Caroline Matilda, d.Ichabod and Persis, May29,1824.

Franklin, s.Ichabod and Susan, Sept.3,1835.

Frederick, s.Ichabod and Susan, Oct.4,1840.

Hepzibeth Paulina, d.Ichabod and Susan, Dec.20,1830.

Howard, s.Ichabod and Susan, Dec.16,1837.

Luther Belknap, s.Ichabod and Susan, Apr.26,1833.

Mary Eveline, d.Ichabod and Persis, in Charlton, Mar.27,1822.

Wallace, s.Ichabod and Mehitable, Jan.7,1848.


Abner Haven, s.Elbridge and Louisa, Oct.4,1833.

Anna Forbes, d.Elbridge and Louisa, in Tiverton, RI, Dec.17,1839.

Louisa Haven, d.Elbridge and Louisa, Sept.1,1827.

Prudence Eames, d.Elbridge and Louisa, in Tiverton, RI, July14,1829.

GALLOP (Gallot)

Francis, s.Peter and Priscilla, Sept.8,1735.

GALLOT (Gallop)

Elesabeth, d.Peter and Lydia, June24,1762.

James, s.Peter and Persilla, Oct.18,1738.

John, s.Peter and Priscilla, Oct.2,1741.

John, s.Peter and Persilla, July28,1743.

Lydia, d.Peter and Lydia, June17,1764.

Mary, d.Peter, bp. Oct.18,1772.CR1

Mary, d.John and Sally, Aug.5,1805.

Nancy, d.John and Sally, Apr.19,1798.

Nathan, s.John and Sally, Mar.17,1801.

Peter, s.Peter and Priscilla.Sept.4,1734.

Phenihas, s.Peter and Presilla, June28,1743.

Priscilla, d.Peter, bp. Apr.13,1766.CR1

Willard, s.John and Sally, Jan.17,1809.

William, s.John and Sally, May4,1794.

GAMBELL (Gamble)

Thomas, s.Joseph, bp. May5,1754.CR1

GAMBLE (Gambell)

Joseph, s.Joseph, bp. Nov.30,1760.CR1


William, s.James and Catharine, Oct.8,1849.


Catharine Maria, d.William and Caroline, Oct.29,1844.

William Alonzo, s.William and Caroline, Dec.19,1840.



Lucy A., w.Josiah,末蔓末,1838.GR2


Abigail, d.Samuel and Abigail, Aug.5,1752.

Amos, s.Amos (Amos Jr.CR1) and Mary, Aug.29,1745.

Anna, d.Amos and Mary, Jan.30,1750.

Anne, d.Henry, bp. Oct.末,1787.CR1

Charles, s.Amos and Mary, Mar.4,1755.

Charles, s.Henry, bp. Dec.末,1783.CR1

Charles, s.George and Hannah, May18,1793.

Edson B., s.Solonion and Mehilable, July4,1846.GR1

Edmond Trobridge, s.Amos and Mary, July23,1761.

George, s.Amos and Mary, Aug.8,1753.

Hannah, d.Samuell, bp. Dec.11,1763.CR1

Henry, s.Amos and Mary, Mar.22,1757.

John, s.Amos, bp. May31,1772.CR1

Jonathan Rugg, s.Seymour and Emeline, Feb.13,1836.

Joseph, s.Samqel and Abigail, Dec.7,1759.

Martha, d.Amos and Mary, Apr.8,1766.

Mary, d.Amos and Mary, Aug.30,1748.

Polly, d.Henry and Anne, Sept.17,1782.

Polly, d.George and Hannah, Dec.9,1789.

Oldham, s.(Capt.CR1) Amos and Mary, July27,1759.

Pally, d.George and Hannah, July23,1791.

Ruth, d.(Capt.CR1) Amos and Mary, Feb.12,1768.

Samuel, s.Samuel and Abigail, Nov.23,1757.

Sarah, d.Samuel and Abigail, Jan.14,1756.

Susannah, d.Amos and Mary, Mar.9,1770.


Louise A.,末蔓末,1830.GR2


Elizabeth O., d.Jonathan F. and Martha A., Nov.17,1840.

Eugene O., s.Jonathan F. and Martha A., Feb.1,1842.

