EAMES (Eammes, Eamms, Eams, Emes, Emmes, Emms)

Aaron, s.Moses and Lois, Feb.27,1800.

Nabby, d.David and Elisabeth, Oct.28,1758.

Nabbe, d.Henry, bp. Mar.6,1768.CR1

Nabby, d.Henry and Zubia, July3,1786.

Abigail, d.Alexander and Nabby, Apr.8,1812.

Axhsah, d.Moses and Lois, Feb.27,1790.

Adda Almira, d.Horace and Eliza Rebecca, Apr.1,1848.

Albert, s.Lovel and Lucy, Mar.9,1811.

Albert Locke, s.Horace and Eliza R., Sept.4,1842.

Elezander, s.Samuel, bp. June26,1763.CR1

Alfred Metcalf (s.David.CR2),末蔓末,1844.GR2

Alice Maria, d.Edmund and Catharine, Dec.18,1842.

Elmira, d.John Jr. and Sally, Nov.7,1819.

Angeline Augusta, d.Edmund and Catharine, Mar.22,1836.

Anna, d.Thomas Jr., bp. Dec.31,1752.CR1

Anna, d.John and Ruth, bp. Apr.21,1776.CR1

Anne, d.Nathaniell and Anne, Jan.27,1706-7.

Anne, d.David and Elisabeth, Sept.1,1753.

Ann Maria, d.Lovel and Lucy, Feb.20,1820.

Antoinette Ophelia, d.John Jr. and Sally, Oct.17,1824. [Twin.]

Augustus Nelson, s.Henry and Ellen, June5,1838.

Caroline, d.John Jr. and Sally, Nov.12,1811.

Catharine, d.Abel and Hitty, May17,1811.

Charles Johnson, s.Col. Timothy and Mary, Mar.25,1800.

Charles, s.Alexander and Nabby, May4,1815.

Charles Alexander, s.Edmund and Catharine, Feb.11,1835.

Clara, d.Horace and Eliza R., Feb.18,1844.

Clarissa, d.Alexander and Nabby, Nov.24,1800.

Clarissa (Clarissa W.GR2), d.Jonathan and Susan, May16,1824.

David, s.David and Elisabeth, June26,1764.

David, s.Alexander and Nabby, July12,1802.

David Brigham, s.David and Mary, Aug.2,1837.

Dibby, d.Mose, and Lois, Apr.24,1788.

Dyer Lovel, s.Alexander and Nabby, May1,1809.

Edmund, s.Alexander and Nabby, Oct.14,1804.

Edmund Derastus, s.Edmund, bp. Jan.20,1842.CR2

Edward C., s.Harrison and Eunice, Nov.1,1848.

Edwin, s.Abel and Hitty, Sept.24,1818. [Twin.]

Edwin A., Nov.末,1841.GR6

Nelle, d.David and Elisabeth, Oct.5,1755.

Eleanor, d.Abel and Hitty, Sept.24,1818. [Twin.]

Elijah, s.Thomas Jr., bp. May11,1755.CR1

Eliphalet, s.Jonathan and Susan, Apr.10,1826.

Eliza Woodbury, w.Luther,末蔓末,1824.GR2

Betty, d.Henry and Ruth, Nov.10,1734.

Elizabeth, d.Joseph, bp. June14,1767.CR1

Elizabeth, d.John Jr., and Sally, Mar.7,1815.

Elizabeth S., d.Lovel and Lucy, June30,1822.

Ellen Frances, d.Edwin and Eliza Jane, May29,1848.

Emerson, s.Jonathan and Susan, Nov.10,1821.

Emily B., d.Jonathan and Susan, Feb.18,1830.

Eveline Cornelia, d.John Jr. and Sally, Oct.17,1824. [Twin.]

Fanny, Mar.24,1801.GR1

Fanny (Fanny G.GR2), d.Jonathan and Susan, Feb.24,1828.

Franklin, s.Horace K. and 末末, Jan.15,1846.

George Madison, s.Timothy and Mary, Jan.17,1811.

George, s.Abel and Hitty.Nov.5,1822.

George P., s.George M. and Dulsena C., Dec.1,1836.

