SALINDIN (Sallindin)

John, s.John, May末,1683.NR [Mar.8.CTR]

SALLINDIN (Salindin)

Allis, d.John, Jan. [16.CTR], 1686.NR

Elisibeth, d.John, June [3.CTR], 1685.NR

Sarah, d.John, Apr. [15.CTR], 1680.NR


John, s.Joshua and Abigail, Feb.16,1789.NR

Joshua, s.Joshua and Abigail, May5,1791.NR

SARLES (Searles)

James, s.Thomas and Phebe, Apr.16,1786.NR

Jonathan, s.Thomas and Phebe, Apr.21,1788.NR

Joshua, s.Thomas and Phebe, Aug.24,1791.NR

Phebe, d.Thomas and Phebe, Sept.7,1796.NR

Thomas, s.Thomas and Phebe, Dec.27,1783.NR

Willard, s.Thomas and Phehe, Sept.25,1794.NR


Andrew, s.Isaac and Polly, Nov.17,1810.

Eliza, d.Isaac and Polly, Jan.6,1808.

Isaac Parker, s.Isaac J. and Polly, June20,1803.

Mary, d.Isaac J. and Polly, Aug.10,1805.


Bridghet, d.James and Elizabeth, Dec.21,1756.NR

Mary, d.James and Elizabeth, Dec.27,1754.NR


Aaron, s.twin, William and Elisabeth.bp.末蔓末, [after 1766.].CR

David, s.William and Mary, Sept.26,1753.

Dorothy, d.John and Dorothy, Mar.30,1765.

Hannah, d.John and Dorathea, Nov.30,1761.

Jane, d.John and Dorathea, Oct.21,1763.

John, s.Robert and Jane, Sept.25,1738.NR

John, s.William and Mary, Jan.23,1750-51.

Lemuel, s.William and Mary, May28,1749.

Mary, d.William and Elisabeth, bp.末蔓末, [after 1770.].CR

Mary, d.Lemuell and Mary, Jan.6,1776.

Moses, s.twin, William and Elisabeth, bp.末蔓末, [after 1766.].CR

William, s.William and Mary, Aug.12,1755.

William, s.William, bp.末蔓末, [after 1765.].CR

SEARLE (Searles)

John, s.Samuel and Sary, Oct.11,1717.NR

Jonathan, s.Samuel and Sary, Sept.25,1720.NR

SEARLES (Sarles, Searle, Searls)

Abraham, s.James and Abi, Sept.17,1800.NR

Annes, d.James and Abi, Sept.8,1802.NR

Asa, s.Samuel and Lois, Apr.8,1804.NR

Benjamin, s.Samuel and Mary, Sept.4,1740.NR[ Sept.6. dup.]

Benjamin, s.Samuel and Elisabeth, Feb.22,1766.NR

Benjamin, s.Benjamin and Sibbel, Sept.24,1796.NR

Benjamin, s.Benjamin and Sibel, June6,1798.NR

Cate, d.Samuel and Elisebeth, Apr.16,1760.NR

Catharine, d.Zadock and Elizabeth, Sept.7,1797.NR

Catharine, d.Zadock and Elizabeth, Nov.23,1798.NR

Cumings, s.Benjamin and Sibbel, Aug.1,1808.NR

Elisebeth, d.Samuel and Elisebeth, Jan.13,1762.NR

Betty, d.Samuel and Lois, Apr.16,1793.NR

Betey, d.Samuel and Lois, Nov.29,1810.NR

Esther, d.John and Mary, July16,1760.NR

Henry Adams, s.Samuel and Elisabeth, Mar.29,1769.NR

Isaac, s.Samuel and Lois, Aug.29,1798.NR

Jacob Cumings, s.Cumings and Fidelia, July18,1828.NR

James, s.Samuel and Elisabeth, July28,1767.NR

Jesse, s.James and Abi, Feb.26,1805.NR

Jotham, s.John and Mary.May8,1765.NR

Katherine, d.Samuel and Elisabeth, Feb.25,1774.NR

Louis, d.Samuel and Lois, May21,1802.NR

Lucinda, d.Benjamin and Sebel, Oct.15,1814.NR

Lydiah, d.John and Mary, Oct.29,1762.NR

Patty, d.Benjamin and Sibbel, Apr.27,1794.NR

Mary, d.Samuell and Mary, July10,1744.NR

Olive, d.John and Mary, July26,1768.NR

Rachel, d.Samuel and Lois, Oct.7,1800.NR

Samuel, s.Samuel and Mary, Sept.2,1738.NR[ Sept.4. dup,]