Orient L., s.Jonathan F. and Martha A., Feb.23,1839.

GENINGS (Gennings, Ginnings, Jenings, Jennens, Jennines, Jennings)

Stephen, s.Stephen and Sosonnah, Sept.6,1716.

GENNINGS (Genings, Ginnings, Jenings, Jennens, Jennings, Jennnines)

Abigail, d.Steven and Susanna, Aug.28,1724.


Nabby, d.Isaac, bp. Mar.4,1770.CR1

Albert Howard, s.Albert G. and Sarah, Sept.7,1848.

Alice Kidder, d.Albert G. and Sarah, Nov.29,1844.

Althea, d.Matthew and Martha, Aug.30,1834.

Anna Trowbridge, d.Matthew and Martha, July18,1822.

Anna L., w.John W.,末蔓末,1841.GR2

Anne, d.Isaac and Lois, Oct.26,1760.

Anthony, s.Josiah and Sally, Nov.18,1833.

Asenath, d.Phinehas and Olive, Sept.23,1793.

Bethiah, d.Joseph and Elesabeth, Oct.8,1760.

Elesabeth, d.Joseph and Elesabeth, July14,1752.

Bette, d.Micah and Elesabeth, Feb.28,1755.

Betsey, d.Phinehas and Olive, Jan.21,1797.

Elizabeth Meriam, d.Micah and Betsey, Mar.3,1824.

Ellen, d.Josiah and Sally, Aug.16,1840.

Emily, d.Josiah, bp. June25,1843.CR2

Esther, d.Jonathan and Lydia, May26,1725.

Esther, d.Jonathan and Esther, Oct.22,1731.

Esther, d.Micah and Elisebath, June18,1767.

Frances Lorette, d.John and Nancy, July19,1849.

Francis, s.John and 末末, May30,1845.

Frank, s.William and 末末, May13,1846.

Franklin, s.William and 末末, June15,1846.

Hannah, d.John and Naomi, Mar.1,1718-9.

Hannah, d.Phinehas and Olive, Feb.16,1784.

Harriot Sophia, d.Micah and Betsey, Jan.6,1826.

Henry, s.Capt. Jonathan and Pegge, Feb.9,1785.

Hezikiah, s.Matthew and Sarah, June12,1715.

Isaac, Capt., Apr.26,1768.GR1

Jacob, s.Jonathan and Lidea, Apr.24,1728.

James, s.Jonathan and Lidea, May28,1726.

John, s.John and Neomi, Sept.23,1711.

John Butterfield, s.Joseph and Elesabeth, May7,1754.

John Walker, s.Josiah and Sally, Nov.1,1828.

Jonathan, s.Matthew Jr. and Sarah, Mar.30,1723.

Jonathan, s.Jonathan, dec., and Lydia, June17,1736.

Jonathan, s.Micah and Elisebath, Aug.1,1765.

Joseph, s.Joseph and Abigail, Feb.9,1747.

Joshua Trowbridge, s.Matthew and Martha, Aug.20,1826.

Josiah, s.Phinehas and Olive. Feb.7,1801.

Josiah Hobbs, s.Josiah and Sally, June18,1830.

Lorenzo, s.Matthew and Martha, Nov.10,1828.

Lucilla Adelaide, d.Albert G. and Sarah, Nov.23,1846.

Lydia, d.Jonathan and Lydia, Mar.11,1729-30.

Lydia, w.Capt. Isaac, Mar.2,1771.GR1

Lydia Newton, d.Isaac and Lydia, in Sudbury, May3,1807.GR1

Peggy, d.Capt. Jonathan and Peggy, May11,1791.

Martha, d.Joseph and Elesabeth, Jan.22,1756.

Patte, d.Isaac and Lois, June3,1765.

Patty, d.Phinehas and Olive, Dec.23,1785.

Martha Cornelia, d.Matthew and Martha, Jan.20,1824. (w.E.B. Thompson.GR1).

Mary, d.Joseph and Marcy, Apr.23,1716.

Mary, d.Josiah and Mary, Jan.27,1729-30.

Mary, d.Joseph and Elesabeth, Feb.28,1750.

Molle, d.Micah and Elesabeth, June14,1761.

Moly, d.Isaac and Lois, Oct.21,1762.