Gershom, s.Henry and Ruth, Feb.16,1728-9.

Grace, d.David and Mary, Aug.25,1848.GR2

Hannah, d.Henry and Ruth, Apr.8,1731.

Hannah, d.Timothy, bp. Dec.18,1774.CR1

Harriot, d.Abel and Hitty, June7,1816.

Harriet Lovel, d.Edmund and Catharine, July6,1840.

Harrison, s.John Jr. and Sally, Nov.2,1816.

Henry, s.Henry and Ruth, Apr.30,1726.

Henry, s.Henry and Zubia, Aug.30,1795.

Henry, s.Abel and Hitty, Apr.14,1807.

Henry G., s.Jonathan and Susan, July12,1832.

Hezekiah, s.John, bp. July10,1774.CR1

Haram, s.Lovel and Lucy, Feb.25,1813.


Hulda, d.John, bp. Feb.19,1759.CR1

James, s.Samuel, bp. June26,1763.CR1

Jane Elizabeth, d.Henry and Ellen, Dec.16,1835.

Jerusha, d.Thomas, bp. Aug.22,1762.CR1

John, s.Robert and Deborah, Dec.15,1742.

John, s.John, bp. June3,1770.CR1

John H.,末蔓末,1846.GR1

Joseph, s.Samuel and Patience, Sept.9,1720.

Joseph, s.Moses and Lois, Jan.27,1796.

Jotham, s.Henry, bp. Jan.25,1756.CR1

Julia F., w.John H.,末蔓末,1847.GR1

Katey, d.David and Elisabeth, Oct.7,1761. [Twin.]

Lawson, s.Jonathan and Susan, Nov.6,1819.

Leonard, s.Moses and Lois, Nov.26,1802.

Lois, d.Henry Jr., bp. Feb.26,1758.CR1

Lois, d.Moses and Lois, Nov.27,1793.

Loisa Adaline, d.David and Mary, June23,1829.

Lucinda, d.Timothy, bp. Aug.4,1768.CR1

Lucy, d.Henry and Zubia, Mar.16,1789.

Lucy Ann, d.Henry and Ellen, Sept.12,1840.

Luther, s.Henry, bp. June3,1770.CR1

Luther, s.Abel and Hitty, Sept.7,1813.

Lidia, d.Thomas and Mary, June29,1672.MR

Lydia, d.Samuell, bp. May10,1767.CR1

Margrat, d.Samuell and Paticence, Jan.13,1703-4

Maria Kingsbury, d.John Jr. and Sally, May2,1813.

Marion, d.David and Mary, July1,1833.GR2 [Twin.]

Martha, d.Samuel and Patiance, July9,1706.

Martha, d.Joseph, bp. Dec.9,1759.CR1

Martha, Aug.2,1791.GR2

Martha, J.,末蔓末,1814.GR2

Molly, d.John, bp. Feb.3,1765.CR1

Polley, d.Jesse and Betty, Apr.19,1771.

Mary, d.Abel and Hilly, Oct.18,1804.

Mary Ann, d.Timothy and Mary, June2,1807.

Mary Ann, d.Alexander and Nabby, Apr.27,1818.

Mary Bent, d.John Jr. and Sally, Oct.24,1821.

Mary, d.David and Mary, July1,1833.GR2 [Twin.]

Mary E., w.Eliphalet, July24,1833.CR2

Mary Ann, d.George M. and Dulsena C., June16,1835.

Mary Isabella, d.David and Mary, Nov.11,1845.

Mehitable, d.Jos末, bp. July3,1757.CR1

Hitty, d.Henry and Zubia, Nov.13,1781.

Moses, s.Joseph, bp. Apr.8,1753.CR1

Moses, s.Moses and Lois, Dec.8,1791.

Nathan, s.Joseph, bp.末蔓末,1755.CR1

Nathaniell, s.Nathaniell and An [torn], Apr.18,1703.

Olive, d.Moses and Lois, Apr.10,1798.

Olivia Ann, d.Lovel and Lucy, June19,1824.

Patience, d.Sammuell and Patience, Feb.7,1702.