Samuel, s.Samuel and Elisabeth, Apr.23,1764.NR

Samuel, s.Samuel and Louis, May8,1807.NR

Sarah, d.Samuell and Sarah, Oct.20,1700.NR

Sibel, d.Benjamin and Sibel, Apr.4,1801.NR

Solomon, s.Zadock and Elizabeth, Mar.28,1810.NR

SEARLS (Searles)

Daniel, s.Samuel and Sary, July17,1715.NR

Deliverrance, d.Samuell and Sarah, Jan.10,1702.NR

James, s.Daniel and Mary, Nov.17,1738.NR

Lucey, d.John and Mary, Mar.10,1754.NR

Mary, d.Samuell and Sary, Oct.13,1710.NR

Oliver, s.Daniel and Mary, Aug.20,1736.NR

Rachel, d.Daniel and Mary, Mar.1,1746.NR

Samuel, s.Samuell and Sary, Mar.1,1707.NR

Sarah, d.John and Mary, Oct.10,1757.NR


Abel Gilman, s.Abel, jr. and Allis, May12,1812.NR

Naby, d.Jeremiah and Naby, at Billerica, Mar.7,1794.NR

Andrew, s.Jeremiah and Naby, Apr.2,1798.NR

Benjamin Franklin, s.Jeremiah and Nabby, Mar.12,1809.NR

Eliza, d.Jerimiah and Naby, June3,1805.NR

Esther, d.Abel, jr. and Alise, Dec.15,1813.NR

Eunice, d Jeremiah and Naby, Apr.3,1807.NR

Fryland s.Jeremiah and Nabby, Dec.16,1812.NR

George, s.Abel, jr. and Alice, Jan.24,1818.NR

Hiram, s.Jeremiah and Naby, Feb.13,1802.NR

James Lanson, s.twin, John and Diadamia, Jan.5,1829.

Jeremiah, s.Jeremiah and Naby, Feb.6,1796.NR

John Loring, s.twin, John and Diadamia, Jan.5,1829.

Loiza Ernaline, d.Jeremiah and Nabby, Feb.6,1811.NR

Matilda Ann, d.John and Diadamia, July13,1833.

Nathaniel, s.Jeremiah and Naby, at Groton, Mar.31,1800.NR

Oliver S., s.Jeremiah and Naby, at Groton, Nov.20,1803.NR

Prudance Maria, d.John and Diadamia, Dec.9,1830.

Zachariah, s.Abel, jr. and Alice, Jan.26,1816.NR

SHEAD (Shed)

Hannah, d.Samuell, Sept.25,1698.NR

SHED (Shead)

Hannah, d.John and Hannah, Feb.9,1750.NR

John, s.John and Hannah, Aug.13,1756.NR

Lucy, d.John and Hannah, June28,1747.NR

Prudence, d.Thomas and Hannah, Oct.4,1769.NR


Cornelia Frances, 4th ch.Samuel and Elizabeth (Hadley), June13,1835.NR

Edward Payson, 3d ch.Samuel and Elizabeth (Hadley), Aug.21,1831.NR

Henry French, 5th ch.Samuel and Elizabeth (Hadley), Oct.18,1838.NR

Mary Elizabeth, 2d ch.Samuel and Elizabeth (Hadley), Aug.12,1829.NR

Norman Albree, 1st ch.Samuel and Elizabeth (Hadley), Sept.21,1827.NR

Samuel, at Dedham, Apr.8,1801.NR


末末, ch.Thomas, bp. Apr.3,1841.CR

Betsey Marion, d.Thomas, bp. Oct.31,1839.CR

John, s.Thomas, bp. Oct.31,1839.CR


Eunice, d.Elnathan and Eunice, Jan.20,1766.

Jonathan, s.Ebenezer and Hepsibah, June17,1753.

Jonathan, s.Jonathan and Elisabeth, Feb.11,1773.

Sarah, d.Ebenezer and [Hepsibah.TC], Feb.13,1748.

SIMONDS (Simons)

Betty, d.Nathan and Abigail, Jan.28,1769.NR

George Francis, s.Moses and Susan, at Nashua, NH, Sept.25,1843.

James Lorenzo, s.Moses and Susan, Mar.8,1824.

John Waltern, s.Moses and Susan, Apr.13,1837.

Joseph Augustus, s.Moses and Susan, Feb.15,1827.

Mary Antinette, d.Moses and Susan, at Nashua, NH, June8,1839.

Moses Almon, s.Moses and Susan, Apr.9,1831.

Nancy Emeline, d.Moses and Susan, Apr.29,1835.

Sarah Frances, d.Moses and Susan, at Nashua, NH, Nov.10,1841.

