcy, Dec.15,1824.

Charles Augustus, s.Daniel and Prudence, Jan.13,1825.

John Wallace [dup. Wallice], ch.Daniel and Prudence, Sept.4 [dup. Sept.3], 1826.

Orpha [dup. Orphah], d.Daniel and Prudence, Mar.4 [dup. Mar.3], 1828.

Unis [Eunice, written above in pencil], d.Joshua and Prudence, July22,1828.

Franklin Tenney, ch.Daniel and Prudence, Mar.29,1830.

Anna Maria, d.Joshua and Prudence, Mar.30,1831.

George Nelson, ch.Daniel and Prudence, Aug.2,1832.

Jane Coburn, ch.Daniel and Prudence, May8,1834.

Andrew Washington, s.Joshua Jr. and Prudence, Sept.20,1834.

Henrietta, d.John F. and Mary J., Aug.20,1847.

Fred S., s.John F., shoemaker, and Mary J. (b. Henniker, NH.), June19,1849.


Betsey, d.Joseph and Betsey, Aug.22,1819.

Tylor, s.Joseph and Betsey, Aug.3,1821.

George, s.Joseph and Betcey, May1,1823.

THOMPSON (Thomson)

Mary, d.Robert and Jennat, Nov.3,1735.


Susan, d.Ira, operative, and Alcy, Dec.12,1844. [Susan C., d.Ira and Allice H.,末蔓末,1845.GR10].

George P., s.Charles W., jeweller, and Mary J., Sept.6,1848.

THOMSON (Thompson)


TIBBETS (Tibbetts)

末末, d.Joseph R., teacher (b. Sutton, VT.), and Sarah (b. Lee, NH.), Oct.15,1849.

TIBBETTS (Tibbets)

Georgianna Florence, d.William, teacher, and Mary, Oct.9,1846.

Sarah Frances, d.Joseph R., laborer, and Sarah, Oct.16,1847.

Charles W.W., s.William B., phrenologist, and Mary, July3,1848.

George W., s.Ephraim Jr., manufacturer, and Maria, Feb.22,1849.


Millicent [?m.],末蔓末,1791.GR8

Lucinda [?m],末蔓末,1798.GR8


Adelia H., d.Henry H., grocer, and Alvira L., Nov.23,1843.


Polly, d.David and Deborah, May24,1782.

Rhoda, d.David and Deborah, May25,1784.

Aaaron, s.David and Sarah, May17,1797.

John, s.David and Sarah, July17,1799.

Phinehas, s.David and Sarah, Aug.26,1799.

Polly, d.David and Sarah, Mar.9,1801.

Silas, s.David and Sarah, Mar.13,1803.

Cyrus, s.David and Sarah, Mar.31,1805.


Deborah, d.David and Sarah, Mar.30,1809.

David, s.John and Charlotte, Mar.28,1821.

Mary Submit, d.John and Charlottee, Dec.5,1823.

John Jr., s.John and Charlottee, Mar.6,1826.

George, s.John, farmer, and Charlotte, Aug.1,1828.

末末, s.David, laborer, and Fidelia, Feb.21,1848.

Francis Phineas, s.David, laborer, and Fidelia, Nov.8,1849.


George A.,末蔓末,1832.GR6


末末, d.Frederick W., medrchant (b. Norwich, VT.), Aug.27,1840, in Belvidere, Lowell.


Lydia, d.Jacob and Ruth, June25,1787.

Alma Victoria, d.Abel H., shoemaker, and Louisa, Sept.21,1843.

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