Abigail, d.Jonathan and Martha, May18,1727.

Anna, d.Jonathan and Martha, Dec.23,1736.

Daniel, s.Jonathan and Martha, May1,1725.

David, s.Jonathan and Martha, May4,1721.

Elizabeth, d.Jonathan and Martha, Aug.21,1729.

Isaac, s.Samuel and Sarah, June22,1729.

Jonathan, s.Jonathan and Martha, Dec.10,1718.

Joshua, s.Jonathan and Martha, July1,1734.

Lewis D., Jan.27,1827.GR2

Lydia, d.Jonathan and Martha, Nov.15,1731.

Martha, d.Jonathan and Martha, Feb.18,1722-3.

Mary, d.Jonathan and Martha, Dec.30,1716.

Sarah, d.Jonathan and Martha, Jan.5,1738-9.

Susanna, d.Samuel and Sarah, Feb.15,1732-3.


John W., Jan.1,1845.GR1


Georgeanna, w.John.末蔓末,1815.GR5


JENINGS (Genings, Gennings, Ginnings, Jennens, Jennines, Jennings)

Martha, d.Stephen and Hannah, Sept.18,1696.

Sarah, d.Stephen and Hannah, Sept.3,1699.


Elias, s.Robert and Dorothy, Sept.23,1724.

Mary, d.Robert and Dorothy, Oct.16,1722.

Samuel, s.Samuel and Ziba, Apr.17,1795.

JENNENS (Genings, Gennings, Ginnings, Jenings, Jennines, Jennings)

Hannah, d.Joseph and Rachal, Oct.23,1768.

JENNINES (Genings, Gennings, Ginnings, Jenings, Jennens, Jennings)

Joseph, s.Joseph and Rachal, Oct.24,1757.

JENNINGS (Genings, Gennings, Ginnings, Jenings, Jennens, Jennines)

Daniell, s.Stephen and Susanah, Feb.16,1717-8.

Daniel, s.Joseph and Rachal, Sept.29,1764.

Betsy, d.Stephen and Mary, Sept.9,1772.

Ephraim, s.Steven and Susannah, May27,1720.

Isaac, s.Stephen and Mary, Oct.2,1777.

Joseph, s.Steven and Susannah, Mar.7,1726-7.

Josiah, s.Joseph, bp. Feb.末,1784.CR1

Polley, d.Stephen and Mary, Feb.28,1780.

Rachel, d.Joseph and Rachel, Dec.18,1759.

Sally, d.Stephen and Mary, Sept.15,1782.

Stephen, s.Stephen and Mary, July30,1774.

Susannah, d.Steven and Susanna, May29,1722.

Susanna, d.Joseph and Rachal, Apr.22,1755.

Uriah, s.Joseph and Rachal, Apr.26,1762.

JOHNSON (Jonson)

末末, d.William P. and Susan, Apr.6,1848.

末末, ch.William P. and Susan E., May24,1849.

Amos, s.Amos and Elizebeth, July9,1792.

Anna, d.Amos and Elizebeth, in Southboro, Mar.3,1787.

Ann Broughton, d.Capt. Peter and Priscilla, Nov.18,1808.

Ann Broughton, d.Capt. Peter and Priscilla, Jan.7,1821.

Austin, s.Austin and Caroline, Jan.15,1849.

Calven, s.John and Mary, Oct.9,1755.

Charles P. (Charles Patten.CR2), s.Patten and Phebe, in Dudley, Jan.31,1819.

Daniel, s.Daniel and Unis, Jan.3,1787.

Dexter Weston, s.James and Levina, Mar.21,1826.

Dorothy, d.Caleb and Dorothy, Jan.10,1723-4.

Eliza Prentiss, d.Capt. Peter and Priscilla, Mar.6,1818.

Betsy, d.Amos and Elizebeth, Sept.5,1788.

Ellen Horton, d.Capt. Peter and Priscilla, May25,1819.

Emala, s.Amos and Elizebeth, Aug.30,1796.

Eunice Maria, d.Capt. Peter and Priscilla, Mar.22,1814.

Eveline Susan, d.Capt. Peter and Priscilla, June24,1823.