Peter, s.Henry, bp. July21,1765.CR1

Phinehas, s.Henry and Ruth, Sept.2,1723.

Phinehas, s.Timothy, bp. May18,1766.CR1

Prudee, d.Joseph, br. Oct.7,1770.CR1

Rachell, d.Thomas, bp. Apr.2,1758.CR1

Rachel, d.Nathaniell Jr., bp. June25,1780.CR1

Robert, s.John, bp. July26,1767.CR1

Ruth, d.Henry and Ruth, Apr.30,1727.

Ruth, d.Henry, bp. July31,1763.CR1

Ruth, d.John, bp. Apr.21,1765.CR1

Ruth, d.Henry and Zubia, Mar.30,1784.

Sarah, d.Thomas and Mary, Oct.3,1670.MR

Sarah, d.Nathaniell and An, Nov.1,1701.

Sarah, d.David and Elisabeth, Oct.7,1761. [Twin.]

Sarah, d.Joseph, bp. Aug.22,1762.CR1

Sarah, d.Timothy, bp. Apr.14,1765.CR1

Sally, d.Jesse and Betty, May3,1773.

Sally, d.Moses and Lois, Aug.25,1786.

Sarah Elizabeth, d.David and Mary, Jan.16,1835, (w.W.C. Chamberlin.GR2).

Submit, d.Joseph, bp. Oct.28,1764.CR1

Sukey, d.Henry and Zubia, Jan.16,1792.

Susan, d.Lovel and Lucy, Feb.25,1817.

Susannah, d.Joseph, bp. Jan.20,1750.CR1

Walter, s.David and Elisabeth, Feb.27,1767.

William, s.Nathaniell and Ann, July6,1709.

William, s.Alexander and Nabby, Sept.22,1806.

William Francis, s.David and Mary, Mar.1,1831. (Apr.1,1831.GR2).

William R., s.Jonathan and Susan, Mar.30,1834.

Zedekiah, s.Jonathan and Susan, Oct.28,1818.

EAMMES (Eames, Eamms, Eams, Emes, Emmes, Emms)

Mary, d.Henry and Ruth, Mar.15,1724-5.

EAMMS (Eames, Eammes, Eams, Emes, Emmes, Emms)

Ann, d.Nathaniel and Rachel, Aug.6,1744.

Daniel, s.Samuell and Patience, Aug.26,1718.

Lidia, d.Samuel and Patience, May1,1716.

Thomas, s.Thomas and Abigail, May20,1729.

EAMS (Eames, Eamms, Emes, Emmes, Emms)

Asa, s.Lieut. John. bp. May27,1780.CR1

Deborah, d.Lieut. John, bp. Apr.12,1778.CR1

Hezekiah, s.Lieut. John, bp. May27,1780.CR1

Samuell, s.Samuell and Patience, Apr.16,1714.

Saraih, d.Samuell and Patience, June28,1709.


Alice, d.Josiah and Susan, Feb.28,1848.

Frederic N., Feb.23,1845.GR5


Robert D., Rev., Oct.7,1803.GR5


Emeline Augusta Hall, Edward.Nov.23,1831.GR2

Henry Edward, Jan.26,1826.GR2


George, Sept.10,1811.GR5

EATON (Eatten, Eton)

Abigail, d.Silas and Mary Nichols,末蔓末, 末末.GR1

Abigail, d.Noah and Hannah, Feb.1,1735-6.

Nabby, d.Silas and Polly, May31,1798. [Twin.]

Abigail, d.Nathan and Asenath, Oct.8,1798.

Abigail H., d.John Jr. and Mary, Jan.5,1813.

Angelina, d.Abel and Sally, Aug.19,1808.

Anna, d.Jonas and Lois, June11,1768.

Anna, d.Jonas and Lois, Feb.23,1780. [Twin.]

Anna, d.John, bp. Mar.末,1789.CR1

Anne, d.Benjamin, bp. Aug.14,1757.CR1

Anne, d.Benjamin, bp. Sept.末,1789.CR1

Ann Maria, d.Silas Jr. and Nancy, Mar.1,1819.

Ann Maria, d.Eben and Sally Chadwick, July14,1832.

