Sarah, and Isaac Wyman, both of Nottingham West, Mar. 12, 1795. NR


Jerusha, and Henry Woods, July 13, 1823. [July 31. dup.]*

Levi N., and Lucy H. Parker, int. July 6, 1846.

Louisa, and Henry Fitch of Weathersfield, VT, int. Jan. 7, 1826.

Lucretia Emily, and Joseph Saunderson of Groton, Apr. 24, 1838.*

Mary, and David Gilson, jr., both of Dunstable, NH, Nov. 20, 1781. NR

Polly, and Willard Rabings, both of Dunstable, NH, Oct. 3, 1793. NR

Hittee, and Simon Gilson, Feb. 13, 1791.

Rhoda, and Nathaniel Marshall, both of Nottingham West, May 22, 1800. NR

Sarah A., a. 31 y., d. Levi and Jerusha, and George Walker of Amherst, NH, a. 31 y., blacksmith, S. Danforth, Dec. 17, 1845.*

KENDALL (Kindall)

Abigail, and Abraham Kendall, jr., int. Nov. 18, 1779.

Abigail, and Luther Taylor [of Milford, NH. int.], Nov. 10, 1825. PR11*

Abraham, jr., and Abigail Kendall, int. Nov. 18, 1779.

Alva, and Mary M. [W. dup. and int.] Woods, Oct. 3, 1841.*

Angeline, and Thomas M. Templeman, both of Nashua, May 25, 1837. NR

Anna, and Samuel Brow, Jan. 20, 1791.

Asa, and Sarah Williams of Reading, at Reading, Jan. 25, 1759.

Bela, and Abigail Upton, Nov. 28, 1833. [Dec. 15. PR3]*

Benjamin, of Thetford, and Sibble Cumings: at Tyngsborough, Jan. 27, 1795.

Chiles, and Susanna Taylor, May 3, 1827.*

Cummings, and Weltha Ann Cummings [of Tyngsborough. int.], Apr. 4, 1844. PR12*

Deborah, and Jerathmeal Cuming of Amherst, int. Apr. 16, 1771.

Ebenezer, and Mrs. Lucy Cumings of Dunstable, NH, int. Nov. 14, 1761.

Edward, and Sarah [Susanah. int.] Thompson, Jan. 28, 1762.*

Elisabeth, and Amaziah Swallow, at Billerica, June 19, 1759.

Elizabeth, and Ebenezer Parkhurst, at Groton, Feb. 8, 1787.*

Elizabeth, and Abel Spaulding of Charlestown, May 28, 1829.*

Elisabeth P., and Israel Hunt, jr., both of Dunstable, NH, Nov. 6, 1832. NR

Elisabeth, and Emory Newton, Oct. 27, 1836. PR3*

Esther, and Ebenezer Weston of Souhegan West, Nov. 16, 1758.

Esther, and Nathaniel Cumings [at Tyngsborough. dup.], Jan. 24, 1793.

Hannah, and Peletiah Whittemore, Apr. 13, 1762.

Issac, and Ruth Swallow, at Groton, Sept. 13, 1785.*

Isaac, and Mary Ann Page, May 22, 1831.*

Jacob, and Elizabeth Cutler [Esther Merriam. CRret.] of Lexington, at Lexington, Apr. 7, 1761.*

James, and Betsey Page, Oct. 30, 1831.*

John, and Hannah Whitman, at Pepperell, Apr. 16, 1747.

Jonas, and Olive Butterfield, at Tyngsborough, Apr. 19, 1795. [1796. dup. and. PR3]

Josiah, and Bettey Proctor, Mar. 29, 1796.

Lavina, and Artas Blood, Sept. 4, 1845. PR12

Lucy, and Reuben. Taylor, Jan. 20, 1761.

Lucy, of Amherst, and Isaac Spalding, b. New Ipswich, May 1, 1828. NR

M. Emeline, and Timothy R. Shattuck of Pepperell, int. Nov. 20, 1845.

Madison, and Armena Phillips, Oct. 3, 1833. PR11

Martha, and Nathan Proctor, Sept. 26, 1822.*

Mary, and John Wright of Westford, at Westford, Mar. 19, 1747.

Molley, and John Hadlock, June 19, 1766.*

Polly, and Amos Fletcher [of Mason, NH. int.], Mar. 2, 1802.*

Nathaniel c., and Ann Murray of Lowell, int. Dec. 5, 1846.

Olive C.B., and John Spaulding [of Shirley. int.], Sept. 25, 1828. PR3*

Oliver, and Betsey Wilkinson, May 13, 1829.*

Peter, and Elizabeth Messer, Apr. 5, 1827.*

Prudence, and Lt. Zebulon Blodget, at Boston, Dec. 18, 1823.*

Rebekah, and John Bennett [now resident in Charlestown. int.], May 22, 1814.*

Relief, and Joseph Wakefield of Deering, int. Oct. 5, 1777.

Stiles, and Sarah H. Lund, Nov. 16, 1834. PR11

Stiles, and Frances E. Whitmore, Apr. 1, 1843. PR11

Susanna, and Asa Swallow, at Pepperell, June 29, 1791.

Susannah, of Brookline, NH, and Archelaus Swallow, int. Sept. 6, 1812.

Temple, and Abigail Cumings, at Pepperell, Mar. 23, 1756.

Temple, jr., and Prudence Swallow, Nov. 22, 1792.

