INGALLS (Ingals, Inglals, Ingolls, Ingols)

Nathaniel, and Elizabeth Didson, int. Dec. 12, 1782.

Eliza, of Tyngsborough, and Micah E. Robbins, Nov. 26, 1840.

INGALS (Ingalls)

Joseph, and Lucy Read, Jan. 24, 1771.*

Israel, and Bettey French, both of Dunstable, NH, Aug. 26, 1779. NR

John, jr. and Mrs. Abigal French, the younger, Mar. 7, 1782.

INGLALS (Ingalls)

Olive, and Thomas Pollard of Nottingham West, NH, int. May 15, 1785.

INGOLLS (Ingalls)

Ruth, and Jeams Pike of Groton, Mar. 3, 1773. CR*

Sarah, and Wyman Fife of Dunstable, NH, Apr. 28, 1822,*

INGOLS (Ingalls)

Joel, and Mrs. Hannah Roby, both of Dunstable, NH, Sept. 27, 1807. NR

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