Asenath, d.Benjamin Jr. and Mary, Oct.8,1775.

Asenath Fisk, d.Nathan and Asenath, Feb.18,1801.

Benjamin, s.Jonas and Mehetabel, Oct.9,1723.

Beulah, d.Benjamin, bp. Mar.1,1752.CR1

Caroline Ophelia, d.wid.Nancy, bp. July1,1832.CR1

Charles, s.Josiah and Elizabeth, July26,1816.

Charlotte, d.Benjamin, bp. Sept.末,1789.CR1

Charlottee, d.John Jr. and Mary, May20,1809.

Cyrus, s.Benjamin Jr. and Mary, Feb.11,1784.

Daniel, s.Jonas and Lois, Jan.31,1764.

David, s.Benjamin Jr., bp. Mar.末,1782.CR1

David, s.Benjamin Jr. and Mary, Feb.20,1784.

Dexter, s.Luther and Nelly, Aug.10,1798.

Ebenezer, s.Jonas and Mehetabel, May6,1727.

Ebenezer, s.Ebenezer, bp. Sept.末,1789.CR1 (Eben Eaton, Sept.9,1789.GR2)

Edward, s.Eben and Ama, Nov.29,1817.

Elbridge Gerry, s.Abel and Sally, Sept.28,1811.

Betsey, d.Jonas and Lois, Feb.23,1780. [Twin.]

Bettey, d.Ebenezer and Rebekah.Mar.19,1781.

Betsy, d.John, bp. Aug.末,1793.CR1

Betsey, d.John Jr. and Mary, May27,1804.

Elizabeth, d.Josiah and Elizabeth, Aug.14,1810.

Elizabeth Hunt, w.John,末蔓末,1820.GR2

Elizabeth, d.Eben and Sally Chadwick, May31,1827.

Emeline, d.John Jr. and Mary, Aug.3,1814.

Eunice, d.Jonas and Lois, Jan.25,1773.

Eveline, d.Levi and Susan, Oct.22,1805.

Fanny, d.Benjamin Jr. and Mary, Jan.14,1780.

Fanny, d.Abel and Sally, Mar.19,1806.

Frederick Augustus, s.Levi and Susan, May22,1820.

George William, s.William and Ann, Jan.5,1826.

Hannah, d.Noah and Hannah, Nov.4,1731.

Hannah, s.Silas and Polly, Jan.2,1789.

Harriet B., d.Eben and Sally Chadwick, Feb.2,1835.

Henry, s.Josiah and Elizabeth, June8,1819.

Irene, d.Josiah and Elizabeth, Jan.12,1814.

Jesse, s.Jonas and Lois, Jan.27,1766.

Jesse, s.John, bp. Dec.末,1786.CR1

Jesse, s.John Jr. and Mary, Aug.9,1805.

John, s.Noah and Hannah, July30,1740.

John, s.John, bp. May23,1773.CR1

John, s.John Jr. and Mary, July11,1811.

John, s.John and 末末, Sept.2,1845.

Jonas, s.Noah and Hannah, Jan.29,1737-8.

Joseph, s.Jonas and Mahetable, Mar.12,1716-7.

Joseph, s.Jonas and Lois, May28,1782.

Joshua, s.Jonas and Mehetabel, July1,1721.

Joshua Trowbridge, s.Nathan and Asenath, July2,1796.

Joshua Trowbridge, s.Nathan and Asenath, Feb.23,1803.

Josiah, s.Silas and Polly, Nov.11,1782.

Levi, s.John and Olive, Jan.15,1778.GR1

Levi, s.Levi and Susan, Dec.12,1811.

Lois, d.Jonas and Lois, June16,1762.

Lorenzo, s.Silas Jr. and Nancy, Aug.8,1815.

Louisa Jane, d.wid.Nancy, bp. July1,1832.CR1

Lucy, d.John, bp. Aug.末,1782.CR1

Lucy, d.Abel and Sally, Oct.27,1813.

Luther, s.Noah, bp. Sept.26,1762.CR1

Luther, s.John Jr. and Mary, Jan.29,1799.

