Caroline Matilda, d.Ichabod and Persis, Sept.17,1826.

Frederick, s.Ichabod and Susan, Oct.末,1841.

Persis (Persis Merritt.GR2), w.Ichabod, Apr.20,1827. (a.29y.GR2)

Susan Belknap, w.Ichabod, Apr.4,1843, a.42y.CR2


Louisa H., d.Elbridge and Louisa, Apr.10,1843, a.15y.7m.GR6

Prudence Eames, d.Elbridge and Louisa, at Tiverton, RI.


James, Apr.27,1816.

John, Feb.23,1833.

Peter, Feb.15,1817.


Sarah, w.Joshua, Mar.11,1750.

William Jr., Sept.24,1846, a.36y.CR2

William (William Henry.CR2), s.Volney and Sophia, Apr.3,1849, a.4y.Croup.


Edson B., s.Solomon and Mehitable, June12,1847.CR1


Elizabeth O., d.Jonathan F. and Martha A., Dec.10,1840. (a.26d.GR5)

Eugene O., s.Jonathan F. and Martha A., Nov.6,1842. (a.9m.GR5)

Martha A., w.Jonathan F., Dec.3,1841-2. (a.31y.GR5)

Orient L., s.Jonathan F. and Martha A., Sept.20,1839. (a.7m.GR5)


Anna S. (Anna Trowbridge, 2d, d.GR1), of Matthew and Martha, Dec.26,1847, a.25y.Unm.Fever.

Elisabeth, wid.Matthew, Jan.20,1733-4.

Betsey, wid.Micah, Oct.20,1833. (a.38y.GR1)

Esther, d.Jonathan and Lidea.Oct.13,1725.

Isaac (Capt.GR1), s.Uriah and Lucy, Dec.8,1848, a.80y.7m.12d., b. in Sudbury.Md.Consumption.

John, Nov.23,1732.

Jonathan, Sept.26,1735.

Jonathan, s.Jonathan and Lydia, Sept.22,1740.

Lucy A. (Lucy Ann.GR2), d.John L., Sept.7,1847, a.15y.10d.Dysentery and fever.

Lydia, w.Isaac, Aug.15,1845, a.74y.

Micah, Apr.1,1831 (in his 43d y.GR1)

Olive, w.Phinehas, Sept.18,1837. (a.75y.GR1) (Cancer.CR2)

Phineas Jr., Oct.12,1844, a.45y.CR2 (Oct.19,1844.GR1) Phineas, Nov.13,1846, a.89y.GR1

Richard, in Grafton, May23,1829, a.33y.GR5

Rodney Miller, s.Josiah and Sally, Feb.3,1836. (Feb.13,1836, a.7m.13d.GR2)




末末, inf.s.末末, Sept.23,1833.CR2

Charles Wyman, s.Nathaniel and Philippa, Sept.23,1840.

Eveline, w.Hull A., Feb.4,1846, a.43y.GR1

Frances, Nov.9,1849, a.2y.20d.Typhoid fever.

John Cornish, s.Nathaniel and Philippa, Sept.21,1834.

Philippa, Oct.5,1849, a.42y., b. in England.Fever.


Fanny, w.Israel, Mar.27,1848, a.63y.Consumption.

Israel, s.Israel and Fanny, May4,1836. (a.17y.Brain fever.CR1)

GLEASAN (Gleason, Gleson, Glezen)

Thomas, July25,1705.

GLEASON (Gleasan, Gleson, Glezen)

末末,末末, Sept.25,1833.CR2 Twin.

Caleb, Feb.19,1799.PR2

Elisabeth, W. of Ebenezer, Feb.3,1735.

John, s.Lieut. John and Abigail, Jan.1,1729-30.

John, Capt., May9,1740.

Lydia, wid.Caleb, June27,1805.

Maryette, d.Moses and Maryette, June1,1836, a.10m.7d.GR1

GLESON (Gleasan, Gleason, Glezen)

Ebenezer, June29,1750.

Isaac, Dec.5,1737.

Peter, s.wid.Thankful, Jan.26,1754.

Phenihas, s.Phenihas and Elesabeth, Oct.14,1755.

Prudence, d.Phenihas and Elesabeth, July12,1741.

Thankfull, d.Isaac and Thankfull, Sept.11,1737.

William, s.Samuel and Dorothy, July10,1741.

GLEZEN (Gleasan, Gleason, Gleson)

Margeret, July1,1805.


David, Rev., Jan.19,1754. (in his 48th y.Pastor of church in Leicester.GR1)

Edward, Esq., Feb.9,1754. (a.78y.10m.14d.GR1)

Elisha, S. of Capt. Elisba of Sutton, and Anna, Oct.25,1771, in his 22d y.GR1

Prudence, w.Capt. Nathan, Apr.9,1812.

(Susana.GR1), w.Edward, Esq., Feb.4,1754. (a.78y.2m.GR1)

William, s.Edward and Susanna, Dec.17,1720.

GOODENOW (Goodnow)

末末, w.Jones, Apr.末,1834.CR2

Maria, Nov.30,1835.CR3

Otis, s.Ephraim and Nelly, Sept.21,1803.

GOODNOW (Goodenow)

Edgar, s.Joseph W. and Emily E., Mar.7,1841, a.1y.7m.GR5

Ephraim, Feb.27,1848, a.72y.Md.

Eunice, w.Jonathan, June11,1844, a.72y.GR1

Isreal, May12,1807, a.22y.GR1

Jesse, w.Nahum, Aug.13,1846, a.28y.

Jonathan, Nov.14 (Nov.27.CR3), 1832, a.69y.GR1

Louisa J., d.Warren and末蔓末, Oct.6,1848, a.1y.Dysentery.

Luther, Nov.7,1843, a.49y.GR1

Mary A., d.Jonas, Sept.16,1847, a.25y.Unm.Consumption.


末末, Mr., Jan.9,1717-8.PR


John, Oct.7,1759.


Hannah, d.Joseph and Rachel, Mar.2,1738-9.


William, adopted s.Mr. Carr, Mar.1,1840. (a.5y.CR2)


Abel, Nov.末,1837.

Experiance, d.James Jr. and Experiance, Oct.21,1777.

Experiance, w.James Jr., Oct.26,1777. a.25y.1m.

Hannah, w.James, Mar.28,1812, a.62y.GR1

James, Oct.5,1822.

Sally, wid.J., Jan.末,1834.

Sally, wid.末末, July12,1843, a.77y., mother of Dea.J. Greenwood.CR1


Michael, native of Bullerain, county of Cork, Ire., July11,1849, a.33y.GR4


Abigail, wid.Daniell, Apr.26,1759.

Daniel, June25,1758.

Daniel, June15,1769.

Josiah, s.Daniell and Persis, June26,1765.


Charles S., Sept.30,1844, a.9m.15d.GR5

Emeline E., June26,1847, a.13m.14d.GR5

Esther, w.Samuel P., Dec.23,1843, a.37y.GR5

Harriet E., d.Samuell P. and Esther, Oct.21 (Oct.24.GR5), 1847, a.18y., b. in Lowell. Consumption.


Elias, Mar.12,1835. (a.78y.GR6)

John, June2,1824. (a.31y.GR6)

Lucilla, d.Royal and Marcia, Oct.12,1841. (a.9m.CR2)

Rhoda, w.Elias, Sept.30,1808.


Blaney, Feb.7,1820. Negro.


Sally, Apr.末,1847.CR3

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