George W., s.Amos and Elizabeth, Nov.10,1807.

George Augustus, s.Capt. Peter and Priscilla, May14,1825.

Hannah, d.Nathaniell and Mary, Feb.21,1716-7.

Harriet, d.Thomas and Abigail, in Sudbury, Nov.6,1847.

Henry Franklin, s.Capt. Peter and Priscilla, Dec.18,1811.

James, s.Mary, July21,1722.

John, s.Nathanael and Mary, Oct.26,1714.

John Nicholson, s.Capt. Peter and Priscilla, in Marblehead, Mar.21,1807.

Joseph Procter, s.Capt. Peter and Priscilla, in Marblehead, Dec.11,1803.

Luther, s.John and Mary, Nov.14,1757.

Maria D. (Maria Davis.CR1), d.Patten and Phebe, June21,1820.

Mary Roby, d.Capt. Peter and Priscilla, Dec.22,1815.

Milly, d.Amos and Elizabeth, Oct.20,1800.

Nathanael, s.Nathaniell and Mary, Oct.4,1718.

Nellie Asenath, d.William P. and Susan E., May24,1849.GR1

O.O., Dr., Apr.17,1818.GR2

Orland s.Oren and Hannah, Aug.31,1849.

Patten, s.Amos and Elizebeth.Sept.1,1790.

Pede, d.Amos and Elizebeth, Oct.21,1798.

Peter Blanchard, s.Capt. Peter and Priscilla, in Marblehead, Feb.15,1805.

Sally, d.Amos and Elizabeth, June3,1803.

Sumner R., s.Amos and Elizabeth, June22,1809.

Sukey, d.Amos and Elizebeth, Dec.23,1794.

Willard B., s.Amos and Elizabeth, Aug.15,1805.

William Williams, s.Capt. Peter and Priscilla, in Marblehead, Apr.8,1810.


Ebenezer Cheyne, s.Rev. James, in Glasgow, Scotland July26,1832.GR1

Edward, s.Rev. James and Mary, July7,1842.

Henrietta L., w.Samuel L., Mar.28,1838.GR2

Mary, d.Rev. James and Mary,末蔓末, 末末.

JOICE (Joyce)

Julia, d.Michael and Jane, June8,1849.

JONES (Jons)

Abigairl, d.William and Sarah, Dec.19,1749.

Albert V., s.Charles and Mehitable, Nov.20,1829.

Albert Wheeler, s.Elbridge and Rosaline A., Jan.19,1846.

Alfred, s.Elisha 2d and Mary, Nov.10,1824.

Almira, d.Daniel and Mary, Jan.5,1804.

Anne, d.John and Elisabeth, Nov.15,1720.

Anne, d.Samuel and Anne, Nov.17,1777.

Anthony, s.John and Elisabeth, June8,1723.

Artemas, s.John and Polly, Oct.26,1787.

Caroline Matilda, d.Artimas and Martha, Nov.10,1819.

Catharine Elizabeth, d.Lemuel and Nancy, Dec.29,1829.

Catharine Maria, d.bf Lemuel and Nancy, Mar.18,1831.

Charles T., s.Charles and Mehitable, Oct.30,1825.

Charlotte Temple, d.Lemuel and Nancy, Nov.25,1826.

Charlotte Temple, d.Lemuel and Nancy, June2,1828.

Curtis Franklin, s.Elisha Jr. and Hannah, Mar.17,1831.

Daniel, s.John and Elizabeth, Aug.31,1755.

Daniel, s.Daniel and Mary, Sept.4,1792.

Daveid, s.John and Polly, Nov.7,1785.

Elijah M., June10,1819.GR2

Elisha, s.John and Polly, Aug.11,1789.

Eliza Ann, d.Lemuel and Nancy, Aug.2,1824.

Eliza Jane, d.Andrew S. and Lydia, May12,1832.

Elisabeth, d.John and Elisabeth, Oct.16,1741.

Betty, d.Samuel and Anne, Feb.28,1776.

Betsey, d.Daniel and Mary, Apr.28,1790.

Emely, d.Elisha 2d and Mary, Nov.7,1826.

Enoch, s.Daniel and Mary, July28,1798.

Ezra, s.William and Sarah, Sept.20,1755.