Polly, d.Capt. Jonathan and Pegge, Mar.24,1799.

Mary Elizabeth, d.Matthew and Martha, Oct.4,1820.

Mary Ann, d.Josiah and Sally, Oct.16,1848.

Matthew, s.Matthew and Sarah, July26,1720.

Mathew, s.Micah and Elisebath, Aug.5,1772.

Matthew, s.Phinehas and Olive, Dec.11,1791.

Micah, s.Matthew Jr. and Sarah, May9,1727.

Micah, s.Micah, bp. Nov.18,1759.CR1

Micah, s.Micah and Elesabeth, May11,1763.

Micah, s.Phinehas and Olive, May17,1788.

Micah Sibley, s.Micah and Betsey, Sept.12,1821.

Nancy, d.Phinehas and Olive, Apr.11,1795.

Neomi, d.John and Neomi, Jan.11,1712-3.

Nichols Harris, s.Micah and Betsey, Nov.26,1829.

Olive, d.Josiah and Mary, Feb.12,1731-2.

Paul Walker, s.Josiah and Sally, May30,1832.

Palatiah, s.Joseph and Elesabeth, Aug.2,1757.

Phenihas, s.Micah and Elesabeth, Oct.30,1757.

Phinehas, s.Phinehas and Olive, May16,1779.

Racell, d.John and Amini, Apr.17,1716.

Rodney Miller, s.Josiah and Sally, June26,1835.

Samuel, s.Samuel and Lidia, June13,1725.

Sarah, d.Marthew and Sarah, Feb.12,1709-10.

Sarah, d.Jonathan and Lidia, May13,1734.

Sarah, d.Joseph and Elesabeth, Nov.7,1759.

Sarah, d.Micah and Elisebath, May10,1769.

Sally, d.Capt. Jonathan and Pegge, Feb.11,1789.

Sally, d.Phinehas and Olive, Mar.1,1790.

Sally, w.Josiah, Feb.14,1805.GR2

Sarah Elizabeth, d.Josiah, bp. Nov.1,1849.CR2

Submit, d.Betty, bp. June20,1773.CR1

Thankful, d.Isaac and Lois, June23,1767.

Zenas, s.Jacob and Sarah, Nov.2,1771.


Charles Wyman, s.Nathaniel and Philippa, Mar.22,1838.

Frances W., d.Nathan and Philippa, July24,1847.

James Cornish, s.Nathaniel and Philippa, Feb.23,1840.

John Cornish, s.Nathaniel and Philippa, in Boston, Apr.5,1832.

Mary Ann, d.Nathaniel and Philippa, May11,1834.


Philippa, w.Nathaniel,末蔓末,1804.GR1

Sarah F., d.Nathaniel and Philippa, Sept.25,1849.

Thomas Henry, s.Nathaniel and Philippa, May5,1836.


Harriet, Aug.26,1781.GR5

Harriet, in Boston, Feb.2,1803.GR5


Caleb, s.Israel and Fanny, Oct.28,1825.

Caroline L., d.Israel and Fanny, Aug.11,1823.

Elizabeth L., d.Israel and Fanny, in Boston, Jan.19,1821.

Fanny W., d.Israel and Fanny, in Boston, July17,1816.

Henry S., s.Israel and Fanny, Jan.1,1827.

Israel, s.Israel and Fanny, in Boston, Nov.28,1818.


Emma, d.George and 末末, Nov.9,1846.

GINNINGS (Genings, Gennings, Jenings, Jennens, Jennines, Jennings)

Martha, d.Joseph and Rachal, Dec.14,1752.


Julia Prescott, w.M.,末蔓末,1824.GR5

GLEASON (Gleesen, Gleeson, Gleson)

Aaron, s.Thomas and Mary, Apr.26,1720.

Aaron, s.Col. John and Anna, Feb.17,1791.

Abigail, d.John and Abaigail, Nov.23,1717.

Abigail, d.Ebenezer, bp. July19,1747.CR1

Anna, d.Col. John and Anna, Jan.25,1781.

Benjamin, s.Isaac, bp. May7,1749.CR1

Calvin, s.Col. John and Anna, Mar.13,1779.

Deborah, d.Isaac Jr. and Thankful, June24,1731.

