READ (Reed)

Betsey, w.Ebenezer, Apr.22,1839, a.72.GR8

Ebenezer [h.Betsey], Apr.22,1839, a.72.GR8

REED (Read)

James, Jan.21,1810.


Elizabeth, see Elisabeth.

Mariah, see Moriah.

Obadiah, s.Obadiah Jr. and Rhoda,末蔓末, 末末.

Reuben G., ch.Capt. Reuben and Lucy,末蔓末, 末末, a.6m.GR8

Samuel, s.Samuel and Prudence,末蔓末, 末末.

Lydia, d.Tosiah Josiah and Lydia, stillborn, Nov.4,1713.

Mary, d.Ezekiell and Mary, Feb.28,1717.

Moses, s.Josiah, Mar.21,1725-6.

Amme, d.Henry and Amme, June10,1734.

Amme, d.Henry and Amme, Mar.23,1736-7.

Lydia, w.Josiah, Mar.28,1737.

Henry, s.Henry and Amme, Apr.19,1737.

Samuel, s.Josiah, Mar.28,1740.

Samuel, s.Ephraim and Elisabeth, Mar.24,1749.

Jonathan, s.Jonathan and Lucey, Mar.25,1749-50.

Lucy, d.Jonathan and Lucy, Nov.24,1753.

Josiah Jr., Feb.13,1756.

Josiah, s.David and Elezebath, Apr.18,1760.

James, Mr., Mar.6,1763.

Asa, s.Moses Jr. and Elezebath, Jan.27,1765.

Samuel, s.Mases Jr. and Elezebath, Jan.28,1765.

Jonathan, Lt., Feb.18,1768, in 48th y.

Elizebeth, w.Capt. Josiah, Dec.15,1771.

David, Mr., June6,1773.

Lucy, wid., Oct.24,1775.

Jonas, Oct.31,1775.

Dolley, w.Reuben, July29,1790, in 25th y.GR8

Obadiah, s.Obadiah Jr., May27,1799.

Joseph Bradley Varnum, Aug.18,1806.

Sarah, wid.Josiah, Apr.24,1808, a.79.GR2

Hannah, Dec.25,1812, a.92.

Benjamin, s.Reuben, Aug.5,1813. [s.Reuben and Deborah, in 11th y.GR8]

Ephraim, Mr.,末蔓末,1815.

Joseph, Apr.27,1816.

Silas, Sept.21,1820.

Elisabeth, Apr.10,1821.

Increas Sumner, s.Lt. Obadiah, Dec.27,1823. [Increase Sumner, s.Obadiah and Hannah, a.19y.7m.GR8]

Jonathan, Feb.23,1825.

G. Washington, s.Jonathan and Mercy, "fell from a building," May15,1825.

Samuel 2d, May27,1825.

Washington, s.Jonathan and Mary, June15,1825, a.25.GR8

Joanna, w.Jonas, Sept.10,1825. [a.37.GR8]

Elbridge Garry, s.Ruben Jr. and Lucy, Sept.22,1825. [Elbridge Gerry, s.Reuben Jr. and Lucy, Sept.20, a.14m.GR8]

Mary, d.James and Mary, Oct.16,1825. [a.16.GR6]

John A., ch.Ephraim and Hannah, Nov.2,1825.GR8

Deborah, w.Reuben, Dec.15,1825. [in 58th y.GR8]

Martha, d.Josiah and Marth, July12,1826.

Hannah, w.James Jr., July27,1827. [first w.James.GR7]

Charlotte A., ch.Ephraim and Hannah, Aug.10,1827.GR8

Darius B., ch.[dup. s.] Ephraim and Hannah, Apr.30,1828.GR8

George Washington, s.Reuben, Oct.8,1829. [s.Reuben and Deborah, in 20th y.GR8]

Lydia, w.Clark, Sept.12,1830.

Clarrissa, Mar.17,1831.

Francis Dana, s.Dana and Emily S., Apr.2,1831, a.13d.GR10

Jonas, Apr.12,1831. [a.51.GR8]

Sybil, Aug.14,1832.

George, s.Samuel Jr. and Hannah, Dec.29,1832.

Elizabeth Jane, d.Samuel Jr. and Hannah, Oct.17,1834.

John, s.Levi and Lucinda, Oct.15,1835.

Hannah J., d.James and Lucy J.P., Oct.16,1835, a.6m.GR7

Obadiah [h.Hannah H.], Nov.22,1835, a.83.GR8

Joshua, Aug.5,1836. [a.40.GR8]

Henrietta M., w.Henry, Feb.12,1837. [a.21.GR8]

Sarah Smith, d.Dana and Emily S., Feb.20,1838, a.1.GR10

Reuben, Nov.12,1838, a.76.GR8

Joseph B.V. [dup. Varnum [h.Clarissa R.B.]], ch.Ephraim and Hannah [dup. consumption], Dec.10,1839 [dup. a.29y.10m.].GR8

Lucy J.P., second w.James, Dec.27,1840.GR7

Phebe V., ch.[dup. d.] Ephraim and Hannah, Aug.11,1841 [dup. a.19y.7m.].GR8

Lucy Ann, ch.Capt. Reuben and Lucy, Aug.20,1841, a.18y.10m.GR8

Hellen, d.Asa W. and Caroline, "infantile," Sept.16,1841, a.24d.

Eliza Henrietta, ch.Henry and Sarah, Jan.15,1842, a.1y.4m.GR8

Parker [h.Susanna], Nov.6,1842, a.76.GR3

Hannah, w.Samuel, Dec.19,1842 [dup. a.42].GR10

German S., s.James and Mary L., Jan.3,1843, a.8m.11d.GR7

Mercy, w.Jonathan, Mar.23,1843, a.83.GR8

Susanna, w.Parker, May24,1843, a.73.GR3

Mary W., ch.Capt. Reuben and Lucy, May30,1844, a.18.GR8

Thaddeus, m., consumption, June18,1844, a.76. [Capt. Thaddeus, June18,1845.GR6]

Moriah, d.Moses and Esther, consumption, Nov.25,1844, a.22.

Mary, d.Capt. Thaddeus and Mary, Dec.9,1844, a.42.GR6

Samuel [h.Prudence], Dec.9,1844, a.79.GR10

Belinda N., ch.Capt. Reuben and Lucy, Apr.15,1845, a.1.GR8

Daniel, s.Moses and Esther, Apr.6,1847.

Joanna Jones, ch.Henry and Sarah, Aug.12,1847, a.3m.GR8

William, widr., yeoman, old age, Jan.11,1848, a.88y.8m.

Joseph B.V., m., cordwainer, s.Thaddeus and Polly, consumption, Jan.28,1848, a.38y.8m.[a.36.GR6]

Eliza, b. Methuen, w.Henry, child birth, May12,1848, a.38.

Edmund, s.Eli and Melinda, July21,1848, a.2y.4m.GR6

Eli, July25,1848, a.25.GR6

Varnum, s.Ephraim O. and Sarah C., cholera infantum, Aug.8,1849, a.19d.


Silas negro, May2,1826.


Clementine L., d.John D. and Jane B., Aug.27,1847, a.19m.1d.GR2


William, Nov.27,1812.

RUSSEL (Russell)

Stephen, s.Stephen and Abagal, Mar.28,1758.

RUSSELL (Russel)

Mary, d.Stephen and Ruth, Apr.22,1731.

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