Frances, d.William and Sarah, Aug.17,1753.

Frederic Merriam, s.Elbridge M. and Rosaline, Dec.13,1841.

George W., s.Lemuel and Nancy, Oct.23,1820.

George L., s.Charles and Mehitable, Oct.30,1832.

George Thomas, s.Elisha J r. and Hannah, Aug.23,1835.

Gilbert, s.John and Mary, Apr.27,1784.

Gilbert, s.John and Mary, Nov.21,1793.

Gilbert Faxon, s.Elisha Jr. ann Hannah, Sept.2,1822.

Gilbert John, s.Elisha 2d and Mary, Aug.14,1828.

Helen, d.George W. and Emily, July1,1847.

James Henry, s.Andrew S. and Lydia, Apr.24,1836.

Jane, d.John and Elisabeth, Nov.29,1719.

Jered, s.John and Polly, Aug.6,1795.

John, s.John and Mary, July15,1709.

John, s.John and Elisabeth, Jan.9,1720-1.

John, s.John and Elisabeth, Nov.10,1751.

John, s.John and Mary, Aug.5,1782.

John, s.Daniel and Mary, Mar.21,1807.

John Homer, s.Elisha Jr. and Hannah, Nov.13,1828.

Josiah, s.Daniel, bp. Sept.末,1788.CR1

Julia Warland d.Elisha, d and Mary, Dec.16,1821.

Kathrine, d.William and Sarah, Oct.14,1748.

Keziah Conant, d.Lemuel and Nancy, July12,1833.

Lemuel F., s.Lemuel and Nancy, Dec.21,1825.

Lemuel Clark Jr., s.Lemuel and Nancy, Oct.13,1834.

Loi N., d.Charles and Mehitable, Dec.11,1817.

Lucy, d.Daniel and Mary, Feb.15,1787.

Luke, s.Daniel and Lucy, Apr.4,1785.

Martha Ann, d.Artimas and Martha, Jan.30,1815.

Martha, d.Lemuel and Elizabeth, Apr.15,1830.

Martha Ann, d.Andrew S. and Lydia, July21,1840.

Mary, d.John and Elisabeth, Aug.7,1744.

Polly, d.Daniel and Mary, June3,1796.

Mary Belknap, d.Artimas and Martha, Feb.28,1817.

Mary Jane, d.Andrew S. and Lydia, Apr.27,1838.

Nancy, d.Daniel and Lucy, Sept.22,1782.

Persis, d.John and Mary, Feb.29,1780.

Persis, d.Daniel and Mary, Mar.9,1802.

Ruthy, d.Daniel and Lucy, Dec.10,1783.

Samuel, s.John and Elisabeth, Nov.18,1746.

Samuel Hamilton, s.Elisha Jr. and Hannah, June20,1820.

Sarah, d.John and Elisabeth, July9,1718.

Sarah, d.John and Eiisabeth, Jan.16,1738-9.

Sarah, d.William and Sarah, Aug.17,1751.

Sally, d.Daniel and Mary, Mar.11,1800.

Sarah Helen, d.Elbridge M. and Sarah T., Sept.22,1837.

Shepherd Starr, s.Artimas and Martha, Feb.27,1823.

Silas Henry, s.Lemuel and Nancy, Mar.6,1837.

Simpson, s.John and Elisabeth, Dec.3,1716.

T. Bigelow, Aug.22,1821.GR2

William, s.William and Sarah, Dec.25,1758.

William Perry, s.Elisha Jr. and Hannah, Mar.6,1825.

William Bradshaw, s.Elijah M. and 末末, Oct.16,1847. (William B., Oct.16,1848.GR2)

JONS (Jones)

John, s.John and Mary, June11,1706.

JONSON (Johnson)

Abigarle, d.Caleb and Dority, July21,1714.

Abigarle, d.Caleb and Dority, Apr.14,1716.

Martha, d.Caleb and Dority, Sept.2,1711.

Mary, d.Caleb and Dority, Oct.24,1706.


George Adams, s.William and Louisa, Dec.23,1833.

JOYCE (Joice)

Abby Sullivan, w.Garrett,末蔓末,1832.GR3


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