Stilmon Francillo, s.Moses and Susan, May18,1829.

Susan Elisabeth, d.Moses and Susan, May3,1833.

SIMONS (Simonds)

Esther, d.Nathan and Abigail, May22,1770.NR

Henry Reed, s.Nathan and Abigail, Jan.18,1774.NR

Nathan, s.Nathan and Abigail, Sept.13,1772.NR


Alvin, s.Abijah and Betsey, Aug.24,1809.

Ballard, s.Benjarnin and Johannah, Apr.14,1774.NR

Benjamin, s.Benjamin and Joanna, June2,1765.NR

Benjamin, s.Benjamin, jr. and Edy, Feb.11,1790.NR

Benjamin, s.Benjamin, jr. and Edy, Mar.26,1791.NR

Charles Lyman, s.Lyman, bp. May3,1845.CR

Cloe, d.Benjamin, jr. and Edy, June9,1798.NR

Edy, d.Benjamin, jr. and Edy, Jan.28,1796.NR

Elizabeth, d.Abijah and Betsey, Aug.7,1815.

George, s.Jacob and Catharine, Aug.30,1818.NR

Henry Sumner, s.Benjamin, jr. and Edy, Mar.15,1801.NR

Jacob Osgood, s.Benjamin and Edy, Sept.6,1803.NR

Jane, d.Benjamin and Johannah, Oct.28,1768.NR

Johannah, d.Benjamin and Johannah, Oct.31,1763.NR

Louisa Emeline, d.Abijah and Betsey, July19,1817.

Mary, d.Benjamin and Johannah, Oct.8,1770.NR

Mary Thankful, d.Benjamin, jr. and Edey, Apr.6,1806.NR

Mary Ann, d.Abijah and Betsey, Sept.8,1812.

Sarah, d.Benjamin and Johannah, May30,1778.NR


Bredget, d.Joseph and Bredget, July24,1719.NR

Dorcas, d.Jonathan and Sarah, Nov.20,1746.NR

Elezebath, d.Joseph and Briget, June2,1750. [1730?].NR

Henry, s.Joseph and Bridget, Nov.17,1725.NR

John, s.Joseph and Bredget, June11,1723.NR

Joseph, s.Joseph and Bredget, Mar.19,1721.NR

Phillip, s.Jonathan and Sarah, Feb.18,1748.NR

Sarah, d.Jonathan and Sarah, May30,1743.NR

SPALDING (Spaulding)

Edward Francis, s.Isaac and Lucy (Kendall), May6,1831.NR

Isaac, at New Ipswich, Feb.1,1796.NR

Isaac Henry, s.Isaac and Lucy (Kendall), Mar.13,1840.NR

SPAULDING (Spalding)

Abel, s.Abel and Lydia, Apr.28,1783.

Able Parker, s.Abel, Jr. and Anna [(Parker).PR14], Feb.11,1812.

Abial Lawrence, s.Leonard and Sarah, Oct.17,1833.

Abigail, 2d w.Oliver Taylor,末蔓末,1754.PR5

Andrew Jacson, s.Leonard and Sarah, Aug.28,1838.

Benajah, s.Joseph and Sibbel, July3,1766.

Charles Orison, s.Leonard and Sarah, Sept.19,1836.

Edwin Gilbert, s.Elbridge G. and Dorcas, Nov.23,1841.

Hellen May, d.Andrew, farmer, and Sarah E., June20,1844.

Hiram, s.Abel and Anna, Dec.19,1831. [Nov.19.PR14]

Joel, s.Abel and Susannah, Dec.3,1761.

Jonas, s.Abel and Anna [(Parker).PR14], July30,1821.

Josiah, s.Abel and Susannah, Feb.27,1764.

Josiah, s.Josiah and Polly, Apr.22,1793.

Leonard, s.Joseph and Sibbil, Feb.20,1789.

Leonard Franklin, s.Leonard and Sarah, Oct.23,1829.

Lydia, d.Abel and Lydia, Mar.22,1770.

Maria Louisa, d.Elbridge G. and Dorcas, Nov.19,1839.

Martha Augusta, d.Elbridge G. and Dorcas, Dec.28,1836.

Polly, d.Josiah and Polly, Dec.15,1794.

Mary Sophy, d.Leonard and Sarah, at Tyngsboro, Jan.3,1828.

Otis Rodney, s.Leonard and Sarah, Sept.17,1831.

Rhoda, d.Joseph and Sibbel, June22,1768.

Sarah, d.Abel and Lydia, June19,1777.

Sarah Elizibeth, d.Leonard and Sarah, at Tyngsboro, Oct.5,1826.

