Asa, and Elisabeth Littlehail, int.Apr.19,1777.

Elisabeth [resident in Dunstable. int.], and Joshua Read of Woburn, Dec.30,1767.*

Betsey, and John Whidden, both of Litchfield, May27,1817.NR

Jephthah, and Sarah Cumings, both of Nottingham West, Aug.4,1805.NR


Abigail, and Bela Kendall, Nov.28,1833. [Dec.15.PR3]*

Jeremiah [of Merrimack, NH. int.], and Betsey Mitchel, Mar.10,1807.*

Nancy, and Jefferson Caldwell of Pelham, NH, Mar.,1839.*

Sarah W[hittemore. int.], and Abiel Hosmer of Chelmsford, Dec.31,1835.*


[Elizabeth.CTR]. and John Sullindin. Aug.2,1680.NR [Apr.2,1679.CTR]

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