Dolly, d.Isaac Jr., bp. Apr.20,1755.CR1

Dolly, d.Samuell Jr., bp. Aug.23,1778.CR1

Ebenezer, s.Ebenezer and Thankful, Apr.29,1735.

Ebenezer, s.Samuell, bp. Dec.4,1768.CR1

Edward, s.Samuell, bp. Aug.23,1772.CR1

Edward A., July20,1840.GR2

Elezebeth, d.Thomas and Mary, May28,1718.

Elisabeth, d.Isaac Jr. and Thankful, Mar.20,1728-9.

Elisabeth, d.Phinehas and Elisabeth, Nov.3,1733.

Elisabeth, d.Ebenezer and Elisabeth, Jan.23,1735.

Betty, d.Micajah, bp. Sept.2,1764.CR1

Bette, d.Samuell Jr., bp. June12,1768.CR1

Easter, d.Thomas and Mary, Apr.6,1717.

Hannah, d.Micajah, bp. Apr.5,1767.CR1

Isaac, s.Isaac Jr. and Thankful, Aug.3,1726.

Jeames, s.Thomas and Mary, Nov.13,1715.

James, s.Thomas and Mary, May19,1722.

John, s.John and Abigarle, Feb.27,1710-1.

John, s.John Jr. and Thanklul, Jan.11,1730-1.

John, s.Col. John and Anna, Mar.31,1771.

Joseph, s.Thomas and Mary, May5,1722.

Keziah, s.Samuel, bp. Oct.11,1778.CR1

Lucia, s.Isaac Jr. bp. June10,1753.CR1

Lucy J., w.Edward A., Aug.21,1839.GR2

Lydia, d.Col. John and Anna (Anne, dup.), Mar.11,1775.

Martha, s.John and Abigail, May1,1720.

Mary, d.Samuel, bp. Feb.24,1750.CR1

Molly, s.Col. John and Anna, July27,1773.

Heetty, d.Col. John and Anna, Sept.30,1786.

Micajah, s.Ebenezer and Thankful, Oct.17,1740.

Micajah, s.Col. John and Anna (Anne, dup.), Jan.27,1777.

Nathaniel, s.Isaac, bp. Sept.14,1746.CR1

Olive, s.Col. John and Anna, July20,1784.

Patience, s.John and Abigail, July7,1729.

Finius, s.Isaac and Debarah, Aug.23,1711.

Rebecca, d.Col. John and Anna, Oct.18,1782.

Roger, s.Lieut. Samuel Jr., bp. Oct.13,1776.CR1

Ruhamah, s.Samuel, bp. Dec.末,1787.CR1

Ruthe, s.Samuel, bp. Oct.末,1784.CR1

Samuel, s.John and Abigail, June9,1715.

Sarah, d.John and Abigail, Feb.6,1723-4.

Sally, d.Samuel, bp. Sept.末,1782.CR1

Simeon, s.Isaac Jr. and Thankful, Aug.19,1733.

William, s.Samuell Jr., bp. July24,1774.CR1

GLEESEN (Gleason, Gleeson, Gleson)

Simon, s.Thomas and Mary, July26,1713.

GLEESON (Gleason, Gleesen, Gleson)

Anne, d.John and Abagail, May3,1713.

GLESON (Gleason, Gleesen, Gleeson)

Ann, d.Phenihas and Elesabeth, Oct.25,1752.

Calib, s.Ebenezer and Thankful, Dec.7,1743.

Deborah, d.Phenihas and Elisabeth, Sept.18,1754.

Dolle, d.Samuel and Dorothy, Oct.18,1748. [Twin.]

Ezra, s.Phenibas and Elesabeth, Sept.26,1738.

Fortunatus, s.Isaac, bp. June7,1752.CR1

Jesse, s.Phenihas and Elesabeth, May25,1749.

Joanna, d.Phenihas and Elesabeth, July13,1740.

John, s.Phenihas and Elesabeth, Oct.12,1742.

John, s.Samuel and Dorithy, July22,1746.

Martha, d.Samuel and Dorothy, Oct.18,1748. [Twin.]

Peter, s.Ebenezer and Thankfull, Feb.17,1737-8.

Phinehas, s.Phenihas and Elisabeth, July23,1737.