Luther, s.Luther and Nelly, Feb.5,1801.

Lydia, d.Jonas and Lois, Sept.28,1770. [Twin.]

Maltiar, s.Noah and Hannah, Jan.15,1747.

Patty, d.Silas and Polly, Mar.10,1791.

Mary, d.Jonas and Mehetabel, Mar.12,1718-9.

Mary, d.Noah and Hannah, May11,1753.

Molle, d.Noah Jr., bp. Nov.11,1771.CR1

Polly, d.Benjamin Jr. and Mary, May8,1778.

Polly, d.Silas, bp. Oct.末,1786.CR1

Mary, d.Silas and Polly, Oct.20,1786.

Mary, d.Luther and Polly, Dec.1,1790.

Mary, d.John Jr. and Mary, Mar.5,1808.

Mary, d.Josiah and Elizabeth, Apr.20,1812.

Mehetabel, d.Silas and Mary Nichols,末蔓末, 末末.GR1

Mehitable, d.Jonas and Mehitable, Feb.12,1706-7.

Mehetabel, d.Noah and Hannah.Apr.21,1743.

Hitty, d.John, bp. Dec.末,1784.CR1

Hitty, d.Silas and Polly, May31,1798. [Twin.]

Hitty, d.Abel and Sally, Nov.9,1803.

Nancy, d.Ebenezer and Rebekah, May28,1779.

Nancy, d.John Jr. and Mary, Feb.1,1801.

Nancy, d.Luther and Nelly, Dec.14,1804.

Nathan, s.Noah, bp. Aug.23,1767.CR1

Nathan, s.Jonas and Lois, Sept.28,1770. [Twin.]

Nathan 2d, s.Jonas and Lois, Mar.4,1775.

Nathan, s.Luther and Polly, Jan.3,1793.

Nelly, d.Benjamin Jr. and Mary, Nov.28,1716.

Noah, s.Noah and Hannah, Aug.7,1733.

Noah, s.Noah Jr., bp. Nov.5,1758.CR1

Noah, s.John, bp. Feb.末,1796.CR1

Olive, d.John, bp. Apr.7,1776.CR1

Owen, s.Silas Jr. and Nancy, Apr.18,1817.

Percis, d.Jonas and Lois, Aug.23,1777.

Philander, s.Silas Jr. and Nancy, Aug.2,1813.

Phebe, d.Jonas and Mehitabell, Sept.28,1712.

Rebekah, d.Ebenezer and Rebekah, July25,1785.

Ruben, s.John and Olive, May14,1769.

Ruth, d.Noah and Hannah, Feb.16,1744.

Samuel, s.Silas and Polly, May14,1794.

Samuel, s.Josiah and Elizabeth, June22,1809.

Samuel Witt, s.Eben and Sally Chadwick, Dec.25,1820.

Salle, d.John and Olive, Nov.8,1770.

Sally C.S., w.Eben, Feb.15,1791.GR2

Sally, d.Ebenezer, bp. Aug.末,1793.CR1

Sarah Georgianna, d.Eben and Sally Chadwick, Nov.17,1829.

Sereno Dwight, d.Eben and Sally Chadwick, Jan.28,1822.

Silas, s.Noah and Hannah, Dec.1,1750.

Silas, s.Silas and Polly, Oct.18,1784.

Silas, s.Josiah and Elizabeth, Jan.17,1807.

Sukey, d.Ebenezer, bp. Aug.末,1787.CR1

Susan Rebecca, d.Eben and Sally Chadwick, Nov.30,1824.

Susan Adaline, d.Elbridge, bp. July3,1842.CR2

Willard, s.Abel and Sally, Mar.19,1802.

William, s.Ebenezer and Rebekah, Aug.18,1783.

William, s.John Jr. and Mary, June26,1809.

William, s.Luther and Nelly, Feb.8,1810.

Winthrop, s.Levi and Susan, Aug.7,1808.

EATTEN (Eaton, Eton)

John, s.Jonas and Mehetabell, Sept.13,1710.

Jones, s.Jones and Mehitable, Oct.22,1714.

Noah, s.Jonas and Mehittibell, July22,1708.