Sarah Angeline, d.Abel P[arker.PR14] and Sally [(Read).PR14], Mar.10,1839.

Squier, s.Joseph and Sibbel, July5,1771.

Squire, s.Joseph and Agnus, Oct.26,1799.

Susanna, d.Abel and Ludia, Oct.1,1768.

Tamer, d.Abel and Lydia, Oct.27,1779.


Augustus, s.Dr. Ebenezer and Rebecca, Mar.3,1799.NR

Ebenezer, s.Dr. Ebenezer and Hannah, Feb.18,1780.

Edward, s.Ebenezer and Hannah, July29,1786.

Hannah, d.Dr. Ebenezer and Hannah, Jan.26,1782.

James Blanchard, s.Dr. Ebenezer and Hanah, Nov.27,1778.

John, s.Ebenezer and Hannah, Dec.3,1783.

Rebekah, d.Ebenezer and Hannah, June8,1777.


Ebenezer, s.Ebenezer and Betsey, Apr.11,1831.


John Wilks, s.John and Lucy, Jan.18,1770.NR


Catharine, d.Josiah and Betsey, at Townsend, Aug.6,1797.

Betsey, d.Josiah and Betsey, at Townsend, Jan.3,1796.

Emerson, s.Jeptha and Lucindia, Oct.14,1802,

Sally, d.Josiah and Betsey, July2,1799.

Walter, s.Jesse, bp. Sept.8,1799.CR

STEWARD (Stewart)

Oline, d.Timothy and Esther, May22,1758.NR

STEWART (Steward)

Betty, d.Allan and Mary, Aug.2,1785.NR

Francis, s.Allan and Mary, Jan.12,1782.NR

Joel, s.Timothy and Ester, Mar.27,1756.NR

Mary, d.Allan and Mary, Aug.8,1779.NR

SWALLOW (Swoller)

Abigail S., d.John and Charlotte, Dec.22,1826.PR8

Abijah, s.Peter and Sibbel, Aug.19,1792.

Abijah, jr., s.Abijah and Rebekah, Dec.28,1815.

Abraham, s.Amaziah and Elisabeth, Dec.14,1770.

Abraham, s.Abraham and Anne, Jan.19,1795.

Albert Orson, s.Capt. Amaziah and Asenath, Dec.12,1822.

Albert Josiah, s.Capt. Amaziah and Asenath, June13,1828.

Allice, d.Jonathan, bp. Aug.15,1824.CR

Almira, d.Capt. Amaziah and Asenath [(Cumings).PR17], Dec.23,1810.

Alpheus, s.Archelaus and Susanna, Apr.29,1823.

Alvina, d.James and Sibel, June26,1818.

Alvina, d.James and Sibbel, July1,1823.

Amaziah Newton, s.Capt. Amaziah and Asenath, May8,1820.

Andrew Spaulding, s.Samson and Ruth, Dec.14,1821.

Archelaus, s.Peter and Sibel, Jan.10,1784.

Asa, s.Amaziah and Elizabeth, May1,1767.

Asa, s.Asaand Susanna [(Woods), 2d w.PR15], Apr.3,1796. [Apr.2.PR15]

Asenath, d.Capt. Amaziah and Asenath, Sept.13,1812.

Benjamin Davis, s.Samson and Ruth, Feb.10,1818.

Bera, s.Asa and Susanna, Apr.10,1806.

Calvin, s.Abraham and Anna, Apr.20,1799.

Charles R.H., s.John and Charlotte, Sept.13,1831.PR8

Charles Leander, s.Dea.Joseph, bp. Sept.8,1833.CR

Clarinda, d.Jonathan and Jemima, June18,1795.

Daniel, s.Archelaus and Susanna, Dec.30,1820.

David, s.Benjamin and Joanna, Nov.5,1771.

Deborah, d.Amaziah and Elisabeth, Dec.14,1773.

Elisabeth, d.Amaziah and Elisabeth, May18,1760.

Betsey, d.Samson and Ruth, Apr.10,1803.

Ellen Henrietta, d.Peter, farmer, and Fanny G., Dec.3,1842.

Emma Isabel, d.Daniel, miller, and Frances E., Aug.16,1849.

Frances E., d.John and Charlotte, May26,1829.PR8

Franklin Gilbert, s.Kendall and Martha, July23,1836.

Hannah, d.Samson and Ruth, Sept.21,1813.

Hannah Matilda, d.Dea.Joseph, bp. July5,1835.CR

Ira, s.Asa and Susanna (Woods), Aug.13,1807.PR15

James, s.Peter and Sibbel, Oct.23,1785.

James Munroe, s.James and Sibbil, Apr.14,1821.