Prudance, d.Phenihas and Elesabeth, Mar.20,1747.

Samuel, s.Samuel and Dorothy, Oct.9,1742.

Thankfull, d.Isaac and Thankfull, Mar.5,1737.

Thankfull, d.Isaac and Thankfull, June17,1738.

Thomas, s.Phenihas and Elesabeth, May9,1745.

William, s.Samuel and Dorothy, June6,1740.


Mary H., Aug.17,1823.GR2


Anna, d.James, bp. June1,1766.CR1

Lois, d.James and Lois, Nov.30,1762.


Abigail, d.Ebenezer and Sibbill, Sept.11,1737.

Ann, d.Capt. Nathan and Prudence, Aug.31,1810.

Benjamin, s.Ebenezer and Sibbil, Sept.2,1755.

Charles, s.Capt. Nathan and Prudence, Jan.12,1805.

Ebenezer, s.Ebenezer and Sibbel, Aug.9,1753.

Edward, s.Simon and Susanna, Oct.31,1729.

Edward, s.Ebenezer and Sibil, Apr.16,1759. [Twin.]

Elisha, s.Elisha and Anna, Dec.3,1749.


Betty, d.Ebenezer and Sibbel, Jan.26,1748.

Easter, d.Ebenezer and Sibbel, June15,1751.

George, s.Capt. Nathan and Prudence, Aug.31,1808.

George, s.Nathan and Nancy, in Boston. July1,1848.

Grace, d.Capt. Nathan and Prudence, Nov.28,1805. (Nov.28,1806, dup.)

Martha, d.Ebenezer and Sibbil, Mar.18,1738.

Patty, d.Capt. Nathan and Polly, May22,1817.

Mary, d.Simon and Susanna, Aug.4,1728.

Mary, d.Ebenezer and Sibbil, Aug.3,1744.

Mary, d.Capt. Nathan and Polly, Jan.30,1820.

Hitty, d.Capt. Nathan and Polly, Jan.11,1819.

Nathan, s.Capt. Nathan and Polly, Oct.1,1814.

Prudence, d.Capt. Nathan and Polly, Oct.11,1815.

Samuel, s.Ebenezer and Sibil, Apr.16,1759. Twin.

Sibbil, d.Ebenezer and Sibbil, Jan.14,1740-1.

Silence, d.Elisha and Anna, Nov.18,1752,

Sophia, d.Ebenezer and Sibbil, Oct.3,1746.

Susanna, d.Ebenezer and Sibbil, Sept.25,1742.

William, s.Edward and Susanna, Dec.10,1720.

GODDENOE (Goodenoe, Goodenow, Goodnow)

Lois, d.Phineas, bp. Mar.31,1754.CR1


Emma, d.Tristram and Martha Ann, Aug.30,1849.

Martha A., w.Tristram,末蔓末,1826.GR5


GOODENOE (Goddenoe, Goodenow, Goodnow)

Ebenezer, s.wid.Lois, bp. Dec.4,1757.CR1

Elizabeth, d.Phinehas, bp. Jan.10,1756.CR1

Oliver, s.Isaac of Natick, bp. Oct.27,1754.CR1

Phinehas, s.Phineas, bp. Dec.17,1752.CR1

GOODENOW (Goddenoe, Goodenoe, Goodnow)

Asenath, d.Ephraim and Nelly, Jan.13,1794.

Charles Otis, s.Ephraim and Nelly, Apr.1,1817.

Edward, s.Johnathan and Eunice, Apr.25,1809.

Elenor, d.Ephraim and Nelly, June28,1808.

Betsey, d.Johnathan and Eunice, June3,1798.

Eunes, d.Isaac and Martha, Oct.24,1765.

Eunice, d.Johnathan and Eunice, Aug.20,1799.

Evelina, d.Johnathan and Eunice, Jan.14,1803.

George (George Washington.CR1), s.Johnathan and Eunice, Jan.13,1804.

Isaac, s.Isaac and Martha, Oct.5,1757.

Jonas, s.Ephraim and Nelly, Apr.19,1791.

Jonathan, s.Jonathan, bp. Feb.末,1800.CR1

Joseph, s.Johnathan and Eunice, Oct.30,1791.

