LAWRANCE (Lawrence)

Nathaniel, Apr.17,1798.

Patiance, wid.Nathaniel, Jan.9,1832.

LAWRENCE (Lawrance)

Enoch, at Groton,末蔓末,1774, a.95y.GR8

John, from St. Albans, Eng., came to America in the ship Planter, May, 1635, at Groton,末蔓末,1667.GR8

Lemuel, 1st, at Pepperell,末蔓末,1773, a.28y.GR8

Nathaniel, at Groton,末蔓末,1765, a.87y.GR8

William, m., hostler, s.William and Rachel, disease of heart, Oct.27,1844, a.31y.1m.22d.


Polly C., d.Daniel and Polly, Mar.1,1797, in her 2d y.GR2


Anna, d.John and Rachel, Aug.末,1758.NR

Esther, d.[Col.GR5] Noah and Mary, Oct.17,1777.NR [a.3y.4m.3d.GR5]

Hannah, w.John, sr., Jan.5,1754.NR

Hannah, d.Nehemiah and Rachell, Oct.31,1758.NR

James, s.John, jr. and Rachell, Nov.27,1753.NR

John, July2,1763.NR

Jonathan, jr., Mar.15,1788.NR

Noah, s.[Col.GR5] Noah and Mary, May6,1777.NR [a.5m.25d.GR5]

Susannah, d.Nehemiah and Rachell, Oct.26,1758.NR

Zaccheus, s.Zaccheus and Esther, June5,1729, a.3m.15d.GR5

Zaccheas, s.John and Rachel, Oct.8,1758.NR

Zaccheus, Col., Apr.12,1772, in his 72d y.GR5


Hephzibah, w.Daniel, Aug.17,1797.NR

Jean, w.[Capt.GR5] Jonathan, Sept.14,1764.NR [in her 51st y.GR5]

Jessee, s.Thomas and Mary, Sept.8,1738.NR

Jonathan, Capt., Apr.19,1791.NR

Mary, w.Thomas, Jan.14,1748.NR

Mary, d.[Capt.GR5] Jonathan and Jean, Nov.17,1758, a.9y.2m.23d.NR

Meehettebell, d.[Capt.GR5] Jonathan and Jean, Nov.28,1758, a.3y.5m.9d.NR

Olive, wid.Capt. Jonathan, Nov.29,1801.NR

Oliver, s.Jonathan and Jean, Mar.18,1776, a.23y.7m.20d.NR

Sarah, w.Levi, May17,1785.NR [May28, a.23y.GR5]

Sarah, wid.Dea.Thomas, Apr.16,1801.NR

Thomas, "killed by Indians," Sept.5,1724, in his 42d y.GR5

Thomas, Dea., Feb.24,1790.NR

William, May20,1782.NR


Olive, wid., formerly w.Adford Jaquith, Dec.21,1830, in her 97th y.

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