EDGEL (Edgell)

Aaron Pike, s.Simon and Mehetable, Dec.13,1766.

Mehetable, d.Simon and Mehetable, Feb.13,1770.

Hitty, d.Aaron L. and Nelly.Aug.31,1796.

Moses, s.Aaron L. and Nelly, Aug.23,1792.

Nancy, d.Aaron L. and Nelly, Aug.4,1794.

EDGELL (Edgel)

Moses, s.Simon and Mehetable. June1,1762.

EDMANDS (Edmonds, Edmunds)

A.A.E., w.Joel, Apr.4,1818.GR2

EDMONDS (Edmands, Edmunds)

Anne, d.Jonathan and Prudence, Dec.19,1761.

Huldah, d.Jonathan and Huldah, Mar.7,1767.

Jonathan, s.Jonathan and Hannah, Mar.6,1777.

Prudence, d.Jonathan and Prudence, July28,1760.

EDMUNDS (Edmands, Edmonds)

Elisabeth, d.David and Hannah, July10,1730.

Elizabeth, d.Josiah, bp. Oct.2,1774.CR1

Ephriam Ward, s.Jonathan Jr. and Lucy, Mar.15,1808.

Gardner, s.Jonathan Jr. and Lucy, Feb.4,1812.

Hannah, d.Jonathan Jr. and Lucy, Aug.22,1813.

Joel, s.Jonathan Jr. and Lucy, Nov.27,1813.

John, s.Samuell, bp. Nov.30,1766.CR1

John, s.Jonathan Jr. and Lucy, Feb.1,1820.

Josiah, s.Sarah, bp. July10,1756.CR1

Lucy Ellen, d.Jonathan Jr., and Lucy, Mar.15,1830. (Lucy E. Edmands, w.Harrison W. Latham,末蔓末,1829.GR2)

Philip Doddridge, s.Jonathan Jr., and Lucy, Feb.20,1817. [Twin.]

Sarah, d.Samuell, bp. Nov.30,1766.CR1

Susan, d.Jonathan Jr. and Lucy, May21,1809.

Thomas Scott, s.Jonathan Jr. and Lucy, Feb.20,1817. [Twin.]


Alexander, s.Alexander and Ann, Oct.18,1813.

Benjamin, s.Alexander and Ann, Mar.24,1812.

ELEOT (Eliot)

Hannah, d.Daniell and Sarah, Nov.4,1709.

Peter, s.Daniell and Hannah, Nov.25,1704.

ELIOT (Eleot)

Daniell, s.Daniel and Hannah, Aug.17,1687.

Ebenezer, s.Daniell and Hannah, Mar.3,1693.

James, s.Daniel and Hannah, Apr.2,1697.

John, s.Daniel and Hannah, May4,1695.

Jonnathan, s.Daniel and Hannah, Aug.16,1701.

Nathaniell, s.Daniel and Hannah, Aug.10,1699.


Abby S., w.Seth H.,末蔓末,1832.GR5

Charles W.,末蔓末,1819.GR2

Hannah Eliza, d.Silas C. and Julia A. of Boston, Mar.20,1848.

Mary E., w.Charles W.,末蔓末,1822.GR2

Nancy E., w.Seth H.,末蔓末,1831.GR5

Seth H.,末蔓末,1828.GR5

EMES (Eames, Eamms, Eams, Emmes, Emms)

Abel, s.Nathaniel Jr. and Cata, May23,1778.

Alexander, s.Nathaniel Jr. and Cata, July5,1774.

Anne, d.Nathaniel Jr. and Cata, Feb.5,1772.

Bettey, d.Jesse and Bettey, May1,1766.

Jesse, s.Jesse and Bette, June5,1764.

Jonathan, s.Nathan Jr., bp. July末,1793.CR1

Lovell, s.Nathaniel and Cata, Feb.7,1785.

Luse, d.Timothy and Sarah, May7,1758.

Patty, d.Nathan Jr., bp. Aug.末,1790.CR1

Mary, d.Joseph, bp. July17,1748.CR1

Matthew Bridge, s.John, bp. Aug.末,1785.CR1

Nathaniel Green, s.Joh末墨, bp. Apr.末,1782.CR1

Rachel, d.Nathaniel (Nathaniel Jr.CR1) and Cata, May30,1780.