Levina, d.Isaac and Martha, July31,1768.

Lucy, d.Johnathan and Eunice, Jan.14,1801.

Luther, s.Johnathan and Eunice, Feb.1,1795.

Martha, d.Isaac and Martha, Sept.6,1759.

Mary, d.Ephraim and Nelly, Jan.14,1797.

Mary Brown, d.Josiah, bp. Oct.末,1818.CR1

Otis, s.Ephraim and Nelly, Nov.22,1799.

Roxselana, d.Ephraim and Nelly, May11,1803.

Sarah, d.Isaac and Martha, Sept.4,1761.

Sally, d.Johnathan and Ennice, Dec.3,1805.

Submit, d.Isaac and Martha, Nov.5,1763.

Warren, s.Johnathan and Eunice, Apr.18,1813.

William, s.Johnathan and Eunice, May22,1807.

GOODNOW (Goddenoe, Goodenoe, Goodenow)

Annah Sally, d.Edward and Mary B., Nov.27,1838.

Betsey, d.Luther and Polly, July3,1826.

Emma, d.Joseph W. and 末末, Nov.21,1845.

Jesse, s.Jesse and 末末, Oct.26,1846.

Josephus W., s.Luther and Polly, Aug.8,1821.

Lorena, d.Luther and Polly, Dec.6,1829.

Mary, d.Luther and Polly Newton, July8,1817.

Olive, d.Luther and Polly, Dec.24,1823.

Sarah Jane, d.Luther and Polly, Apr.8,1836.

Sewel, s.Joseph W. and Emily, May6,1847.

Willie Jordan, s.Edward and Mary B., May5,1849.


John C.,末蔓末,1841.GR2

Sarah Maria, d.Nelson A. and Lucy, Feb.19,1848.


Albert L., s.Joseph and Susan, in Hopkinton, Apr.30,1821.

Augustus G., s.Joseph and Susan, Apr.4,1831.

George F., s.Joseph and Susan, Jan.26,1829.

Joseph R., s.Joseph and Susan, Apr.26,1823.

Martha D., d.Joseph and Susan, June15,1825.

Susan M., d.Joseph and Susan, May23,1819.

GORDAN (Gorden, Gurdon)

John Roxbury, s.David and Mary Jane, Nov.28,1844.

GORDEN (Gordan, Gordon)

Charles F., s.David and 末末, Dec.25,1846.

GORDON (Gordan, Gorden)

Elizabeth S. Carlisle, wid.Robert, July29,1791.GR2

George H., 2d, s.Robert and Elizabeth, July19,1823.GR2

Robert, eldest s.Robert and Elizabeth, Dec.15,1821.GR2




Hannah, d.John and Hannah, Aug.9,1758.

Lucinda A., in Henniker, NH, Dec.15,1802.GR2


末末, d.末末 and Abigail, Feb.14,1843.


Mary, w.Peter,末蔓末,1825.GR4


James A.,末蔓末,1841.GR4

Rosa A., w.James A.,末蔓末,1840.GR4


Hannah, d.Samuell, bp. Nov.27,1774.CR1

Rachel, d.Samuell, bp. Nov.27,1774.CR1

GRAVES (Greaves)

Austin, Feb.25,1828.GR2

Barshebe, d.Joseph and Rachal, June20,1737.

Ebenezer, s.Joseph and Rachell Oct.27,1746.

Hannah, d.Joseph and Rachel, July5,1725.

John, s.Joseph and Rachal, Mar.31,1742.

Joseph, s.Joseph and Rachel, Jan.21,1722-3.

Joseph, s.Phinehas, bp. June28,1761.CR1

Phinehas, s.Joseph and Rachel, Feb.8,1735.

Phinehas, s.Phinehas, bp. Oct.12,1760.CR1

Timothy, s.Joseph and Rachel, Oct.20,1739.


Mary J. Robinson, w.Theodore W.,末蔓末,1847.GR2

Theodore W.,末蔓末,1835.GR2

GREAVES (Graves)

Benjamin, s.Joseph and Rachel, Jan.22,1729-30. [Twin.]

Rachel, d.Joseph and Rachel, July23,1727.

William, s.Joseph and Rachel, Jan.22,1729-30. [Twin.]