Timothy, and Mrs. Elizabeth Lund, both of Dunstable, NH, July 15, 1777. NR

Timothy, and Mary Woods, Apr. 1, 1824.*

William, a. 31 y., farmer, s. Benjamin and Sibbil, and Catharine J. Taylor of Lowell, a. 29 y., operative, d. Archebald and Janette, Feb. 25, 1845.*

Zebedee, and Molly Dakin of Mason, int. June 6, 1779.

Zebedee, and Lucy Waterman, Nov. 18, 1802.

Zimry [of Reading, VT. int.], and Lucy Robbins, Feb. 18, 1788.*

KENISTON (Kennistan)

Lavinia P., and Jeremiah Marston, bath of Nashua, Feb. 16, 1839. NR

KENNEY (Kenny)

Thomas [Timothy. PR13] P., and Loisa Chapman, Dec. 30, 1834.*

KENNISTON (Keniston)

Asa, and Fairene Sleeper, both of Dunstable, NH, Apr. 16, 1836. NR

KENNY (Kenney, Kinney)

John, and Hannah Reed, both of Dunstable, NH, Dec. 5, 1826. NR

KEYES (Kyes)

Abner, and Mary Shed of Billerica, at Billerica, Dec. 20, 1763.

Ann, and Lyman Smith of Cambridge, July 4, 1843.*

Joel, jr., and Phebe Cutter of Jaffrey, int. Dec. 10, 1836.

Joel, and Mrs. Mary Foster of Stowe, int. Jan. 20, 1845.

Jonas, and Lucy Clark of Concord, int. May 20, 1809.

Martha, of Westford, and Kendall Swallow, int. Nov. 4, 1822.

Mary, and Willard Dalrymple of Charlestown, July 4, 1837.*

Peabody, resident in Dunstable, and Salla Parker, int. Mar. 5, 1810.

Peabody, jr., and Sarah Jaquith of Dunstable, NH, Sept. 6, 1834. [ Sept. 8. int.]*

Priscilla, of Westford, and James Baldwin, at Westford, Nov. 23, 1798.

Sarah, and Joseph W. Gilson of Dunstable., NH, May 8, 1831.*

KIDDAR (Kidder)

Nehemiah, and Hannah Harris, both of Dunstable, NH, Apr. 5, 1803. NR

KIDDER (Kiddar)

Elizabeth, and Elijah Chamberlain, both of Dunstable, NH, Feb. 13, 1798. NR

Jacob, of Westford, and Hannah Davis, at Westford, Jan. 8, 1797.

Job, and Emeline Pollard, both of Nashua, May 21, 1837. NR

Joseph, Rev., of Dunstable, NH, and Mrs, Mary Badger of Haverhill, Sept. 22, 1767. NR

Lemuel, of Tewksbury, and Mary Cutler of Dunstable, NH, Feb. 25, 1784. NR

Mary, of Dunstable, NH, and Samuel French of Tewksbury, Mar. 26, 1812. NR

Mary, Mrs., of Dunstable, NH, and John Monnahain of Francestown, Dec. 23, 1816. NR

Mary Caroline, and William Manning, both of Nashua, Feb. 25, 1838. NR

Sarah, and William Farwell Boynton, both of Dunstable, NH, Sept. 28, 1806. NR

Susanna, and David Searles, both of Dunstable, NH, Mar. 26, 1801. NR


Jeremiah, and Mrs. Mary Danley, both of Dunstable, NH, Sept. 9, 1776. NR

KILLECUT (Killicutt)

Levina, and Jacob Colburn, both of Litchfield, June 22, 1793. NR

Molly, and John Hanis, both of Dunstable, NH, June 9, 1796. NR

Othniel, and Silence Harris, both of Dunstable, NH, Feb. 24, 1789. NR

KILLICUTT (Killecut)

Dorcas, and Jonas Woods, jr., both of Dunstable, NH, Aug. ––, 1820. NR


Iddo K., of Derry, and Fanny T. Richardson of Litchfield, Dec. 12, 1837. NR

John D., and Frances Bowers, both of Dunstable, NH, Oct. 8, 1834. NR

KINDALL (Kendall)

Isaac, and Esther Adams of Dumtable, NH, Feb. 10, 1785. NR*


Asa, of Nashua, and Olivia Smith of Lowell, Nov. 29, 1838. NR

John H., and Jane Tucker, both of Dunstable, NH, Aug. 11, 1836. NR

John H., and Eliza Shattuck, both of Nashua, Jan. 1, 1838. NR

KINNEY (Kenny)

Amos, of Acworth, and Mary Wright of Dunstable, NH, Jan. 17, 1790. NR


[Elizabeth. CTR], and John Cummings, Sept. 13, 1680. NR [1681. CTR]


Elizabeth A., and Dea. Thadeus Davis [of Tyngsborough. int.], May 6, 1827.*


Si, of Washington, and Mary Lund of Dunstable, NH, June 20, 1804. NR

KNOWLES (Knowls)

William, and Sarah Lovejoy, both of Dunstable, NH, July 7, 1835. NR

KNOWLS (Knowles)

Hannah, see Runnls, Hannah.


Deborah F., and Charles Gillis, both of Nashua, Oct. 31, 1837. NR

Joseph, and Louisa Swallow, int. Aug. 15, 1829.

KYES (Keyes)

Esther, Mrs. [of Westford. int.], and Nehemiah Gilson, Nov. 26, 1789.*

Ruth, and Thomas Pike, July 12, 1790.

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