Sally, d.John, bp. Sept.末,1787.CR1

Stephen, s.Nathaniel (Nathaniel Jr.CR1) and Cata, July6,1782.

Thaddeus, s.Jos末, bp. Nov.30,1746.CR1

William, s.Alexander, bp. Nov.末,1814.CR1

Zedekiah, s.Nathaniel Jr. and Cata, Feb.13,1776.

EMMES (Eames, Eamms, Eams, Emes, Emms)

Abigale, d.John and Joannah, Nov.15,1736.

Alexsander, s.Nathaniel and Rachal, Oct.5,1748.

Benjamin, s.John and Joannah, July9,1733.

Benjamin, s.Nathaniel and Rachal, Sept.15,1737.

Ebenezer, s.Samuel and Sebellah, Sept.1,1744.

Ebenezer, s.Samuel and Eunice, Apr.26,1756.

Elesabeth, d.David and Elesabeth, Jan.5,1745.

Eunice, d.Samuel and Eunice, Feb.21,1753.

Eunice, d.Samuel and Eunice, June6,1754.

Eunice, d.Samuel and Eunice, Sept.9,1758.

Ezra, s.Jesse and Bette, May5,1768.

Jesse, s.Henry and Ruth, July14,1739.

Lydia, d.Henry and Ruth, Mar.20,1736-7.

Lydia, d.Daniel and Elesabeth, Mar.28,1748.

Molle, d.David and Elesabeth, Dec.16,1750.

Nathaniel, s.Nathaniel and Rachel. July31,1739.

Nathaniel, s.Nathaniel and Rachal, Sept.11,1747.

Patience, d.Samuel and Sebellah, Jan.6,1740.

Rebecka, d.Thomas (Jr.CR1) and Rachal, Oct.23,1750.

Samuel, s.Samuel and Sebellah, Feb.1,1742.

Sebellah, d.Samuel and Sebellah, Apr.3,1747.

Thomas, s.Thomas and Rachel, Dec.28,1748.

Timothy, s.Jesse and Bette, Sept.9,1762.


Olive, w.William H., Dec.4,1811.GR2

EMMS (Eames, Eamms, Eams, Emes, Emmes)

Daniell, s.Nathaniell and Anne, Mar.20,1711-2.

Elizebeth, d.John and Joanna, Nov.15,1713.

John, s.Henry and Ruth, Oct.30,1743.

Jonathan, s.Samuell and Patience, Jan.28,1711-2.

Jonathan, s.Jonathan, bp. Mar.9,1777.CR1

Lidia, d.Precilla and rep. d.Daniel Pratt, July13,1713.

Molley, d.Robert and Deborah, Nov.7,1744.

Robert, s.John and Joanna, July15,1714.

Robert, s.Robert and Deborah.Mar.30,1747.

William, s.Nathaniel Jr. and Rachel, Feb.21,1740-1.


James R., s.John and 末末, June5,1845.

Louisa Jane, d.John and Mary Ann, Jan.23,1848.


Alexander Rice, s.Lieut. Dexter and Mary Eames, Oct.18,1826.

Charlotte Louise, Feb.3,1840.GR2

Constantine Cimaris, s.Lieut. Dexter and Mary Eames, Dec.26,1824.

Dexter, Oct.2,1791.GR2

Elizabeth Morse, d.Lieut. Dexter and Mary Eames, Apr.5,1830.

Emma C.,末蔓末,1845.GR2

Joseph, s.Lieut. Dexter and Mary Eames, July19,1822.

Julia Maria, July28,1835.GR2

Mary Louisa, d.Lieut. Dexter and Mary Eames, June18,1820.

Mary Elen, d.Lieut. Dexter and Mary Eames, Feb.3,1829.

Mary Eliza, d.George G. and Eliza Jane, Aug.10,1848.

ETON (Eaton, Eatten)

Abel, s.John, bp. Oct.11,1778.CR1


Ann Maria, w.Daniel, Mar.23,1832.GR5

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