GREEN (Greene)

Luther, s.末末 of Upton, and Mary, bp. June15,1766.CR1

Soleman, s.末末 of Upton, bp. Sept.16,1770.CR1

Susan E., d.Lewis and Asenath, in Wayland Oct.21,1847.

GREENE (Green)

Nancy E., w.Daniel L.,末蔓末,1838.GR2


Hannah, w.William,末蔓末,1830.GR2



Abel, s.Abel and Sally, Apr.17,1791.

Alfred, s.Abel Jr. and Sarah, in Newton, Feb.20,1829.

Appleton, s.Abel Jr. and Sarah, Sept.26,1822.

Burgess, s.Abel Jr. and Sarah, in Newton, Aug.10,1824.

Charlotte Elizabeth, d.Charles and Charlotte B., July4,1844.

Elizabeth, d.Abel and Sally, Oct.30,1794.

Elizabeth Perry, d.James 2d and Lydia, Oct.31,1814.

Experiance, d.James Jr. and Experiance, Oct.14,1777.

Hannah, d.William and Mehitable, Sept.9,1793.

Hannah, d.Abel and Sally, July1,1799.

Harriet Maria, d.Abel Jr. and Sarah, Sept.16,1837.

James, s.Abel and Sally, Aug.10,1788,

James Homer, s.Abel Jr. and Sarah, Apr.14,1835.

Johnathan, s.William and Sally, June18,1801.

Josiah Perry, s.Abel Jr. and Sarah, in Newton, Oct.4,1826.

Martha H., d.Abel and Sally, July13,1786.

Mary, d.Abel and Sally, May20,1797.

Mehitable, d.William and Mehitable, Jan.16,1791.

Nancy, d.Abel and Sally, July27,1784.

Sally, d.Abel and Sally, July29,1782.

Sarah Sophia, d.Abel Jr. and Sarah, Sept.27,1833.

William, s.William and Mehitable, Feb.26,1796.

William Henry, s.Abel Jr. and Sarah, Mar.13,1831.

William Ellis, s.Willard and Mary, Jan.6,1845.

GREGORY (Grigory)

Naby, d.Daniell and Persis, Sept.5,1768.

Nabby, d.Daniel and Hannah, July21,1797.

Charles Marshall, s.Charles and Catharine F., in Medway, July17,1847.

Daniel, s.Daniel and Abigail, Oct.13,1757.

Daniel, s.Daniell and Persis, Sept.24,1766. [Twin.]

Harriot, d.Daniel and Hannah, Jan.4,1801.

Josiah, s.Daniel and Sarah, July31,1736.

Josiah, s.Daniell and Persis, May17,1765.

Lydia, d.Daniel and Sarah, Feb.7,1738,


Noah, s.Daniel Jr. and Abigail, May1,1756.

Persis, d.Daniel and Persis, Oct.15,17153.

Sarah, d.Daniell and Persis, Sept.24,1766. [Twin.]



Benjamin Hawes, s.Mrs.Charlotty, Mar.4,1808.


Emelia E., d.Samuel P. and 末末, May13,1846.

John, s.David and 末末, Apr.14,1845.

GRIGORY (Gregory)

Daniel, s.Daniel and Sarah, Feb.16,1733-4.


Ann Eliza, d.H.D.C. and Mary, July20,1847.

Edward, s.Henry D. and 末末, June17,1845.


John A.D., in Turner, ME, Sept.8,1822.GR5


Channing, s.Elias and Harriet, July24,1842.

Charles Muzzy, s.Elias and Harriet, Oct.24,1840.

Edgar Follen, s.Elias and Harriet, Dec.25,1844.

Elenor Jackson, d.Elias and Elenor, Nov.17,1809.

Elias, s.Elias and Elenor, June3,1816.

Frederick Oscar, s.Royal and Marcia, Apr.13,1839.

Lucilla, d.Royal and Marcia, Jan.14,1841.

Luella Frances, d.Demell and Sophronia, Oct.10,1844.

Olivia, d.Elias and Elenor, June13,1811.

Royal, s.Elias and EJenor. Oct.10,1812.

Sarah Maria, d.Royal and Marcia, Apr.21,1837.


Abby, d.末末 and Johann, Feb.9,1849.

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