Joanna, d.Benjamin and Joanna, Jan.3,1775.

Joanna, d.Benjamin and Joanna, Sept.22,1781.

John, s.Samson and Ruth, Aug.17,1801.

John Wilson, s.Jonathan and Jemima, Apr.18,1803.

John Harlan, s.John [and Charlotte, Oct.26.PR8], 1837.CR

Jonathan, s.John and Sarah, bp.末蔓末,1757.CR

Jonathan, s.Jonathan and Jemima, Feb.18,1793.

Joseph, s.Silas and Lucy, June30,1787.NR

Kendall, s.Amaziah and Elisabeth, Apr.21,1775.

Kendall, s.Asa and Susanna [(Kendall).PR15], June14,1792.

Laura, d.Asa and Susanna, July25,1798.

Larnard, s.Peter and Prudence, July30,1775.

Larnard, s.Peter and Prudence, June18,1777.

Louisa, d.James and Si. bbel, Oct.25,1809.

Louisa, d.James and Sibbel, bp. Mar.15,1818.CR

Lucy, d.Peter and Sibble, Nov.10,1787.

Luther, s.Abraham and Anna, May18,1801.

Mahala, d.Samson and Ruth, Sept.28,1804.

Maria, d.Asa and Susanna, Jan.6,1811.

Maryette, d.James and Sibbel, July24,1829.

Martha Caroline, d.Kendall and Martha, June11,1827.

Martin Freeman, s.Kendall and Martha, June27,1832.

Mary, d.Amaziah and Elisabeth, Dec.30,1777.

Mary, d.Abraham and Anna, May20,1797.

Mary Keyes, d.Kendall and Martha, Feb.10,1831.

Mary Jane, d.Archelaus and Susanna, Aug.30,1834.

Moody, s.Peter and Sibbel, Nov.5,1789.

Nahum, s.Peter and Prudance, June23,1771.

Nancy Sheperd, d.Kendall and Martha, Jan.22,1835.

Peter, s.Archelaus and Susanna, June27,1813.

Prudance, d.Peter and Prudance, July26,1773.

Prudence Stiles, d.Learnerd and Olive Fletcher, bp. Sept.27,1801.CR

Rebacah, d.Arnaziah and Elisabeth, Dec.4,1763.

Rebecca, d.Learnerd and Olive Fletcher, bp. Sept.27,1801.CR

Rebecca, d.James and Sibbil, Mar.11,1813.

Rebekah, d.James and Sibbel, bp. Mar.15,1818.CR

Rebeckah Elizabeth, d.Archelaus and Susanna, Oct.3,1828.

Ruel, s.Asa and Susanna (Woods), June15,1800.PR15

Ruel, s.Asa and Susanna, Oct.11,1801.

Rhoda, d.Abraham and Anne, Sept.30,1791.

Ruth, d.Amaziah and Elisabeth.July22,1765.

Samson, s.Benjamin and Joanna [bp. after 1760.CR].

Sarah, d.Peter and Prudence, Feb.17,1780.

Sarah, d.Capt. Abraham and Anna, Aug.31,1803.

Sarah, d.Samson and Ruth, Aug.6,1806.

Sarah, d.Jonathan and Jemima, Sept.3,1806.

Sarah Cumings, d.Capt. Amaziah and Asenath, Sept.7,1815.

Sarah Ann, d.Kendall and Martha, May27,1829.

Sarah M[aria.CR], d.John and Charlotte, Oct.12,1835.PR8

Sophrona, d.Jonathan and Jemima, Jan.30,1799.

Stilman, s.Archelaus and Susanna, Sept.19,1816.

Submit, d.Samson and Ruth, Aug.19,1808.

Susan Kendall, d.Archelaus and Susanna, Jan.24,1819.

Susan Amelia, d.Kendall and Martha, Mar.2,1841.

Susanna, d.Asa and Susanna, Sept.23,1794.

William Kendall, s.Kendall and Martha, Dec.8,1825.


John, s.Josiah and Jane, Dec.13,1747.NR

Josiah, s.Josiah and Jane, Aug.25,1740.NR

Thomas, s.Rev. Josiah and Jane, Sept.27,1745.NR

SWOLLER (Swallow)

Esther, d.Joseph and Esther, Apr.29,1759.NR

Joseph, s.Joseph and Suzannah, Aug.6,1746.NR

Silas, s.Joseph and Esther, July25,1754.NR

Suzannah, d.Joseph and Esther, Mar.4,1756.NR

Thomas, s.Joseph and Esther, July30,1753.NR

Thomas, s.Joseph and Esther, Aug.1,1760.NR

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